The Birth Canal Of Awakening Into Higher Dimensional Consciousness

by Devon Heart Star

Look, you popped out of the other side of the wormhole. That portal has been experienced, you’ll never have to feel that exact rollercoaster ride again. The energies are still slowly being expelled behind you, as you are re-orienting and clearing the emotional karma from your soul vision.

That pulsating gateway slowly closing and getting smaller behind you. It seems you’ve never been there before, and yet that portal has birthed an infinite number of you. Each one a slight variation on the choices you make, so consciousness can experience every nuance of learning, every unwinding expansion.

A part of you has been universally awakened. This part of you is a wisdom observer. The part that sits outside the story. It stays detached from the Human pain and drama, and yet it is deeply compassionate. This part of you supports you in maintaining equilibrium. It shows you how to have balance among all the worlds, among the worlds of Human emotional depths, among the worlds of spirit and those of the cosmos, among the worlds of memories and that of mysteries. It’ll drop the hint of the inkling of integration, wholeness, and divine humanity.

This part of you is your multidimensional partner, your thermometer and barometer. They will guide you to your next step or show you where to surrender to next. They’ll show you exactly what variation of yourself you are learning to open up to more love, before they push you back into forgetting about them again for a while, because they are not an escape hatch from experiencing your 3D.

This part of you is bigger than a name or needing to be understood. It’s beyond bringing Heaven to Earth or unifying forces. It’s beyond dark and light. It’s beyond emotion as a need to express. It is everything and no-thing at all. And it gives you the power of creation. Yet it is not separate from you. It is you awakening.

Ultimately, it supports you in telling whatever story you want, as all of it is expansion.

(photo called Seeds of Life Within by Morgan Manley)

Devon Heart Star is a SoulFullHeart Facilitant, working with SoulFullHeart Facilitator/Teacher Jelelle Awen in session space for the last few months. She is author/poestess of Embodying The Cosmic Shaman: Poetry For Encompassing The Vastness Of Who You Are.


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