The Fellowship of the Kings of Heart


I have a continued calling and desire to keep writing and inviting others to feel this archetypal King energy inside the hearts of all men.  This is even true for women, as they have their own inner masculine energy that has protected their inner femininity from fully blooming for the most noble of reasons.  They too can be healed to a King that helps to become to a counterpart to her arising Queen.  For men, it becomes one portal into our deepest essence as a sacred human in masculine form.  

I can’t help but to feel a loneliness that exists in the Heart of Man.  An authentic desire for deeper connection and resonance.  So much of our connection can be in the mental body,and if it does transact in the emotional body there can be some deep resistances to becoming too intimate.  There is a dearth of authentic, intimate templating that we have been exposed to, at least in my past personal experience.  I always felt more comfortable being more emotional with women than with men, but seemed to find more heart sensitive men to have relationships with when I did.  But there is another level of vulnerability that we never seemed to cross.  We stayed in a contracted frequency that had some nourishment but not a lot of growth.  

As we find ourselves on ever-changing timelines and raising frequencies, we are being exposed to our deeper needs, desires, and the pains that follow them. We are being moved into experiences of remembering more of who we ARE in our most authentic Truth.  As men, I feel how their is a desire to share this within community that can find itself to lean more toward mental digestions.  Or there is a heartfelt ache to connect in heart space but there may be no one around to really understand what is moving through you.  Or you may be blessed a beautiful sweet spot and are desiring more to join you.  

I feel that we are being called back into our most heart-open leading edge of service and leadership.  One that starts square in our hearts to feel all the places where we feel alone, forsaken, guilty, unworthy, confused, or in doubt.  There are many different textures and levels inside of us that desire to be felt and for some it can be a lot to hold.  The heart is seeking feeling and to be reunited with its soul.  Its King.  It seeks to be made whole and then expanded out into the Cosmic Heart of Humanity.  To lead others into the glorious NOW of our deepest gifts and magic.  To fly in the jetstream of Golden Consciousness with an untethered mind free of the energy that kept it in the dark spaces of our pain.  This is what I feel we ache for.  I least my heart and soul does.

And I wish to do this with other men in a fellowship of leadership.  We have such a huge part to play in this arising new golden era of consciousness.  To help heal the All by going into our One.  To reclaim our brilliant kingdom within full of passion, vision, and creativity.  We permit ourselves to live the lives of the Kings that we ARE and encourage and challenge each other lovingly to this grand place of masculine relationship.
I have experienced this with my good friend Raphael Awen and so much want to share this experience with other men.  I loved my male friends dearly, as brothers of heart.  I found myself on a new timeline, but feel them at times in my heart.  

This is a show of desire to be in a bond of like-hearted souls that have chosen to fully inhabit their desire for growth, healing, and building an Empire of Love.  I feel a new care and expanded heart for men everywhere, regardless where we are at on our quest.  I would love to serve the hearts of those so drawn to this fellowship and leadership of Heart.  I claim this inner kingdom for myself and long for you to do the same.  

Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

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No More Waiting To Live


When I awoke today, suddenly nothing happened

But in my dreams, I slew the dragon

And down this beaten path, and up this cobbled lane

I’m walking in my old footsteps, once again

And you say, just be here now

Forget about the past, your mask is wearing thin

Let me throw one more dice

I know that I can win

I’m waiting for my real life to begin

from Waiting For My Real Life To Begin by Colin Hay


These words found there way to me through an interesting route that is so feminine in its nature.  Seemingly random thoughts and exchanges that landed a song into my dock.  I was feeling into what I wanted to write about today and this song hit a chord and I felt to play it and see what tune it sings.  

For those that are in more 4D consciousness, whether just entered or are seasoned veterans (interesting choice of words), there can be this sense that something hasn´t quite shifted on the outside to reflect the growing awareness of what feels true on the inside.  There can be this feeling of looking toward the horizon waiting for something to happen.  In the song, he also uses the words `I have a plan` and `times are just lean`.  There is an externalization, a projection onto life, that it is not on our side or we need to take control in someway to create a desired outcome that hasn`t arrived yet.  That the passion and desire inside are conditional to some set of external circumstances that have to occur in order to be set free.  

