The Choice To Choose Is Sacred

We are in a timeline of choice. There is no being neutral anymore. Polarity isn’t just about This vs. That in a confrontational way, a battle heartset. It may simply come down to making a choice and living into it.

This may be the vaunted Singularity. The moment when you have to choose This OR That, and then be on your way with its unfolding mystery. I am choosing Love. I am choosing not to offer my physical body to a nefarious agenda. I have chosen that adjective because that is what it is to me.

I am not going to deride anyone who has offered themselves in their own sovereign choice to do so. I will not be a part of that programming. I choose to stay in compassion while being passionate about my choice (which isn’t really a choice to me in the end, but for this I will let it be one.)

My purpose for being here is to embody my most natural, authentic, divinely-aligned human being. I am here to serve that in whatever way that is meant to be for others. I am here to keep unraveling and defending that permission to be Free, Real, and Loving. I am here to be a beacon of fresh air and a fresh start.

I have been in the process of leaving the Matrix for a long time. It is ongoing. It is not about living apart from the World in a cave, or battling against it, or undermining it. It is about unraveling from it from the inside so that I can serve its eventual transmutation into its original state of Grace.

I wish to be in a community of others that also choose the same. I wish to be a part of a beginning while sacredly giving space to AN end, not THE End. An end of suffering, an end to neutrality, an end to battle.

This takes the time it takes for each of us to choose. One way or another. There is no wrong choice as they all inevitably lead back to Love. It is how we live out that choice that makes a difference. It is that heart energy that lights the way for all that is to come.


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