Message Of The Morning Star

The past week or so I have had the pleasure of meditating with the beloved Venus right before sunrise. I don’t think I have ever had such an intimate experience with the Morning Star before. She feels so poignant right now, both personally and collectively.

I have felt Her gentle yet also direct illumination. She offers a perspective that is different than Mars in how to be as a man during these times. While Mars has more of a Warrior King draw, Venus calls to the Love Ambassador within. It activates the masculine connection to his heart via compassion as well as passion.

Venus is a force that draws the Sun (read ‘Son’) from his slumber. She calls him to his deepest purpose of shedding light and offering warmth to all he touches. He also activates movement and courage to stand in truth without resorting to violence. There is much shadow that is being drawn out at this time and this has a myriad of reactions.

Venus is calling me, and maybe you too, to see the world as it is with all its apparent chaos, and feel all the feelings that emerge from rage, to anxiety, to grief. We have felt separated from our Divinity and from the Divine in all its forms. We have projected this onto so many external aspects of our lives and now we are seeing how that has worked out for us.

We had to do this to really see that we are, and can be, the Kings and Queens of our own existence on this glorious planet. We are not alone yet parts of us may feel so. We may feel far away, but we are also so close to Love that it may feel it is too close as well. A sacred push-pull if there ever was one.

Venus reminds me that as a masculine emissary of Love I have a responsibility to love myself first, be present, honest, and vulnerable in my sacred union as well as with my intimate community. I have a responsibility to be myself in full embodiment of my mission and purpose to serve this SoulFullHeart kind of Love to other men and women that need me to stand in that space for them as I have been from those that have served me.

The time with the Morning Star reminds me that we are not hopeless or helpless. We have support and guidance standing right there in front of us even when it doesn’t feel that way sometimes. Our higher selves are held in a Divine Trust account just waiting for to claim it when we are ready.

I feel the Unknown of what is to come at the same time I feel the Known of the Love that is holding it all. May Venus be your guide to the love and leadership that awaits you as the mystery and drama unfold.


Gabriel Amara is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for both men and women. Visit for more information about sessions, group calls/events, videos, community, etc.

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