Awaken, Accelerate, Activate: Five Day February SoulFullHeart Retreat In New Lemuria ~ Victoria, BC, Canada

By Jelelle Awen

When you land in the geography that fits your soul and your highest timeline, you FEEL it. The vibration suits you, fits you, and embraces you. This is where the inner work meets the physical and they can dance together and express together in every moment no matter what you are doing or engaging in.

I am experiencing this here in Victoria, BC, Canada since we moved here almost a month ago now. We spent four years living in Mexico before that and although it offered many gifts of deconditioning layers of western conditioning….it just didn’t feel like ‘home’. I lived in the vancouver area for eight years with Raphael prior to moving here to Victoria and we had visited here a couple of times during that time. Yet NOW that we are living here and rooting here, we can feel how spacious it is and inviting us into the expression of our soul selves. There is just so much natural beauty and the energy of the water….it definitely has a frequency of New Lemuria or New Mu.

Most of our service in the last two years especially has been remote and virtual….long distance over zoom during individual and group sessions/calls. There has been much nourishment to this and a birthing expression of SoulFullHeart into the world that has been much needed. I have felt comfortable in this virtual space and witnessed SO MUCH healing transformation movement with others in it.

Yet, I also know and experience daily within our community the power of being in the physical with the energies that are offered through this process, feeling parts of yourself and being felt in real time and organically AS triggers/reactions/movements are coming up. There is nothing really like being face to face and heart to heart sharing relational feeling tones!

SO, I am so happy now to offer an in the physical opportunity to connect with us over five days during a retreat here in Victoria! We’ll be hosting it at our new SIX bedroom house near a beautiful regional park and many amenities. This house is a gift that I have been wanting and dreaming of for MANY years. A place to host our monthly two day groups as well. We will provide wonderful vegan lunches in addition to five days of teachings, processes, energy healing, emotional healing, soul healing….healing on ALL levels!! We are asking that you have two individual sessions with one of us as a Facilitator before coming to the retreat as you will have more sense if it fits you and is resonant with you. More about sessions here:

Here is more information if you would like to join us for the five day retreat on February 15 through the 19th for $400 USD (not including transportation and lodging costs):

and here:

Continue to BELIEVE and FEEL your dreams and your highest timeline…the Divine WANTS to give them to you, especially as they connect to the service of love (which IS your highest timeline expression here.) Be open to giving up anything that doesn’t reflect that and feel what comes up in that letting go. I am evidence of what can be received and supported when you move into your highest YOU and feel yourself along the way to that arising!

Raphael and I have both recently filmed guided meditations here in Victoria to give you more sense of the energy! You can watch those at our SoulFullHeart Experience Youtube Channel:

Jelelle Awen
More information about sessions, writings/books, videos, etc.


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