Embodiment of the Multidimensional Self and 5D Reality Experience Of Experience

By Jelelle Awen
I am moving from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’, a more merged consciousness, a more multidimensional consciousness. A consciousness that is not in a particular time but is responding from ALL times and many different soul aspects AT ONCE. I am experiencing more moments where there is no personality there or orientation to previous personality that I have ‘known’ or can be ‘known’. “Jelelle” is really then a waveform sound that others can use to delineate the physical me that shows up in front of them or what they experience as my essence. I let go of my birth name awhile ago so there is no longer much association with names as an identity.
I am experiencing more and more moments where my soul essence is responding in the NOW with love and NO reactivity. Most of my moments are like this now in the now. There is no longer pain or suffering or being triggered by others, although I am open to this if it comes up. This is not unexpected as it is what I have been consciously awakening and enlightening toward for many years. The subpersonality or parts differentiation process that I have very consciously and very diligently engaged with has brought me to this ‘place’ more and more with so many layers of persona being integrated and dissolved away essentially.
For many years, I was tracking my reactivity with much focus, connecting my reactions to whatever part or aspect that I was connecting with at the time, feeling deeply whatever there was to feel. This heightened sense of self consciousness and awareness is what allowed me to sort and experience what was ME in my soul essence and what was ME in conditioned personality. What had been formed in response to conditioning versus what WAS me as a soul or higher self. The energy that these aspects of me held that anchored me to the past, to past woundings and hurts, to past formations of personality and reactivity and pain are essentially GONE now.
In place of this energy anchored to the past is now space for my multidimensional soul frequencies, galactic frequencies, to come in from the stars and from other lifetimes. With this multidimensionality comes the feelings that all of my experiences are ‘new’ as seen through the eyes and felt through the hearts of these soul aspects that are in much higher vibrational frequencies than what we feel here on Gaia. Yet, also, these aspects are VERY interested in what we experience as duality here, the edges that rub, the tastes, the sounds, the pleasures of the body, especially as felt through a healing heart and enlightened emotional body. These aspects of me are ‘dropping in’ now as there is more space in me for them. They are enjoying very much what they are experiencing through me and me through them. We are merging together and it is blissful, magical, and a feeling of deep RE-union with my soul. And, it is still very grounded to Gaia and inside of my body, not floaty at all, based in the heart.
This is challenging to write about honestly as the linear language of one word after another doesn’t work well to describe and transmit the energy of this kind of multidimensional experience of experience. To exchange this energy in voice and in person is much better, so you can feel it for yourself what it is that I am embodying and what you may feel drawn to embody. I offer spaces for this to happen if you desire for it to and it is what is next for you; through sessions, through our group calls, soon through in person immersion visits with us here in Puerto Vallarta, and a retreat later this year. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information. We want to offer spaces for you to experience this experience of multidimensional experience, we can call it 5D that is fine….spaces for you to experience it and remember, not just in writing but in energy exchange.
I feel it is where we are ‘headed’ as a species, to this more merged consciousness beyond personality where we are still an individual soul spark of consciousness. We are then both experiencing the non-dual nature of life AND the dualistic nature in the same moment. We have separated them out as that is what we tend to do from our overly dualistic focus place. Yet, to me and for me, they merge and the non-dual nature of our reality and of Divine Source HOLDS all experience of experience, including the dualistic frequencies.
It feels important to say that I did not open out or awaken or remember to this place of consciousness through bypassing my emotions or transcending them. I went into them and therefore through them. I am discovering (as are my beloveds on this path too) that there are more efficient ways to be in this, a sort of quantum healing way to be with the pain body, and more processes and methods are being offered to us in SoulFullHeart to share with you in the future. I have happily been a bush whacker of sorts, clearing the weeds and one of the paths. One of the methods is by being in immersion with us here, in our daily lives, in Puerto Vallarta, for as long as fits in your lifestyle. To be around this enlightened consciousness is to feel how it lives in you already and IS you already and it is just a process of remembering.
There IS an experience of experience beyond personality, beyond reactivity, beyond suffering, beyond pain, beyond negativity, beyond duality and WITH duality at the same time. I offer this to you as a remembrance that lives in you already and is ‘spring-loaded’ to BECOME you again. This is not an EASY path though as there is SO MUCH to unremember, so much to let go of, so much to say ‘NO’ to in the personality-based life you have created as you say ‘YES’ to your soul essence in expression. In my experience, these changes and letting go process are negotiable and always happen at a rate and pace that you can bear.
I cannot sell you on this process nor do I want to. Your higher self feels if it is your moment to claim it and if you are meant to walk it out and remember. I can offer you, with integrity, that this IS possible, what you dream is possible in terms of HOW you experience your life, yet, it is a continual, moment by moment choice of what IS your essence and to let go of what is NOT.
I feel a reaching out to you from beyond the personality, to your higher self, and feel us embracing together and remembering each other, seeing each other beyond the personality and name and identity….feeling each others as SOULS. I have felt many of you ‘in my field’ and even had some higher self conversations with some of you who wanted them. I am ready if you are ready. I am here if you are here as are my beloveds too. Where do you want to go together? The soul is limitless and the explorations profoundly unlimited too. Love is limitless and Infinite and wants you to remember that you are THIS too.
Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

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