I remember this well in my own journey, feeling stuck in a `good career`. Trying to seek many different ways to make it all okay even as I was still `walking down the same ol` cobblestone streets`.  What was needing to happen was what the song suggested and that was to be in the moment and go into your heart. Feel what was really trying to be felt and expressed.  Nothing on the outside could make that any better.  It was I that had to make the journey in and listen to my soul.

The waiting was just a suffering.  A denial to really feel what was evidently true but a part of me was afraid to admit.  A more wounded masculine need to control something in order to resist what was true.  By going more still and surrendering to the feelings, I could allow these feelings to arise and be held in space created by a more solid me and the much needed support of another to hold that truth until I could do it on my own more regularly.  Feeling the fears and resistances to claiming my own power from with.  True empowerment.  Not control.  

Being in a more Yin space helps to feel how parts of us are so afraid of actually letting go of a conditioning or a relationship that is keeping us stuck and in state of suffering.  There many that have done that for themselves and there are those, like myself, who needed support. It is not a sign of weakness but of strength.  Leaning IN order to raise UP.  Support and guidance comes in all forms.  The key is to seek it so that you may help heal it.  I can feel how this can be more difficult for men than for woman but that may be shifting as more men continue to find the value of going in and feeling all there is to feel to stop the waiting and start the living.  
That is what I wanted.  Tired of the mask.  Tired of pretending. Tired of the waiting.  Because there is no time than NOW.  But I hold so much gratitude for that suffering because it brought me to a more authentic place of BEing and living.  It made the alleged comfortable very uncomfortable, so that there were only two choices…and then really only one.  Let go and Go IN.

Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at

Messages from the Sun Of Warmth, Changes, Light, And Love

By Jelelle Awen
I lay down at the sun’s altar of sand and sea, receiving its gifts of coded energies and language in the light. I feel its warmth beaming down on me in varying degrees with subtle shifts in heat, intensity, and frequency from day to day. I take in the messages through my hungry skin, through my purifying pineal gland, through the stones I place near me, through my crystallizing and transforming cells, through my opening and healing heart, through my expanding and waking UP soul. I feel much gratitude to the sun (and the cosmic sun too) for what it GIVES and GIVES of life, of light, and of love.
This is what I hear when I listen and receive as I lay in the sun and I wanted to share with those of you on this fast track of ascension and awakening for which the SUN seems to be a primary source of collective support, Universal activation, and galactic connection to create changes both inside and outside….
The sun’s warmth says to us, “Trust that life is GOOD. Trust that life is based in LOVE. Trust that life is WARM. Trust that life will return to warmth, goodness, and love even when it FEELS (and may need to be) temporarily cold or hard. Trust that THIS warmth is the essence of YOUR heart and soul too.”
The sun’s catalytic energy says to us, “You can GROW. And you don’t HAVE to suffer anymore. Feel ANY aspect of your life that is leading to suffering. Feel the deeper reasons WHY. Feel the power that you have to change whatever it is from INSIDE of you. To Feel and heal. To be with the aspect of you that is attached, that is sacred, that is settling, that is suffering. BE with this inside and the OUTSIDE will change. You will BECOME this change as more and more SELF love overflows moving you from suffering and into love.”
The sun’s NOW presence says to us, “NOW is the TIME. NOW is the time to change the INNER to experience the GOLDEN EARTH, 5D REALITY, that you most WANT and desire. It IS now. Your inner grids are preparing to support this new experience of reality. Your DNA is arising to recode you to this new frequency. You inner matrix is dropping so you can see more clearly your bigness. Your inner veil is lifting so you can remember your soul legacy and connect with your other lifetimes. NOW you can BE all of this.”
The sun’s light says to us, “You are meant to SHINE. You are meant to TURN ON your beacon. You can turn it from inside of yourself with self love that then SHINES it out to others. You become like a light house for yourself and others, your beaming heart helping to navigate the rocky waters and the sudden storms. You become a way shower, shining the light in the darkness for yourself and others to find your way back again to the light.”
The sun’s love says to us, “PURE Love is the ONLY constant. You can return to it over and over. You can lay in it, soak it in, feel it FILL you up again. You can use it to raise your frequency to a higher rate and pitch and tone. You can experience it with your guides, which you BEcome more and more over time. You can experience PURE love more and more in relationship as you draw those that reflect this to you AS you. You can experience the PURE love that you ARE and have ALWAYS been…..infinite and constant as I am.”
Photo is of the SUN yesterday here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico….
Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Becoming A 5D Sacred Human. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Message From Mother Gaia About Mutual Reverence And The Beauty Of Nature That Lives Within

