The Altitude of Authentic Gratitude



In the fusion of negative forces within us, we inevitably create conditions that support that vibration.  Our creative power is used in a downward trajectory, keeping us in the loop of the 3D pain body.  There are several ways to begin to find our way out of that loop and into a sacred healing process, of which I mentioned in my post yesterday.  

I was talking yesterday with my SoulFullHeart family and the topic of gratitude came up.  When we desire new alchemy in our lives, whether it is a more aligned way of BEing, a new living environment, new possessions, or even romance, there is the importance of letting in fully what we have in the moment, even if it is not ideally what we desire, with gratitude.  If the universe is going to help us co-create our desires then it is going to want to know we will still have that gratitude in tact.  If we continue to hold negative energy to our current situation, then the creative process is neutered and capped.  

But it is more than just intending gratitude through some daily practice of writing or speaking, but of deep down authentic gratitude.  The kind that almost, if not certainly, brings an emotional response.  One that comes from the heart.  This genuine authenticity can be accessed when we have actually felt the part of us that isn’t in gratitude. “But I thought we want to avoid that negativity?”  We want to be with what is real.  It doesn’t mean to fuse to it again but to hold its reality and lovingly communicate that what we have is a gift and that we also want more.  This constant reminder in the tough times can help wrap a context and a love blanket around the aspect of us that may not jive.  To be given a voice, held in love, and then released.  

The more this happens the negativity is softened and we begin to feel our Higher gratitude and the possibilities of more.  Our dreamer is turned back on to an alchemical frequency and the gears of creation are engaged.  Are we guaranteed what we desire?  I don’t believe we are guaranteed exactly what we want but you may find it is exactly what you need and sometimes even more.  No matter the outcome, in the process of feeling our authentic thanks, we live in the world of our Higher Self, living in the beauty of the Now, in all its perfect imperfections.    

In this moment I feel my own gratitude for all you who take in my posts into your heart and respond the way that feels authentic to you.  Thank you for your presence and your witness to my own growth and emergence.  We are making magic happen again and that is worth celebrating.
If you feel called to a more authentic way of life that holds all of our being from the gracious to the not so gracious, and aims to take us to our new height of sacred humanity through ascension, then I look forward to your heart call and see what we can co-create together.  

Sequoia Heartman is a writer, heartist, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

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