Collapse Experiences Coming Through From Other Lifetimes For Feeling, Healing And Recreating

By Jelelle Awen


Entire planets blowing up, others nearly being destroyed with mass exodus to new planets…..Atlantis crumbling and drowning, Lemuria sinking into the sea…..these images have been moving through my consciousness lately. I am receiving writings from others that help fill in some of the picture, along with visions offered during meditation while also accessing my own soul’s experience of these timelines.

It seems this is a phase of FEELING and BEING with the trauma that is in our Metasoul line by aspects of us that are experiencing these collapse timelines in the Now. With the overall lifting and thinning of the veils of amnesia, we can access these ‘memories’ with much more clarity and feeling sense then we could before.

These memories of planetary implosions and civilizations ending is in the cellular memory of our collective unconscious. It lives there inside of us, pulsating and vibrating at a certain frequency until we become more conscious of it, elicit it, connect to the parts of us in our Metasoul that ARE experiencing it.

We are invited to feel that these events didn’t happen in an ancient past, yet rather as time becomes less and less linear in how we relate with it….are happening in the present. This is not ‘ancient history’, as so many people offer. It is not something that happened 500,000 years ago or 1 million years ago or even 15,000 years ago, even as that can be hard for our minds to grasp and understand as we receive so much conditioning in 3D reality toward linear time.

Collapses of the old are an aspect of the death and rebirth process of awakening. they are an important aspect of ascension, whether they are happening on a global, planetary level or in our personal lives. It is necessary for that which has become outgrown, outdated, served its purpose, to no longer BE and to make room then for the NEW. We choose to experience this through our Metasoul in many different scenarios and expressions. This can be very difficult to reconcile without conscious connection and healing around it.

‘Bleed through’ from these others lifetimes is happening at deeper levels right now as the influxes of light and love support us to hold space for this soul exploration. These other lifetimes can bleed into our present life without us understanding WHY some of the emotions we are feeling or ways we are seeing the world or how we are experiencing relationships with others are there. Aspects of us in other lifetimes can feel like victims, be very highly traumatized, feel large amounts of guilt and shame and responsibility related to the ROLES they are playing relate to these collapse events. These undigested feelings and karmic binds then come through to influence and impact our experience of present day reality and our emotional responses too.

Our Metasoul aspects MAY be playing a major role in the collapse of civilizations. These aspects of us wear both hats; they are on both ‘sides’. This helps us to feel that no BEing is truly EVIL, just able to embrace and express more degrees of fear or love in any moment. As we connect with these ‘shadow’ aspects in our Metasoul line, we become more compassionate toward these expressions in this life. We can relax the ‘good against evil’ pictures, the need to ‘go to battle’ (even for love) against others, and we can more FEEL where the expressions of outer violence comes from and is ultimately rooted INSIDE in unworthiness, fear, disconnect, and undigested pain. As we understand and LOVE the expression of the demonic, we can more authentically and purely embody the angelic.

Without consciously connecting to our collapse experiences from other lifetimes, we can project ‘collapse scenarios’ onto our present world. The 3D timeline IS collapsing in many ways as more souls de-energize and raise their consciousness beyond it. Yet, the picture of worldwide collapse of industrial systems leading to scenarios of mass starvation and death CAN BE greatly influenced by unfelt collapse experiences in our soul legacy. This sense of ‘doom and gloom’ can also be planted there by fear-based BEings who have agendas toward creating these scenarios. This planting finds fertile soil in the unfelt and undigested trauma experiences from our souls.

In SoulFullHeart, we offer a process to connect with your Metasoul aspects during spaceholding sessions in a way that allows for mutual healing, gift exchange, and even complete ‘recreation’ of timeline experience around collapse. We negotiate with your soul guardian/Inner Protector aspect first to ‘allow’ access to your Metasoul line and your soul aspects, as often they are usually fiercely guarded and protected until we are ‘ready’ to remember.

I have been connecting recently with Mareeka, my Metasoul aspect who lives during the time of Atlantis falling. I experienced the ‘fall’ with her, collapsing rubble all around us and drowning in tidal waves of water. It was very intense and, then, I was guided by Archangel Metatron that we could ‘change the timeline’. I helped Mareeka let go of a relationship that was no longer serving her (with a Metasoul aspect of Raphael’s actually). I empowered her so that she could ‘escape’ the fall of Atlantis before it happened (which she felt was just her ‘fate’). We changed the timeline and she is now sailing on her way to the ‘new world’ and a different outcome. It will be very interesting to see how this impacts my present life experience of reality!

If time is not linear and if everything we experience is our creation, then it seems that we CAN alter ALL timelines and move into Infinite Possibilities of experiences from there. Imagine if more and more of us did this and we were able then to heal events such as the ‘fall of Atlantis’ from our collective cellular memory and collective emotional body? I feel this IS possible or at least this is the timeline that I am offering to those of you who resonate with it. As we remember our way back to Infinite Love, we can feel and heal the impact of the collapses that were necessary along the journey, yet no longer reflect who we really ARE.

Here is more writing about the Metasoul Line and healing the Fall Of Atlantis experience:


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond .

