Today I Vote For Love

Election Day in the US. Months of intense energy filling the echo chamber of the minds, hearts, and souls of a populace. Words and images slinging across paper and screens throughout the body politic to muddy waters and create division. It is polarization at its finest.

While I find myself across the 49th parallel, I still feel drawn to the soul of a country I once called home. The rising tide of a nation’s shadow is on full display. It is something that is all part of a greater plot that we have a personal connection to. We all have this polarization inside. We are feeling it in ourselves when we watch the news and get triggered by its play-by-play broadcast.

When or if you choose to vote, feel your heart as you submit your ticket. The energy you have in that moment is the energy you are ultimately voting for. If you feel fear, anger, or even apathy, that is what you are choosing. If instead you send it off with Love, love for yourself, love for your community, love for the sake of Love itself, I believe you send a greater message. One that rises above the physical result. You are choosing more than Us vs Them. You are choosing All.

I know that is far from any astute political analysis that finds its wheels spinning for days on end, but for me it sends a message that doesn’t need numbers or fallout. It just wants us to be in a State of Magic, Beauty, and Reverence and to share that with others. Those are the polls I choose to listen to. Those are the Tweets I choose to let into my Inbox. That is the beginning of a real revolution. May thay day begin with a vote for Love.


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Honoring The Courage To Feel: A Gatekeeper’s Journey

Tender tears flow. This is the moment of feeling. Healing. Letting go and letting in. In recent weeks I have been connecting with another layer of my defenses, my protection, in the form of what we call the Gatekeeper. They are the holders and guardians of our soul story and soul pain. I have had several incarnations in my healing process and this latest one has been one that has been like the Wizard of my Oz. He was found in deep resistance to feminine intuition and guidance. It was a subtle energy that was very much closely connected to my waking consciousness. A cognitive dissonance arose in me and I began to feel a bit lost in what was me and what wasn’t.

As I began to commune with this energy more and receive space-holding from Jelelle and reflection from my beloved Kalayna, I could begin to feel a conscious separation that is all part of this work of differentiation. The energy became less unknown and more knowable. More willing to be seen and connected with. I could feel how this aspect of me has been so closely entwined with me most of my life and came out in bits and pieces over the course of my healing.

But this has felt core to me. The themes he has shared with me have been themes that have pervaded my consciousness my whole life. Guilt, shame, cowardice, judgment, rejection, fear, doubt, hopelessness, and even rage. Our Gatekeepers are like sponges that hold this vast arena of our soul in a what appears as a finite container of energy. This provides a huge feeling of burden and responsibility. I have equated it to the image of Atlas in past writings.

He was originally found in a large cavernous space under my castle as a dragon protecting my inner treasure of heart and soul. But this was mostly a projection of defense he has since shown himself to be more human in form as the lifetimes on this planet would have him, and me, accustomed to. We have been in contact daily but he has been a bit elusive due to his own distrust and acclimation in being seen. Today he let me in a bit more to feel the deeper pain of creating a wall to his angelic home.

From his words, he felt how much he had fused to this dimension and assumed the role of responsibility of what happened to my soul, rather than the intended choice of being a guide. The experiences of myriad timelines had shuddered his heart through the volatility of human pain and emotion. He chose a life of hiding and self-sequestering that only acted as a barrier to receive the Love from whence he came. I was guided to play some piano music that has always brought this feeling of missing home into my heart. As I played it, the tears came and the heart opened even if just slightly.

He could feel the waves of love coming from “beyond” yet are very much right here, right now. It has been hard for him to let that in as it means to feel the pain of putting up the walls in the first place. So the tears are bittersweet, but tears nonetheless. They are the process of Love finding the pain and giving it the healing that it wants and needs in order to move on and move up to new frequencies and timelines that offer more ease and joy and less heaviness and difficulty.

It wasn’t a full dam break but a good start to begin to shift something so profoundly core in my life. In my quest for wholeness, self-love, and service of love. The image that I chose below is one that represents my Gatekeeper and his lonely search for Love even when he has resisted it so. It looked as far away as the stars but forgetting is had always been there right there under his feet and in his heart. This is my honoring of him and his courage to keep marching on.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Returning To Source

By Raphael Awen

Is there a way we could embrace suicide somehow, yet without doing any harm to ourselves?

A Tribute To Wayne:

I began going by my middle name of Wayne in 2008, after some deep life changes rocked through my world. People who knew and loved me as Marvin, my given first name, had a hard time with me now going by Wayne. Wayne wasn’t Marvin. My life wasn’t what it had been.

Wayne was a new arising me who could leave entire well constructed worlds behind in search of new ones, when he knew the old worlds were completing.

