Group Calls, Conscious Community Video

Raphael and I, Jelelle Awen, were at a beautiful beach today and were inspired to film this short video talking about our SoulFullHeart group calls, community connection, etc. We mention the call that we have coming up this Saturday, where I will lead a guided meditation with some aspect of calling in the sun’s energy and warmth and light codes in with current teachings from Raphael and I too plus contributions from SoulFullHeart facilitators Gabriel Heartman and Leena Colibri. PLUS, community connection with resonant souls and individual check-ins if you desire to! I recommend listening to this video on headphones as the waves are loud!

Here is the link to the event on Saturday if you’d like to join us over zoom : or

The Epic Journey Is Inward Toward Self Love

By Raphael Awen

The Beginning

If life is anything, it’s a journey. An exciting and epic journey.

But why doesn’t it feel that way so much of the time for so many of us?

It’s because parts of us have worked so hard to isolate us from the journey that life is, working to tame it and make it manageable, predictable and safe. These parts of us can’t remove us from the movements of birth, childhood, young adult and middle age and old age, but if they can just keep it the safest possible within these uncontrollables, they will gladly settle for that.

But, these aren’t the only parts of us. There are others longing for change and adventure, who feel like they are dying on the vine in the small carefully arranged life we’ve set up, that feels so set in stone.

Fused to these very different parts of us, we are managing a civil war inside of us, all the while seeking to remain functional on the outside and holding a self image intact to our world around us. A longing dream comes up to take a couple years and travel, and we end up settling for a 2 week all inclusive vacation paid for on a credit card. ‘How was it?’ our friends ask when we return, expecting nothing more than a polite answer to their polite question.

Why can’t we seem to access anything different? Well, if you are genuinely asking that question, you need to get ready, because you are beginning to access something different. If you are willing to hold that question as a quest, you will make conscious the journey that your life is.

Getting to know these very different parts inside of us and why they are disposed the way they are is an incredible journey in itself. It is in fact, the real journey. It is a journey that will require a journal for sure to digest and record the experience. This journey inward to deep self-love and self-reconciliation is the way of life that SoulFullHeart offers.

I’d like to take you to feeling one more piece today. You as a soul ARE a journey. You aren’t actually seeking a journey like you may think you are. You are on an epic journey right now. Even if part of you manages to keep you isolated and involved in as little change as possible for your entire life, you are still in and on this epic journey. If you are willing to feel this, that feeling space that you create and the intensity of feeling it will create in you the guidance you seek and need to feel, as to what path to take to undo the set-in-stone life you’ve set up for yourself so far.

The bigger context of life for all of us collectively is changing at lightning speeds in these recent years. People feeling this tend to either attempt hunkering down deeper into their set-in-stone approach, or they see that this tsunami of change must be flowed with. They make it a conscious feeling to feel all there is to feel around life change, desire and the internal unresolved conflicts coming from each of the beloved parts of themselves.

You don’t need to be in control. You don’t need a bullet proof plan. You don’t need another self-help program. You only need to be willing to feel.

I’d like to help you with that if that is something that calls deeply to you, if you know that feeling is the journey you are on. Hang around, get to know and reach out to us here in the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, facilitator, and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.