Digestions Of Our Two Day Group Circle Goodness

By Jelelle Awen

In this time of so much separation and division, it is such a gift to be able to experience unity in digestable and embodied frequencies that we can let in to whatever degree we can! I am feeling so FULL with goodness after two days of a rich and deep monthly group circle with all of us living locally here in Portugal. 

I am so appreciative of the precious soul family that gathered here with Raphael and I for this group and also lives near us here too…BRAVE souls who continue to choose their own growth, healing, exploration, intimacy, and this community and process as their deepening place, even when it is challenging! Each sharing offered a personal and collective healing, including a powerful ambassadorship journey to offer love and roses to the Ukraine.

I experienced shifts inside of my spaceholding with more co-leadership with Raphael and also the group itself holding a powerful womb space for healing transformation that we could all lean into. I was struck once again in awe at where this SoulFullHeart process can take someone….what it can bridge to within, the veils it can lift, and the suffering loops that it can address, heal, and complete over time organically in ways that traditional therapies and spiritual practices usually can not. 

I am honored to birth this upgraded way of living into the grids and be seeding it here as a lifeline, especially during this time of great bifurcation, Matrix peaking/collapse, and C./V/War narratives playing out.

I keep seeing other soul family in the room with us in the future, for now just visiting and connecting in spirit yet drawn to what we are alchemizing together. Maybe this is you? 

If you are curious about the process and drawn to us as a community as well, both Gabriel and Kasha offer a free intro call to talk with you more about having 1:1 sessions over Zoom or here in Portugal with Gabriel, Kasha, Raphael, or I. Sessions are $100 USD/90 euros for 90 minutes. More info at soulfullheart.org/sessions

Now is THE time to move out of the lone wolf phase and come together in soul family communities where we feel nourished, seen, and can provide each other with consistent support. We can create healthy bubbles and pockets of love in these communities to offer an alternative to the 3D Matrix reality, which then beacons out to others who are ready for this too. 

Love to you from our love bubble!

Jelelle Awen

More info about sessions, group calls, writings/books, etc. at soulfullheart.org.

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