12:12 Christ Magdalene Portal Group Call on Sunday, December 11th w/Raphael & Jelelle Awen

December 12 (12:12) is a powerful number sequence that offers an upgrade experience into your higher consciousness of growth, abundance, and joy. The 12:12 portal supports the manifestation/alchemy of our desires/dreams (symbolized by the 1) coming into harmony with our intuition (symbolized by 2). 12:12 opens up an intuitive bridge for us to really feel what our deepest desires are as connected to our soul purpose here and expression of our Divine Self. It allows you to feel what parts of you or your soul aspects are stuck in suffering loops from undigested this-life trauma or karma from other lifetimes. You can then invite these parts/aspects into the light of your love and heart space.

​12:12 also provides a strong influx of Christ and Magdalene Consciousness codes throughout all of December, the Winter Solstice and Christmas. Christ Magdalene codes offer sacred union, Divine embodiment, peace/love ambassador activations and more at a phase in humanity’s ascension when they are very needed! The seeding of our 5D New Earth timeline occurred during the Christ/Magdalene lifetime and we can water these seeds from within in a more powerful way during this time.

​In a two-hour group call for men and women on Sunday, December 11th at 5:00/17:00pm WET/12:00pm EST/9:00am PST, SoulFullHeart Teachers, Facilitators and sacred union mates Raphael and Jelelle Awen will offer an activation to connect you with the 12:12 and Christ Magdalene energies. We will share about our most current personal processes as individuals and as a sacred union pairbond related to these energies and how we are experiencing them. We will also share about how our SoulFullHeart process can serve to allow for more integration, digestion, and receiving of these energies.

​These December group calls over the years have been quite powerful and touching, helping to digest the ‘holiday season’ and experience Christ codes at a higher yet intimate level!

​In the guided meditation/transmission portion of the call, we will create a bridge to connect with the 12:12 portal. This will open you up to receive whatever codes, messages, and upgrades want to come to you during this time. We will also tune in as a group to receive codes to assist humanity’s ongoing awakening process, especially against the current backdrop of death and rebirth/good and evil narratives that are so heightened and playing out currently.

​Yeshua and Mary Magdalene will join us to hold a safe, higher vibe space for this exploration and offer inspiring transmissions of Infinite love and light. We will also repeat affirmations as a group that provide a new coding of anchoring spirit into our physical bodies during this portal.

​You can receive these frequencies live with us (highly recommended) or take in the recording afterwards. If you attend the live group, you’ll have the opportunity to share with us about what you experienced during the meditation and receive feedback/next steps of integration from us (this is totally optional). Plus, you’ll be able to take in and receive sharings from other souls (both women and men) in the call, which is a powerful activation of its own!

This group is open to the public and to anyone over 18. You can attend the group and/or receive the recording for an energy/money exchange of whatever donation you feel to give ($11 USD/$15 USD/Euros is the usual amount people offer us).

You can offer your donation via our shop or paypal.me/jelelleawen and we will send you the zoom link to attend and the recording afterwards. If you purchase via paypal, please include your email and what you are purchasing in the note section so that we can send you the zoom link and the recording afterwards. We also use Wise money transfer service, contact us if you’d like to learn how to easily set up an account.

More info at soulfullheart.org/events


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