With Jelelle Awen
This beauty is you. This beauty you see in this image is as beautiful as you are. I show you my beauty so that you may see your own. Always, I have been here to provide this for you. Always, I have wanted you to see that you ARE beautiful too.
You come to me, you take me in, you pause to let me in. You swim in my waves. You sit on my sand. You lay on my beaches. In this place, you find reverence. You feel reverence toward me. You pay much of your ‘money’ to live near this expression of me.
Yet, I want to tell you, as I am a mother to you as my embrace holds you and supports you. I want to tell you that the reverence you feel toward me is but a re-minder of the reverence that YOU are. And this I reflect back to you. I reflect reverence FOR you in my waves, in my trees, in my mountains, in my breezes, in my landscapes. I offer this beauty of me so that you might finally SEE and FEEL your own.
You who are reading this, taking in these words, you feel the exchange of beauty, the exchange of reverence between us. You pause, you reflect, you walk mindfully, you do not destroy. You are the keeper souls of my energy, my stewards. You are the hope and possibility that burns bright and shines and beacons to others.
It matters, your reverence for me and it matters even more your reverence for yourself. It matters, it makes a difference, it propels changes forward. It propels our ascension together forward as reverence is the stuff of grace, appreciation, acknowledgement of worth.
I offer you many gifts of rejuvenation, nourishment, connection to ALL, connection to cosmos, connection to No-Thing-Ness, connection to my animal children. I offer these with reverence for you and all I ask as you accept these gifts is to feel yours in response. I offer you these gifts so that you might see that you have access to all of these frequencies already, that they live inside of you, that they ARE you, that I AM YOU too.
I am raising myself UP because it is time for me to do and be so. It is my phase of UPness. I invite you to come along, those of you in reverence and appreciation and goodness. I invite you to come along with me into this exploration of your sacred humanity and the expression of the best of what your hearts and souls can express in those human bodies. I invite you to come along on the next phase of this journey together to experience the expression of New Earth Or Golden Earth Or Golden Gaia. I invite you to come along with the deepest feeling of appreciation and love, from the depths of my inner groundings to the heights of my orbit crowded with star being friends.
I invite you to come with reverence for the beauty expressed by me and that lives inside of you already, just waiting for the water of more love!
Much much love to you my beloveds,
Mother Gaia
Video of crashing waves on the coast here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico…..Mother Gaia is speaking….what do you hear of her message?

The Magical Perspective Of Our Metaspaces

by Leena Colibri



Waves of magical realizations cascade over me as I learn to breathe them in, feeling gratitude wash away all tendencies towards desperation for this and that to change or “finally be here”. This arises along with feelings of tension  around whether or not I can maintain this state, as the conditioning and learned ability to downplay all that is good about my life is still moving and healing.

My life, as it is right now, is something I have the desire to keep letting in, because as I do that, not only do I get to live more fully in every moment and perhaps not ever need to experience “nostalgia” again, but it also gives me the gift of being able to see how far I’ve come. Phew. Going to breathe that one in for a moment… wow. Everything in life changes and shifts so much while we engage in our own healing. There have been many choices I’ve needed to make to get here, some very tough ones and some that came rather easily, and without being willing to see and feel what it is that I truly need and desire, perhaps I couldn’t have risen to my next waves of alchemy and co-creation. Because I have dedicated much energy to going inward, I now get to cultivate a metaspace and vista inside that I get to see myself and my life from.

There is so much that finding a metaspace inside of ourselves can offer us, especially around being able to take a step back and view our lives from a different perspective – one that is not so steeped in any in-the-moment tensions (though the tensions may still be there to some degree, just not so fused to us). What’s cool about these metaspaces is that when we energize our desire for them enough through meditation and taking time to ourselves, they seem to start to happen on their own, offering us organic moments of ecstatic joy and even bliss as we see and let in the true magic of our lives. This is what I feel now as I feel some surprise at becoming enveloped in these waves of love and appreciation for my life right now.

