Living Into Your Dreams

Photograph taken by Kathleen on the Sunshine Coast, BC

By Kathleen Calder and Itsan (Kathleen’s Daemon)

You won’t dream. Dreaming is scary to you. It allows for you to imagine a reality better than the one you are living and better than what the status quo can offer you. Actually admitting that you desire something or someone better means that you are discovering your unhappiness. If you dream but have never lived into your dreams, you have yet to take off the covers and ask for guidance to your next step. You have yet to say “yes” to risk. Nothing in this life is a given. Nothing is a guarantee. Yet, everything is possible. You increase the odds in your favor by believing that you can and by healing towards your desires and even daring to desire in the first place. And feeling the pitfalls and firewalks along the way.

Your life becomes alive when you raise the stakes. When getting what you want matters. When you say “yes” to the next step or call to action. The Divine wants your heart felt dreams to come true, even the ones you haven’t dreamt of yet and always takes you were you need to go if you just say, “yes”.

I want to be a testament to all the dreamers out there. I want to be a pillar of where courage and risk can take you. Look at me. You do not know me or much about my journey yet, but I have come very far. I still struggle at times with allowing the Divine in. It is scary and yet relieving to relinquish control and simply hold your desires as precious and sacred, which they are. All of them. Every single one.

Being part of SoulFullHeart has helped me let in the love I have desired and deserved to have all along. I am still living into my dreams and allowing them to happen.  I am still allowing my new soul mate relationship with Christian to come in fully. Having a love that has moved so much for me, so quickly, is scary to parts of me and yet is what I’ve always dreamt of. Now we’re living together. This is a living into of a dream that I never thought would be possible at this pace. I am in love with a mate I felt in my heart must exist somewhere even though descriptions of him that I had in my heart seemed impossible to ever find. To boot, I was consistently told by other members of my gender and birth family that finding a man like this was impossible.

I can feel my surrogacy with the Divine Mother, especially in the form of Magdalene, is what is helping me to let my mate in. She is helping me heal my relationship to my body, an important crucible for me in this life and a wall that has actually been blocking my mate’s love from coming into me and into my heart and body. For the first time in my life, I can feel my sense of worthiness healing and the more it heals, the more goodness I can let in and the more dreams I can allow to come true.

I can feel the Divine Mother in all of Her forms- Mary, Kuan Yin, Magdalene, and Kali– wanting to go into you and be an energy of fluidity and flow in your life as well as mine. We have only to say, “yes” when She comes knocking at our door offering us our dreams.

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