Moving Beyond Scarcity To Embrace Infinite Love Abundance

By Jelelle Awen
Why does it feel to you as if love is scarce sometimes? As if there is only a finite amount of it in the world? A limited flow that parts of you then feel you have to guard and protect? To preserve and save and put away?
The 3D world offers to you that love is scarce and finite and on limited supply. Your birth family conditioning supports this messaging and programming. You experience as a child how no one around you seems to be flowing in love. No one seems to be living in abundant love. No one seems to be willing to share it very much, yet only in drips and drabs. Only in crumbs that they seem to reluctantly give in moments where it feels safe to do so.
3D religions only offer love if you are free from sin, if you ‘follow the rules’ of their punitive God, if you conform to the social agreements that they offer, if you buy into the idea that love is about sacrifice. This scarcity-based God frowns at you, pushes you away, and not much love at all seems to come from this source as mostly what you feel then is unworthy to receive what even IS offered.
The 3D world prioritizes not the abundant sharing of love in all forms (including money), but rather energies of getting and keeping; of earning and buying; of owning and having. Sharing only seems to happen in moments of open heartedness, between souls that trust each other, from one child to another when there is still innocence alive in them.
3D relationships run on the currency of giving to receive, on codependence, on needing each other to fulfill certain roles, on duty and obligation. They survive often on the fumes of promises of love; on the echoes of love’s exchange in moments when it can; on the wounded projection of self onto other that keeps it all stumbling and staggering along somehow. These relationships exist often on the ground of suffering and on push-pull dynamics that keep this suffering in place.
You’ve been offered scarcity in ALL these areas by a world that has run on love’s lack rather than on its abundance. But, this is not the TRUTH of what is POSSIBLE about love’s flow.
The TRUTH is that every BEing IS Infinite Love. That the Divine is Infinite Love. That energy flow IS sourced in Infinite Love.
Serving love from this flow of Infinite Love that you already ARE offers no limits on what can be healed and transformed by THIS love flow. Being in relationships in this Infinite Love flow allows them to arise anew, offering NEW grounds of connection and intimacy in every moment. Experiencing the Divine in accepting, loving, nonjudgemental frequencies as a reflection of this Infinite Love flow heals the soul experiences of It being anything less than THIS.
You are remembering this more and more as you decondition from what you have been taught and sold in 3D consciousness. You are experiencing this as you let this abundant love flow that is available in ALL moments into your life. You are BEcoming this as you separate from the parts of you that have received this scarcity conditioning and embodying your essence which kNOWs and IS this abundant love flow. You are BEing this TRUTH of the Infinite supply of Love as you overflow AS this with yourself, others, and the Divine more and more.
Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine and union facilitator, soul scribe, waySHOWer, galactic love ambassador, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book to be released on June 1st, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

While There Are Only A Few Seeds In An Apple, There Are An INFINITE Number Of Apples In A Seed!


By Raphael Awen

How we relate to money is one of the biggest limitations to our emotional and spiritual awakening, and healing process. It seems money holds some of our densest limiting convictions about reality. Sayings like ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ‘Don’t quit your day job’ abound as if they hold deep truths at some fundamental level in life that you must live within, or perish. This is living from the picture of the limited number of seeds in the apple.

How we relate to money however can also be one of our greatest awakenings as we recognize it for the deep grist of our journey into wholeness that it can be. If the universe is a universe of Infinite Love and if money is simply LOVE IN MOTION, then there is actually no shortage of what we call money. Not only is there no shortage of money, but there is such an indescribable superabundance of money that we need a new digestive system in order to let in that abundance. This is living from the picture of the infinite number of apples in a single seed.

Feel the part of you who holds deep conditioning around the programming of lack. Feel the part of you who lives in fear of never getting free from the tyranny of lack, and never being free to offer and live from your deepest soul gifts that you have to give the world. Let these fears be transmuted in a process of feeling and healing your way to new ways of relating to money (love) for the growth ground that it wants to be. Money may now move from being one of your greatest limitations to one of your greatest liberations.

