Offering Love On The Frontlines: Connecting With The Reptilian King And Donald Trump’s Higher Self

By Jelelle Awen



Love ambassadorship calls me to some ‘front lines’ to visit, to serve, and to offer possibilities of love. I am infused with crystallized (higher frequency) violet flame energies with St. Germain, who I’ve been connecting with lately as a Divine guide and template for being a love ambassador on a galactic level. I usually avoid taking in mainstream news energies, yet I was informed through a brief scroll in my FB feed about the recent bombings in both Syria and Afghanistan by the U.S. government. I can feel the energies of these bombings off gassing into the grids of Gaia and the fear frequencies that emanate from them. (That one of the bombs is known as ‘the mother’ because of its size feels like a very unfortunate irony). I am not too surprised when I am led by St. Germain, Archangel Metatron, and Mother Mary to a space ‘above’ the decimated land, bomb sight, in Afghanistan.

Moving into this space, I feel immediately that the higher self of Donald Trump is lingering there, drifting around, feeling very distressed. I can feel the distress immediately, the incongruence in the soul field that is created through acts of violence, even as it is part of the soul’s journey to play it out and to serve in this role sometimes. I ask the higher self of Donald Trump why he felt the need to bomb others, to kill. “Because he believes THEY were killing. THEY needed to be stopped. This is how he and the others felt to stop them,” exclaims the Donald Higher Self (who I will just call “DHS” from now on…only later realizing that DHS also stands for Department Of Homeland Security!).

“The only way to stop fear or to move fear or to stop the fear expression of killing is through love, not through MORE killing,” I say to DHS, who of course (BEing a higher self) agrees and resonates with me right away.

“I feel this, yes. I KNOW this as a higher dimensional BEing. But, he, 3D Donald Trump, doesn’t know it or remember it. He is scared and, deep, deep, down, parts of him feel small, unworthy, and young….like a little boy playing with BIG toys. He does these things….using these big weapons, because he feels so small and wants to feel bigger. But he is not used to going along with killing. He has gone from firing people who don’t do a good job to…..this….” DHS answers.

I nod, feeling an energy of forgiveness and compassion flow through me to DHS and ALL the others like him who energize the timeline in 3D and moving into transitional 4D with the wounded power playout of the wounded masculine from unfelt emotional pain bodies and not yet awakened souls. DHS takes in the energy of forgiveness and feels touched by it and begins to cry. “How can you offer forgiveness to anyone who has taken life, who is leading killing as a response to more killing?”

I feel Mother Mary come through me then, as a more embodied aspect of me through the many moments of receiving forgiveness waves from Her, going into the deepest places inside of me together of core unworthiness, soul karmic binds, shame feelings, and feeling forgiveness as Her constant response.

I respond, “ALL BEings are worth forgiveness as ALL are worthy of love. Forgiveness is a high frequency of love. Although forgiveness can be given and offered, it can only be received and let in by a healing heart and emotional body with self worth to let it in…….balanced by an awakening soul that is able to feel genuine remorse for their killing and fear-based actions.”

DHS takes this in and seems relieved by it, “I will try to communicate this to lower Donald during his dreams, sometimes he can receive guidance from me during that state.” He fades away, seemingly grateful for our time together.

I am brought then to the other ‘frontlines’ between the Reptilians and humans that are still polarized to fear and ‘battling’ each other with supposed light-based frequencies. I have been here before, which I describe in this writing about Leaving The Battlefield To Move Into The Lovefield.:…/leaving-the-battleground-to…. This time, I feel the powerful energy coming from the Reptilian representative, who is a high ranking ‘official’ it feels like in their hierarchy (as they are still hierarchal-based.)

“I am king of my kind, yes. I wanted to meet you,” he says to me when I come to stand near him. He is a beautiful Reptilian, very tall with iridescent scales that shimmer and glow. He has a regal energy, much more used to leading mass groups then the DHS. And he is actually there with me as he is a fourth dimensional BEing. “I can feel that you offer new possibilities to my species and how some of them are turning toward and drawn to these possibilities.”

I imagine that on some level I ought to be afraid of him as he is very powerful and could ‘attack’ me with that energy, yet I feel just filled up with love for him. He seems to feel that and offers me no resistance or any lower-based frequencies. I show him a picture of the tropical planet that is being offered as a refuge and sanctuary to those Reptilians who choose to leave Gaia, for those who choose love, as I write about here:…/a-time-of-great-choosing-f…/

I have traveled to this planet with my Reptilian guide/aspect Shana and it offers a natural setting of peace and tranquility for them to start over. “Why would we be given this after all that we have done to humanity for so long…..enslaving you, imprisoning you in our 3D matrix, feeding off of your lower energy emissions?” He asks me.

