Solar Plexus Chakra Opening: Chakra Meditation & Sound Healing Series (Video) | Jelelle Awen

By Jelelle Awen

Solar Plexus Chakra Opening: Chakra Meditation And Sound Healing Series

Our Solar Plexus Chakra located at our navel is the seat of our sense of personal power where healthy self confidence, empowerment, and action combined with soul guidance can be accessed. Unhealed and undigested unworthiness, shame and fear from this life and other lifetimes can block and suppressed, clog up, your Solar Plexus Chakra. This can lead to feeling sluggish, lacking energy and inability to focus.

In this video, I’m playing my 432 HZ tuned crystal sound bowl that activates/clears/opens your solar plexus chakra (E Note). The meditation that comes through me invites you to open your solar plexus chakra to feel the fire in your belly, to feel humble self worth, to feel confident in expressing yourself, to set boundaries if needed. To connect and bring healing love to the inner Punisher/Shame cycle and looping that is going on within.

And we recode together, we affirm together:

I am aligned with my purpose. I am connected to my power.

This is the sixth video in a series that I am offering for the next week tuning into each chakra while playing my sound bowl that activates them, channeling whatever messages come through from Divine Mother/Father through my human heart to yours.

I’ll be sharing on FB, IG, and our SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Channel. I’d love to hear and feel your movements, reactions, and processes that come up in response to this series.

You can watch all the videos in the chakra series here on FB or here:


With Love,

Jelelle Awen with Divine Mother

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