1:1 Emotional/Spiritual/Physical Soul Initiation Sessions Available

By Jelelle Awen

Sharing this for those who may feel called to receive support during ongoingly deep dives into our shadow and our light that we are being invited into during this reconciliation phase of Ascension. These 1:1 sessions are most like initiations, in which your soul and Divine Self and Gatekeeper lead the way into connection with whatever needs your attention in your emotional body, physical body, and soul field.

As SoulFullHeart facilitators, we are witnessing, feeling, experiencing the journey along with you in all the ways that matter most and lead to deep healing. Our own processes to feel and connect to parts of us and soul aspects for many years and within community has opened up a compassionate, Divinely supported and relational space within that parts of you can then lean into, receive a template from and feel validated/seen/heard/felt on deep levels. Usually at levels not experienced before.

Yet, this is YOUR journey of opening out the next places of soul awareness, feeling spaces within during sessions….as the trauma is felt and clears, as the soul patterns complete, as the false layers are shed, as unplugging from the False God/False Light/3D Matrix occurs. This is led by YOU!

It is truly magical, surprising, touching and inspiring as a facilitator of this process for many years now to experience what comes through someone when given the space and support to unfold!

We offer a free 30-45 minute intro call over zoom with whichever facilitator you are drawn to connect with and this intro allows for a necessary calibration to our energy. Bey, Kasha and I meet with women and Raphael and Gabriel with men. A 90 minute session over zoom or here in person in Central Portugal ranges in energy exchange cost from 55 USD/Euros to 100 USD/euros depending on which of us you are meeting with (based on experience level).

I am so grateful and proud of each SoulFullHeart Facilitator, as they are not employees or just received a one time certification from us…yet are all beloved soul family members who have lived in community/proximity to Raphael Awen and I and to each other for many years, receiving the real life initiations that the bliss mess of relationship in an intentional soul family community dedicated to a common soul purpose brings forward.

If you’ve been following our posts, videos and writings for awhile then now may be the time to go deeper and see where that resonance can take you…….it could be a TRULY self loving Christmas gift for yourself!

This portal of 12:12 leading into the New Year is a powerful time for soul family connection, even as it supports the inward reflection. A time of connecting to what has been let go, the void left behind, and what is the next/new.

More about sessions at soulfullheart.org/sessions

You can also experience our energy as a community during a group call over zoom, more info about our next one on Sunday at 12:12 Christ Magdalene Portal Guided Meditation Group Call


Jelelle Awen


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