The Cult Of Love & Truth

I have to admit that it has been quite an adjustment to living in a bigger city in a new country. It has not been the culture and people of Portugal though, as there is a kindness and warmth at the heart of this beautiful part of the world.

The deeper adjustment has been to the collective response to C-vid that has been most difficult to adjust to. I would say, without reservation, that 90% of those I see outside are wearing masks. It is quite the contrast to Glastonbury where it may, at worst, get to 40%. This is just outdoors, mind you. And those that do not have them over their face, have them pulled down under their chin, as if to signal that they are part of the program at least. Can’t fault them as long as it is visible, eh? 

We have only been snarked at a couple of times, so there is a ‘bygones be bygones’ sort of thing going on, but not wearing them inside is an absolute no-no. No ‘exempt’ cards here, thank you very much. Some may bite at me for being compliant, but being in a host country while trying to find sanctuary does not lead me toward rebellion at the moment. It is a ‘pick your battles’ scenario. 

I feel I landed here in this situation to teach me a few things. The first is how sensitive I really am and how much nostalgic, travel romance a part of me projected onto coming to this classic European city. Kind of like a pre-pandemic wet-dream for a part of me. I would be pinching myself that I was actually here if I wasn’t caught in a nightmarish overlay around this historical location. 

Now I am pinching myself to see if I am actually on Earth. The land of human beings getting on with life and some perception of liberty. And maybe that is the next lesson. Maybe this has all just revealed how unfree we have actually been. The unabated mask-wearing, along with unquestioned injection inflection, are visual signs of what was lying underground all along…the programming of our own demise. 

Humanity has become Insanity in this New World Disorder, while being convinced it is the most humane thing to do to cut oneself off from the life-blood of existence called Air. I get that this is not a revelation as it has been part of our awareness for over a year now, but to see it so starkly right in front of me with so many has been quite the thud in my soul. We are literally in a dystopian novel and it is up to each of us individually to rewrite this thing from the inside out. 

This Cult of C-vid is ramping up and seeking new members each and every hour of each and every day. It is the largest of its kind that the world has ever seen. It pales in comparison to any Qanon group, and even THEY battle with each other! So who’s really the domestic/global terrorist? 

The Cult of Love and Truth will find its way. It actually encompasses the C-vid cult as it is the container from which we are hewn. This is a mass ‘individuation inoculation’ that may have a drastic illumination point. God, I hope that I am wrong. I will eat the feathers AND the tar just to get back to Reason and Love. (Okay, maybe not that severe as I do love my digestive system, but you get the hyperbole.)

The Cult of Love and Truth must start from within and then from our choices. The choices of where to live, who to be connected to, how to treat ourselves and others while we are sorting this out. Humanity is bifurcating. Splitting up into sects. I feel we are going through this for a much bigger reason than just some control agenda that can’t actually be bigger than Love Itself. 

It is up to each of us to feel what that is and keep feeling and healing our way there. Put on your own oxygen mask first as a beacon to what is authentic and real to you. Let them follow suit rather than trying to shame or debate. Just Be Love. The rest will fall into place however it is meant to. 

Love to you on your continued journey.


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