In addition to this, I feel awash on the shores of magical humanity in the moment… sitting at a computer that does these magical things that WE created it to do! Or rather perhaps I should say that we co-created it with beings and forces that we cannot always see but we definitely perceive to different degrees and at different levels! Woah! There is so much that we co-create every single day, in every single moment.

I also feel magic as I am sitting in my little apartment here in Mexico, feeling its size and set up as something not unlike a dream fort I would have loved to have as a child, complete with tiny kitchen and nesty, cozy bed! Of course I also have desires for improving my space and even for it to be in a different location, yet there is so much I am continuing to let in about the magic of where I am, who I am and what I have NOW. This life chapter I’m in is one I would only have dreamed of even a couple of years ago. Now I get to live into it.

I have noticed that there seems to be a conditioned response that we have to magic and even gratitude. I would just speak for myself, but I do feel there is a collective piece here too… there is always something to pick apart about every gift, material or ethereal, we are given. There is always a way to dissect and dismiss. Yet, too, there is always a way to let in and to feel these tendencies as they come up at the same time, letting the water of love bring up the oil of what has been in shadow inside. I’m not convinced this is something we can “master” exactly, but it does feel like a skill and awareness we can develop through deep care and curiosity towards ourselves. It is what helps us create our metaspaces, where we can see what’s going on in front of and within us in a new way.

We have to get out of ourselves from time to time. If this is difficult for you to do, try to find a lookout point in your physical reality. Take a hike up a mountain where you know there’s a view, or if there’s any way at all to get to the highest point in your town, try doing that. I find that looking downward and outward from a higher place physically is such a powerful way to let in what’s really important to me and why, and what I may need to change in order to feel myself in a higher frequency more often. You sometimes hear about people who have gone on long hikes or pilgrimages in nature to find an answer to their questions about their lives. This is a process that is so worth it and you do find the answers and the magical realizations that you seek, if you become present enough to let them in – something that being close to nature will surely offer you plenty of support for doing.

The times we are living in call us to live with more love in our hearts. We are being asked to cultivate our purposes and join together somehow, even while still having our individuation and personal time. And, in this call, we are being supported to sort through who we are and are not, even if the answer to this question is only valid for the next moment, as that claim still helps us move on to our next place of BEing and healing. There are many rivers to cross, yes. There are many streams we can each follow, yes. And there is always, always so much magic and Divine love to let in while we do so. ❤

With love from my metaspace to yours,




Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


The Cries of the World (a prayer for our times)




Acid rain tears fall down the cheeks of a thousand broken surfaces
the cracks and voids of where life was
is bringing about its fiery end.


The learning curve is steeper now
carved out to be so from our necessary faults.
         How else can we learn?


In death we learn to respect life
In hindsight we see what we could have, should have done
               but didn’t.
And perhaps the greatest self-punishment of all
         Is that we are destroying ourselves.


Great Mother, your arms offer safety but not from ourselves.
You shelter and harbour the changes to make
in order to not make the same pathway alive again.
To ask for more time, well, that doesn’t seem fair
when for thousands of years, with tears and longing
have you watched us scramble ourselves into a lopsided labrynth
          collectively created
by our authentic lack of authentic selves.


In this dimension and all dimensions
may we learn the respect you teach us
the love you hold for us
and the longing you have to be one with us once again
like in times of old, when snakes were once your Druids
and porcelain dolls your Priestesses.


How do we bridge All That Is with all that is now?
They connect already, I know.
It’s the acceptance that there is nothing more to do
          and only more to be
that gets hard to be with
and is the toughest mountain to climb in this ever-churning industrial world
soon screeching to a halt.


How do your children feel to you now?
Do you feel much hope for more than that we may try again someday?
Could it all be healed in a sudden swoop of an upswing of Divine ecstasy felt in all hearts?


I am done with the humanness of humanity to the degree in which most inhabit it.
To the degree in which I have inhabited it.
And I want more
and I feel more
and I will live to be more.
To give more to myself
so I can give more to others
and learn to live in your light, your fire, your passion and your connectedness
to us
and to all things.




Kathleen Calder is an initiate at the SoulFullHeart Sanctuary and you can read more of her writing here on this blog. Please visit SoulFullHeart Sanctuary for more information about staying with us and virtual sessions.


