Beauty Undefined


This poem found me this morning from my writing folder that I wanted to share. It was in response to a post Leena Colibri had written about Beauty. It inspired me to feel into my own relationship to it and how it has been more of an externalized taking in of what is in front of me. As we begin to let in that what we “see” on the outside is a reflection of what we feel on the inside, a new relationship to ourselves begins to emerge. We are the beauty we perceive. I included a picture of Sleeping Beauty as it felt to signify our awakening to this reality.

You are held in the eyes of one

As a precious reminder of what it means to be alive

You are the colors of the dancing rays of light

Swimming in the ocean of our holographic kaleidoscope

The sounds of musical vibrations

Swirling through the vestiges of our soul’s remembrance

The verses of interwoven letters and spaces

Capturing the depths of our soaring triumphs and blood-stained tragedies

Your outward expression reverberates through my body

And into the insatiable desire of my heart to feel you

Your brilliance and profundity

Your momentary lapse of reason and thought

Send me to another time where there is no time but that ever-enchanted moment

A place where space is filled with a feeling that there is always something beyond

Beyond the machinations, the distractions, the fabrications

Beyond the tight, the drained, the void

You are a soft caress on my weathered skin

A gentle whisper when all felt lost

A infinite stare into the twinkling starscape of your compassion

You are a reflection of all I wanted to Be

Until I realized you were me and I was you all along

In all its effervescent tendrils of perfect imperfection

The moment you let go of all you were conditioned to Be

You are what Is…. Beauty Undefined

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The Power of I AM


There are no two more life-changing words in the English language than I AM.  They are definitive in nature.  They send a frequency that either supports or changes your conscious reality.  The universe responds in kind to this energy.  Even in thought form, these words pack a co-creative brush stroke.  

In English we say “I am afraid”.  If you were to literally translate in Spanish it would be interpreted that you are the embodiment of fear.  You would be looked at a little funny. But in Spanish they say (literally in English) “I have fear”.  Or they use the more temporal version of “to be” to denote that you are in temporary state of a condition.  I bring this up because the words that follow I AM are catalytic.  When you say “I am frustrated” you are saying that you have become the energy of that state.  If you rephrase that to “I feel frustrated” or even better yet “A part of me feels frustrated” you have separated your true essence from the energy you are experiencing in the moment.  I don’t believe this is merely semantics.  However, now that I say that, semantics have an enormous impact on our reality.  

Is this just more of the positive thinking model?  To some degree yes.  But what I don’t want to ignore is that I have a feeling that still needs to be felt so that I can give it love to be healed.  By recognizing my essence as the highest vibration of Love, then I can feel this within the parameters of my expanding heart and not just fuse to the energy that takes me down a spiral staircase of lower vibration.  After the initial ground of healing the parts of us that originate this feeling, any other similar feelings can be raised by the offsetting of the power of I AM.

I have been through many moments with my parts that hold a lot of former pain.  I AM at point where my vibration is on an ascending trajectory.  My heart is opening, my self-love is growing, and I am serving that overflow to others.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have echoes from my former wounds that are working their way from the collective or other etheric beings.  The words that follow I AM are to course correct my purpose and path to my highest potential and expression.  I watch my thoughts without judgement and when things start to feel less than the highest love I have felt for myself, I take time to go in and re-calibrate.  To remember who and what I AM and what frequency is truly my natural state.

This is a daily practice.  We have been so comfortable with the uncomfortable, so familiar with what used to be unfamiliar.  It is a matter of patient persistence, this journey of ascending frequency.  It is also a matter of how to bring more love into your heart and BEing. You are no longer a prisoner to your conditioning, no longer a victim to circumstance.  You are an epically powerful creator.  Many of us don’t have the faintest clue how true that is.  I don’t feel I have grasped the enormity of it.  I AM choosing to heal and feel my way there.  I AM going in and seeking the guidance of those that have come before me and light the way to my Infinite Beginning.  I AM an angel soul.  I AM a part of a larger and magnificent galactic purpose.  I AM a leader, teacher, artist, and lover.  I am told I AM more than I can possibly imagine, so I trust that and keep imagining.  There is no ceiling other than the one we self-lovingly create for ourselves until we are ready for more.  I AM you and YOU ARE me and we shall see each other again at the height of our Glory as One in the Heart of Love.  I look forward to your own creation and what we can create together.  I AM ready.  If you are too, I would love to serve you in your journey to all that You Are.  

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Discovering Light Language with Jelelle and Metatron


By Sequoia Heartman

On Sunday morning the SoulFullHeart community met to work with Metatron to assist us into raising both our personal and group vibration.  While I am beginning to connect with Metatron, Jelelle has a much closer connection and thus I was gratefully open to any healing and information he may give me.  

