Crop Circle Transforms Overnight Offering Portal Opening

By Jelelle Awen

WOW! I have never seen this before in my several years of tracking crop circle formations! This formation appeared yesterday near Barbury Castle, UK that looked like the image on the left, confirmed by a local woman who took drone photos of it. My very first intuition was that it was a ‘closed’ portal somehow or ‘not complete’ even as it is recognizable as a hexagon shape. I was guided to wait in sharing about it.

And then, today, this same woman and others observed that the SAME formation appears to have transformed, changed, and OPENED UP overnight into the formation you see in the pic on the right, almost as if the grains have been ‘erased’ or at least spiraled down flat. Now, it feels like an open portal. To me, this really presents some solid sense that these are NOT man made, yet seeded by Star Beings using orbs (there are videos from the 90s of them hovering over fields right before the formations appear.)

Apparently crop circles have transformed like this before overnight but it is very rare….maybe 3 or 4 total in the many years they’ve been appearing. It feels like they are getting more obvious so that those souls ripe to awaken to their galactic consciousness will feel more ‘proof’ of their existence. It is a genius way to do it because it respects the strong veil and matrix programming we’ve had to fear aliens.

This really makes my heart and soul soar to feel such obvious bridging going on for those who need it in the physical. And especially during this time of so many going through dark night and bifurcation timelines!

I would love to check this one out on the ground and notice if you can see evidence of the grains being laid out in new ways, my guess is that you can’t.

Crop Circles From Above FB page has more photos and videos of the first and second stage of this crop circle formation.

What do you feel/see about this ‘transformational’ crop circle?


Jelelle Awen

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