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Going Through Death And Rebirth During This Great Shift

By Jelelle Awen

Phoenix - 1

As Gaia ascends and raises the vibrational frequency of Her grids from 3D to transitional 4D and into 5D and higher, we are invited to ‘come along’ with Her during this Great Shift. Our capacity is LIT up at our most leading edges of BEing and the seed of our sacred human is watered by PURE love and light waves. At this leading edge of BEing, we have the potential to respond to these frequencies from Gaia with open hearts, minds, and souls. This embracement guides us into unknown and Infinite Possibilities of access to extrasensory perceptions and expressions of our ‘super human’ selves…becoming like the super heroes that we watch in movies.
Yet, the Great Shift is a death and rebirth process and is not meant to be smooth and easy. To bring in the NEW, the old must be let go of. The ‘space’ taken up by the current needs to be vacated to allow the NEW to arise. There are labor pains that PUSH OUT the birthing of NEW. For Gaia, there is the often tumultuous adjustment of raising Her frequency WHILE being occupied by seven billion humans, who are all in their own varying degrees of awakening. She receives support for this conversion through many Star BEings who seem to live underground and also stay in Her orbit, waiting to assist when needed. Ethereal BEings, such as angels and archangels, are flooding Her with light and support too.
It feels like the expressions of extreme weather patterns, global warming, ice caps melting…these manifestations actually represent the Great Shift out of 3D disconnected and polluting and abusive relationship to Gaia. There is a way that this is an environmental collapse, yet one that doesn’t have to lead to mass chaos and collapse of all our current industrial systems at one time. As more souls awaken, their relationship with Gaia changes to more consciousness, love, respect, and mutual reverence. These tones from us allow collaborative solutions to come forward to respond to the energy resource and environmental issues in 3D.
Again, Star BEings are ready with many very technologically advanced solutions to our energy woes, many that seem to be available in the Now for us to use immediately once collective consciousness is more ready for them and to embrace Star BEings in their everyday world. Star BEings have already intervened MANY times in our modern era to prevent nuclear war, mass killings by fear-based groups (called Cabal, Illuminati, the Elite, etc.). An aspect of the current transition is the public disclosure of this group AND of the collaboration with benevolent Star BEings to move this group out of power. You can learn more about this disclosure process through David Wilcock, who provides MUCH evidence and information from inside sources around it. Learning more about this disclosure process as it relates to 3D life can help give a sense of how this all might continue to unfold.
You are probably feeling a parallel process of transition as Gaia’s. Even as you can perhaps see, taste, and feel in moments what your NEW higher vibrational life IS, you are still in transition to BEing this more. This, again, is not an easy changeover with much more ‘ash in the air’ than confetti. Your world has been connected into the 3D matrix and conditioning of your culture, of your birth family, of your friends, of your schools, of your jobs. Your body’s every cell holds the cellular memory of 3D living and your DNA vibrates to this frequency as well for most of your life. There is MUCH toxicity taken in through polluted water, chemicals in food, fear-based energies dominant in so many people.
Similar to Gaia you are ‘switched on’ when your ‘time has come.’ Your soul awakens in a very dramatic way with a one-time surge of Kundalini or Nondual or Oneness energies OR in a gradual, walking out experiences over time. Your soul and Higher Self energies flood your inner space, bringing new desires to learn and grow, to lift the veils, and to shed the ‘skin’ and ‘suit’ of 3D life that your 3D self has HAD to create in order to survive incarnation here. Some areas of your life fit this soul frequency right away and others are more difficult to transition.
This changeover from 3D to 4D transitional and higher can have ups and downs, ebbs and flows for you. There are relationships that you discover are more about your 3D self or personas, masks, or ego (what we call ‘parts’ in SoulFullHeart) that are most prevalent. You feel then an ache to just ‘be yourself’ more in relationships and if others around you are not awakening and shifting too, it becomes an intense and often painful ground of letting go, taking space, and completing WHILE love remains in your heart for them.
At some point in the process, settling and shrinking your frequency to fit in with others, conform to 3D expectations or reality…it just isn’t possible anymore. The previous 3D life runs out of ground and what you could formerly ‘tolerate’, you no longer can anymore. Even your 3D self is ‘done’ with it. This doneness allows ALL the areas of your life to more reflect your soul self. In SoulFullHeart, we see the seven key areas of life that are meant to be in balance of vibrational expression as: emotional, spiritual, mental, social, physical, financial, and environmental. We provide support through private sessions to connect with aspects of yourself, usually starting with your Inner Protector, so that negotiation can happen allowing for more change and transition into the life that you are really wanting. Conscious negotiation with the parts of you that are resistant and afraid to embrace change in ALL areas of your life opens up the possibilities that it can happen, and at a much faster rate as well. This writing describes the 3D, 4D, and 5D selves and their expression and relationship to each of these areas, plus journaling questions for you to feel into related to each area:
The parallels to Gaia’s process of ascension and your own may provide illumination for you to gain a new context around what is happening to you AND in the world. Gaia will be ‘done’ with 3D reality too and maybe already is with those souls who still need to experience it going into other timelines on other planets. There are times where the current world can seem a ‘mess’ and IS one in some ways. Yet, out of that mess comes the NEW. Out of your experience at times of emotional chaos and mess can you feel on the other side of it a clearing inside for the NEW. Going into the chaos inside, holding space for the death and rebirth, connecting with the parts of you that resist feeling it, and understanding WHY it exists, allows it to move. Gaia and EACH one of us is being held with SO MUCH love to undergo this VERY brave conversion and birthing process. The support is there from so many sources and can be found by going within, becoming open then to drawing what you most need to continue this LIFE altering, death and rebirth shift into the NEW.


 Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond .

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Energy Update: High Vibe Energies Are Supporting Personal And Global Disclosure

By Jelelle Awen


The waters are receding. The image I was given in mediation today was of each of us being an island whose waters are receding back to reveal more and more of the land mass beneath it. The waters are the veil of amnesia and forgetfulness and unconsciousness that we chose, as a collective consciousness, to place over ourselves. We became like individual islands, or believed that we were, creating an isolated and separate experience of reality. When actually, as we move into 5D frequencies more and more, we remember that we are ALL connected as one, like a piece of land that has no ending or gaps or drop offs. We remember that there is nothing actually separating us from each other and it was only an illusion to feel that we were.

As the waters recede, you have more access to remember, feel, and connect with our soul legacy or what I call our ‘Metasoul line’. Because time in higher dimensions is not linear, you are invited to feel that rather than past lives, you are a fractal from a higher frequency Metasoul source with many projections off this source living out in different ‘eras of time’, dimensions, and even planets. You can gain great information about yourself by connecting with your ‘Metasoul brothers or sisters’ and working toward mutual healing together. In my experience of this conscious connection process with myself and offering this with others, karmic patterns and even very deep soul legacy play outs can be healed in a quantum way with complete resolution and integration.

As the waters recede, you also have more sense of the deeper woundings that been suppressed in your emotional body. In the past, your emotional body may have been largely subconscious to you with awareness coming only in moments of emotional reactivity, crisis, or turmoil. The fluidity of bridging to your emotional body becomes possible through connecting with aspects or parts of you that have solidified into ‘stuck’ frequencies or energies due to undigested emotions. Some of these parts express as the Inner Protector, Inner Matriarch and Patriarch, Inner Child, and many more. This is the ground that we hold space for in exploration during session space in SoulFullHeart as well.


So MUCH of our 3D world has run on deception, manipulation, deceit, lack of transparency, and non-vulnerability. So much of its manifestation has been fed by fear. These lower vibrational frequencies only sustain when we are disconnected from our soul bigness, our higher heart, our sense of Oneness connection, and our connection with Divine Source. They have ‘ruled our world’ because they were meant to for a phase of time, for the phase of ‘Dark Ages’ that we all signed up to experience, as these energies needed to be purged from humanity’s collective unconscious. We have been collectively experiencing a Dark Night Of The Soul, even as many of us are waking up into a Light Day Of The Soul phase as our next Now.

Your ability to hide much of anything from yourself and from others is greatly being challenged by the influxes of love and light waves flowing in from the Divine. The light invites you to illuminate what has been in shadow within you and bring it into your awareness and consciousness. The PURE love invites you to embrace what has been previously judged, suppressed, and resisted within you to heal the fear-based frequencies INside and transmute them into love.

Affairs of ANY kind become impossible with the high vibrational frequencies that are being offered to us now. Withholding becomes unappealing as the truth wants to just burst through your opening heart and your expanding soul. Self deception and deception of others runs out of ground inside you as the cost to the heart and soul is too great. The games that you could previously play with others (especially those in your birth family) are no longer interesting to you.

This seems to be mostly felt on a personal level in this phase, yet it does feel like it will be a more global experience as well and that it is already in process. Disclosure is happening more and more of the 3D matrix control system that has been in place and the lower frequency energies of deceit and deception that have kept it running. Many Star BEings previously polarized to fear-based frequencies (commonly called Archons) are leaving Gaia and choosing either to BE in love or to BE in fear somewhere else. Much shadow will be coming to ‘light’ and some of it will be potentially very distressing to emotionally digest, especially for those souls who are still very attached and ‘fused’ to 3D consciousness. Some people will not ‘survive’ this disclosure phase and choose instead to leave Gaia and their bodies.

The more that a personal disclosure has been occurring in your life through the awakening process, the less it will impact you as the global disclosure occurs. The more transparent you have been in your own life, the less it will affect you as the lack of transparency on a collective level is revealed. The more you have let go of 3D conditioning and lifestyle, the less it will rumble through your world when some of the 3D systems collapse. The more you have energized and chosen a love-based life for yourself, so this higher timeline will unfold for you.

Surrendering into the process of personal disclosure is where your empowerment is, rather than focusing too much on the global play outs. Going within to explore the inner terrain that is being revealed to you offers the most opportunity for growth. Surrendering to the bigger container of Divine love that is holding the process allows you to go within, leading with courage the exploration of this new inner landscape that is being revealed to you. You become like an explorer then, seeking out the next and the next NEW terrain inside. You invite then others to do and BE this WITH you as you connect to the Oneness energies of Infinite Love for which we are all connected and BElong and ARE!


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond .

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Being ‘Fast Tracked’ Related To Ascension And Awakening

By Jelelle Awen

Wonderful afternoon unfolding, just arising from one thing to another, sitting in the sun, sharing tea and veggie sandwich at a cafe, no rush, just moving along to the next place and the next, taking our consciousness with us…..enlivening conversations with my two favorite angelic earth men on the planet Raphael and Gabriel. We talked about how it feels like we are all being ‘fast-tracked’ …those of us on this journey to ascend and heal and BE healers offering to others.