I have been speaking in “tongues” for about 3 years but off and on.  I was first introduced by Raphael and could feel my own desire to access my language.  It was very ancient but also very tribal and heavier in tone.  As Jelelle and Metatron were applying energy, they helped me to “tune” into a higher station.  It changed the energy and tone of the wave and there were many different sounds that came out that I was previously unaware of.  Along with the speaking was a hand movement component that feels like it moves energy, and creates some sort of “written” expression in space.  

I have never had such a cosmic download before and this was result of a lot of emotional healing and a history of energy work with Jelelle and several of her guides.  There is co-creative experience that is manifested and it is not a passive one.  It is about using the higher frequency so that I may then access it on my own in future meditations.  This expression of light language feels critical in bringing in more light codes in an accelerated way.  It is also a way to communicate with Beings in much higher dimensions.  

It takes a lot of self-permission, of which I have learned much from all three of my beloveds.  There is a brief moment of wondering what the hell I am doing and saying, but it subsides quickly once you feel the trueness of the experience.  For now it is about letting it come in and do its work.  About expanding the chakra system to cosmic levels while having the Cosmic Heart fully open and body grounded to Gaia.  A full spectrum human arises from root to wings and expressed in sound.  

The partnership between Jelelle and Metatron is exquisite and I recommend you check out the group call on Feb. 18 to learn more about his message and desire to serve those on the ascension path.

Jelelle also offers energy healing as well that you can see on our website.

I have a renewed sense of my spiritual and cosmological energy as well as the continued steps I need to fully bring my whole Self (Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul) into the next stages of my journey thanks to this dynamic duo.  

Sequoia Heartman is a writer, heartist, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.


The Altitude of Authentic Gratitude



In the fusion of negative forces within us, we inevitably create conditions that support that vibration.  Our creative power is used in a downward trajectory, keeping us in the loop of the 3D pain body.  There are several ways to begin to find our way out of that loop and into a sacred healing process, of which I mentioned in my post yesterday.  

I was talking yesterday with my SoulFullHeart family and the topic of gratitude came up.  When we desire new alchemy in our lives, whether it is a more aligned way of BEing, a new living environment, new possessions, or even romance, there is the importance of letting in fully what we have in the moment, even if it is not ideally what we desire, with gratitude.  If the universe is going to help us co-create our desires then it is going to want to know we will still have that gratitude in tact.  If we continue to hold negative energy to our current situation, then the creative process is neutered and capped.  

But it is more than just intending gratitude through some daily practice of writing or speaking, but of deep down authentic gratitude.  The kind that almost, if not certainly, brings an emotional response.  One that comes from the heart.  This genuine authenticity can be accessed when we have actually felt the part of us that isn’t in gratitude. “But I thought we want to avoid that negativity?”  We want to be with what is real.  It doesn’t mean to fuse to it again but to hold its reality and lovingly communicate that what we have is a gift and that we also want more.  This constant reminder in the tough times can help wrap a context and a love blanket around the aspect of us that may not jive.  To be given a voice, held in love, and then released.  

The more this happens the negativity is softened and we begin to feel our Higher gratitude and the possibilities of more.  Our dreamer is turned back on to an alchemical frequency and the gears of creation are engaged.  Are we guaranteed what we desire?  I don’t believe we are guaranteed exactly what we want but you may find it is exactly what you need and sometimes even more.  No matter the outcome, in the process of feeling our authentic thanks, we live in the world of our Higher Self, living in the beauty of the Now, in all its perfect imperfections.    

In this moment I feel my own gratitude for all you who take in my posts into your heart and respond the way that feels authentic to you.  Thank you for your presence and your witness to my own growth and emergence.  We are making magic happen again and that is worth celebrating.
If you feel called to a more authentic way of life that holds all of our being from the gracious to the not so gracious, and aims to take us to our new height of sacred humanity through ascension, then I look forward to your heart call and see what we can co-create together.  

Sequoia Heartman is a writer, heartist, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

The Effects of Negativity on Ascension


The image above is one I drew many years ago while holding space for a deep despairing and existential aspect of me. I was reminded of it in my meditation this morning not just as a personal memory but as a collective representation of what ascension can feel like to many. I have been with negative thoughts and feelings most of my life. They stem from family legacy, social connections, cultural conditionings, soul wounds, and whatever shenanigans are being entered into our psychic fields by less than benevolent beings. The image of a spaghetti ball described this energy to a tee, from my perspective.

