The Healing & Arising Of The Divine Masculine: Ep.7- The SoulFullHeart Current Podcast

In this episode, we continued our conversation from a video that we did on the Summer Solstice about the Solar or Divine Masculine. If you are interested in that after the podcast you can find it here on our YouTube Channel, The SoulFullHeart Experience: The Solstice activated our relationship to the Divine Masculine within as well as our relationship to Divine Father and all that brings up in our relationship to our own fathers or father types. We talk about the mirror of sacred union for the masculine and its nourishment as well as it challenges. Gabriel talks about his own journey with his arising Divine Masculine and what that has meant for him as well as the men that he has served. What is it to be a Love Ambassador as well as a King, Warrior, Lover, and Sage? This is what we are offering as new way to see and feel the Divine Masculine.

Please follow us on any of the main podcast platforms such Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Audible, or Anchor. We would love to hear from you about what you are experiencing or anything you would like us to talk about from our perspective. We hope you are enjoying what we offering through these podcasts.

SoulFullHeart is a healing process, a contextual paradigm, a very powerful and empowering way of life, and a sacred community all in one. You can find out more on our website: We’ll also be bridging everything SoulFullHeart through our own unique embodiment and experience of it to add more perspective and understanding as to where we come from and how the topics are held and felt in our hearts and souls.

We offer one-on-one and couple’s facilitation as the guidance and need arises. The SoulFullHeart Current Podcast is a way to serve and also be transparent with who we are and what we feel to embody and create outside the dystopian world that is being widely peddled today. We offer compassion, illumination, direction, feeling, and grounded action that is rooted in the individual self first, that then can spread to others through your own transformation and advocacy. Visit for more information.

We appreciate any ideas for future podcasts for us to delve into as they arise for you. You can leave a comment or email those to us, along with any other comments to

You can find our online community, the SoulFullHeart Portal, on Mighty Networks at We highly recommend joining our online community where, for a donation amount of your choice, you’ll have access to what could be the deepest and most meaningful soul family connections you’ve yet to experience, exclusive videos/guided meditations from us as well as Raphael and Jelelle Awen, and more personal pieces being shared from each of us in our intimate community.

Thank you for being in The Current with us. It is where we strive to let go, let in, feel, heal, see, be seen, and seek resonant community!

With Love and Currency,
Gabriel & Kasha

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