11/11 Gateway: Intention, Intimacy, Indivuation, & Intuition

When I closed my eyes this morning, my intention was to feel this upcoming 11/11 gateway. I found myself walking on a path that approaching 4 massive Sequoia trees, 2 lined up on either side of the path. A gateway if I ever saw one. As I got closer to them I could see a word mounted on each one. Each of them started with the letter ‘I’ which I took to represent the number one…of course.

The first word was ‘Intention’. This made sense. What is my intention as I enter this gateway? For as we enter any gateway, the universe responds to what we intend. It wants to know me, you, and all of us more intimately. Our intentions pave the way going ‘forward’ if you will and helps us define an end place, even if we don’t end up there.

My intention entering this gateway is to continue to let go of all the ways in which I have kept myself from feeling and expressing my authenticity.
Who am I in my naked essence?
What leadership is still latent and ready to come onto the scene?
How far down the rabbit hole of my BEing can I shed light on and bring that light into my waking, physical reality?

The second word was ‘intimacy’. I understood that in my heart as “Into me see”. It is about being transparent with what is current in my Being. It is about getting naked with myself and others. Becoming more fluent with my emotional body, my needs, my wants, my fears, and my power. Intimacy is a scary place for our hidden and protected parts. The places that have been comfortable in the safety of anonymity. It is a dance with Trust that brings this nakedness out into the light. I feel one of the biggest fears we all have is that of being seen, even as parts so desperately want to be. Enter the Inner Protector.

The third word was ‘individuation’. This may be more personal to me, yet I do feel how this is something all of us are working on as we make our way through this dimension. In the quest for authenticity and intimacy, we are confronted with the ways in which we have conformed or molded ourselves to be in relation to a particular frequency or relational bind, whether it be social or familial. This search for Self is the search for individuation from what doesn’t feel like us in our essence. It is also a search for tribe that aligns but not remold our uniqueness. This is felt with all the parts of us (Inner Child/Teenager, Protector) that have their own reaction to this unachoring.

The last word was ‘intuition’. This continues to be one that I am leaning into. This inner knowing that feels like connecting more to the feminine within us all. This intuition sees what is not seeable. It knows what is unknowable. It is like following a leaf in a windstorm…you may have no idea where it is leading you until you eventually arrive. It is the essence of intuition to Trust. To go forth against the inertia of common sense while still remaining sensical. My intuition may take me places my Protector/Gatekeeper may have questions about and that is where I get to learn about who I really am and this brave new world I am ready for.

This feels like a powerful gateway into our next Next. Our new New. All of this is navigable with self-love as we feel all the parts of us in agreement, in resistance, in confusion, and in fear. With this inner connection to all parts of our being we are given the keys to the rocket ship that is made to take us Home.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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