Rebirthing Yourself Is A Courageous Act

By Devon Heart Star

What energies are you tuning into today, as we have entered the first of many proverbial birth canals of this year? What flash of lightning just hit your Heart and jump-started a new layer of your healing DNA as an awakening Sacred Human?

What baggage did you just drop onto the conveyor belt to good-bye? Whew! That was a heavy load! Let it go! There’s no more room for the density of that weighted-down sack of patterns of fears and control to avoid pain.

What lightness of Being can you feel approaching, as you surrender into this rebirth, as the sun is rising at the end of this moonlit tunnel? How has your Beingness changed? How have your Soul parts begun to merge with your Human parts?

Are there Human parts of you who have retracted against change? Are there parts of you scared of leaving the warm womb of safety and comfort? Are you willing to become big enough and inner-loving enough to hold them close and reassure them that you will be there for them? Are you willing to be courageous enough to allow their feelings, your feelings that you once had in your life and other timelines, but shoved down, pushed away, and were shamed to express?

Rebirthing yourself, one spiraling step at a time, is a courageous act.

There is a beauty within you that belongs to no other. There is a strength within you that has multidimensional effects on others. And there is a shyness within that releases waves of unity consciousness behind it. You cannot contain the tsunami of truths that powerfully whisper to all the lost parts longing to be heard in the Hearts of others.

How can you serve the shyness within you, so she/he can become one with the waves and recognize their power?

Devon Heart Star is a SoulFullHeart Facilitant, working with SoulFullHeart Facilitator/Teacher Jelelle Awen in session space for the last few months. She is author/poestess of Embodying The Cosmic Shaman: Poetry For Encompassing The Vastness Of Who You Are.


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