Discovering The Relationship Between My Inner Masculine And Inner Feminine

By Devon Heart Star
Note from Jelelle: This is a wonderful and vulnerable sharing from Devon, who has been in sessions with me for the last few months. She shares about her experience of my Deepen video series’ guided meditations, which offer a catalytic and empowering ground of self discovery into the relationship between your inner masculine and your inner feminine!
Today, as I did Day 5’s video of The Deepen series with Jelelle and Raphael focused on Inner Sacred Union, I had some unexpected surprises. You can watch the video here:
First, I was deeply moved by their honest and open sharing about their recent process in their relationship. It felt like a beautiful gift just to know these two, because I have always had this profound soul desire to be able to share with others in a fully authentic way. And what do you know? Here are these two loving souls willing to bare their souls and their fathomless hearts publicly to those who want to hear. It felt like a gift to me, that I actually listened to the call within to connect with them for sessions earlier this year and a confirmation of my heart’s longings. Their willingness to be completely open and vulnerable, without shame or blame, is an inspiration, and as always, an illumination into the truths I wish to express as I blossom into my Sacred Humanity.
The next surprise came in the meditation portion of the video. As I walked to my castle, feeling the Sacred Union of Magdalena and Yeshua as templates for my own Inner Sacred Union, which I had no idea what it would possibly look like, I was greeted by my Inner Protector, Michael. My castle was rather immense and much more inviting and lit up than it has been in the past, even with a considerably large thundering cloud storm over one of the wings. I have been working on my relationship with Michael for a bit of time, and it has improved drastically since Day 2’s video to meet your Inner Protector. You can watch that video here:
We are beginning to create a new, higher role for Michael, one that is less about fearful protection, and more about collaborating and negotiating, as Jelelle talked about in Day 2’s video. He is starting to feel comfortable that I can show up with the energy he can trust to support him and my parts. He is thrilled and inspired about the new work we have begun together, helping to de-fuse from other parts to create strong relationships within, so as to translate to strong relating with others outside of us.
He ushered the three of us into the castle and directly to a massive banquet hall, full of beings and energies all there for me! I was presented as the Guest of Honor! And the feeling of so much love directed at me and with me, brought me to tears, knowing that I am loved and celebrated. What a welcoming! Michael was my Inner Masculine and as we were guided to allow our Inner Feminine to show up, there was a pause. I did not know where she was or how to find her, until she showed herself in three versions, the infant on the knee of the mother, and then herself, hiding under one of the tables. She did not want to be seen. She was deathly afraid of being seen. All I could do was offer compassion and love and not push her to come out.
She expressed some rage at having to come out (and yet truly wanted to) and yelled at the crowd, “none of you love me!” And she came running to be held by me, crying that she was too ugly to be loved. My heart opened and held her closely, as I began to feel a powerful healing radiating outward to all my parts and all my cells, as well as a growing compassion all around.
My Higher Self, whom I just met last week, named Opal, began to integrate a little more into my physical, helping me direct love to my Inner Feminine and also to see that I was doing it all on my own, and she wrote some poetry for this healing moment:
When you shine the light of
Unconditional Love
upon yourself
upon the light, the dim,
the darkest, and the rainbow-hued
parts of yourself
Your world will change
and shift right before your eyes
The Opalescent view of the
world around you
will shimmer with the sight
of your Higher Self
When your Universal Eyes
merge with your physical eyes
you will begin to register all the shades
of consciousness within
and without
This Mother of Pearl view can
encompass all the colors
and a set of feeling eyes will emerge
from the Heart
The Eyes of Unconditional Love
will softly melt the harsh
and effortlessly enter the storms
fearlessly and unassumingly providing
the Sacred Presence
to the sacred scared
longing to find their way to belonging
When you shine the Light
of Unconditional Love
into the Divine celebration of all of who
you are
the 3D world of suffering begins to fade
and fall away
Life force energy returns to your
shifting physical body
and you begin the surrender
into the groundedness
and co-creativity of the Heart
Thank you, Opal and all my parts!
I can’t express how powerfully transformative and grounding these sessions have been, but more so, the Sacred Presence these facilitators (Jelelle for me) hold for all of your processes is what truly begins the healing process and empowers your growth within.
You can experience Jelelle’s 33-Day Deepen video series all this month (for free!) and deepen your connection within on SoulfullHeart Experience YouTube Channel here:
Find out more about parts work/Metasoul aspects/Inner Sacred Union at
And more about one-to-one sessions with a wonderful SoulfullHeart facilitator at
Much love and gratitude,
Devon Heart Star


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