Listen here for a recent Group Call offering a ‘profoundly different than anything you’ve ever imagined before’ picture of a SoulFullHeart way of relating to money:


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Entering A NEW Timeline: SoulFullHeart Blog Named Top 30 Inspirational Blogs

By Jelelle Awen


The Four Of Us At The Ranch, April, 2016

This is an interesting timeline for us to be on, Raphael and I were just digesting this together yesterday. After several years in obscurity (what I used to call with mostly ‘crickets’ as a response), we are drawing more reSOULance, readers, interest, and souls engaging in sessions and group calls with us. It seems that daily we receive a wonderful, supportive and resonant comment from someone who has been moved and touched by what we’ve shared. This is SO amazing! Collaborations with,, and others has provided a way for our words and energy to go OUT to those who might be resonant with us and for this exposure, we are SO grateful.

This response is a ‘sign of the times’ it seems with SO MANY more souls called to awakening and ascending. SO MANY more souls it feels like open to feeling and living and BEing beyond the 3D conditioning that they’ve received…the 3D way of life just running out of ground for them and the emptiness of it, the flatness, the LIMITS it places….just NOT being enough anymore. I feel so much more openness to the alternative, to expanded ways of seeing and BEing, to TRUE self inquiry and authentic growth.

Of course, since the outside is only a reflection of the INside….I can certainly see how we are more READY on the inside then we have been before to BE seen. These last several years have been such a fertile time of inner growth and awakenings, combined with many outward shifts in geography (the big one being our move to Mexico from Canada 2.5 years ago), livelihood (leaving a lucrative business behind to align our money needs with SoulFullHeart drawings), relationships (saying ‘no’ to any that weren’t a reflection of the love that we ARE with an invitation to join us). Letting go of 3D conditioning consciously with these choices and through working with parts of ourselves that hold this conditioning.

A year ago, we were still living on our land at a remote ranch with no internet, electricity (other than one solar panel), more sheep than people. We were starting to be drawn to move into town in order to be with Gabriel and Kalayna, who had jobs working online teaching English. Town was calling us which was a surprise after ALL we had invested into the ranch including three organic gardens and building a hut out of cob (with only a $100 investment in money but HOURS of our labor). I felt the ‘ping’ starting at this time and it really rang out in June and by mid-July we were all living in Puerto Vallarta together (about three hours north of the ranch.)

Since landing in town, it has been a whirlwind of activations, awakenings, outward response, crucible of service along with the boundary setting that comes with THAT. I went from NO time online (I went six weeks once without leaving the ranch or going online) to being online almost all day as I was suddenly LIT UP to share and to serve love. Every thumb and heart I received and every supportive comment seemed to land in the place that been unseen and unread during my inner years. The desire to teach and serve was ALWAYS there…I already HAD done and been that, just within a setting with a former spiritual group that wasn’t ME anymore, that I had outgrown and for a small group of people that we had drawn to SoulFullHeart over the years. I kept SEEING the vision of a conscious community, by the ocean, with organic gardens woven around and in, and the SoulFullHeart process as the way of life and reality for which the community was formed around. I kept FEELING myself as a co-leader of this community with Raphael, spending my days teaching, serving, growing (both inwardly AND in the gardens).

I had surrendered to maybe NEVER serving people again in space holding, to maybe being an organic gardener and homesteading the rest of this life….and THEN I am suddenly here in town and synchs and opportunities and connections keep opening up and shifting, with some opening out and some completing. THIS timeline of service of love, especially with women offering them a way to embody their sacred femininity, feels like one that I no longer desire to back away from. THIS timeline of community living that just wants to expand out and include MORE is always close to me. It has ALREADY HAPPENED is how it feels…..My everyday mantra/affirmation to myself (and ‘into’ my stone friend/manifestor citrine) is “I am a great healer and teacher. I live in a beautiful house by the ocean, travel the world to serve, and are surrounded by students and friends and community.” ALL of this feels like a gift, not an entitlement, yet ALSO my birthright…ALL of this is true in the same moment.

