The Window Panes Of Our Worldview

By  Raphael Awen

Out of each of the window panes of our worldview is a picture that not only are we looking at, but the picture is looking back at us.

What we interpret from what we see is what we are beholden to. What holds us has us temporarily ensnared in its grasp.

What we see stirs emotional flow and feeling, which is all a form of the divine moving through us, asking to find a home in our expanding hearts.

Moving quickly from one scene to the next, often too quickly for those sharing the same view with us, we are seen as deceived, that is beguiled by the new view. An inevitable loss occurs as we change the lenses theough which we look at, see and feel the world.

The ones we know as the companions of our company must also morph and change as each of us has our own sacred timing around how long we need be beholden to a particular view as that view asks to have its full way with us.

~ R ~

Raphael’s Photonic Light Transmissions:

The now abandoned building with the gate out front hearkens back to an original family from here in Folques, Portugal. Matter formed from Gaia now morphing back to Gaia.

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