Integrating Lion’s Gate Energies, Arising Into The New

by Kasha Rokshana

This Lion’s Gate birth canal has been a ride of moving through fogginess and opening up again to clarity on the other side of that. It’s been a time of feeling set aglow and even on fire… the burning away of what was false but also the lighting UP of the renewed heart and healing soul. The fire needed in order to set healthy boundaries with passion and compassion too. The fire needed in order to make changes from the inside out that have been baking and shaking things up from within in response to our outer worlds.

As I shared yesterday, I’ve been in a very deep personal shift out of Sacred Union with Gabriel and back into my Inner Sacred Union ground. This was a major thing to have happen during this Lion’s Gate, especially while holding and responding to other rumbles and openings within too.

I’ve found myself in the middle of navigating a deepening Sacred Sisterhood bond with Raianna and Bey as well, two other feminine members of our community who have been in sessions for years. I’ve been living with them since the beginning of July (they happened to just move into a three-bedroom apartment themselves) and it’s been a time of offering and receiving mirrors, clearing out old energies between us, practicing staying ‘current’ and being more and more honest about how we all impact each other.

This is something I’ve only experienced in different phases with Jelelle and even a bit with Raianna too in this last decade that I’ve known both of them, yet the more intimate connection with Bey now has been showing me some other pieces to look at and feel, as well my own bigness and how she sees and feels me. These souls are so sensitive, feminine in their unique expressions of it, and truly so much fun too to be with during such an intense and heartbreaking time.

I feel for myself like I’m on the brink of an emergence into new waves of service and intimacy with others too. I feel my parts/aspects embracing more about themselves and their uniqueness than ever before, and I feel as I’m getting ready to respond to more feminine hearts out there who need and want to be in the room for that with me. We’re never above or beyond being initiated as we move into and through each phase we encounter. We’re always up for being humbled in that way and deeply changed too! I welcome it all, even when the mirror is being held at an awkward angle. And, I look so forward to serving other women in the navigation of that!

This Lion’s Gate brought in with it so much to respond to. It brought in these 10-year cycles to complete and new ones to begin. It was humbling, to say the least, in everything it offered and I always felt the support buoying me up when necessary and holding me close when I’ve needed to have manageable nervous breakdowns in moments too.

I can feel how everyone on this planet has had their ‘pot stirred’ by the energies coming in… how at times there are few words to really describe this experience but it’s all very real and visceral too. Sometimes the emotional waves move through and it’s hard to trace or track it (parts of me have tried) but we can all trust that they’re leading us somewhere good. We’re in mourning and shock too collectively and individually as more truths get unearthed and in that experience we are feeling all sorts of reactions and responses. There are also new waves of bliss that we can access in support of feeling through these reactions, which are necessary to give air to.

I feel the ‘Lion Pride’ we all share and are part of as sacred humans, agreeing to these experiences we’re walking out together in unity at times and in ‘separation’ too when necessary.

My beloveds and I are all here, ready to support you in your ongoing integration of everything that’s been stirred up for your during this Lion’s Gate time and beyond too. There’s more information about 1:1 sessions with us, plus free intro calls as well, at:

Much love,


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

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