60 Days With Divine Mother: Day 37 – ‘I Am Present During Orgasms’


Day 37

DM: I am a personal energy, an intimate presence. I am present during orgasms, I am present during bowel movements, I am present during showers, I am present during embarrassing moments.

Jillian: Good morning, Mother. I’m in a glow right now.:)

Divine Mother: Yes, I can feel that. Does it feel personal to share why?

J: Well, this blog seems to be about being personal and transparent. Experiential is what Wayne called it. It feels like offering my experiences WITH you is the way for people to feel a connection. Through my connection, which is based in what I experience on a daily basis.

DM: What you experience on a daily basis is the ground for sacred humanity and the ground that I can connect with you, and anyone, on. There is no need to go to a church or a special temple or an altar to connect with me. In fact, those settings bring in energies that can block connection with me.

J: When someone is open to feeling how you are more available when they at their most vulnerable in their most vulnerable setting, then they will experience your love.

DM :Their most vulnerable setting….yes. Church is usually the least vulnerable setting for which people connect with the Divine. So much is being filtered by the priest and the pastor, by the culture of the church itself. This is the same for most spiritual practices and groups. This filtering is used by the Daemon and false self to block Divine love from coming through.

J: I feel how you open my heart with your love and then I can experience that in ANY setting, especially the most vulnerable ones such as during love making.

DM: I am a personal energy, an intimate presence. I am present during orgasms, I am present during bowel movements, I am present during showers, I am present during embarrassing moments.

J: I find your presence comforting, yet I imagine there are many people who would be uncomfortable with that kind of all seeing, all experiencing presence of the Divine in their daily life.

DM: It is only uncomfortable because their false self has judged these areas of their life to be ‘not sacred’ or even ‘sinful.’ It hurts my heart very much how the church and the false self have projected something evil and bad onto sexuality. When expressed in a monogamous and loving bond, sexuality can be the highest form of experiencing my love and energy.

J: I think I just had a taste of that.:)

DM: You did indeed. When I feel the love lust that you and Wayne transact with each other, even stronger than five years ago when you first got together, I feel immense hope and possibility for the human species.

J: Wow, ok, letting that in.

And I was just telling Wayne how I feel that I am just letting in the edges of his love for me and our love for each other that mingles so beautifully with the physical desire we feel for each other.

DM: These frequencies are so special and unique, yet, also, every sacred human has the capacity to experience them. Because you and Wayne have devoted yourselves to healing your hearts and souls, you can let in “tastes” of this, as you said. Your capacity to let in even more will just grow over time.

J: I feel like being in an RV together, so cozy and intimate, will just increase this capacity. Wayne’s heart frequency is so big…feels like it would just beam out and cover every corner of Terra, our RV!

DM: You drew a very large hearted man, Jillian. A true king man. You are both reducing your king and queendom right now in order to align it with your heart and soul purpose. But this isn’t to reduce the heart, but actually to allow it fill all the space…both physical, inside of you and in your relationship.

J: Wow, yeah, I’m remembering how yummy it is to snuggle and make love in a tent during camping..all that energy and love bouncing off the tent walls. And to live in that on a daily basis….wow!

DM: And you will be able to take that with you when you are in a home again. Bake it in a smaller space and then offer it in a bigger space. Your love for each other then can fill a stadium.

J: I feel how I’m not ready for a stadium. I want to experience the capacity of an RV space. Bake in it, as you said. Let it into my heart to heal and invite and serve. It does feel like it would outgrow the container eventually, but every plant needs a starter pot.

DM: A starter pot, yes. I like that!

J: I like it too…it’s a beautiful reframe of living in an RV.

DM: The reframe happening right now is in your heart. I feel it and it feels good to me too.:) Enjoy it today, Jillian. Bake in your love with Wayne as you give love to your future home…your terra firma home….in the form of paint.

J: I will be letting in all day, Mother. Thank you.

DM: Thank you.:)

In this blog series, 90 Days With Divine Mother, I share my daily, unedited, journal conversation between myself, Jillian Vriend,and the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of the Divine or female God, a consciousness which is easily accessible to connect with, especially during these troubled times of transition and urgent need for awakening consciousness. The Divine Mother appears in different faces and energies, including the face of Kuan Yin, Dark Mother, Magdalene, Mother Mary, and others. For more about the Divine Mother, you can also read Jillian Vriend’s book In The Arms of Mother: Healing Through Conscious Connection With The Divine Mother and Introducing The SoulFullHeart Way Of Life on soulfullheartbooks.com, Visit www.soulfullheart.com for more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.

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  1. I like the “starter pot” too. :)

    Vulnerably feeling into where part of me gets tripped up by the idea of sacred sex and worthiness. I’ll have to talk to you about this in person though. This forum is too vulnerable…

  2. I love the transparency of your experiences with Wayne. These are tender and touching. I love Mother explaining how she is everywhere and in our most vulnerable moments. That feels reassuring.

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