Homecoming Codes: Digesting The Experiences during our 5 Day Group Gathering

By Jelelle Awen

September 23 –

We are experiencing such wonderful soul family codes and healing during our five day gathering retreat here in central Portugal! So grateful for each of these souls joining us here!

Each day of intentional space together united by the SoulFullHeart process work offers new frequencies of reunion inside and out, upgrades, detox, and more. We are mostly sitting in healing circle together, doing group recoding and meditations, with social time mixed in. Each soul is getting dedicated space to share and ‘drop into’ the part/soul aspect that needs to be felt and seen by Raphael and I plus the group….which offers so much healing on personal and social levels.

Yesterday we went to the magical Inner Earth portal of Fraga Da Pena to celebrate the Equinox with Gaia, which I shared more about in a previous post. Going back now with the eight of us was a truly joyful experience of play, wonder (just LOOK at those sun codes!) and celebration. I felt our Inner Earth Lemurian family with us, enjoying the bridge to experience the surface, plus being surrounded by elementals, Pixies (who bossed us around to build a village for them out of schist stones, and more. And, our Magdalene lineage too was with us as the great reunion happening for so many souls heals the dispersement we have known for so long.

Raphael and I are feeling guided and inspired to offer these gathering events every Equinox/Solstice going forward for those in regular sessions with us who are drawn to come and get an in-person experience of deep activation, healing, reunion, and upgrades on emotional, spiritual, social/relational, mental and physical levels. Our next gathering will be for winter solstice between December 17th and the 21st with more info coming soon.

Yet, still, I am being invited now to go into the NOW and truly enjoy this current gathering, what it is seeding, and the processes it is inviting me into as well….healing old grounds of experience with others where it was painful and more difficult. Three more days to go and let’s see what happens next!

September 27-

My heart is full and my soul is full…even my body is full from the rich and nourishing time spent with the eight of us, these beautiful souls for our gathering together for five days in intentional healing space that completed last night.

The homecoming codes were SO strong! Whenever we sat in circle together, playing the bowls, and the light language song that came through me felt like a homecoming song as well (will share on video soon.) Coming home to the Inner New Earth/Lemuria/Atlantis/Avalon codes that are inside us all.

We were experiencing the homecoming together, as a group of soul family in reunion, yet, also, the homecoming beginning and deepening from within. Each part and soul aspect that got felt, seen, and space during this Gathering was able to experience a deeper homecoming within each person and with the group. Homecoming brings up grief/sorrow/sense of loss of what was missing that is now being answered. Homecoming brings up hopes and desires, tender vulnerability, social pain/rejection fears, remembrance and possibility.

This process of inner homecoming through connecting with specific parts/soul aspects through our SoulFullHeart process really is such a precious ground. I feel how the lone wolf aspects, the Inner Gatekeepers, the Inner Protectors are becoming more ready for this homecoming inside and out…and also tired of being alone and lonely, being misunderstood, or in relationships that no longer resonate.

Being in realness together, the tears and pain receiving a bridge to the light, to love, to the Divine….being in non-judgement and acceptance of that with others AND within yourself is really SO healing. I feel honored to be helping to birth and seed this possibility (which is really a memory being remembered) into consciousness.

I experienced more flow, joy and grace and just ‘showing up’ inside myself as a Facilitator/Teacher/Host where previously there was some element of protective pullout when hurts or non-resonance may happen in the group space. This time, I was able to be with parts in this, esp my inner teenager, who has offered a bridge to any woundedness in my healer and bring all my energies into the space. With this holding and Divine love bath response, I could let my Queen essence flow, my Gatekeeper be Divinely inspired, my Healer be responsive to everyone’s needs, and my visionary to roll out the dream of expanded SoulFullHeart community that I have seen/held/felt for over ten years (more to share of that later.)

Also I felt more alignment and collaborative service between Raphael and I, which was so good to feel after years of negotiating inside/out and push/pulls around it. There was seamless quality to our service and our hosting, as if he truly represented the masculine side to my feminine yet it was still in flow with me, each other. There was more telepathy between us too, responding without needing to speak.

I got to BE that dream, We got to be that dream together….even if the details of the space and status of community are at a more incubation stage in the physical.

With our intention to hold and offer these gathering events every Equinox/Solstice going forward for those in regular sessions with us, this waters the seeds to allow the synchs/connections/community resonance that blooms the vision to manifest in its full flowered expression. This may happen quickly or take many years. ‘Waiting’ for that manifestation doesn’t make the nourishment of the moment any less though, it is a lot of goodness to let in just as it is!

If you’d like to have a free intro and begin sessions as the initiatory steps toward joining us for the next gathering in December, there is more info at soulfullheart.org/sessions

Thank you so much to the core community here of souls who have helped keep the dream alive through their involvement, devotion, and patience for each stage! And thank you to the two new souls (this life anyway!) who bravely joined us for this seed gathering!

I am love. You are love. We are love!

I am home. You are home. We are home!

Jelelle Awen

More info about 1:1 sessions/free intros, online community portal, group call events, books/writings at soulfullheart.org.

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