Healing Your Human Heart Through Feeling Your Inner Child

by Devon Heart Star

There’s this child within. She/He is a radiant little star who was born into this 3D body with both the glory of the genuineness of purity and oneness with Source, and the confusion of the lineage within her/his DNA. This child remembers unconditional love and telepathic connection felt through the heart.

She/he must live out the story of the Human Condition, while still feeling the tension and the disconnect between their home in the etheric where they can be in their full, shining expansion and the density and the heaviness of this world.

This inner child is looking for you, longing for you to supply them with the love for which they are hurting. Sometimes they carry a hole in their hearts, a wound, a deep, dark abyss that they feel punished to live in, convinced they’re unlovable, and yet still crying out for help. This part of you is experiencing a timelessness, a hiccup in time, where they are stuck in a no-place-ness, only the dimension created by the emotional pain of their traumas. You must be willing to descend into their darkness fearlessly to find them. Feelings of cyclical depressions that seem to never change, mean you haven’t dove into their darkness to find them.

An Inner Protector was created by your multidimensional self and continues to protect them/you from further hurt, abandonment, emotional wounding, feeling left out, by trying to keep them/you small. He only means well, by thinking he’s helping them/you, yet he keeps you from loving, intimate relationships for which you long.

How can you find these parts of you? How can you rescue your Inner Child? How can you reassure your Inner Protector that he can relax now that you’re showing up? How can you truly show up for these parts of you and love them back into trust? How can you hold them until they believe you?

These parts of you hold an inner radiance, a rich and vibrant magic that radiates from within and mirrors to without. To hold this Inner Child with the most awe-felt reverence and love for who they are exactly as they are, will grow an inner strength and glow that cannot be matched by trying to receive from others, although receiving is also a necessary part of it. You’ll start to settle into this Human story with a gratefulness that brings treasures unknown. Your sense of belonging will live within you.

You’ll be solidly ready to serve love. Another level of your Sacred Humanity will arise.

Parts Work has been a truly empowering practice for me. If you want to learn more about AMAZING sessions with Jelelle Awen and other wonderful facilitators and be guided to practical ways to answer the questions above, check out SoulFullHeart Experience

or on their website at http://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions

(art by Katie M. Berggren)

Devon Heart Star is a SoulFullHeart Facilitant, working with SoulFullHeart Facilitator/Teacher Jelelle Awen in session space for the last few months. She is author/poestess of Embodying The Cosmic Shaman: Poetry For Encompassing The Vastness Of Who You Are.


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