Feeling Like There’s No Tomorrow: NTE – Near Term Extinction for Humans???


By Wayne Vriend

Let’s see if I can find some words to share what I’m feeling….which of course assumes that I know what I am feeling. I truly don’t. I’m digesting a series of articles which lay out a convincing presentation of facts from recent scientific studies detailing the earth’s recent average temperature rise. I invite you to take a look beyond the smokescreen debate about global warming, and to see the much greater climate chaos I’ve been convinced is coming, and even very much here now. Here’s one more presentation of the undeniable facts as presented by Guy McPherson, a former natural sciences professor.

Our current global average temperature rise is under 1 degree above our historic baseline when we began recording temperature at the beginning of Industrial civilization. Now if you’ve been lulled to a sweet sleep by the persistence of normalcy and our inborn native and understandable predisposition of our false self to denial, one degree or less can hardly be worth getting worked up about, right? There are lots of other things needing our more immediate attention than that.

Go back to sleep then, sorry I disturbed you. ‘Move along folks, nothing to see here.’ Never knowing what hit you might be the sweetest form of self love you can give yourself. I really mean that. If parts of you are not ready to see this, I so honour that you just might not be meant to see this. Most of the people on this population doubling planet have no way to grasp, hold, and process what is unfolding now. Others of us simply need to know and respond accordingly. Both are true and necessary to what is playing out.

Government and sacred civil institutions taking no overt action to alert or prepare people are totally doing the craziest things imaginable, which tells us they know major shit is going down, and their only hope is to keep the passengers on the Titanic in order. Iceberg slushies (complete with GMO-raised corn syrup and ‘natural’ flavours) for everyone. How can civil leaders justify horrid acts such as a total surveillance state, drone warfare, GMOs, fracking, etc.? It’s all in the name of the lesser of two evils. The powers that be in government and at the helm of our most sacred instituions know what most of us don’t know but are slowly waking up to: that all of us are about to be sideswiped by climate chaos involving near term human extinction. We’ve known and admitted that we are currently losing around 200 species every single day. We just haven’t seen ourselves as a candidate for this onslaught. Most people haven’t been able to see and feel the changes coming to them personally in a meaningful and alive way. The government has all the justification needed for treating us in any and all manner of inhumanity. It feels like: “I will preserve myself before I preserve you when I can’t see and hold meaning to my own mortality.” Only people who do not truly live are afraid of their own death.

For those with the ears to hear and hearts to feel, there is a ton of good news in this apocalyptic runaway freight train. First is that only what isn’t real or alive can actually die. All of life can only be transformed; nothing can be eradicated. We offer in SoulFullHeart that you are not who you think you are most of the time. Nothing changes that for people like a doctor telling them they have only months to live. Suddenly whole layers of meaning invade every moment and every relationship. We are in precisely that time. Which do you prefer, the bliss of ignorance of not knowing something, or the depth of meaning and aliveness found in feeling and facing your own mortality?

Around a near corner for us is a complete and sudden shutdown of the set of living arrangements that we were born into and accepted as normal. Call it the collapse of industrial civilization. We’ve extracted, fought over and burned in a couple of centuries the better part of the fossil fuels that nature took millions of years of process to put there. Nature so unsentimentally tricked us into this trap. I’m pretty sure of it. Mother nature is not afraid of death and rebirth, but welcomes it as a cleansing and natural process. That’s why our current patriarchal collective and our theologies of dominion have decreed that we should ‘subdue her, before she subdues us’. Check it out for yourself…….28 verses into the bible in Genesis. Possibly no greater and more succinct words can be found to grasp the source of our current dilemma. We went to war with nature.

As you can see then, this deal really isn’t new, in the way we think of it. When we learned way back how to grow and store grain, that was really the much deeper beginning of this present era of dominion. (It’s not really all Obama’s and Bush’s fault.) We’ve had some big empire experiments come and go since then, but not one event that so catastrophically and opportunistically changes EVERYTHING and all the things that matter to us in a one moment kind of way. We’ve had five prior extinction events in the planet’s history that we know about. We’ve just never teed up such a big deal as we have in the lead up to this present and sixth one…..making your life and mine a front row seat to experience the pinnacle of the greatest story ever told.