I have written every day since January and shared almost all of that writing on a daily basis on the SoulFullHeart blog. The writing hasn’t come from my mind, it is not ‘planned out’ or plotted out or even outlined. It is spontaneous, in the moment, and inspired. THIS post right now I did not PLAN to write, but then Feedspot awarded us Top 30 Inspirational Blog (You can read more here: and HERE these words are. This blog is five years in the making and this recognition from the outside has me feeling a bit nostalgic. I decided to look up in our archives (which goes all the way back to OCTOBER, 2011!!) the first post that I ever did on this blog. It was this one:

Exploring femininity in relationship: responding versus charging ahead is the title…..yes, EXACTLY the kind of thing I would write today! Guess this shows how LONG this stuff has been baking in me, even back when I was going by “Jillian Vriend” (my birth name and Raphael’s birth last name, which we changed to “Awen” last year And the Wayne I refer to in the article is Raphael’s birth name!).

This is a moment of gratitude and appreciation for me….for the support of YOU who are reading these words and the collaborative energy that forms from the taking in of them and my energy in offering them. As YOU are energy and so am I, your reading of them IS an energy exchange that IS nourishing, even if we never communicate in person or through comments or within session space. Your taking in FUELS the inspiration to share more…you are an important aspect of the process! THANK YOU for the support and however our worlds might interact and connect in the future (there are limitless possibilities of timelines related to THAT), you ARE in my heart.

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, love ambassador, way-shower, and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at




On Top Of Being Manifestation, You Are Also Manifesting Being

Day 3 Yeshua

By Raphael Awen

This is Day 3 of my new introduction to my soon-to-be, re-released book ‘90 Days With Yeshua’.

Here we explore together, in our easy dialogue fashion, how to relate to manifesting our desires, what blocks that, and why.


Raphael: Good morning Yeshua.

Yeshua: Hey, Good Morning my man, where are we off to today?

R: I’d like to talk with you about manifestation, cuz it feels like a bunch is wanting to manifest in my life and I’m a bit impatient about it too.

Y: Okay, tell me what you know so far…

R: Well, we’ve covered much of this before and I do feel how all of us don’t so much have a ‘broken manifester’ as some like to call it, or a ‘lacking manifester’, but rather a very well working manifester that is just busy manifesting things that a more conscious part of the person may well not like.

Another piece I feel how even my biological life in this moment is pure magic in manifestation. There’s not a scientific or medical explanation that can touch the magnificence of the wonder that I am on just a biological level alone. But I still feel I want to become a whole lot more fluent around learning how to manifest what I really want, like there’s some technology I’m missing, or is patience I’m missing, or some of both? Can you help me feel what I need to see and feel around this?

Y: Yes, we work this out together actually, co-creatively…. you have a desire energy moving through you, to learn more, and desire to manifest new things that are high on your appetite, and I have a desire to use this pregnant moment to not just hand you a fish, but to teach you to fish, anytime you want to.

R: So we’re both in the manifestation world then…

Y: Yes, and so is the rest of consciousness, always wanting to learn and feel new things it hasn’t felt yet, especially around manifesting things and expanded realities.

R: So it’s not just me and my desires?

Y: Well, yes and no, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First, can you tell me what you are wanting to manifest?

R: Sure. New laptops. New smartphones. Clothing. An oceanside retreat centre. More interest in SoulFullHeart and more income. It’s been a dearth over the past couple years that we are now evidently moving out of, which seems to make patience a bit harder, to have desires start to flow, if you know what I mean…

Y: I always know what you mean! I don’t ask you to explain for my benefit. I ask you so that our published dialogue can make heart sense to those reading this and land in more hearts.

I so get it, Raphael. Desire itself is moving through you. You tend to feel like these are your desires and then that you need to get better at looking after those desires. I want you to feel for a moment that what you are desiring isn’t just coming from your sense of self or wellbeing, or from that much maligned place called your ego. Desire couldn’t actually live in you unless it found ego attachment, so a key here to feel is that your egos desires are NOT what is ‘in the way.’

R: I like where this is going so far, but I haven’t a clue where it’s going next, consciously at least…

Y: Yet you are willing to look, willing to want, willing to risk not finding anything helpful or what you’d call a breakthrough. What do you say to that?

R: I do feel a residual place in me that is hesitant to even have this conversation because it takes work somehow, and there isn’t any guarantee that it will turn up what I want quickly…seeking instead some kind of quick fix. But, yes, I am willing to face the part of me that holds that feeling with an open hearted trust and compassion for whatever caused that kind of hesitation towards life and abundance, with a desire to feel what life is like beyond these current feeling boundaries.