This was a pivotal reason for my desire to heal as I knew that I was more than this energy. Though I didn’t know all the science at the time, I didn’t need it to in order to realize it was altering my reality in a big way. So going in was the only way to change that course. There was a wealth of emotion to feel and bring to my inner lovelight. To be held by the Divine in grace and gratitude. As the personal historical roots of the negativity are healed and integrated, there are more layers to follow that arise when they need to in relationship to our soul’s experience. The process is the same and showers us with gifts of immense proportion, if there is surrender and movement from these aspects of us.

But there are energies that do not wish to surrender to the love we are offering. There is a collective pain body that I call the Paintrix (3D body) that has its own inertia. When we still have resonant wounds inside of us, the reaction to circumstances can feel way over the boundary of what feels like us. It feels deeper and heavier. Almost like molasses. To some of us, we may have been accustomed to or charged with transmuting this energy for a community or group in our soul history. This is not self-loving in any way. We can access the soul aspect that held this and help it let go.

It can be difficult at times to know what is ours and what is not. That is why we need a mirror to us so that we can get a better reflection in these times. It is not our responsibility to transmute these energies. I feel it puts the responsibility back on the collective and the individuals that construct it. This is a process of individuating from the 3D body. These energies can also be a part of a larger virus in the psychic field imposed by negative beings of which there is a lot of information on.

I share this today as reflection of what will be unfolding in the times to come. We need to stay vigilant with our healing and maintaining our higher frequencies. It is not just through positive mantras that can truly bring healing, but also a deep process of emotional integration, energy work, and daily connection with our Higher Self and guides. Through all of my efforts I still get entangled at times and this is on its way out the door. This is never a light topic but it leads to our eventual reclaiming of our true power, worth, and joy. It is a gift to us if we can hold it that way. Telling us which way NOT to go and steering us toward our Higher Purpose. We are here to serve you in discovering what you truly are and letting go of what you are not. I offer my personal heart to those of you who similar experiences and am here to guide you through it should you choose.

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A King’s Heart is His Castle



For any man to embody his true essence as a sacred vehicle of Love, he must consider his heart his castle. It is where he holds the lost, forgotten, and wounded parts of his inner kingdom. Where he offers his benevolent compassion and healing balm of acceptance and gratitude. He lights the way home for his scattered brothers to return to the place that once held a circle of unity and integrity. It also beckons the return of his inner queen for whom he had lost but not forgotten. He combs his geography in the dark and murky places to offer safe passage back into wholeness. It is not an easy journey and is riddled with challenges that offer more guidance and opportunities for strength of heart.

As the castle begins to hum in glorious communion of self-love, the light turns itself outward to the greater lands of humanity and the cosmos. The inner lead and passion is reflected out and begins to call to his brothers to build their own castles and kingdoms. To send his Love call to his outer Queen for they were always meant to be together. She is what invites him to the higher realms and He provides the chariot for which they will travel in union.

There is no greater call in these ever-shifting times. It is our return to our inner sacred King that provides the thrust forward, outward, and onward. I hope you will join me in co-creating a new Heaven on Earth.

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Arising Tide of Love

by Sequoia Heartman


I feel Love lapping itself upon the shores
Of my once coveted island
A time to heal the wounds of my soul’s incarnation
The outstretched arm of my heart’s protection

It does not want me to dwell in the disconnection
In the fear of unknowable rejection and consternation
It turns the comfortable into questionable
The predictable into mystical

What lies beyond what was safe?
Underneath what scares you to death?
Above the highest reaches of your passion’s imagination?
In front of the very eyes you thought you could see future with?

The tide is rising
There will be no place to hide
As if there ever was
As if I ever truly wanted to

I have a heart’s flare sent to the sky
The sparks creating an infinite blanket upon the heavens
That call to you
That light the path to our meeting place

The ending of what had been
To begin what never went away
Just hidden in the crevasses of our buried hearts
And the promise that one day we would uncover them together.


Sequoia Heartman is a writer, heartist, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

To The Part Inside That Needs Your Love



I wanted to share what it feels like to hold an energy, or part, that looks toward the outer world of things and relationships for worth. It is our 3D self that feels this way and it our developing higher or 5D self that holds the space for these parts of us.

Now I feel the irony in sharing this as maybe a way of this part garnering some attention, but I was guided to share this as a way that we can relate to an aspect of us as a separate energy that we can give love to. It may resonate with you and provide a template of one of the ways we offer healing in the SoulFullHeart awakening and ascension process and during sessions. 

