Imagine New Earth Lovernance

Take a minute to imagine with me. Let the “yeah, but”s take a brief vacation.

There are no governments other than the one that resides within the individual. The violence that arises is but a vestigial echo of “old times”. It is held in a self-compassionate love bath that accepts mature responsibility and non-punishing natural consequence.

Authenticity is the capital of this New Governance. Transparency and Exchange is the currency of the New Economy. Diplomacy is no longer needed for politics is replaced by our vulnerability. We are ambassadors unto ourselves in service of the highest cause of embodying all the love we can possibly stand.

Work is dead. It is now Love in Action. It is the generator and manifestor of Abundance. All that was once held as ‘unlikely’ or ‘impossible’ are open for your play and exploration. The limitations that were placed upon Dreams have been removed by a lot of hard and powerful work. It did not come easy. You were not saved by anything else than your own choosing.

The things that made us unique, still do. We don’t speak one language, but we feel one language. That of the heart and the soul. That shows up in a multitude of ways that enriches the experience of Kaleidoscopic Unity. Peace is not achieved by the largest show of force but the courage to feel each other in the ways that we kept our doors closed to each other, and more importantly to ourselves.

The grand experiment of Humanity is witnessed in its healing and not in its saving. The beauty of this vision is felt in what was its opposite. We gather in remembrance of what Was in humble gratitude and continue to show up and grow into our next evolution of Being Human.

Let your imagination take you not where you want to be, but where you ARE in the multidimensional NOW.

May this week, and all others, be your gateway to your dreams.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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