The Masculine and ‘Man’ifestation

By  Raphael Awen

The masculine so wants to make something happen, often unaware that a greater happening is moving through them. Often the urge to make or to force something to happen is in resistance to this greater happening.

We’re built for happenings, for sure, but how we participate in the happenings is where it changes everything.

We ARE, before we set out to lift a finger or intend anything, one big happening. All of this powerful life force of being, long precedes any urge to create or make ourselves ‘useful’.

Out of tune and time with this worth that we are, we set out to restore a feeling of power.

You see, the thing is, you are made to feel powerful. Every cell and fiber in your being knows this.

But when the heart and mind are conditioned to feel otherwise, we’re left floating in a vacuum, and will often do almost anything to return to a feeling of power.

I woke up today with an urge to do like six things, and then part of me lamented that the doing of them might conflict with the time available, or they might not produce the anticipated reward. Then when I tune in Yeshua as a beloved guide, all of the above reminders come flooding in.

He continues, quite passionately I might add…

You are this aliveness of divinity. It moves through you, sometimes like seasons and sometimes like lightning storms. You are the mystery of the divine, divining through time and space and matter and circumstance.

As you open more and more to this wonder of what you already are, you become more and more of what you already are. You no longer need to become something to convince yourself of power, but you steward the power that has always lived in you.

You become what you already are. This is the essence of manifestation. A manifest is a description of something already in possession, like bringing things up from the hold in a ship below.

‘Man’-ifesting is expressing something that you already hold.

Tuning into this holding of who and what you already are is where the feminine principle comes in.

The feminine knows how to allow things to arise in flow. The true feminine makes things erect without doing anything, but by simply being.

However long this all takes to make this kind of switchover really doesn’t matter compared to the fulfillment of coming into this reality more and more. Granted, parts of us are understandably impatient, and so do want to ‘get on with it’ sooner than later.

Thank god for them too, or we just might never get anything done around here!

Anyways, that’s a good morning from me, and Yeshua too! I hope it finds you in a phase of stepping more and more into your essence, and embracing every part of you who feels conflict or failure in this ground of manifestation.

~ R ~

I found this scene yesterday at sunrise in our 800 year old village here in Folques, Portugal 💚

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