We feel this in SoulFullHeart as our personal processes are speeding up, quantum healing in moments, mega soul and heart healing happening fast, and continual creativity and ideas for offering and serving love. We are being fast-tracked because it feels like an intense phase is coming up with many of the old structures of the old timelines collapsing and falling away. Those of us, like you who are reading these words, with healing gifts will be very much needed. Those of us with a heart to serve and give will be in very much demand. Those of us called to serve love will be very busy it feels like.

Part of the fast-trackness is claiming of your soul gifts and their expression, being bold to offer who and what you are, seeking to learn and train and grow so you can offer more, being wiling to feel the self image attachments that may come up and heal them, being willing to feel the unworthiness feelings that come up in parts of you and heal them. Finding wayshowers to offer a path and process perhaps that you can be part of and offer and serve love through (that is available through SoulFullHeart as a facilitator by the way, if you are drawn to that as it feels like we will be needing more souls to serve as SoulFullHeart facilitators in the future).

I have felt for many years the sense of collapse and recognized too that sometimes only through collapses and completions can the new be born. Out the ashes arises the phoenix……this phoenix is the NEW sacred human. Some souls will arise into this, those of us who have been feeling this for maybe many years and on this awakening path for many years. Or maybe you have just ‘popped’ recently into awakening through intense awakening experiences that came about seemingly ‘suddenly’ (although orchestrated by your higher self all along). I am hearing of this ‘sudden popping’ from more and more people who seem to find themselves transported from 3D and into 4D and even into 5D and higher dimensional states in some ways very quickly.

The eclipse coming up soon feels important as a ‘marker’ in time (even though time is not real); a placeholder to feel how we are entering a new phase of intensity in this intense year of 2017. What you have lived with that comes from a lower frequency will no longer be able to be justified or tolerated. Relationships that are being held onto out of safety will collapse. Jobs that don’t serve love or your higher purpose will fade away with new opportunities coming to you. Geographies that don’t speak to your soul will ‘run out of ground’, inviting you to explore and find new terrains, perhaps connected to a conscious soul family community. Soul mates/counter parts who ‘signed up’ to be in ascension will find each other more easily and things will probably progress FAST between you, no longer with years to ‘get to know each other’… probably won’t want to wait anyway!

I feel for the human body as it is stretched and reconfigured as it is fast-tracked too. As it is outfitted in a new ‘suit’ of crystalized energy to replace the carbon ‘bodyprint.’ This can bring body pains, body discomforts, body flus and body rashes, sudden congestions as the body shifts into a higher frequency. Recognizing when these symptoms are an aspect of the ascension process can help…sometimes the pains are ‘old’ objects and structures that your soul has held onto or are being energerized in past lives suddenly dissolve and leave some residual pain behind. They are like scaffolding that is no longer needed or a vestigial organ that has ceased to serve a function any longer. This happened for me yesterday as my reptilian brain stem dissolved (I wrote about this today in an earlier post.) Head pain can be the pineal gland growing and shining and turning ‘ON’ too.

Self love is so important during the fast-track. Going within to find your grounding with Mother Gaia and going without into nature to connect with Her too in a conscious way. Going within to connect with angelic guides, spirit guides, star Being selves (even Archons-Reptilian selves, as I offered earlier). Going within to breathe, to center, to clean and protect and activate your chakras. Going within to feel parts of yourself and their emotional reactions and digestions to ALL of the changes, especially your 3D self that has been comfortable and secure in 3D life and maybe even comfortable too in the last ‘vestiges’ of that old life, content in the rubble of the old life.

Much love is available from so many sources to help those of us who are being fast-tracked…..from my heart to yours, I extend my most precious gifts of service and exploration of the sacred feminine to women who feel drawn to experience a women’s group call with me on April 15th (more about that here: and Raphael is announcing a men’s group call soon plus our ongoing group calls (nearly every weekend now). OR an individual SoulFullHeart session with me (or the others) for support, energy healing, SoulFullHeart process work, ascension guidance, higher self connection….oh so much magic happens in these spaces!…and LOVE too. More about that here:

Love to you fellow fast-trackers….see you and feel you as we zoom through the timelines and multiple dimensions and collapsing and changing realities and experience of the self….. looking for love, resonating in love, BEing with love and offering/serving love….


Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of an upcoming book, Becoming The NEW 5D Sacred Human.
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Navigating This Time Of Transition From 3D To 4D Consciousness

By Jelelle Awen


If you are reading these words and drawn to them, you probably already experience most of your reality from a fourth dimensional or higher consciousness state or are in transition to being this. Dimensions are a vibrational frequency and what we have known as earth life has been mostly in the third dimension, denser frequency for a long time now.

Third dimensional frequencies are of separation, isolation, competition, sense of survival and lack (scarcity), five sense reality processing (only what the body and mind can see is ‘real’), logic dominating, attachment to religious and other belief systems, focus on differences, etc. Fourth dimensional consciousness offers more sense of Oneness, community, communion, beyond five sense reality experiences, soul remembrances, heart-based relationships, sense of abundance and gratitude, intuition leading, and openness to all while awakening your inner soul and heart wisdom. Fifth dimensional consciousness (as I have experienced in moments and more and more as daily reality) is an experience of telepathic communication, inhabitation of our light bodies rather than our carbon-based bodies, multi-dimensional overlapping, no linear time or space, Oneness sense of ‘one mind’ yet individual soul sparks too transacting in conscious relationshp, etc.