I again feel the Mother Mary energy within respond to him, “You cannot do anything to another BEing that is not in their agreement on a soul level. You have done the lower frequency, fear-based things you have done, yes. Yet, you have BEEN these frequencies through collaboration WITH the human species. It has been a sacred aspect of both of your journeys for it to play out as it has between you. You mirror the shadow side of humanity and they mirror yours. You are now being offered an opportunity to choose love and to move out of and beyond fear. You are given this choice because you have ALWAYS been given this choice and ARE always given this choice, moment by moment…..whether to choose love or whether to choose fear. There is nothing you can do or BE that will remove this choice from you as it is represents the Infinite Love that you ARE as a fractal from Divine Source. It cannot be withdrawn, it can only expand.”

I feel the Reptilian taking this in, receiving these truths, remembering something he has forgotten about his love essence and also DHS drifting back in the space to receive this message as well and pass it on to his 3D Donald. They both move away from me now as I continue to offer waves of love and forgiveness to them and they receive what they are able to let in.

My heart feels a bit heavy from visiting the energies of these ‘frontlines’, yet, because I have offered love and forgiveness to two leaders of these ‘battles’, I can feel a sense of peace and accomplishment. I can feel how the waves of love are rippling through the collective unconsciousness web of ALL, touching and being let in by those who are ready to receive them. By those who are ready to choose love and remember who and what they really ARE as Infinite Love.


I highly recommend a piece of writing by Gabriel Heartman about the wounded masculine and healing the heart of man as inspired by this one:

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March Equinox Energies Offer Balance And Surrender

By Jelelle Awen

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The equinox is today, March 20th – the beginning of spring for those in the North and the beginning of autumn for those in the South. What are the energies of this ‘day’ offering us, even as time, dates, months, seasons are illusionary from a 5D consciousness? As I feel into this, I get an image of the yin/yang symbol inviting us into the discovery and feeling sense of balance, of Oneness, of feminine and masculine frequencies in polarity dance with each other. Equal sunshine and equal nighttime darkness in balance is the EQUI-nox.

Balance from a 3D perspective can be about things remaining the same or safe or known. Balance may be ‘achieved’ through control with an underlying tone and tension of anxiety. Balance may be seen as an ‘ideal’ and anything ‘off’ or more extreme or coming from shadow felt to be wrong. It feels like the ideal of balance can be used by the 3D self to numb out stronger emotions and suppress what doesn’t ‘fit’ with that ideal. This can be a tricky ground to navigate as the strategic or 3D self or unawakened ego can use what actually does create an authentic sense of balance inside as a numbing and bypassing of feeling and healing deeper emotions and awakening frequencies that want and need to come out during the process of awakening as you move into more 4D consciousness states. Things that can be ‘used’ in this way to numb are meditation and yoga, for example.

Balance from a 4D and beyond sense is about becoming more in tune with your authentic self, at peace with self even in the midst of great changes, both internally and externally. A sense of balance is openness to feel ALL of your feelings, to make space for them, and not make any of them bad or wrong. It is the exploration of what is you and what is NOT you from a soul expression sense. It is about feeling One with others even as relationship shifts and completions are embraced. It is about coming from a place of deep BEing and stillness from within to respond to the necessary doing in your life and making choices and taking actions that support this balance. It is about embracing the inner feminine AND the inner masculine with honoring while being open to healing the wounded expressions and/or suppressions of both.

Balance from a higher dimensional perspective also has something to do with surrender….a trust that the content and experiences of life are being held by something bigger, by the soul, by the Divine. It also seems to come from a sense that the power comes from within us and yet, also, true power is sourced in Divine Frequencies of PURE love. Surrender offers balance because, ultimately, it is all being taking care of, we are right where we need and want to be, and life is unfolding as it ought to. Surrender is the sense that we are not victims yet great CREATORS of our own realities in alignment with the Divine. We can then ‘let go into’ this feeling sense and it changes and transforms how we respond to life situations and what we draw and manifest as well.

This equinox also serves as a ‘marker’ for the ascension process, the ongoing experiment of moving humanity and Gaia from frequencies of third dimensional reality into 4D transitional awakening and into fifth (Christ Consciousness) and beyond. This marker (even though, again, time is an illusion) offers a placeholder for a process that often feels so much beyond the mind, beyond time, beyond tracking, and happening more and more ‘off the track’ where our minds can even go or our conscious state can even be part of. This ‘day’ offers a beginning, an invitation into newness, an invitation to feel where you are in your life and what feels like is moving into more reflection of your soul and what needs to shift and change to reflect this more.

I keep getting also this image of a flower bud emerging out of a bed of snow and ice. Searching for the sunlight, aching for warmth, wanting to shake off the cold and the wet and the blankets of cold that dampen. This bud feels like the emerging 5D self, the human self merging with the higher self. This bud has been ‘baking’ all winter, even in the cold, even in the rain, even in the stormy conditions inside and from the ‘outside’ to. This bud is searching for a water of love to continue its growth and to bloom into the full grown magnificent FLOWER that it is. This bud is needing the warmth of self love and self care and self discovery.