Y: There you go. Right there, you scooped a big piece of what you are looking for today. A part of you not sure if you can find and have what you really want, if it’s worth any effort to pursue it. Now that wouldn’t work in your previous paradigm of working and earning the money for what you wanted to manifest. You needed to believe you could earn the money and the seller of the item you wanted to buy from would hold his end of the promise and come through. All of that worked on faith, just on a more common everyday level. You are seeking to manifest on a more refined level, but it still is led by your trust and faith.

And furthermore, you don’t want to win any kind of ungrounded lottery here, based in pure chance. That only puts you in some kind of freak show, where no one around you is helped by your shift in life. Life wants to move you along WITH others in tow.

R: That speaks then to the bigger picture….my desires aren’t just mine like I tend to feel them. I’ve questioned myself a fair bit for being caught up in some ego pursuit, wanting the best laptop money can buy, etc.

Y: Raphael, why wouldn’t the universe want you to have the best laptop money can buy?

R: Well, maybe there’s other things more important that I need to learn first, that getting the laptop would hinder my growth…stuff like that.

Y: Well, that sounds really pious and even insightful, and maybe even true….but can you see how holding it that way can be using a truth to accommodate an untruth?

R: …Like spending my time preparing to not have something I deeply desire, so that the disappointment is somehow managed…

Y: Totally. Now compare that to let’s say, in the old paradigm of obtaining things, you went out and earned the money, placed an on-line order for the thing and were now all excited anticipating its arrival. You wouldn’t tend to think your excitement about its arrival was what was bringing it to you, but rather that you bought and paid for it. You earned it, you would say. You paid for it, and therefore you can joyously anticipate its arrival.

R: I’m tracking…

Y: Good, cuz we’re about to take a leap here. Hang on!

In this old picture, you would have an expectation based upon the entitlement of having earned the thing and that would be powering your excited anticipation. But what I want you to feel is that it was your excited anticipation of having the thing in your life that powered you to do the work to earn the money…do you see that?

R: Totally…

Y: I’m not sure you do…

R: Okay, I’m not sure I do either…but what I hear you speaking to is something about the real ‘work’ of manifesting has more to do with the wanting the thing than it does with the method of obtaining the thing…

Y: Yes! You’re getting it. It always was and is desire that manifests, and the real work always was and is holding desire….no different now that you’ve retired from a money earning based career.

R: And you’re saying there still is work involved?

Y: Yes, but this kind of work takes different muscles…to move a different kind of energy movement…

R: …Such as moving that feeling reality inside of me that the universe may not want this for me, that it’s too ego based…etc.

Y: …that line of reasoning has been simply a great way to disown desire, and get yourself out of the work of holding desire….so what if a big ego needs to drive a big truck and is a workaholic to make the payments…he’s learning his way to manifesting his desire in the universe…

R: but it’s not healthy Yeshua to live like that…

Y: Maybe so from your perch, but who are you to judge the lessons he is spending his life to learn?

R: I guess the answer to that is someone feeling superior because of my self proclaimed more evolved way of relating to life…

Y: higher, lower…. It’s all still measuring on the same stick, just at different ends…

R: So what stick would you suggest?

Y: I would suggest letting go of the feeling that coming from any more evolved place, or moral place, gets you anywhere. That isn’t what moves manifestation. What moves manifestation is being willing to incubate desire inside your personal manifester – period.

R: Period?…I’m hoping you’ll say more because I feel like I’ve heard this before and it still has further to land in me.

Y: Well, okay, let’s see if we can lift that period a moment longer… I love your curiosity and need to know…. What I can feel you coming to terms with, from what we’ve been feeling together today is that effort or work is still involved. Just because you don’t go out and earn money in the old way and then in turn go purchase it, you still do very much ‘work for it’, so to speak. It still takes energy to flow, or what you call ‘work’, for anything to manifest. What’s different is that that the energy required is free in terms of it being super-abundant, but the energy only moves as you are willing to hold the desire. Desire, you could say, constructs the pipeline that delivers the object, regardless of whether it manifests spectacularly out of thin air, or is the result of a purchase using earned money. Willingness we could say is even greater than desire because desire isn’t hard to come up with. You just want the thing or you don’t. What takes the work is the willingness to hold the desire….

