Subtle Energy for Beginners ~ Day One

By Raphael Awen

Ever felt left out of the picture when it comes to experiencing something beyond your five physical senses? I know I have. I could tell the people around me were experiencing something, and yet I couldn’t feel, track or transmit it like they could.

It was maddening. I didn’t doubt it was real; I just couldn’t feel it like I so desperately wanted to.

This ongoing series of blog posts is a love letter to that part of me who was stuck in a perception of being excluded, of being less-than somehow.

My truth today is that we are all energy workers. We are all energy healers. We can all channel. We can all receive and transmit energy. We can all be clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. We are actually doing these things all the time, but many of us just don’t realize it. In this series, we’re looking to REAL-ize this reality; for you; for the part of you who doesn’t get it; and for those around you.

We’re going to pause on looking to the ‘experts’ for fear of falling prey to the expert mentality; that you need an outside bigger-than-you source. I’m not an expert and don’t ever wish to be one. I’m a beginner and hope to remain that way. I am willing to share with you what I’ve learned thus far, that I think you will find quite profound, but that doesn’t make me an expert. It makes me someone you have authorized to reflect your Higher Self reality so that you can integrate it into your everyday experience. Did you catch that? The authorization comes from you, not me. You are the authority here. Experts don’t like you to know that as it often undermines their need to keep you small and dependent on them. I want you to be big, and I want to be big along with you. In fact, I need to share what I have, and I need to find those interested in what I have to share, in order to keep on growing into my own infinite bigness.

I’ll take that over expertise any day.

We’re going to find that the world of subtle energy isn’t nearly as far removed from us as we’ve been led to believe by our conditioning. It’s all around us in this very moment. We think we lack the ability to tune it, or track it, or transmit it, when what is far more accurate, is that the real lack is not so much in the ability, as it is in the willingness. That’s good news, because willingness is something much more accessible and immediate than ability. Ability admittedly has to do with practice and learning, but what precedes ability is a willingness to try. I think you will be amazed at what meets you as you step out into the captivating world of a genuine childlike willingness to try.

I’ll explore that point more as we go, but suffice it to say for now, that it is how you begin a thing that determines how you finish a thing. We’re beginning with beginner’s mind; the world of not-knowing, where even what we think we already know can be redeemed into the world of utter awe and wonder. From there, we can sail magically deeper and deeper into the unknown. I do suspect however, that while we will grow immensely, we will never reach any coveted certified place of expertise as each new level of discovery and experience causes us to feel an increased sense of NOT how much we know, but instead how much we don’t know.

If you are beginning with a pain of how much you don’t know; how much you don’t experience; how much you long to know and experience something deeper in your everyday waking reality, then you are at the true precipice of creation. You are filling your gas tank for the journey ahead. You won’t get anywhere on an empty tank. The gas is made up of the admission of your desire and your frustration, both of which are sacred, and allowing that to create momentum inside of yourself.

There’ll be resistances to feel and parts of yourself to negotiate with as they fear your departure from consensus reality, and all that could entail in your current relationships with people and life as you’ve known it. This is another good thing. You won’t need to railroad any part of you into some spiritual discipline that turns you into a freak show at the expense of the part of you who likes what it likes in your current life. You can feel and negotiate each change as it unfolds to make room for deeper energetic and emotional experience of a profoundly changing and magical journey into changing the unknown into the known and cycling ever deeper into the unknown.

You get to feel it all as you go. You get to embody and reclaim all of your unique sacred humanity as you go.

Join me for this ongoing series and share with others in the room what you are feeling and experiencing. Let’s take the quest of our deepest questions into the space with the heart and mind of a curious child. Let’s forget what we think we know long enough at least to open our hearts and minds to deeper layers of reality, and then deeper layers yet, beyond those newly discovered layers.

For today’s beginning, let’s remember that there is no greater true expertise than being in and at the beginning. Life and energy is always beginning again, moving and taking us somewhere we haven’t yet been. If we claim any expertise, let it be about knowing how to surrender to not-knowing in our quest to know.

Beginners only need apply. No experience necessary.

Raphael Awen

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