The ices melt, the sun comes out, the rains stop in an experiential way through ‘weather’ at this time, yet, also, this process happens from within as well. The sunshine of PURE love is offering all of us an invitation to discover what remains frozen inside of us, what remains stormy inside of us, what remains off balance inside of us, what remains not in surrender inside of us. To discover and to hold with MUCH love and embracement all that is dark and that is light. To lead with vulnerability with ourselves and with others to open up our hearts that much more to frequencies of unity and connection inside and with others. To risk for the experience of MORE love. To lovingly protect the bud of sacred humanity that is growing inside of you with reverence and awe and patience. To experience more and more that you ARE infinite love returning to love remembering love.

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of an upcoming book, Becoming The 5D Sacred Human. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.


Celebration Of Sacred Femininity Poem

By Jelelle Awen


A writing in CELEBRATION of International Women’s Day, sacred femininity, and all of us souls who choose the form of femininity for which to express our humanity AND the inner feminine inside of us ALL…….

Sacred femininity is unknown.

It is arising. It is mysterious.

It can wait to be noticed and it can draw.

It can be so deeply still and it can be beautifully active.

It is contrasts and paradoxes.

It lets love lead, trusting that the rest will follow.

It is open to being watered by the frequencies of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Mother, in whatever forms that She comes.

It is healing that from the soul’s history which blocks the current flow of love in relationships with others, self, and the Divine…..


Sacred femininity is invitational.

Sacred femininity invites the hearts of others out to dance, out to play, and out to be in love.

It transacts with openness and vulnerability, eager for every moment to be real and meaningful, whether it is light or it is deep.

It is willing to feel what needs to be felt and accepts that which is both in light and in shadow.

It aches for union, to be connected, and to see itself through LOVE transacting in resonant relationships…..


Sacred femininity is desire.

It is the rush of orgasm and the joy of afterglow that comes from heart open sexuality with self or with a beloved mate.

It is expressed in the physical with a softness that is visible in body, audible in voice, and in touch – gentle at times and passionate at other times.

It is natural and real.

It is beyond the images of physical perfection and is not found in the chemicals and products that cover and make over.

It is beautiful in all its expressions, in all its ages, and ALL its packages.


Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc

Eclipse Of The Heart: Shiftings, Re-unions, And Completions

By Jelelle Awen



The moon passes in front of the sun, the warmth of the rays are blocked for these moments, and the energies shift across our world. Most of us will not be able to actually see and view the eclipse happening on February 26th, 2017 (unless you live in the Congo, Argentina, Chile, Namibia, Botswana, etc.), yet our souls will feel it, our galactic selves will feel it, and our higher selves are already calibrating to its influence and energy.
Most of my focus as a teacher, healer, facilitator has been on the inner cosmos, especially on healing and awakening the emotional body as it integrates and weaves with the soul expressions and embodiment of the higher self. So, my focus has not been so much on reading the grids or cosmic connections or astrology, etc. Recently, though, I have been integrating more and more aspects of my star selves, connecting with my star family (especially the Archturians and Pleidians)…..this organic process has infused me with more cosmic awareness, more sense of connection OUT there which is really rooted inside like everything else.
I have become more sensitive to how playouts and movements and events in the stars impact our emotional states, spiritual awakenings, ascension process, and our relationships. I feel that as an emoto-spiritual teacher that it is important for me to bridge what is happening in the sky with how it might manifest and relate to what could be happening for you inside of you, in your personal worlds, in your inner cosmos.
When I feel into the eclipse, I get this sense of covering over and then revelation again of the sun, mostly in the heart domains. Just as the sun gets to ‘arise’ again after it has been obscured by the moon, what has been ‘veiled’ over wants to be seen anew. Experiencing darkness in the middle of the ‘day’ is a waking up to what you may be taking for granted. What has been in the dark, wants to come into the light. While the soul awakening frequencies have been amping up and up for so many on this ascension path, these eclipse energies feel PERSONAL to the heart, getting to the real heart of the matter for most people.
The comments and questions that I have received lately have mostly been about relationships and specifically romantic unions that have been energized for many years, even decades. Within these relationships, there can be a sense of ‘living with’ what has been while consciously dreaming and desiring MORE….more love, more connection, more resonance, especially in the soul areas. There can be ‘living with’ what has been not as nourishing and even settling for shrinking of body, heart, and soul desires that are blooming from within, yet cannot express in the current ground of the relationship.
What you experience on the outside is a reflection of you and, often, in your romantic patterns with your partner (and other close relationships with friends and family), you are experiencing a version of you that wants YOUR attention that is represented by them. If someone feel stuck to you or not awake or not in synch or depressed or too linear or much more literal….you can look inside and FIND that you have a part of you that is JUST LIKE THEM, but has been suppressed. The part of you that is judging them (even if there is true discernment there, you can feel it is judgement when love is being withheld, primarily toward yourself!) is actually deeply judging the part of you that is JUST LIKE THEM. I am emphasizing this being just like them piece because it can be such a suffering loop and trap to feel what your partner/friend/family member is somehow NOT just a reflection of some part of you. You become in argument and fight against them on some level then, just like is happening inside of you from one aspect of you to another.
As you can bring the reflection that your partner (or friend or family) is offering and find the place inside that is like them, connect, and heal and feel this aspect…THEN the ground of TRUE discernment is available to you. THEN you can feel if you want to continue in the relationship ground or not, even as there is still love there. It is possible that the relationship ground will collapse and complete once you feel the part of you that was needing to be felt and being expressed by your partner. Although it is also possible that a whole new ground will arise between you and the partner as it clears of the projection energies.
If you feel as if you are settling in relationships, this you have allowed until you no longer need to allow it because you are connecting to and healing the previously suppressed part of you that you NEEDED to have reflected by your partner or friend or family until you didn’t any longer. This need to have this reflection is what people can mistake for resonance in relationships, when actually, it is what a client recently called ‘sticky’ or codependent at its roots. Sticky relationships are based primarily in subconscious unfelt need RATHER than health and soul bonds.
The SOUL, the 5d higher self, WANTS to seek for revelation inside AND outside. The SOUL is OPEN to eclipses of the heart. For things to be revealed and in that revelation to arise new or to fall away and complete. The soul doesn’t want to spend moments settling; it wants to move on and experience the possibilities of growth that come from letting go of what needs to be completed while love remains in the heart.
ALL phases are sacred, of course, and necessary for your growth and are there because you have allowed them to be there, on a higher level. YET, there is so much support for this revelation into honesty, to take an honest look at your relationships and feel them from this ground of heart AND soul nourishment. And then to take action, make changes, based on what you see and feel. This transition, if it leads to completion of the relationships, can be held with SO MUCH self love and love for other. It is a difficult and painful transition to be sure, as the unbinding happens of the hookups and connections AND the goodness that is there too. I do not offer this is in a casual way as relationships and relationality are, to me, the PRIMARY ground for which our soul growth and awakening moves and I hold very high reverence for them. The relationship within which then expresses outward being the main ground for transformation….
The eclipse offers us a symbolic picture of what can happen inside of us; the obscuring of the light, the re-emerging of the light into our experience…the digestion of the ‘event’ which then brings about shiftings that lead to re-union or to completion. And ALL of it held by love in service of love.
Here is a recent writing that I did about moving from sticky binds to soul bonds in relationships with mates, friends, and family:

Jelelle Awen is an ascending teacher into 5D consciousness, Divine guide-scribe, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information and inspiration.





2017 Offers A Time Of Transition And Momentum Both Globally And Personally 


By Jelelle Awen


Note: This article is also featured on

Connecting to the energy frequencies of 2017 as a vibration brings up a sense of unknown, changes, transition….a sense of continual global, planetary, and personal awakenings and ascensions. ‘A time of transition’ sums it up most succinctly even as it leaves open Infinite Possibilities, both challenging and deeply, deeply nourishing. This is a time of accelerated tipping over where the personal awakenings you have experienced are challenged and everyone is invited to go to ‘their next level’, whatever that means for them.

The invitation for the ‘projected future’ of 2017 is for continued awakening, stretching new limbs of soul consciousness as your angelic wings unfurl. It is to claim what you have made bigger than you, outside of you, as now coming from Within you. It is to continue shedding layers of expected forms to arise in the essence of Infinite Love that you are.

There could be a sense of bittersweet experience about 2017. It could be bitter to aspects of us that have been conditioned to 3D life and the thought and behavior patterns that it has brought us. It will be a time of mourning and letting go of lower vibrational frequencies that no longer serve us. It may feel bitter to complete relationships that were previously meaningful and no longer can seem to transact even as love remains. Sweetness comes from the continual awakenings to the experience of less separation from within and with others. Sweetness comes from more experience of pure love frequencies as we transition into more embodiment of our light bodies and 5D consciousness.

On a global and galactic level, as planetary energies increase and the consciousness known as Gaia continues to vibrate at higher frequencies, it feels possible that many weather patterns and weather events may unfold. Many souls will be brought into a place of personal decision about whether they are going to ascend to higher dimensions with Gaia or not. Those that chose not to may decide to leave their physical bodies, as is already happening in increasing numbers with many, especially celebrities and entertainers. Some souls may choose to serve the ascension in other dimensions, from other planets, in their next reincarnation. Some souls may shift to other dimensions that are more polarized to 3D reality. All of these are personal choices made by each soul.