It feels like Gaia (as a consciousness in planetary form) is moving out of the third and into the lower fourth, which is shaking out many of the shadow playouts, government and financial corruptions, mass protests, etc. This seems to be the ‘event’ of December, 2012 in which it was the end of the world in the sense of the 3D consciousness that had held such dominance over Gaia began to shift. Many star beings and Ethereal beings are supporting this shift as they have long yearned for Gaia and her human inhabitants to shake off the suppressive and limiting consciousness of 3D to remember our essence as sacred humanity through more inhabitation of our 5D and beyond consciousness as Divine selves or light beings.

The ‘underbelly’ of human consciousness is turning over to be felt and ultimately healed. To whatever degree you are still connected to 3D reality, this turning over is going to push up perhaps strong feelings and reactions for you. The recent political presidential election, for example, seen through the perspective of a part of you that has been conditioned in 3D reality of government dominance and superiority, would feel hopeless, outraged, distraught, and many other feelings. This part of you has been conditioned to ‘believe’ in the need to turn over your authority to another and to be governed. You have been conditioned to project your parental needs onto outer authority (started with our birth parents) rather than feel your own inner authority being watered. You can feel this part(s) of you as a 3D aspect (which includes most of our mental activity and minds as well) and give it lots of love, curiosity, and non-judgment, and we offer in SoulFullHeart a healing process and supportive community to assist with your ascension process.

The re-minders that come from 4 and 5D consciousness to help the 3D aspects of us that are still in transition are that no one can govern or have power over us. If we ‘let’ them, that is still our choice. We create our own reality; we are our own Universes in that way. We are not powerless to anything, but rather have access to Infinite Power (heart-based) that is connected to our essence as Infinite Love. In the frequencies of Infinite Love, nothing that is not polarized to love can survive or is ‘real’.

As Gaia moves into higher dimensions of consciousness, many souls will choose (still their choice) not to go with Her as that is their path and process. They may leave their bodies, go to other 3D realities on other planets or reincarnate again with a new focus and openness to higher consciousness. I am not offering this lightly as I have felt for many years the intensity that this time of transition is going to bring to our world. I have shed many tears over the cries of the world and the suffering that exists in 3D consciousness. Holding what is going to happen with compassion and sobriety is important while not letting it bring down our own vibrational frequencies or spiral us into suffering loops. There will most likely be many body deaths, much violence and upheaval, and perhaps even the collapse of the industrial systems that we have become dependent on in many ways for our ‘survival.’

Those of us who want to stick it out through this time of transition and continue to ascend and awaken our consciousness to experience the New Earth are in for a very bumpy ride at times. But we have buffers in the form of our own choices toward raising our vibrational frequencies through service of love to others in whatever forms that looks like for each of us. We are wayshowers and here to help humanity get through this transitional time. The biggest gift we can offer ourselves and humanity is to claim this, continue to heal our hearts and souls to vibrate at a higher frequency, and decondition from 3D reality as a continual process.

New Earth or what we call “Golden Earth” already exists as a consciousness and can be ‘visited’ whenever we want to. It offers a watering of the world that our hearts and soul remember is possible from our previous experiences of Atlantis and Lemuria and in other dimensions such as Avalon and from other planets and galaxies. Golden Earth is more our home frequency and connecting with the tones of heart-based love, Ethereal guidance and love, going within always to look first for our answers and path will serve us during the experiences ahead that are going to be challenging and at times painful. Ultimately, trusting love as the only ‘real’ thing that there is offers a beacon to us, stirring us through the fogs and clouds of reactions and triggers, and landing us safely on the shores of our true heart and soul homes.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator, teacher, and writer of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about the SoulFullHeart ascension assistance process. 


The Cries of the World (a prayer for our times)




Acid rain tears fall down the cheeks of a thousand broken surfaces
the cracks and voids of where life was
is bringing about its fiery end.


The learning curve is steeper now
carved out to be so from our necessary faults.
         How else can we learn?


In death we learn to respect life
In hindsight we see what we could have, should have done
               but didn’t.
And perhaps the greatest self-punishment of all
         Is that we are destroying ourselves.


Great Mother, your arms offer safety but not from ourselves.
You shelter and harbour the changes to make
in order to not make the same pathway alive again.
To ask for more time, well, that doesn’t seem fair
when for thousands of years, with tears and longing
have you watched us scramble ourselves into a lopsided labrynth
          collectively created
by our authentic lack of authentic selves.


In this dimension and all dimensions
may we learn the respect you teach us
the love you hold for us
and the longing you have to be one with us once again
like in times of old, when snakes were once your Druids
and porcelain dolls your Priestesses.


How do we bridge All That Is with all that is now?
They connect already, I know.
It’s the acceptance that there is nothing more to do
          and only more to be
that gets hard to be with
and is the toughest mountain to climb in this ever-churning industrial world
soon screeching to a halt.


How do your children feel to you now?
Do you feel much hope for more than that we may try again someday?
Could it all be healed in a sudden swoop of an upswing of Divine ecstasy felt in all hearts?


I am done with the humanness of humanity to the degree in which most inhabit it.
To the degree in which I have inhabited it.
And I want more
and I feel more
and I will live to be more.
To give more to myself
so I can give more to others
and learn to live in your light, your fire, your passion and your connectedness
to us
and to all things.




Kathleen Calder is an initiate at the SoulFullHeart Sanctuary and you can read more of her writing here on this blog. Please visit SoulFullHeart Sanctuary for more information about staying with us and virtual sessions.


