Your Sacred Shit

Sacred Shit…

You may feel like shit at times. Unloved, unlovable, trapped, lost, angry, depressed, or bleak. It is hard not to feel like you are the problem and not the SOULution. Hard to feel like there is no way out of the prison within and without. The best you may get is some kind of management of it, and thank God for that.

Yet, this ’shit’ is the portal to your sacred humanity. It IS what makes you real and alive, just not in joy and empowered at the moment. The key words being ‘at the moment’. The shit is like a tunnel that you move through with courage and a messy kind of Grace when you choose to feel it and let it flow through you. It can offer you guidance and wisdom when you choose to relate to it that way. It has a voice and an image that comes forth when you invite it to.

It is this formation that permits a relationship to the shit rather that feeling like you are swimming in it. It is the relationship that offers the potential of transmutation and rebirth. I say potential because it is not easy and can take you down again, and yet even that is another portal back to it.

Give yourself permission to not just feel like shit, but to FEEL the Shit. Let it move into you like an avalanche while holding it as a Divine messenger. You wouldn’t be feeling it if you weren’t ready to really feel it. To become changed and reborn by it. This is what makes it sacred for it is what can make you Whole again.

This Shit is not the problem, it is the SOULution. It is the compass back to your humanity and your real-ity.


Gabriel Amara is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for both men and women.  Visit for more information about sessions, group calls/events, videos, community, etc.

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