Many people feel that 2017 will bring a global disclosure of that which has been suppressed and put in the shadow, primarily in the exposure of the Illuminati, Capal, Archons, New World Order, etc. It is an unveiling that which will serve us all immensely as that which is of a lower vibrational, negative frequency can no longer resonate with Gaia’s ascension and ours. It will also be a very difficult and shocking time for many souls as they are more abruptly woken up to the realities of what has been going on around them. Lifting of the veils will continue with holes in the matrix widening and deepening and many being completely freed from it all together as they let go of mainstream, 3D consciousness. Those souls polarized to fear will find it increasingly uncomfortable to be here and will choose to follow their soul’s path around awakening, leaving the body, or atonement.

Overall, the sense for 2017 is a year of momentum, building as more and more souls choose to go within and transform greatly what they experience as reality. The invitation for you is one of priority to be made on raising your vibrational frequency, making the space to go deep within your inner reality, and to claim and offer your love in service gifts to the world. In every moment the invitation is there to feel the truth of your essence as Infinite Love and more deeply embody this as your daily, lived in, moment by moment reality.

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Intense Energies During This Time Of Transition From 3D to 5D


It is a time of intense energies. Waves of light washing over Gaia from the sun, from star being friends, from portals and star gates both within and with-out. These waves of light are calibrators to raise our frequency, to boost the vibration of Gaia as She continues to move from the denser vibrations of 3D consciousness into fourth and eventually fifth. Many lightworkers, gridworkers, psychics, healers, teachers are feeling this as an intense time of energy surges and calibrations and I join them in feeling this as a particularly intense time of energy shifts. For those of you who are sensitive and awake to energy, you can probably feel it quite intensely and acutely.

Experiencing body symptoms is common as our bodies vibrate faster and faster, turning from carbon-based to crystalline. DNA strands are activating and repairing without us having to ‘do’ anything for this to happen. The light that is available is doing it for us although if you ask for it and want it, this accelerates the process. DNA getting switched on feels like a tingly at times in the scalp and at times is downright painful with surges of pain around the crown chakra and down the neck and spine. A throbbing forehead or third eye is common too, which I have experienced several times now.

Sleeping well and hard feels so important as the mind and the 3D self shut down to let the 4D transitional self and the 5D higher self step in. Wanting and needing a lot of sleep is a good thing as everything recharges. Not being able to sleep or interrupted sleep patterns is also common. The awakening 4D self has dark and light, the contrasts and polarities and dualities are being pushed up to be felt. It mostly exists in the astral or etheric realm although for those of you who have been consciously bringing it forward through connecting with aspects of yourselves, you ARE it most of the time. And the higher self is becoming embodied as well, more and more higher frequencies of light living in the body, walking around as the higher self and integrating guides from the ‘outside’ to the inside.

Holding space for yourself includes checking in with aspects of yourself and how they are feeling and digesting these changes.

Starting a journaling dialogue with your 3D, 4D and higher self can be very illuminating. You can start by writing a letter to each of them (based on your experience of each) and then listen for a response back, writing down whatever you hear. You can then engage in a question and answer type dialogue written down or outloud. Stay in your heart as you engage with these aspects of yourself, maintaining a curious and loving energy toward them. Let the feelings of these aspects (especially the 3D and 4D selves) come back to be felt and held by you. You will be amazed how much this can help with the transition.

Shadow is coming to light. Shadow is oozing out at times, bursting out in emotional upheavals. It is a time of unveiling which it feels like will continue hugely in 2017. It is a time of decision making and changing life circumstances, feeling deeper desires and soul claims bubbling up to be integrated. There is a sense of there being ‘no time to lose’ and more sense that time is an illusion and very urgent at the same ‘time’. Our bodies are changing, our hearts are opening up, our souls are embodying and ALL of it is held within Infinite Love.

These transitional times are held with so much support and love from our star being friends and ancestors. They are watching and feeling and helping in any way that they can. The lower vibrational ‘negative’ star beings are finding it harder to be here and it feels like eventually they just won’t be able to hang out around Gaia as the frequencies change too much. It reminds me of when Dorothy poured water on the wicked witch in Wizard of Oz…the witch just dissolved into nothing, screaming her head off. It feels like this is how it will be for these lower vibration star beings, running away from the light and love to lurk in the shadows again somewhere else. It feels as if many of them are gone already with their human puppets soon to be exposed to the masses.

Many animal species are ascending already, seeming to ‘go extinct’ in our 3D reality but actually being preserved by our star being friends like in arks in Golden Earth-5D Gaia, waiting for Gaia’s consciousness and human consciousness to ascend to a place of communion and cooperation again. This is the aspect that makes my heart most happy and my inner child smile.