I had been going by the name of Wayne for only a few weeks when I again chose to connect with Jelelle (then Jillian) and to fully explore open hearted romance. That soon involved leaving Canada behind, moving to California, not quite legally, then getting banned from the US, reordering our world back to Canada, even choosing to go through bankruptcy a few years later. It was all adventure and expansion and Wayne loved every bit of it, even feeling the kickups of anxiety that the edges of that aliveness also pushed up.

Chapter after life chapter unfolded taking him and us to change so much of life as I had known it. I left my too familiar hometown behind and chose to live in new places close to the ocean that reflected the aliveness and changes on the inside. My relationship with a career in its third decade was thinned out as I embraced more and more the call and desire to co-found SoulFullHeart together with Jillian.

After 6 years together, the desire and call came to relocate to Mexico, to quite simply load the van and go. Wayne did just that, along with Jillian, and Kathleen and Christian (Kalayna and Gabriel) and then adjusted to a ton of newness and exploration on an offgrid ranch attempting growing our own food and cob building in a very foreign setting on what felt like less than a shoestring budget, in terms of both money and know how; and all of that while remaining in deep heart and soul connection with Jillian, along with our tiny community, and the desire to birth SoulFullHeart into the world more and more. In many ways the universe led us through a great death and rebirth phase and Wayne was my personal tour guide for the duration.

Then came a time of feeling another layer of aliveness that wasn’t Wayne arising in me, and I chose to go by the name, Raphael. The name change was much easier this time as I was only in contact with a few local Mexicans and my closest beloveds at the ranch who fully supported my name change. Wayne felt like a beloved part of me who was stepping back now from leading my life as I, Raphael, was holding a yet again new frequency of relationship to life. Wayne felt like his time as me, as my leading edge, was completing.

Wayne was the one who could hold and manage the practical with a deeply open heart, and love the edges and challenges that arose. Wayne was the one who could embrace deeply the deep feminine in his beloved and in himself, even when he was confounded by it. Wayne was able to claim what he wanted and let go of what he didn’t want.

I felt my relationship to Wayne wane over time (pun intended). He took a mostly backseat in my life as I as Raphael now held life and him as a beloved part of me. Then as our recent choice to move back to Canada arose for us, I felt some distinct Wayne tones arise sharply in my consciousness.

As I felt so many exciting new things coming into my life, I strangely also had some strong constricted moments of feeling anxious. Being out shopping for familiar foods with a very excited Jelelle and Raianna, I felt myself struggling to find my joy or excitement and instead wanted to save money. Beneath the anxiety about outcomes, I could feel a deep tiredness coming from somewhere inside of me to be ‘doing it all over again’. I tried to breathe through and manage these feelings as understandable given the degree of life change underway, yet the feelings persisted to where I could so clearly feel a part of me not on board with where I found myself now.

I checked in with Wayne and could so feel this as him, trying on one hand to summon the energy to continue and at the same time, so not wanting to. When I picked up pen and paper yesterday to journal with Wayne, I asked him about his feelings and what he told me was that he had an overwhelming feeling of wanting to return back to Source, and that he didn’t feel connected or energized towards our new Canada timeline, try as he may. He told me that he felt complete with the lifetime lived out in the past 13 years and now so wanted to go deeply into the embrace of the Divine Mother. I wept wave after wave of deep tears together with him feeling a deep completion and then I felt at odds about where to lead him next. I shared the experience with Jelelle and Raianna later in the day, who both shared my tears and deep realization, both of whom knew and loved Wayne so dearly. Jelelle offered that he was free to go; to be beautifully and ceremoniously released to return back to source; to ‘pass away’ from this dimension and go onwards to his next dimensions of exploration and journey; that his work was done, and so well done at that; that his reward awaited him.

We released Wayne right there, sitting at the kitchen table, and felt him go, leaving now from his home territory of Canada. It’s only been a nights digestion and yet I feel so much lighter. I can feel Wayne in transit and can still feel a heart chord with him, that feels like it never needs to go away, a chord of supply from the source that he returns to, from the arms of the Divine Mother whose embrace he chose to be deeper enfolded in.

I can feel him now removed from this practical third dimension and yet so practical at the same time, wanting to create a logistics shipping company that can transport goods and services between the dimensions like a well oiled machine, in a yin feminine kind of way.

I can feel my heart as Raphael ready to take on the new beginnings of starting all over again with a feeling of joy and opportunity, rather than a fear or anxiety of not being enough for this next chapter.