Diary of a HeartMan: Brotherhood of Sacred Power


I see and feel a picture in my heartmind. There are machines that have cords attached to the brains of men who are nothing more than slaves sucked of their essence. Above the machines are other men who are the creators and controllers. They have a sinister yet pained look on their face. In the background there are men hunting and killing other men. In the whole scene there is a play-out of control and powerlessness. In not one place do I see men in their full power together, creating and leading.

This feels like a painting of the collective masculine condition. Everyone feels alone and isolated, detached from their humanity and nature. What is missing is an authentic and sacred brotherhood. I used to call a close friend of mine a ¨brother¨ and even my brother in-law a ¨brother¨. What did that really mean? Our desire to call each other brother was based on a need to feel a deeper connection that we weren´t getting from other men. One that we couldn´t get from the women in our lives because there is a uniquely male ache, just as there is a uniquely female ache that we cannot relate to as men. And this ache isn´t satiated just by playing sports, fixing or building things, complaining about politics, or going to bars and trying to get laid. So what the hell is it?

Raphael and I attended a men´s group in Canada to get a feeling for what other men were talking about and feeling together in these kind of circles. I had never been to one so I had no idea really what to expect. The men in the circle were processing an issue that had been effecting them as a group and was centered on one man in particular. What was refreshing was that I was around other men who were actually being more real than I was used to experiencing outside of my relationship with Raphael. However, in the end it was really nothing more than a place to off-gas frustration, letting it permeate the space without actually getting to the heart of the issue so that there could be movement and healing.

In the circle there was a sense of brotherhood but it still didn´t hit the mark for me. Not by a long shot. Relieving frustration is not enough. I am certain not all men´s groups are like this. I don´t want to generalize by my one experience. One could say, ¨Well, at least they have that outlet.¨ I guess so, but why stop there? There is collective ache out there that is so desiring to be felt by those that feel the same. In all the expressions of ¨brotherhood¨ from the dense to the more porous, I feel you, I, and all of us are searching for love and a reclaiming of our authentic male power.

I feel ¨man-love¨ deserves its own dedicated blog space, so I will get to that on a later post. The loss of our natural power as sacred masculine beings has occurred over history. Our separation from our spiritual essence, I feel, has led to a collective experience of fear and isolation. The male psyche, without feeling its divinity, needed to gain some sort of control in order to cover over this existential terror. Over the centuries, many men, and women, have tried to direct us back to the source of our real nature as spiritual beings, but only to be rebuffed by the empirical, the tyrannical, and the industrial.

Men in days gone by gave their lives for ¨freedom¨. Men, and women, are still doing it today. I put the word in quotes because it feels like a loaded term. Whereas a kingdom is the domain of a king, freedom is the domain of the free. It represents power. The ability to live in your fullest expression. But what is your fullest expression? Is it to be able to digest all the entertainment you want? Is it to be able to buy all the coolest technologies that complicate rather than simplify your life? Is it to be able to work your ass off for 30 years only to find out all your savings disappeared because the fuckers in charge shorted all the stocks that were in your 401k? Fuck no!

The Tyranny of Industry has put more men in slavery than any other despot in history. Is that an over the top statement? Do you want me to find the ´facts´? If that is the case then you are in the wrong room. I want you to feel this on a soul level. Look around you. What do you see and feel when you observe other men going through the motions every damn day? What has this done to our sense of power? Are the men and women overseas really fighting for ´freedom´ or are they handing over their power to the grim reapers of the corporatocracy?

All of this makes me feel a sadness in my heart. We have allowed ourselves to be divided and conquered. However, to make this an us versus them only puts us in the realm of victims. We are not victims. We are powerful beings who desperately desire to remember what we have forgotten. Even the men who are ¨in control¨ are no different than you and I. We are all brothers in need of a community of love. Individually, you need to feel your own responsibility in continuing the story that I mentioned in my last blog. What part do you play? Only then can you see what choices you can make to move from slave to sovereign.

The Industrial Age has had a huge impact on us as men in regards to our balls and our hearts. We are in a time of great change and upheaval. The control structure will try to hold on as long as possible but inevitably will collapse. This is where a vacuum is created. What will fill that empty space? Fanaticism or grounded, human leadership? A despot or a king? Looking at the world today it is hard to find a single example. We have a destiny together, you, I, and us . Rome is burning and what comes out of the ashes is totally up to us. I hope you will join me in creating another picture more humane and beautiful than the one I started out with.

Brace for Impact: Life at El Rancho

 brace for impact

By Jelelle Awen

“The most difficult thing we have to do in order to survive the coming crash is to renounce the life of artificial luxury that has been the temporary product of the systematic destruction of our life support systems.” – Brace For Impact, Thomas Lewis

Renouncing a life of artificial luxury. Yes, I can relate to that. And especially the word, ‘artificial’. Artificial luxuries compared to natural luxuries. Artificial luxuries need to be attained, maintained, and possessed. Natural luxuries arise to be experienced and cannot really be owned. Artificial luxuries are temporary while natural ones are enduring. Maybe it’s as simple as artificial luxuries are man-made and natural ones….well, they are natural.

Systemic destruction of our life support systems. In every way that is imaginable, humans are indeed destroying the very things that are vital for our survival. That we can do this for so little reward or benefit (beyond the very artificial and temporary luxury of money attainment) would be baffling without the picture of the false self and its evolution. The false self, in a way, is an artificial luxury, created by modern, egoic circumstances that require a strategic, self image-based, money-focused, and non-vulnerable way of relating to the world. The false self developed as a core defensive structure that is a product of an industrialized environment.