R: We’ve talked about this all before and yet, I feel like I still need to hear it and feel it some more…can you say more?

Y: Sure…what more needs to be said is the other side of this truth. We’ve been feeling where work comes into the picture. What is also true in this picture is that manifesting your dreams is natural, and even effortless. It may sound contradictory to what we just covered, but I like to call it paradoxical, rather than contradictory. All great truths are paradoxes.

R: I love truth that dances inside of a polarity….I hope those tracking this conversation can too.

Y: Well, this truth opens out paradox in a good way. Manifestation requires choice, and even work as we talked about to hold desire. It isn’t going to happen in a dualistic world without just that, some dual. On the other hand, a fight of any kind isn’t what brings manifestation about. Manifestation simply wants to manifest. It doesn’t need any of your efforts to make it happen. It’s a power of its own and will manifest effortlessly. What you can do however in service of this manifestation naturally arising in your life is to choose to let that in. Manifestation of your deeper desires is a timeline of events and arising circumstances that require your permission. The tree grows on its own, but you provide and protect a space for the tree to grow.

R: Man, you’re hot stuff!

Y: You’re feeling full up about now, right?

R: Yes, I am. This stuff so needs to be felt and lived into to digest and make room for more.

Y: On that note, here’s just one last piece for dessert before we close if you can find the room.

R: Always…

Y: Okay, good, because this is a lot today and I’d like to give you a nice little tote bag to carry this home.

R: Awesome…

Y: We’re talking about manifestation from the point of view of how to increase its working in your life, but in that we can miss the forest for the trees. The forest, if you will, is this. You ARE manifestation. Every cell in your physical, emotional, spiritual being IS manifestation. On top of BEING manifestation, you are also manifesting BEING. How you do that consciously, or unconsciously is what steers the manifestations on the levels we’ve been discussing it today.

R: Okay, now I’m really full…

Y: So am I, you’re a lot you know?

R: I’ll take that as a compliment…

Y: Totally…you deserve it. I don’t know anyone quite as maniacal as you.

R: Thank you so much Yeshua

Y: You are so welcome.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration. Your support is deeply appreciated here:

The Magical Perspective Of Our Metaspaces

by Leena Colibri



Waves of magical realizations cascade over me as I learn to breathe them in, feeling gratitude wash away all tendencies towards desperation for this and that to change or “finally be here”. This arises along with feelings of tension  around whether or not I can maintain this state, as the conditioning and learned ability to downplay all that is good about my life is still moving and healing.

My life, as it is right now, is something I have the desire to keep letting in, because as I do that, not only do I get to live more fully in every moment and perhaps not ever need to experience “nostalgia” again, but it also gives me the gift of being able to see how far I’ve come. Phew. Going to breathe that one in for a moment… wow. Everything in life changes and shifts so much while we engage in our own healing. There have been many choices I’ve needed to make to get here, some very tough ones and some that came rather easily, and without being willing to see and feel what it is that I truly need and desire, perhaps I couldn’t have risen to my next waves of alchemy and co-creation. Because I have dedicated much energy to going inward, I now get to cultivate a metaspace and vista inside that I get to see myself and my life from.

There is so much that finding a metaspace inside of ourselves can offer us, especially around being able to take a step back and view our lives from a different perspective – one that is not so steeped in any in-the-moment tensions (though the tensions may still be there to some degree, just not so fused to us). What’s cool about these metaspaces is that when we energize our desire for them enough through meditation and taking time to ourselves, they seem to start to happen on their own, offering us organic moments of ecstatic joy and even bliss as we see and let in the true magic of our lives. This is what I feel now as I feel some surprise at becoming enveloped in these waves of love and appreciation for my life right now.

In addition to this, I feel awash on the shores of magical humanity in the moment… sitting at a computer that does these magical things that WE created it to do! Or rather perhaps I should say that we co-created it with beings and forces that we cannot always see but we definitely perceive to different degrees and at different levels! Woah! There is so much that we co-create every single day, in every single moment.