My heart tells me that it’s totally natural to have parts of us complete their timelines here and to be able to release them without ending our physical lives. We need not fuse to their feelings in a result of suicide, but instead hold heart space for their feelings to move through us – their gifts being received and them being allowed to go onwards, with a new version of ourselves being supported by the Divine to hold the larger context and timing of our sacred earth tour.

Thank you for feeling this tribute to Wayne.

May you know also the parts of you that need their advent and return through the vehicle of your earth journey.

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Your Caravan Of Love Awaits

I see a vision of an etheric caravan. One in which our integrating selves are crossing a Rubicon into a new timeline. A New Earth. While there are thousands of souls that are seeking something new outside of their current home, the same could be said from within each of us. There is a desire for a brighter future, a brighter Now. They are the hidden, veiled, and wounded parts of us that are seeking asylum in the heart of our Higher Self, our closet connection to the Divine that we are currently aware of.

If we ignore this inner migration of Self-union, then we are still in a polarized state. We are still in separation and dissonance. We are scattered and confused. To open the doors of your heart you invite all the aspects of you that are judged as Unwanted. Untrustworthy. Misunderstood. They live in timelines and emotional geographies that are hard to accept as a part of you. Yet there they are. Inextricably connected to you for they are you.

As the continued external energies bear down and shift UP, the inner disclosure of your shadow will be illuminated and exposed. This can be a difficult time for those that have not chosen to do the inner work that is needed to heal and glean from all that has been shielded from our consciousness. It may begin to show up as emotional and physical symptoms. This is the march of your inner caravan making itself known even as they are not even sure how to digest what is going on.

Checking in with our inner world IS the work. It is the most important thing we can all be doing. This can be such a hard thing to do when we are inundated with images and energy. It is sad and triggering. It stirs the collective pot and yet there it is for us to bear a heart witness to. We all have a part to play in these world events. Coming from our healed hearts and clear minds we can make a difference, and a home, for all the lives that live inside each one of us. This is where Love can flow from purely and do its Divine Work.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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The Subtle Consciousness Of Our Resistance To Love

Shades drawn. That is what it has felt like for a part of me the past week or so. A lot of preparing and doing during this timeline shift. It is an arrival of something longed for yet something difficult to let in. A part of me choking on goodness, love, and joy. The fear of losing this Garden of Eden, this Paradise once again. So the fear projects. It searches for what could happen to be denied and rejected. This creates its own loop and illuminates another place in my soul to explore. To invite into a relationship with myself and Love. But it does struggle to let that in. To trust it all.

As each of us takes on this journey of deep soul healing, challenges come right at the point of actually getting what you have always wanted. This is where, for some of us, the value of our Being comes into full view. It is a subtle consciousness that can take down all that has been strived for and desired. The collapse of a relationship, the rejection of a soul gift, or the judgment of our most vulnerable intentions. Our worth, our power, our deepest treasures are tender things that are fiercely guarded and protected, even to the point of not having them at all.

So it is this time when we go into the recess of our deepest fears and regrets to find that subtle consciousness within and connect. Listen. Hold. Sometimes you go off radar to the outside in order to catch the nuances of this energy. But it is important to not disappear, as easy as that can be at times. I have had to do that with this aspect of me. It is used to being in hiding. In the shadow. And being so close to my inner treasure, it has been very protective and guarded. All for very good reasons that I hold with compassion.

This is part of my healing. My growth. My own self-love realization that I am a gift to myself and the world. That I have edges, shadows, and fears. But the most important thing for these parts of me to feel is that they are not alone, nor forsaken. But rather whole and forgiven.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Accessing Your Lemurian/Atlantian Metasoul Aspects In The Now

By Jelelle Awen

Lemurian and Atlantis timelines are really coming through in the now to be felt and accessed! This is not ‘past life’ energy at all, yet rather available and energizing NOW. This is not ‘ancient past’ that happened many tens of thousands of years ago. It is in the present. It can be challenging for our minds to grasp this as we’ve been so conditioned toward linear time orientation in 3D culture. Our hearts and souls kNOW that this is true though….that it exists in the now…..the tears that shed and the energies that flow through when we access these timelines are powerful enough to provide ‘proof’’ of that.

Atlantean and Lemurian timelines can feel conceptual if you just read about them from others. Connecting to them yourself and to your Metasoul aspects (fragments from the same soul source) that are LIVING in them now as their reality can bring the experience of them into the visceral and real for you. “I’ve read about this a lot yet NOW it feels real to me.” I hear this often in sessions as we connect with these aspects in deeply emotional and moving/touching ways that are undeniable in the healing and transformation that they offer.