As I’m writing this, I’m feeling my energy continuing to shift to one of holding excitement and a big sense of Infinite Possibilities for the future. In my transition from 3D to 4D, I went fully into the collapse of 3D life scenario, including living off grid, and felt very deeply the collapse of industrial life as it has been and what that would mean for me personally and for the world. Now, I am feeling it is still a possibility, yet I don’t feel the hopelessness or despair that part of me once did. Old will need to make way for the new…in both galactic and personal ways.

Yet, all these changes and transitions are held by and orchestrated by and made BY LOVE FOR LOVE WITH LOVE. You are being invited to feel increasing trust in this through the visceral experience of these changes in the deepest cells of your ever changing body, in the opening of your healing heart and ache for intimacy and authenticity, and in the expansion of your soul and the embodiment of your higher self through integration of soul fragments existing in many dimensions and eras.

Much love to you from my ever changing BEing to your ever evolving, awakening, and ascending BEing… Jelelle Awen is an ascending teacher into 5D consciousness, Divine guide-scribe, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information and inspiration.


Going Within And Experiencing Oneness On The Winter Solstice

This ‘day’ is designated as Winter Solstice, marked as the ‘shortest day of the year’ in terms of hours of sunlight, and the ‘beginning’ of ‘winter’. All of these things are concepts or ideas originating in the mind, of course, layered over reality and labeling it as something other than Moment. In this Moment, there isn’t a winter or day, there is another moment to be within, to experience, and to live.

Yet, even feeling that as a deeper sense of reality, I wanted to feel into what this moment known as Winter Solstice is inviting us to explore or what the deeper message might be especially related to shifts and changes happening in our worlds- inner and outer, both within and with-out.

Since ultimately every moment is about Love, I begin by feeling ‘what does this moment called Winter Solstice offer about Love?’ The sense of less daylight, less sunlight seems to call us inward, into physical spaces of comfort with beacons of lights around us from the wonder of electricity and especially if you have chosen to live somewhere that has cold temperatures.

Yet, also the call inward is to the deeper places inside, the quiet places, the places of stillness, the places of great journeys, the places of tears, the places of joys. When Love leads into these inner places, the unknown opens up before you, bringing new experience after another as you discover the limitless nature of your internal landscape and all the aspects of your heart and soul that reside there.

For me today, I felt this call to go within, as I do every day, and my life is blessedly able to be given over to this inner exploration that then flows outwardly to teaching, writing, facilitating, just, well, loving others. Going within today, I found Oneness. I was holding some other people within my field, digesting recent interactions and wondering where they would go next and if these souls would go deeper with us into SoulFullHeart. I then felt a heart wave of Oneness, of union…with these souls.

I had been operating from the assumption of separation (as I call our 3D conditioning toward other people) and seeing them as outside of me as I explored future possibilities. As I felt the reality of Oneness light up in my soul through the merging with inner guides in Star Being form, the questions dropped, as did any bit of sense of separation from them. Suddenly I could feel how these souls were an aspect of me already. They already lived inside of me as an expression of me. It was a wonderful feeling and any sense of ‘future’ dropped as well because in the Moment we already ARE as deeply connected as we can BE. We are already LOVE expressing as Itself together.

I feel how we are individuals, yes, individual soul sparks of Infinite Love and sacred human BE-ings….and we ARE also already One, already in Union. Holding both is becoming more of my reality in relationship and it opens out beautiful vistas of possibility in every minute.

A crucial aspect of exploring and opening this relational ground out inside of me has been the journeys within where I am open to whatever needs and wants to come, where I am open to myself, and, therefore, become open to others in a new way too. I feel this is a powerful message to offer for the greater context of where we are in this time of transition from 3D reality processing to 4D and beyond. Holding this vibrational frequency of exploration about each other as One and yet individual could bridge separations that exist and connect those with each other who previously felt opposite.

Love to you on this Winter Solstice and may your journeys within bring you much bounty of self love, discovery, and new experiences of Love in the Moment…..

Jelelle Awen is an ascending teacher, Divine guide-scribe, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information and inspiration. 


Ascension Digestion Through The Sovereign Center Of Your Heart

By Raphael Awen


Ascension Digestion Series.

Being with the energies that are moving for us collectively and personally is a tall order.

(I’m sitting down to write as part of my own self loving digestion process.)

Whether you are feeling the energy shifts we are going through (subtle for some, for others, not so) or awakening in more of a mental way to the knowledge that is being revealed now about things both great and horrible, there is a huge need to find a way to digest all of this.

Having a deep energetic movement that ripples through your body or having your eyes opened mentally to ‘what’s really going on’ is not necessarily a digestion. In fact, for many, it’s an increased indigestion.

Many are left with a craziness that they/we would do anything to shake off somehow. There’s a lot of good and important advice that comes into play here, like being extra loving to yourself and both boundary setting as well as tolerant of others around you during these phases…..but, ultimately, there is a something that each of us are left to bear.

