REALLY Showing Up For What YOU REALLY Want.


By Raphael Awen

What would YOU show up for in life, REALLY show up for, given the opportunity?

Asking the first question leads to second one that goes something like this ‘Well, I know I have it in me to REALLY show up for something, but I know myself enough to know that I would only REALLY show up for something heart and soul, ALL IN, if it REALLY called to me,…so what then is it that I REALLY want?’

Awesome QUESTion! What IS it that YOU…REALLY… WANT?

The entire universe literally awaits your answer to that question. The next great literature of the world will be written from your ‘literalizing’ of this quest and question inside of you.

To enter this quest, and have life and love as your SPONSOR giving YOU all you need to undertake this quest depends upon your literalizing of this offer that life and love are extending to you. Life can offer and even offer inspiration, but it cannot go beyond that, or it would be diminishing your power and learning. What’s more, rescuing YOU in this way of choosing for you would kill the fun and adventure that YOU signed up for as well. Life sees YOU in an exciting and ‘funnest-fun’ kind of adventure. This of course appeals to all of us, from the part of us who may only be seeking a bit of medicative distraction from boredom, all the way to the part of us wanting to blow the doors off of our limited life picture who resonates at a deep soul level with these words.

My truth is that for everyone of us, if we are here and breathing, that breath itself is alive with opportunity that is calling to us, and it is calling us on an EPIC level to step into our next pieces. Only YOU can know what that is even if it’s just a sniff of your next step. The YOU-ni-verse is in that sniff. Until there is action on that sniff, YOU are actually telling the universe and your guides that YOU aren’t ready to move. YOU are using your sovereign power of your sovereign being to ‘decide, decree and declare’ to the universe and all of its subjects that YOU will be remaining where YOU are…that you’re not REALLY going to be showing up for anything.

So I ask again, what would YOU show up for in life, REALLY show up for, given the opportunity?

Can you see here that the question isn’t any longer about the ‘given the opportunity’ part? That was just a ruse coming from the part of YOU bent on staying stuck, making it look like that owning your power was predicated upon an outside chance opportunity coming your way, as if it wasn’t staring you in the face, impatiently waiting. Life itself IS the opportunity.

I’ve wrestled with this QUESTion time and time again. This one, you and I won’t ever actually ever fully get. You are an infinite being on an infinite exploration. THAT’S MAGICAL! You’re not going to run out of excitement, engagement and ‘next pieces’ if you take up this offer life is extending you. It will call upon every emerging ounce of your courage as you know it. Surprisingly though, you ‘blowing your wad’ on courage, going all in, won’t deplete your courage, but en-courage you to take on the next piece, and the next one after that.

If you see a next piece together with me, or with SoulFullHeart, that’s exciting to me! I’m out today sniffing my next pieces to REALLY show up for. If you are a man reading this, I’d like to offer you, from my universe, a possible ‘next piece’ in the Men’s Group Call on the Sacred Masculine coming up this Saturday that I’m leading along with Gabriel Heartman (details below). This in itself is a portal into a new world. Yes, there are many to choose from, but nothing moves in your kingdom or mine until choice occurs. But when it does,… watch out!

Your choice and a donation of any amount gets YOU in this sacred space with Gabriel and I and the rest of the MEN wanting to REALLY show up for themselves. I’m REALLY in if you are! 🙂

Here’s the men’s call event:

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.Visit for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to make a donation to support our work at

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