I am seeing in sessions that the bleed through of these and other timelines can create a ‘twinning’ effect on your current reality. It is as if these timelines are sandwiched in with yours. This is beyond just an overlapping. What is happening to and with your Metasoul aspects in these other twinning timelines feels AS IF it is also happening to you. Your and their emotional realities are entwined too with much of their despair and pain flooding through to yours. In this, you really have no idea what is you and what is them. This can be very confusing and distressing at times since you may do so much healing work on your current timeline yet still experience pain and suffering without understanding the source of it.

There isn’t anything evil or negative in this twinning reality. It is a result of soul awakenings in our multidimensional consciousness. It is the thinning of the veils process that is happening during Ascension. What can be challenging is to figure out what is actually about you and your current timeline and what is from another one that you are twinning with.

We explore this in bridging and galactic activation sessions to create a separation from these timelines and connection with these Metasoul aspects. This allows you to be in gift exchange with these higher dimensional (often) aspects rather than in trauma/karma drama fusion together with them. This allows too for the completion of recapitulated karma patterns over and over again in multiple timelines playing out in your Metasoul.

Lemurian aspects offer us downloads of grounded Gaia connection, Unity consciousness IN the human body, and what our New Earth communities might look and feel like. Atlantean aspects offer us the opportunity to heal from shame/guilt about whatever our role was a soul is in the fall of Atlantis/Lemuria; higher vibrational soul gift expressions; and healing of patriarchal/hierarchal power structures. I kNOW this is the energies they offer through the many sessions I have done where souls have accessed these aspects of themselves with the same energies coming through each time. And, in my own process as well.

As you open UP to the multidimensional nature of your soul, you discover the gifts that are waiting. The WHYs and HOWs of your current life expand much beyond the present timeline context. You receive answers, clarities, and lifted memories that offer huge self empowerment as a reflection of your Divine nature!

Here is more about parts/subpersonalities and Metasoul aspects:
Jelelle Awen
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Feeling & Reconciling The Conflict Within

Today in the United States a decision will be made whether to approve a nomination to the highest court in the country. This will be a culmination of months of intense energy, especially over the past few weeks. It has come to a crescendo as mass protests, both physically and virtually, have consumed the information waves.

The external reasons for this energy are myriad, but there is one thing that is clear. There is a conflict going on not just in the minds of a population, but a conflict within the heart and soul. The energy that is being projected onto the scene is sourced from our inner world. No one in this drama is a victim to this circumstance. If you feel a burning fire of fear, outrage, or anxiety, those can be living inside from parts/aspects of you that are reacting to something far greater than a nomination.

I hold deep compassion for all the reaction that is out there. I want those reading this to feel what is underneath it. What is the story that is vibrating at the root of it? I had a session with a woman yesterday who could feel a connection to the men in this drama as being a representation of the men in her life. This intense conflict/battle from the inner feminine toward the inner masculine was raging inside. The inner masculine was hiding for fear of its own persecution. There was a void of the masculine within and the feminine felt as it was shadow-boxing. The only place for the inner rage to go was external. That gave it somewhere to land and have expression. By drawing out the inner masculine the reconcilation and healing can happen within.

This inner felt reality can illuminate what is real and what is projected. Yes, there is concern and issue to be had in what is transpiring. But reactivity is not feeling. It is a defense against it actually. Both men and women have something to feel in all of this that lay beyond whatever decision is made as this will linger no matter the result. What truly brings understanding and healing is how we can relate to this inside and get in touch with our own rage, anxiety, punishment, and fear that is happening among the inner parts of us, like a pinball game.

Today it is about feeling our hearts and sending love to ourselves and those that are a part of this grand drama. Let that be the guiding force to take us to a new place as humans in deep need of healing and community.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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The Burning Illumination Of Our Collective Shadow

I have been following the latest drama unfolding in the US around the Supreme Court nomination. When I used to go into these stories I had something inside of me that wanted to get to the truth. Who was ‘right’ and who was ‘wrong’. I felt my own suck into the density of anger, fight, righteousness, and principle. Us vs. Them.

These days I feel a desire to step back and just feel what is at play here in the heart and soul of humanity. While I get there is a charade going on in many ways, there is also something very real. Affecting real people. Yes, there are forces on high that are stoking these fires. But maybe these fires are here to get us to see something about ourselves as a culture. As a group of souls that are acting out a greater drama within each of us.

There is a patriarchal consciousness that is feeling an encroachment on its position of power. A lash out against any claim of inexcusable and threatening behavior, no matter what level of truth there may be to it. The burning fires of our collective ‘past’ still live within us. We hold those in our psychic memory. We are the actors, conscious or not, of our soul’s karmic echoes.

