Accessing Other Lifetimes W/Your Gatekeeper (Video) | Raphael & Jelelle Awen

In this video recorded live on December 7th, SoulFullHeart Teachers Raphael and Jelelle Awen shared about accessing other lifetimes with your Gatekeeper, a multidimensional aspect of your soul who can connect you to them.

Raphael and Jelelle shared about the immense opportunity to access your other lifetimes in the Quantum Now for deep healing and completion of recapitulating soul patterns, karmic compensation/codependency with others, ending ‘soul contracts’, incarnation ‘trap’ cycles, trauma manifestation and more. We share about the role of your Gatekeeper in giving you access to your soul’s lifetimes/timelines and lifting your veil of amnesia. Your Gatekeeper is a multidimensional soul aspect who holds the memories of all your soul’s lifetimes/timelines, channels Divine love/access, keep the veils of amnesia in place as needed, accesses the akashic records, and more. Negotiation with your Gatekeeper in a conscious way through the SoulFullHeart Process (sessions, group events, and meditations) opens up access to your soul in a self-loving yet empowering way, all led by you!

Here is a guided meditation in the Deepen 2022 series to connect with your Gatekeeper:

Information about upcoming group calls is at

Raphael and Jelelle offer a weekly SoulFullHeart livestream on Facebook every Wednesday at 5:00pm Lisbon/London time/12pm EDT, which will then be shared here on our SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube channel the next day. During the livestream, we will respond to your questions/comments, plus offer a teaching, personal sharings, and a guided meditation. We will explore different topics every week related to awakening and Ascension from the SoulFullHeart perspective. You can join us live on Jelelle’s feed to ask questions and leave comments.

You can read comments that happened during on the livestream on Jelelle’s facebook feed:

For more information about the SoulFullHeart quantum healing process, Jelelle Awen’s latest book Free To Be 5D, videos, and group call events, visit

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