Hello, you.
You…the part of me that feels like the only way to feel loved
Is by reaching outside
Seeking validation and confirmation
You don’t need to do that anymore
There is a Me here to love you.
It is a Love beyond what others could give to you
That is always here.
You don’t realize this because you have been convinced
There is nothing else but the way it has always been.
You haven’t had someone like Me tell you otherwise
To feel you in your doubt and fear.
Someone who will let you be in your pain without trying to make it better.
To let it burn away all that you used to believe was Love.
I assure you that it isn’t and never was.
It was all a measure of what you felt you were worth.
What everyone else around you felt they were worth.
How would have known any different?

But there is something different.
It lies in your dreams.
Your desires.
Your imagination and….your worth.
You know you want more than what you are settling for.
You are worth the world.
A brand new world that responds to your goodness and your bigness.
It will take time, my love.
It wasn’t overnight that you saw and felt this way.
You are not wrong for feeling it.
It all brought you here to this place of finally saying no more.
No more pain.
No more cycling.
No more looking outside.
Surrendering to a trust in Me.
That I can be big enough to hold you through it all.
That what you desire and can imagine is already there.
You just need to let go of those thoughts and feelings
That keep you from believing it isn’t possible.
It is possible.
You know it is possible.
It is just hard to imagine based on the worn path you have traveled.

You can’t avoid the pain that will arise.
To do so would just keep you in more pain
And be that much more to feel along the way.
It is all coming one way or another.
It all comes down to HOW you are going to feel it
Rather than IF you are going to feel it.
There is no press or push, just an invitation
To lean into Me when you start feeling like you are less than
For I will always be your more than.
I will be there in the mud and in the trenches,
In the slippery and the sticky.
It won’t always be that way.
Just long enough to heal what needs to be healed.
The more you lean in the more you will be able to let go and let in.
Let in all that both you and I were destined to let in
Because it IS us and always has been.
No more second guessing.
No more judging.
No more suffering.
This is the time because there is No Time.
It happens now….
and now…
and now.
Until you have forgotten you ever lived this way.
I love you…always.

Sequoia Heartman is writer, heartist, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

When Upside Down Becomes Right Side Up


By Sequoia Heartman

We are living in a time when the worldview we have subscribed to and identified with seems to be turning upside down. All the systems and beliefs our 3D self has held onto so dearly are coming under review with new energy and information making their way into the body collective. Our own personal attachments to the 3rd Dimension are being highlighted for us to feel as the ascension moves on in its own volition. As more and more of the collective begin to wake up to this, the rate of pace feels like it will pick up in an exponential fashion. This is where tensions will run high and conflicts may begin to be more common. Environmental shifts may follow.

But rather than seeing it through the lens of the 3D self, we can feel it through the greater context of the 5D heart. This is where things are turning right side up. We are coming back into alignment and into our more authentic crystalline/light nature. This world is literally upside down from the 3D perspective. Abundance instead of scarcity, cooperation instead of competition, No Time instead of linear time, Love instead of Fear. So for the 3D aspect of us, these are tumultuous times. Death is on the horizon and it can’t be stopped. But from the 5D perspective it is an Emergence. A time of glorious opportunity and thrival in relation to what we have experienced over the millennia.

This is a time of compassionate self-love and contextual understanding. We need to be loving and educating ourselves through alternative media and our own relationship to the guidance within us. The more you can go in and feel, heal, and release the more loving the transition will be. There is also support and guidance in heart to heart contact. That is what SoulFullHeart has been called to offer. An ark into this new territory. We live it everyday and are here to serve those that feel life is getting bumpy and need a passage through and want to be in connection with those that feel the same.

Here’s to Right Side Up and not Upside Down.

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Sequoia Heartman is a writer and a SoulFullHeart facilitator. Please visit for more information and inspiration. 

Noel as ReBirth and ReUnion into Christ Consciousness

By Sequoia Heartman

I just listened to the song O Holy Night and was struck by the feeling of our own journey to reclaim all of our scattered Selves throughout the dimensions. The “night” being the shadow places that we have hidden and packed away for fear of not being loved or even fear of our own majesty. We must enter into this night to reunite with these aspects of us so that we may be whole (Holy) again. In this reunion we remember what we were and always have been. This crystalline body of light that is the essence of our Oneness.

If we could rewrite the words and feel them as the birth of your Glory as Creation we can get visceral heart bath of our most ancient reflection of Infinite Love. I am feeling the edges of something truly beyond words. They can just lead us there.

The Latin roots of Noel are “birth”. So this is a time of the birthing of you from inside you. It is more of a Re-Birth as you have always been this. We All have. We are coming together in One Body yet still with our own expressions. The dawning of a new You and a united Us. May you find your Savior inside of you during these ascending times.

Sequoia Heartman is a writer and a SoulFullHeart facilitator. Please visit for more information and inspiration.