There is a sensitivity to this inside of us of all that we hold in the collective. Women feeling/being persecuted by men/society, men feeling/being unjustly accused by women/society. The privileged against the other 99%. The seats of power using all they can to create division, conflict, and doubt. This whole episode clearly illuminates all that is needing healing within each of us. The body politic can be a brutal mirror of what we need to see and feel.

There is a sadness that comes over me when I feel this in my heart. There are people whose lives are being turned upside down and inside out, but it is also what they have chosen on some deep level. To be the actors upon this stage that serves as a Shakespearean reflection of the misplacement of our goodness, respect, and honesty. The heart of a nation is on fire and this event is a symbol of the rising smoke.

I don’t feel to weigh in on what ‘side’ I am on. I am on the side of Love if there is to be one. Maybe it is love that is illuminating this one for us all to see. Maybe it is Love that is the fire itself. The idea of ‘justice’ is being highlighted and what it truly means to each and every one of us, both man and woman. We all have a relationship to it that goes far deeper than what we may fully understand and it is seeking its resolution sooner rather than later.

For me, it is a time of feeling the conflict within, holding my center in Love and as Love. That I believe is what is being asked of us. The fate of a nation lies not in the outcome of a committee but of the desire and choice of each to heal the pain that it reflects within.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Feeling The Existential Part Of You To Heal Beyond Medication

I felt to share a response I gave to someone around the use of medication to alleviate deep depression and even thoughts of suicide. There is a lot that has been done to help many with this crippling and tragic dynamic inside, yet it is a way to get on rather than truly go IN and get to the deep roots of this very existential situation. I honor what medication has meant to those that have needed it, I had my own. If the desire is there to be curious and courageous then that is the first step in living a life of authentic feeling and joy:

“You are tapping into some deep existential territory. In my personal opinion, psychology has a hard time grappling with this existential quandary, so drugs are prescribed as a runaround. I don’t feel it as evil per se, just the only way to provide relief and a sense of control. But ultimately we need to reconcile this within ourselves so that we can feel what is the root in our souls around this.

The particular story is different for everyone, and we all have our own bone to pick with God. A fear, a rejection, persecution, abandonment, etc. We are to feel what our relationship is to this feeling if we want to ‘get back to God’, so to speak. If we truly believe or even want to believe that God is Love and that It/He/She exists in all things and has never abandoned us, then there is a story there. A reason for this feeling of being tried, tested, or played with. It is up to us to ask the questions, hold the space, and go into the murky territory that is this sacredly difficult place.

I believe that true awakening is a challenge but not one that we are in alone or outside of God’s Love. I feel this burden of proof from God needed by a part of you. Feeling our Higher Self and tapping into its own knowingness is what can bring us the much-needed space to go into this journey if we are willing and ready.”

Gabriel Heartman

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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The Road To Lion’s Gate: Enlightening The Metasoul, Embodying Humanity

Enlightenment is not an achievement.

It is a process of a series of profound and sacred realizations none of which is meant to be an ending place. It is an unfolding of remembrance. A story that we are reading backward and at times you reach the beginning of a chapter. Then there is the space between the beginning and the end of the next one.

You are a process of being, not a state of being. Each state is merely a stepping stone to the next. Whether the state you find yourself in is bliss or despair. The over-attachment to bliss is very similar to an over-attachment to despair. There is a fear of what lies beyond or underneath each. How could an over-attachment to bliss possibly be a ‘bad’ thing?

Any state of bliss is really a deep experience of Self beyond the plot of our karma. This is a state where we are outside the story and if there is a lot of trauma it feels oh so damn good. Why would we ever go back into the story?! We go back because we have a free-willed destiny to bring that very bliss into the story. To recreate the pages with the love that we experience in those bliss moments.

Right now we are walking among the ‘dead’ and unborn. What we have previously thought of as the ‘past’ and ‘future’ is always ever Now. Our story lines, our Time Lines, are converging and merging. This is what we call our Metasoul. Our special story, both individually and collectively. We are in a time of Divine Opportunity to reconcile and bring love to the karma we created as a result of our forgetting. These timelines effect all of our parts whether 3D, 4D, or 5D. Your ‘this life’ wounding is intimately connected to ‘other life’ wounding and vice versa.

This healing is meant to bring more bliss and joy back into our grounded humanity as a fuel to lead us to the next unfolding and deepening. Love is on a joy ride and that doesn’t always mean things are in constant bliss or despair. It is just constantly real and sacred. There is a lot happening underneath our created veils, the protection we needed until it was time to let go, move on, and go IN.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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