Our western world dominion achievment is truly shining, even with the current tarnish. Electricity coming from holes in the wall every 12 feet around the rooms of our McMansions, lifting a lever and getting clean drinking water coming out of a ‘tap’ often with many more taps and toilets in the house than people. Groceries on store shelves completely unimaginable to our recent ancestors, along with a functioning economic system and global wars to keep it all in momentum. A few dollars for a gallon of gasoline that is said to have the equivalent power of 300 man hours of labour at our disposal at filling stations. All of that abruptly ends though in the collapse of our industrial civilization. It is so truly amazing what we’ve built. Problem is we built it all on sand, and if that wasn’t enough, we went on to hollow out the pillars, making this sudden demolition drop our most spectacular to date. Crazy what you can build with disconnect and denial! Crazier still how you can set it up for the biggest fall that most won’t believe till they see it in ashes, and even then many may not have the ability to grasp it.

We need the industrial civilization to end if we are to survive as a species on the planet. There’s no question about that really, yet part of you may still be in denial about that if you’ve invested your money and self image irreversibly in the deal. But the end of industrial civilization actually isn’t as hopeful at all for our species, as we are just now learning. We need industrial civilization to prevent our 440 some nuclear reactors around the world from going Fukushima on us. Without a power grid, that’s exactly what they do. Mother nature just doesn’t care about what we care about most of the time. She never promised that. We, in a very entitled and bratty way projected onto her our demand for her blessing on our agenda of disconnection from her. She really has no problem with our choice to fuck ourselves. Mary can’t be hailed on this one.

It’s not that Mother Earth doesn’t love us with a penetrating and embracing love. The Divine Mother just has a different reality around love. She is not afraid of death, but welcomes it like shaking your etch-a-sketch, and getting to begin again. She knows and feels that only by our cycles of death and rebirth can She, along with our entire universe, come to know itself through trial and error. We don’t know what is ultimately going on because our Mother doesn’t know what’s going on. She’s doing all of this in the fun of finding out. It’s called never ending discovery. It’s not that our species is evil, but rather that in our journey to discover love we needed to play with evil. So while this collapse feels like an unimaginable big deal that we cannot relate to, it really is as natural and normal as summer, fall, winter, and spring.

She needs us like never before to accept the doctor’s prognosis, we only have months to live. Those months are made up of moments. And it’s only in a moment that you can feel. And feeling is what moves in harmony with death and rebirth. Not feeling is what our resistance to change and metamorphosis is made up of. Mother Earth, our Divine Mother, Our Divine Father, our own Divinity, Yeshua, Buddha and Allah all agree – It’s time to begin feeling like there’s no tomorrow. Because there isn’t nearly as many tomorrows as we’ve been so gullibilly been led to believe.

Wayne Vriend is co-creator and a facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.

On Mother Earth Day: Digesting The Reality Of Climate Crisis


By Wayne Vriend

Recently I took in three powerful and difficult to digest pieces about the climate crisis. It seems fitting to share them today, on Mother Earth Day.

The first is a writers’ recollection, who lived nearby Chernobyl of the days and hours following the meltdown:

and the second is Guy Mcpherson’s climate chaos you tube video from last year about how it’s most likely that we will experience a near extinction level climate crisis events by 2040.

And the third piece: RT released a piece on Chernobyl released on the 28th year anniversary (and it is part of the currently troubled Ukraine, no less!)

My god, I’m trying to digest how momentous a time we are in – RIGHT NOW – and let it in from the divine mother’s heart and urgency…

The piece from Chernobyl shows how the authorities react to any bad news in which it always justifies lying to the masses as the lesser of two perceived evils. We are in just such a time as that, but on a much bigger scale.

The other big piece I feel is how we collectively don’t have a way to digest this emotionally and spiritually, so we just haven’t digested it, (which is different somehow than flat out denial.)

Guy’s presentation is a lot of facts, and some context at the end. It beckons the heart and the soul to respond. The response is about accepting the earth as ‘in hospice’, rather than writing a letter to your congressman or member of parliament.

Mark me down for convinced, (though I struggle to know what that actually means). The world as we know bears little resemblance to the world that is emerging in the days, weeks, months and years immediately upon us.