I recently read Brace For Impact by Thomas Lewis again. Thomas Lewis has a beautiful generalist mind, able to analyze and present information without mentally getting bogged down too much in the details or needing to ‘prove his case’. He presents a compelling and inspiring argument for inevitable collapse of industrial society due to the areas of water scarcity, peak oil production, industrial agriculture and meat production, global climate change-related weather events, political corruption, economic unsustainability and much more. Reading this book is to have your eyes opened, your heart hurting, your gut aching, and your initiative charging. The last chapter about the urgency of finding an off grid, rural, safe sanctuary and learning ‘back to basics’ homesteading skills was particularly validating to me related to the choices I and three others have made recently moving to an off-grid ranch in Mexico.

While it was immensely validating, I felt there was a missing piece in the writing. Thomas Lewis talks eloquently about what is happening, but less succinctly about why it is happening. He offers a picture of addiction to money and to greed that feels true, but without a specific sense of why this addiction has been necessary. We feel that all addictions have unfelt emotional congestion at their roots. The addiction is an outward manifestation of an inner need going unmet and unfelt. If money subconsciously represents love and how we feel about it (which I feel is true after coaching and facilitating people around their ‘money issues’), then the need for love is the biggest one that is going unmet in all the money accumulation that is leading to so much destruction of our planet and ourselves. It is our disconnection from our deep need for love that manifests into acting without love toward other humans, animals, and the living planet.

In my experience of the last ten years of healing my own false self and others, I ultimately hold the false self with equal parts love and challenge. Love invites the false self into authentic expression through nourishing and real experience of the love it never knew that it always needed. Challenge holds the false self accountable to keep being vulnerable, surrendering to the growing authentic self, and letting go of things (such as artificial luxuries) that keep it falsely powerful.

The loving challenge our false selves are being offered at this time in modern history is to shift very significantly our lifestyles to sustainable, authentic, and love-based ones. If our false selves are unwilling to shift or to even see that there are very compelling reasons to shift, then there is little to be offered by me or anyone else about the coming collapse and how to survive it. For those that are ready to shift and also see that there is an absolute necessity to do so, I invite them to feel how it is their false self that has feelings of resistance, doubt, trepidation, and fear of change. It is the false self that is attached to artificial luxuries and it takes a lot of natural luxuries such as love and the bounty and magic offered by nature for them to let it go.

The first time I read Brace For Impact, I was still living in Canada in a fairly comfortable life, although I had already started letting go of many things. Reading the book inspired me greatly to keep going with my search for a sanctuary and to actually make the move to living off grid in Mexico. There was little to no resistance inside of me (no real false self protest) to letting go of the artificial luxuries that I’ve known my whole life. And, I am now experiencing in my daily life that I can not only survive without them; I am thriving in deeply nourishing ways that bring me back to the luxuries that only nature and living an authentic life can bring.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Go here to connect with Jelelle on facebookVisit the SoulFullHeart website  for more information about virtual sessions with her.

Building The Ark: Life At El Rancho

By Jelelle Awen


The ark is about learning what I don’t know; remembering what my soul knows; and using my intuition to feel out the rest.

I have felt like Noah at times; holding a prophecy of a big storm coming and making plans and taking actions to survive that storm. Like Noah, with some foresight and surrender to the Divine, doing something for which most of the culture is not understanding or seeing. My version of the ark was my passenger van and the human and dog companions that came along with me on the journey from Canada to here in Mexico are as treasured as the pairs of animals saved to repopulate the earth. We landed here in our ark on the shores of what feels like our safe sanctuary. A place where water flows not from city taps but from natural springs. A place where exotic fruit grows year round from trees. A place where no insulation is needed on homes or on bodies. A place where having no electricity or refrigeration is not a big inconvenience but a manageable work around. A place where many people ride horses to get around and cars are just another option. A place where traffic slowdown is caused by a swarm of cows not frustrated commuters.

The storm is growing, building strength in the skies of the world. These are dim skies to me right now; they feel far away from the daily realities here on the ranch. But, I can feel the thunder rumbles of war in ISIL occupied areas and the Ukraine; in the economic contentions of European nations faced with growing debt that can’t be repaid; in oil price fluctuations due to diminishing reserves and bubbles bursting fracking empires; in the diminishing fresh water resources around the world and especially the southeastern United States. And maybe the lightning from these events is still far off and hasn’t charred the ground and struck near or in your world. But, as so many people have foretold, the storm that will end this industrial age as we know it is coming. Whether in ten days or ten months or ten years, the world as it being run and experienced right now just isn’t sustainable in any kind of long term picture.

We’ve become so out of touch with our intrinsic nature as hunters and gathers and growers. Becoming so out of touch has made us disconnected about where our food comes from, how it is grown, how it is treated (in the case of animals), how chemicals are used on it, and how synthetic or natural it is. Becoming so out of touch has made us easy victims for the storm that is coming. Rather than being able to tough it out relying on ancient instincts of survival, so many people will be unable to respond in any way that is beyond feeling helpless, hopeless, and immobilized. Many people, sadly, will simply end their own lives rather than have to find the will to survive in a world without all the easy conveniences that they are used to.

