Finding The Grounding Within Your Heart

By Devon Heart Star

Are you feeling a weighted-down side of your Heart today? Are you checking in with the parts of you that need attention? Or are you busying yourself with the minute details of your life and hyper-focusing on the outside world, avoiding the anxiety running underneath it all? Is your Inner Child showing you something important through your feelings and your Inner Teenager acting out for your attention, while your Inner Punisher is keeping you ruminating about all that you may have done wrong or will do wrong?

When you can take the time to Vision Quest within your Heart each day, you begin to ceremoniously honor all that you are. Everything you need to find your way to your best life is within you. Everyday this Vision Quest can be different….if you tune into your intuition and the energies making up who you are, and the world and cosmos around you, because these are in constant shift.

When you begin this daily Vision Questing within, the parts of you will also begin to trust you enough to start relaxing into the new energy of you, becoming your allies and co-creators. You can re-program your DNA through consciously creating Sacred Presence for any parts of you carrying the pain of mistrust and emotional abuse, in this lifetime and other timelines.

You begin to create a solid reliability within you, as you promise to show up for your own needs everyday. You begin to re-parent yourself and show up for every emotion, darkness, fear, pain, rage, or judgment within.

You will not look away. You will look directly into the Heart of yourself with unwavering love, support, and patience. There is nothing your inner world can show or express to you, that will make you turn away from yourself again. You are in it for the long-haul. Inner Sacred Union includes the good, the bad, the ugly, and the real.

You’ll stand tall and grounded like the Stone People, who have seen and absorbed millennia of history, who don’t flinch in the face of it all. Standing tall upon the shifting ground that is moving like an ocean in ebb and flow in our psyches and consciousnesses and Souls and Hearts, we will find our way to the growth of our deepest Soul’s desires. We will find our grounding within our Hearts.

Devon Heart Star is a SoulFullHeart Facilitant, working with SoulFullHeart Facilitator/Teacher Jelelle Awen in session space for the last few months. She is author/poestess of Embodying The Cosmic Shaman: Poetry For Encompassing The Vastness Of Who You Are.


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