The universe is essentially rewiring itself, and you are part of that universe. The universe is in the midst of its own labour pains, and there is no escape for any of us except through.

So far, I’ve written this article from a mental place, seeking to ‘make sense’ and garner interest. Let me shift now to an intuitive place and invite you into feeling that.

Who you are is infinite love. So is every thing that can be called a thing in the universe. The universe is both outside of you and inside of you. You are also a universe unto yourself, as well as a universe unto the universe around you and there isn’t anyone who is more important or powerful than you.

You are being sovereignly called by your sovereign self into an exploration and renovation of what is called you. You have lived part of your existence in familiarity with a way of processing life and feeling life that is now changing. What it feels like to BE YOU is changing. In the heights of that change, there will be confusion and chaos. These deep pains are not the pains of any kind of punishment coming to you for things you have done or failed to do. Nor are they something that mean there is anything wrong with you. In truth, what they mean is that there is something that is so deeply right about you.

Infinite Love must enter the unknown through you. Contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, God, or The Universe, or Source or whatever you might be comfortable to call ‘it’ doesn’t actually know itself. It is in a constant and ever changing quest to know itself, and IT is you.

You don’t know you. You’ve never actually known you. Your higher self, or your Divine Self is breaking through your own reality processing filters with a movement that you can’t and were not meant to figure out. You see, it’s about letting in more love, not about letting in more knowledge, unless it’s the knowledge of love.

Love is growing at such exponential rates that it is in an almost crisis mode seeking to land in more and more hearts. It can only do this with your permission and by your invitation.

Ask love itself to wrap you. Ask love itself to show you the means to accept this change into your life as you currently know it.

The only way to digest these deep changes and shifts is through the sovereign centre of your own heart, at the centre of your own universe.

Anything less is you short-changing you and the universe around you.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, facilitator, and writer of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.

Navigating This Time Of Transition From 3D To 4D Consciousness

By Jelelle Awen


If you are reading these words and drawn to them, you probably already experience most of your reality from a fourth dimensional or higher consciousness state or are in transition to being this. Dimensions are a vibrational frequency and what we have known as earth life has been mostly in the third dimension, denser frequency for a long time now.

Third dimensional frequencies are of separation, isolation, competition, sense of survival and lack (scarcity), five sense reality processing (only what the body and mind can see is ‘real’), logic dominating, attachment to religious and other belief systems, focus on differences, etc. Fourth dimensional consciousness offers more sense of Oneness, community, communion, beyond five sense reality experiences, soul remembrances, heart-based relationships, sense of abundance and gratitude, intuition leading, and openness to all while awakening your inner soul and heart wisdom. Fifth dimensional consciousness (as I have experienced in moments and more and more as daily reality) is an experience of telepathic communication, inhabitation of our light bodies rather than our carbon-based bodies, multi-dimensional overlapping, no linear time or space, Oneness sense of ‘one mind’ yet individual soul sparks too transacting in conscious relationshp, etc.

It feels like Gaia (as a consciousness in planetary form) is moving out of the third and into the lower fourth, which is shaking out many of the shadow playouts, government and financial corruptions, mass protests, etc. This seems to be the ‘event’ of December, 2012 in which it was the end of the world in the sense of the 3D consciousness that had held such dominance over Gaia began to shift. Many star beings and Ethereal beings are supporting this shift as they have long yearned for Gaia and her human inhabitants to shake off the suppressive and limiting consciousness of 3D to remember our essence as sacred humanity through more inhabitation of our 5D and beyond consciousness as Divine selves or light beings.

The ‘underbelly’ of human consciousness is turning over to be felt and ultimately healed. To whatever degree you are still connected to 3D reality, this turning over is going to push up perhaps strong feelings and reactions for you. The recent political presidential election, for example, seen through the perspective of a part of you that has been conditioned in 3D reality of government dominance and superiority, would feel hopeless, outraged, distraught, and many other feelings. This part of you has been conditioned to ‘believe’ in the need to turn over your authority to another and to be governed. You have been conditioned to project your parental needs onto outer authority (started with our birth parents) rather than feel your own inner authority being watered. You can feel this part(s) of you as a 3D aspect (which includes most of our mental activity and minds as well) and give it lots of love, curiosity, and non-judgment, and we offer in SoulFullHeart a healing process and supportive community to assist with your ascension process.

The re-minders that come from 4 and 5D consciousness to help the 3D aspects of us that are still in transition are that no one can govern or have power over us. If we ‘let’ them, that is still our choice. We create our own reality; we are our own Universes in that way. We are not powerless to anything, but rather have access to Infinite Power (heart-based) that is connected to our essence as Infinite Love. In the frequencies of Infinite Love, nothing that is not polarized to love can survive or is ‘real’.