This last week has felt like another phase of ark building. The ark this time isn’t about transport to sanctuary; it’s about reconnecting with my human instinct and imprint for feeding myself. The ark now, for me, is about growing my own organic food and incorporating what grows here on the ranch already into my diet, even if I’m not familiar with it. The ark is about learning what I don’t know; remembering what my soul knows; and using my intuition to feel out the rest.

We have all been building this ark with dedication, getting up by the rooster’s call at six am to work at Tranquila, our third garden space here at the ranch. Tranquila is described in much more detail here. We’ve put in five or six hours a day during the hardscaping and shaping of earth phase that is required to sculpt raw earth into a garden space. This is the laying out of floor and wall boards, pounding in of nails process of building our ark. And inside of the ark, instead of just animals, there are beans, tomatoes, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and much more. Inside of the ark is true self sustainability and connection back with a primal instinct that has been numbed by easy living.

As I watered the gardens in Tranquila for the third time today, I felt how I don’t resonate with the idea of being a gardener. For me, it’s not about being something outside of who I am just because I am growing seeds, tending them, harvesting them, and eating them. I am not a gardener; I am a human. A human reclaiming the inner gardening abilities inherent in my soul and embraced by my heart.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Go here to connect with Jelelle on facebookVisit the SoulFullHeart website  for more information about virtual sessions with her.

The Gifts Of Being Off Grid

By Jelelle Awen

All of my life I have been plugged into the grids. These grids provided in an anonymous way, all that I needed of electricity, water, food, and gas. I flipped the switch and currents coursed through. I turned the tap and water flowed out. I squeezed the handle and gas pumped out. I cruised the aisle of supermarkets and food was harvested. Flipping and turning, squeezing and cruising, that was all. I never thought much about this process until a few years ago when I began to increase my awareness of the environmental consequences of our modern lifestyles. Connecting the dots from resource allocation to resource acquisition to resource exploitation, awakened me to how all of these things came to me and the impact on the world. Also, I became more convinced that a major global collapse of easy access to these finite resources is inevitable. Therefore, becoming conscious and self sustainable related to these resources became crucial to me and led to the decision to move to an offgrid ranch in Mexico.

I think there can be a romanticism related to becoming self sustainable. A romanticism that can lead to inaction fueled by overwhelm and denial. What I have discovered after living in a sustainable way related to these resources is that this lifestyle offers many gifts, both sentimental and pragmatic. Once the crucial paradigm shift happens that separates us from our fusion with the grids, our adaptable and resourceful human instinct for survival can kick in. We have been greatly separated from this instinct by the insular reality of our industrial society. In order to truly live sustainably, we have to reconnect with both our gut and our heart.

Here on the ranch, we live without city water and city electricity. But, we get to live with wonderfully nourishing water from underground springs and any electricity we need is provided by the sun’s rays. We live without internet and cell phones. But, we get to live incredible sunsets, hikes in the woods, cleansing dips in the river, spontaneous horseback rides, evening bon fires, encounters with many creatures both wanted and not (scorpions-not, geckos- yes). We live without grocery stores and restaurants. But, we get to live with fresh bananas cut in a bunch from the tree; papayas prodded down from their lofty birch by bamboo poles; incredible superfoods noni and morenga harvested whenever we want to; lemons and limes picked from organic trees. And, we get to live with crafting and alchemizing our own organic garden spaces with a combination of book smarts and soul retrieved knowledge.

There are still things that feel challenging to give up, but we are finding our way. The most difficult for me has been refrigeration. My whole life I’ve had access to cold food, another thing that I never thought about. Open the fridge door, and there it was. We have one solar panel and four good batteries, which allow us to charge our devices (kindles and computers), use some appliances (blender, crock pot, hot water kettle), and light some twinkle lights and lamps. But refrigerators take a lot of juice, so, we decided to see how it would be to live without one. We are vegan, so our refrigeration needs are lower than people who eat meat and dairy. We’ve been using two zeer pots(evaporative cooler pots made out of clay) that were already here on the ranch and we find that they keep leftovers, beers, and wine somewhat cold. But it’s been an adjustment for sure.

I didn’t use the internet regularly until I was in my 20s. I grew up without it and my imagination flourished because of it. I was outdoors most of the time and when I couldn’t be, I would create elaborate play worlds out of basements and bedrooms. Like most everyone else in western culture, I got deeply into the internet and even most recently spent many hours online creating and keeping our blog and website up to date. It had become my creative playground and I have moments for sure where I miss that outlet for my creativity. But, also, I feel that the internet becomes yet another grid that we connect to, that we plug into without being conscious of it and that there are consequences to it, especially doing it as often as so many do. The internet is an alternative reality. It encourages us to leave our present, physical reality to engage in a surreal and alternative one.

I have been online once in the last few weeks and that was for only a couple of hours. We have to travel two hours into town right now to get online. There are rumors that satellite internet connections are coming to the area where the ranch is located. I am hoping actually that it doesn’t, at least not for a while. I have been living without internet. But, I have living with much more awareness and connection to every present moment and more engagement with others, the incredibly nourishing natural setting around me, and other venues for my creative expression.

I feel even more appreciative of the gifts being offgrid have brought me and what it will mean when and if the grids collapse altogether. There won’t be much sense of that here as all the systems that we have created self sustainably will not be affected much by a global industrial collapse.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Go here to connect with Jelelle on facebookVisit the SoulFullHeart website  for more information about virtual sessions with her.