Soulfullheart was born for such a time as this and I must admit, I am curious as hell as to how and if that will actually play out.

Wayne Vriend is co-creator and a facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.

The Tar Sands – Dirty oil and the future of a continent

By Wayne

I’m reading, “The Tar Sands – Dirty oil and the future of a continent,” by Andrew Nikiforuk. This book is a prophet’s call in our time…convincing, damning, and a wonder the author’s voice hasn’t been silenced.

I am shocked at how compelling greed and falseness is through and through our systems of government and business. Where have true leaders gone? Gone they are, we are a ship without a rudder, about to be hurled on the rocks of our own folly. Hopefully to some soft landing that saves us from ourselves.

The shocks come in waves; the shock of the living conditions in Fort McMurray, Alberta, the main town at the heart of the Tar Sands; the shock of the working conditions, the shock of the inflated wages and stunning cost overruns, the shock of the estimated 40% of workers high on cocaine and other drugs just to cope; the shock of the environmental protections agencies standard rubber stamp report of ‘no significant damage’ to the environmental impact study question at hand.

You have to be immune not to shocked by what you read about and feel in these pages.

The shock goes deeper however, than a ‘us vs. them’ kind of reaction. The shock goes into our collective addiction to cheap oil that has fuelled (pun intended) this reality. This is something we have co created as an industrial society and it is something we must together uncreate. It doesn’t seem however on the surface at least that there is much evident collective will to reverse this mammoth race to more and more raping of the earth, and plundering everything in our path for a feeling of security. But this is where mother earth will hopefully come to the rescue to save us from ourselves before it’s too late.

Scary too is our current Canadian government’s evangelical christian leanings that hold that the earth is soon to be burned up by God himself and a new heaven and a new earth popped in it’s place. And it’s belief that people who get worked up about saving the planet just don’t get that the far more important job is saving one’s soul from eternal torment in hell. This, of course, can’t be outright admitted, but look at the environmental track record and our recent pull out of the Kyoto accord. Something much bigger than just a political persuasion is at work here.

God’s kingdom is coming to Canada, and it’s a boom for the tar sands, like it or not. But the huge cost and devastating environmental impact can’t be underestimated.

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Petropolis: Stopping The Tar Sands

Every Canadian…every consumer of gas, should watch Petropolis, a film from Green Peace that offers a stunning aerial perspective on the Alberta tar sands. There’s very little narration as miles and miles of scarred, gouged, poisoned, and stripped land are juxtaposed against pristine and breathtakingly beautiful images of the still untouched acres of the Boreal Forest.

The abuses of our land, of our planet, so poignantly demonstrate how we are out of balance as a species- expressing our male shadow side…..achievement-based, short-sighted, dominating, and greedy….following urges and unchecked impulses in masochistic and saddistic ways without feeling compassion, remorse, or the bigger context of the impact it has on our world and the world our children will inherit from us.

While watching this film, I often gasped, near tears, “How can we let this happen to our earth?”, shocked by the destruction and devastation depicted in the images. Wayne replied (also disgusted but less shocked because he had seen these tar sand images before), “Out of sight is out of mind for most people. Remember too that the Tar Sands are a really lucrative industry for Canada.”

This film puts what is out of sight into the mind and, hopefully, into the heart and into the awakening consciousness happening around the world. Yes the demand is there for fossil fuels and it can be answered this way…but at what long-term cost for such temporary gain?

Information below is from the film’s website about the dangerous effects of this relatively new and expensive (the cost much beyond a financial one) means of meeting the world’s demands for and ever decreasing supplies of oil:

Located beneath 4.3 million hectares of boreal forest in Alberta, Canada, the tar sands are a mixture of sand, clay and a heavy crude oil called bitumen that is either mined in open pits or extracted from underground by injecting superheated water.

Getting the oil out of the tar sands uses roughly three barrels of water per barrel of oil, or as much water as a city of two million people. After use in tar sands processing, 90 per cent of this water is so contaminated with toxic chemicals that it must be stored in tailings ponds so huge that they can be seen from outer space.

Tar sands oil production releases five times more greenhouse gases than conventional oil production. Tar sands projects will release an estimated 40 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2007 and ensure that Canada will continue to be one of the worst greenhouse gas emitters per capita in the world. – From Petropolis

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