As Gaia moves into higher dimensions of consciousness, many souls will choose (still their choice) not to go with Her as that is their path and process. They may leave their bodies, go to other 3D realities on other planets or reincarnate again with a new focus and openness to higher consciousness. I am not offering this lightly as I have felt for many years the intensity that this time of transition is going to bring to our world. I have shed many tears over the cries of the world and the suffering that exists in 3D consciousness. Holding what is going to happen with compassion and sobriety is important while not letting it bring down our own vibrational frequencies or spiral us into suffering loops. There will most likely be many body deaths, much violence and upheaval, and perhaps even the collapse of the industrial systems that we have become dependent on in many ways for our ‘survival.’

Those of us who want to stick it out through this time of transition and continue to ascend and awaken our consciousness to experience the New Earth are in for a very bumpy ride at times. But we have buffers in the form of our own choices toward raising our vibrational frequencies through service of love to others in whatever forms that looks like for each of us. We are wayshowers and here to help humanity get through this transitional time. The biggest gift we can offer ourselves and humanity is to claim this, continue to heal our hearts and souls to vibrate at a higher frequency, and decondition from 3D reality as a continual process.

New Earth or what we call “Golden Earth” already exists as a consciousness and can be ‘visited’ whenever we want to. It offers a watering of the world that our hearts and soul remember is possible from our previous experiences of Atlantis and Lemuria and in other dimensions such as Avalon and from other planets and galaxies. Golden Earth is more our home frequency and connecting with the tones of heart-based love, Ethereal guidance and love, going within always to look first for our answers and path will serve us during the experiences ahead that are going to be challenging and at times painful. Ultimately, trusting love as the only ‘real’ thing that there is offers a beacon to us, stirring us through the fogs and clouds of reactions and triggers, and landing us safely on the shores of our true heart and soul homes.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator, teacher, and writer of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about the SoulFullHeart ascension assistance process. 


Arrival Offers Profound Messages About Consciousness And Alien Communication: SoulFullHeart Movie Review

By Jelelle Awen


She places her hand, palm up, on the glass, eager for contact, eager to feel the energy of the extraterrestrial being on the other side. She is trusting her intuition that she will be all right and the admittedly very strange looking being will not hurt her. All she wants is to communicate, to bridge the gap between what is expressed and what can be understood. She has already taken off the protective outer shell, the hazmat suit that the military made her wear. She is bare faced and open-hearted, ready to be an ambassador of what is unknown into the known.

She is Dr. Louise Banks, a lonely linguist played by porous actress Amy Adams, in the movie that we saw last night called Arrival. Arrival is the story of transformations that happen (both personally and collectively) to Louise and the global community when communication is initiated after alien spacecrafts land in 12 places around the world. Louise is an expert of language and communication and it is through her out-of-the-box and intuitive, feeling-based, yin- approach that the most successful communications and connection happen with the E.T.s. In contrast to Louise’s trust in the E.T.’s benevolent nature is the growing fear and suspicions of the military men around her and other countries such as China and Russia.

I wanted to write about this movie because I was personally guided to go see it as it would hold messages for me related to the awakening clarities that are happening for me and my roots and ties particularly to the Archturians. One of the messages I received from the movie related to the sense of help and goodness that many E.T.s have toward humanity, many gifts they would like to share with us, and their ultimate desire for co-habitation with us here on Gaia (once it is in higher fourth or fifth dimensional vibrational frequency so they can be here and so the shadow-based, negative entities and E.T.s are no longer able to resonate here). It was a message of trusting our heart’s intuition when relating with Ethereal and Extraterrestrial beings….to feel out if they are polarized to fear or polarized to love.

The other message from this movie is about non-linear time and non-linear language, both of which reflect the E.T.s consciousness level in the movie (which is at least fifth dimension or higher). As we move more out of 3D and even 4D, the true nature of our relationship to existence will emerge as being not of the past, present, or future yet truly of the NOW in which all things are happening in the same frame. The movie beautifully demonstrates how experiencing life more in the now impacts our personal decisions and our experience of our reality through a very touching story about Louise, another character, and her daughter.

The language of the E.T.s in the movie is not linear (one word after another), but rather circular, able to convey many concepts in the same moment. This also is a reflection of higher consciousness communication, which also will forego spoken or written language at all and be mostly telepathic. The movie touchingly showed how language can be unifying rather than polarizing, depending on where it is coming from.

It feels as if movies like this and T.V. shows are preparing us subconsciously and in the collective unconscious for more open contact and communication with non-human beings. More and more encounters are going to be happening as the forces that have been suppressing and keeping these realities veiled are collapsing (these forces are called the Cabal, the Illuminati, New World Order, in collusion with reptilian races (sometimes called Archons) and the Grey aliens. There is much more information about this shadow-based group at (David Wilcock) and other sources such as Bernhard Guenther, David Icke, etc.

The veil is lifting, consciousness is ascending, and love is moving us all into a brand new era.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator, teacher, and writer of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.