Experiencing Shifts From The Third To Fourth Dimensions

By Jelelle Awen, co-creator, teacher, and writer at the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life


I feel like I am in two worlds at the same time…..walking around in third dimension, buying groceries, having tea in starbucks, connecting and talking with Raphael……then in fourth and even fifth dimensional consciousness experiencing frequencies of intense light, love, connection, multidimensional communion with guides, and a sense of innate self goodness. The physical settings are the same but the experience of that reality is much different.

I am still digesting an intense journeying experience that I had this morning to the earths orbit in which I met with a beloved non-human soul sister guide with deep tears of reunion and completion…such beautiful soul integration and realization of my galactic roots, letting go another degree of the pain body that I have spent so much focus and attention and love healing over the years. I will be integrating this movement and continual teaching that is being offered into my life by non-human and ethereal beings and offering of SoulFullHeart in a way that is current and transparent.

So much is shifting in the world right now as we move out of the third dimensional realities and energies of five sense-based reality processing, dualistic thinking, separation and loneliness, linear time, and fusion with the body-mind and the pain body (which holds our emotional and spiritual woundings). We are transitioning into higher consciousness frequencies – those of us that choose this anyway – of fluid time and space, less dualistic thinking, Oneness and connection, access to our deepest soul gifts, remembrance of our bigness and inhabitation of our multidimensional Divine self.

Even as this is a challenging phase to be here, it is also an incredibly exciting time to be here as so much possibility for new can arise out of the ashes of the collapse of the old, outdated, shadow-based and patriarchal world views, thought and behavior patterns, and ways of living. For those of us called to make this higher dimensional shift of consciousness, we are being pressed to let go of the old and let in the new….at an increasingly rapid pace.

Holding this with self love and care, feeling the reactions of all parts of us (the trailing edges of fear, insecurity, doubt, depression, rage, flatness) is important as we go into the unknown reaches of inhabiting the consciousness of our Divine Self.

If you would like emotional support and healing with a heart open facilitator (Raphael Awen, Sequoia Heartman, and Leena Colibri) and a loving community and to experience accelerated spiritual awakenings to help you during this time of transition, please visit us at soulfullheartwayoflife.com for a free initial session either in person here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico or offer a virtual messenger.

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