The Vast Holding Capacity Of Our Wombs! Invite To Our Womb Healing Group Call on 8/21

By Jelelle Awen

My womb named after the Divine Mother aspect of Sophia can be so still, so deep and so vast. She takes me to the beds of oceans and lakes, tucking me into the depths of my inner waters. She shows me wide open landscapes of infinite possibilities and connects me to the stars in my DNA.

She has gestated and birthed a million babies…in the forms of near constant alchemy ideas, many visions, thousands of writings and four published books, hundreds of videos and healing sessions, many transmissions through my voice, a growing community in Queenship/Kingship with Raphael, a beautiful being/daughter, and so much more.

She is birthing with the Divine Mother my most precious service of love called SoulFullHeart….seeded by my beloved Christ-Magdalene lineage within her depths.

She reminds me of sacred sisterhood and the power generated by wombs coming into synch with each other on ALL levels.

She helps to heal any polarizations against the masculine and links me to the Great Cosmic Womb that unites ALL of us, men and women, as sacred human children of the Divine Mother and Father.

Even when in discomfort and pain from my monthly menstrual cycle, She is generative, hopeful, and inspired. She is fearless….clearing out years of Matrix programming and lifetimes of False Mother templating.

And she can hold….and hold….and hold….and hold. So much can she hold that she needs regular clearing and cleansing of energies to return what isn’t ours back to others; to allow the collective Ascension process to follow its natural course; to not get overwhelmed or frustrated.

YOUR womb holds all this wonder and gifts for you too. Parts of us can have an aversion and resistance to our wombs from receiving little to NO initiation in this life around how to BE with Her power and femininity.

Our inner masculine wants to worship and revere her yet needs a bridge to remember how.

Our inner Queen/inner Mother may have a matriarchal need to control our wombs rather than surrender to Her unknown and wild creative flows.

Our Gatekeeper/Soul Guardian may have deep reverance for the Creatrix frequencies of our wombs yet also frustration at how to help us unplug from the suppression of the Patriarchal Matrix.

Our wombs can be filled with SO many energies that are not ours, do not belong to us….overholding in a way that caps our soul expression, overwhelms our heart, and densifies our light body.

It is time for our wombs to rise, to be CLEAR, to be FREE, to be WHOLE, and to be held as SACRED once again!

Join SoulFullHeart Facilitator/Teacher Kasha Rokshana and I for a women’s meditation group call for powerful Womb healing and activation over zoom in one week, Sunday, August 21st at 5:00pm WEST/12:00pm EDT by whatever donation for feel called to give (average is $11 USD/$15 CAD).

We will be sharing more about the womb healings/activations that are available in this phase of Ascension, a guided meditation and space for personal sharings. You can offer donation at or with more information at and we will send you the zoom link and the recording of the call as well.

Photo is of me sitting on the Mother Egg stone in Glastonbury/Avalon, who immediately connects with your womb for clearing, healing and activation. She also offers a dissolving/healing of the False Mother/Dark Priestess timelines to let Divine Mother into your Womb. I can still feel her in my meditation space!

Love from my womb to yours….. anchoring Sacred Feminine healing on Gaia at this time of Ascension,

Jelelle Awen

More info about free intros & 1:1 healing sessions, group call events, online community portal, writings/books at

Here is a womb healing/connection meditation video with Kasha and I:

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