60 Days With Divine Mother: Day 39- The True Meaning Of Riches


Day 39

That is what I offer any soul who is willing to go into collaboration with me into their own phoenix cycle rather than resist it and cut off from my love by playing victim to it. 

Jillian: Hello, Mother. I’m digesting Christopher’s decision to pause his daily blogs for now.

Divine Mother: Hello, Jillian. What is your digestion around that?

J: I so understand why he is doing it and especially for parts of him to feel that they’d like a break from it. It is exposing and vulnerable to be sharing online like this without a sense of how it is landing in people. I’ve felt that myself about this blog with you.

DM: How do you feel about continuing with me for our 90 days together?

J: I feel good about it. I feel that you provide me with support and guidance right now that I really need, especially with so much change happening. I have felt parts of me overwhelmed by it at times and then I just take those days off from it. But, overall, I feel that this process is valuable for me as a sacred humanity teacher and student. And, hopefully, it is valuable to those who read it as well.

DM: I do feel the difficulty of being ‘hidden in plain sight’ as you and SoulFullHeart are right now and for the last two years. I have especially felt your daemon Morgaine’s pain around that.

J: She has definitely had a push-pull around offering to ‘the public’ and putting passion into the website, this blog, and our book writing without getting much response has been difficult for her at times. Right in this moment, I feel trust inside myself that the time for being seen and landing is coming. The daily choices that I am making, including this blog, are contributing to that.

DM: Yes. We are in collaboration, you and I. I feel your desire to serve love and offer my message and especially to awaken Daemons. I feel that desire bake in you and I blow on the flames of that desire with my love. And yet, I cannot control how people will take this in as you know, what with free will and sovereign choice being so crucial. I am offering to you to lean into me though, my daughter. To trust that being in the flow of my love will bring you synchroncities and openings that will provide opportunities for service.

J: I have already experienced that these last couple of months! And I feel like that’s what creates the sense of trust about how it will unfold even as there are twinges of anxiety about the unknown of it all.

DM: Share the twinges with me.

J: I’m calling them ‘twinges of anxiety’ because they aren’t the waves of “worry wort” anxiety that I used to experience years ago. I woke up in the middle of the night last night with this sense of unknown about how I was going to have money to pay for food and living in the future. Without being connected to Wayne’s painting income and a set geography, it feels like such a blank canvas without any known landmarks. Like we are travelling out into the wilds.

DM: Yes, it is a form of travelling into the wilds when your conditioning has been to find security in the known landscape. As nontraditional as your journey has been, you were still rooted in traditional means of livelihood primarily and a set geography. I so get why you would feel uprooted and experience anxiety around that.

J: Even as you are saying that, I can feel the waves of love and reassurance coming from you around it. Not to transcend the feelings, but to cushion them in a blanket of love and care. I feel so cared for right now. Not like I am being thrown to the wolves or that big traumas are happening like in the past. To take these steps into the wilds of the unknown and feel secure in love at the same time is really amazing.

DM: Yes! That is what I offer any soul who is willing to go into collaboration with me into their own phoenix cycle rather than resist it and cut off from my love by playing victim to it. You and Wayne could be feeling deeply distrustful of my love since your money has gotten significantly less in recent months and years.

J: Less in the area of painting income. But not less in area of love. If money subconsciously represents love to us, then I want to consciously hold a love-based relationship to it. I want to feel that love is abundant in my life, even if money isn’t. Then when money does flow more strongly, which I feel that it will and I desire for it to, I’ll be able to let it in that much more and yet also not look to it as a substitute for love.

DM: I’m enjoying feeling the heart flow between us in this conversation, Jillian. I feel you letting me in more and more, now that parts of you are adjusting more into my flow and the changes that are happening. I don’t want you to suffer in poverty or without food. I’ve invested in you and your gifts and I desire for you to share and serve love with many people. Love and money flow is coming.

J: I feel that, Mother. Thank you. I’m going to be with my daughter now.

DM: Yes, be in love with her. The true meaning of riches.

J: Yes.:)

In this blog series, 90 Days With Divine Mother, I share my daily, unedited, journal conversation between myself, Jillian Vriend,and the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of the Divine or female God, a consciousness which is easily accessible to connect with, especially during these troubled times of transition and urgent need for awakening consciousness. The Divine Mother appears in different faces and energies, including the face of Kuan Yin, Dark Mother, Magdalene, Mother Mary, and others. For more about the Divine Mother, you can also read Jillian Vriend’s book In The Arms of Mother: Healing Through Conscious Connection With The Divine Mother and Introducing The SoulFullHeart Way Of Life on soulfullheartbooks.com, Visit www.soulfullheart.com for more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.

2 thoughts on “60 Days With Divine Mother: Day 39- The True Meaning Of Riches

  1. I feel this moving into me deeper each time you and Wayne talk about money and Divine Love. Your point about not looking toward money as a substitute for love is a big one for me. As my money dwindles, I am getting similar tinges. I appreciate these words to help me feel this with my parts. Thank you.

  2. Mother saying she has invested in you really goes into me. She is investing in all of us more and more as we deepen in relationship to Her. I feel her investment in you and your gifts. It’s an overflowing love-bank account. Her reassurance of food and money is comforting. These worries are still baking for me and my parts in the moment but when they’re ripe I know Mother will be there for me.

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