I also feel magic as I am sitting in my little apartment here in Mexico, feeling its size and set up as something not unlike a dream fort I would have loved to have as a child, complete with tiny kitchen and nesty, cozy bed! Of course I also have desires for improving my space and even for it to be in a different location, yet there is so much I am continuing to let in about the magic of where I am, who I am and what I have NOW. This life chapter I’m in is one I would only have dreamed of even a couple of years ago. Now I get to live into it.

I have noticed that there seems to be a conditioned response that we have to magic and even gratitude. I would just speak for myself, but I do feel there is a collective piece here too… there is always something to pick apart about every gift, material or ethereal, we are given. There is always a way to dissect and dismiss. Yet, too, there is always a way to let in and to feel these tendencies as they come up at the same time, letting the water of love bring up the oil of what has been in shadow inside. I’m not convinced this is something we can “master” exactly, but it does feel like a skill and awareness we can develop through deep care and curiosity towards ourselves. It is what helps us create our metaspaces, where we can see what’s going on in front of and within us in a new way.

We have to get out of ourselves from time to time. If this is difficult for you to do, try to find a lookout point in your physical reality. Take a hike up a mountain where you know there’s a view, or if there’s any way at all to get to the highest point in your town, try doing that. I find that looking downward and outward from a higher place physically is such a powerful way to let in what’s really important to me and why, and what I may need to change in order to feel myself in a higher frequency more often. You sometimes hear about people who have gone on long hikes or pilgrimages in nature to find an answer to their questions about their lives. This is a process that is so worth it and you do find the answers and the magical realizations that you seek, if you become present enough to let them in – something that being close to nature will surely offer you plenty of support for doing.

The times we are living in call us to live with more love in our hearts. We are being asked to cultivate our purposes and join together somehow, even while still having our individuation and personal time. And, in this call, we are being supported to sort through who we are and are not, even if the answer to this question is only valid for the next moment, as that claim still helps us move on to our next place of BEing and healing. There are many rivers to cross, yes. There are many streams we can each follow, yes. And there is always, always so much magic and Divine love to let in while we do so. ❤

With love from my metaspace to yours,




Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


To Those I Share Love With

by Leena Colibri


We build altogether,
stacking our hearts onto one another’s.
Our lives’ creations spring forth
from those effortless moments
of synchronicity
and conscious collaboration.

We bring it all to the foreground of life’s playing fields,
releasing our winged hearts
to soar high above where it all once fell
at the feet
of misappropriated power.

Together we stand within
the tall forests of growth
inside the long-standing biospheres
of the internal.

Together we find those places of dancing,
fire and fun,
that take place inside all
communal, unbreakable
unbound bonds
of the eternal.

Love dances on the wingtips
of the consequently unshackled,
freely feeling,
heart-clasping dancer-feelers
of its most precious creations yet,
and feeds the honouring
of all that needs now be remembered,
blessed once more
and forever over again.



Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at

Being At The Saturation Point Of Love

By Jelelle Awen
Are you at your saturation point? This is the point at which love has saturated your heart and your soul enough that you tip over into a brand NEW life and experience of life. This kind of love comes from the purity of a healing heart, from the liberating frequencies of a healing soul, from the groundedness of a healing body. This love is beyond lust and beyond duty. This love is risky and catalytic.
You have taken this love in from resources outside of yourself that you have drawn to you. You have dipped into the pool of this love inside of your own heart by going within during your inner journeys. You have experienced this love with Angels, spirit guides, Divine representatives, star beings. You have immersed yourself often in the waters of this love in whatever forms you could find and draw to you.
Before the saturation point, what has previously NOT been from this love has still been able to be digested by you somehow. It has been familiar and comfortable to parts of you, your 3D self, and allowed to still exist in your life. It has needed to be there…..whatever it is….relationships, jobs, food choices, etc. It has needed to be there until your heart saturation point is too high and then that which is lower in vibrational frequency can no longer be digested by you.
This indigestion phase, this time of feeling what no longer works and CAN no longer be in your life, can be difficult and, at times, painful. The parts of you that are attached can bring up protest and resistance and fear. You may feel like you want to ‘go back’ to how you used to be and maybe, in some ways, you do and for moments.
Yet, at the saturation point, you are now more motivated by love than you are by suffering. You want more love. You feel if love is in the ground of each person you relate with and if they are saturated too, then love can flow. Often, a person from your ‘old’ life wants you to stay as you were. You may make the difficult choice of needing space from them while you still love them, while your higher selves can still have a transaction ground together. Taking space is a mercy for them too as your tugging on them in the past to ‘get it’ or ‘come along’ relaxes and they can arise and claim their sovereign path.
At the saturation point, you can no longer ‘shrink’ to fit any of the relationships in your life, the roles in your life, the duties in your life, the energies or frequencies that are NOT you in your soul and heart essence. Shrinking offers you only crumbs when you want MORE of the full meal that love offers.
The saturation point invites you to make CHANGES….changes in your exterior world to support the love that you feel inside and want more of. It invites you to be bold, to JUMP IN, to Let Go and Let GOD…..what you may be clinging to out of security becomes an anchor and you release it to free up your energy.
The saturation point invites you into the unknown, trusting that whatever comes next is from love. Daring to risk, daring to share, daring to be vulnerable, daring to be uncomfortable, and daring to love. Are you at the saturation point because, if you are, the time is NOW.
If you are still filling up, needing more love to get there and be there…..find this love, let this love in inside of yourself, draw the relationships and community and people who will transact this love with you. Fill up until you reach the saturation point for which love overcomes fear and re-union with your essence is yours.
Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

The Game Of Life Is Rigged In Your Favour


Dissonance is simply resonance’s way of remembering where we came from, and guiding us back to essence.

Stress, anxiety, fear, or any other ‘negative’ state cannot ‘negate’ us out of the overwhelming ocean of resonance in which we live and move and have our being.

This bliss that we are only awaits our conscious acceptance and increasing awareness of it. There is no other journey, but this inward one. You ARE God millions and billions of times over, and over, and over.

Now this, I am well aware, is not most people’s felt reality, as it admittedly has not been mine for many years. It may even stir feelings of anger for some to read such a far-fetched sounding declaration. For others, who sense these words are true, about the deep underlying resonance of all things, they are able to accept the words mentally, but are left longing to feel this as a deeper lived in reality, and in turn create a state of ever deepening bliss, for themselves and their world around them.

Both of these reactions, of either accepting these words, or rejecting them, are testament to the truth of the underlying perfection of all things. War, racism, hatred, and any other ill you can name are also evidence of our deep seated longing, as well as the means, to find our way back to the bliss of our origin, our essence, and to where we are returning. Even our exploration of ‘evil’ is ultimately ever and only a coming to terms with an infinite love that has already won.

Our truest state of grounded fulfillment in this journey is simply reverence, and the stuff that flows from that, like gratitude, kindness (acknowledging that all are ‘kin’), joy, creativity, love. And all of these are more reflections and resonances of where we came from, what we actually are, and what we are also becoming.

The deck is so stacked in our favour that the game of life rides a razor’s edge of losing its legitimacy as a game. Hell, if we’ve already won the game, why set out to play? There’s only one valid and profoundly true answer to that question and it’s this: the only valid reason to play is simply for the fun of it, and for the community of it. Nothing else…(near as I can tell). The universe wants to play, and it wants to play with you.

Now, there are only a few things that the universe set out as essential ‘rules’ to this game. Bear in mind though that the only point to the rules is the preserving the whole point of the fun and the community.

Free will is the one big rule. Nothing can or will be pushed on you. The universe doesn’t offer any unsolicited advice, but yet longs for your inquiry to share what it has and what it knows. In fact, it’s all yours to begin with, only being held in trust until you are ready to claim your heir-ship.

The sovereignty of the individual is another rule (maybe just another way of restating the first rule) of the game. The universe set up this game with the deepest respect that you and I would be subjected to pain and even the loss of our awareness of our true original identity. The only way it could justify doing such a horrid thing was to make us not only reflections of itself, but also literally make-us-itself, at the outset of the journey. We are the divine out feeling anxiety, hatred, fear when we do. It was only in this way that the divine could subject us to such horrid experience of perceived loss. It was only in this way that we would never be earning our way to back to God-hood, but instead only learning and returning our way to our full birthright experience of our God-hood essence.

You are infinite wonder. You are the sacred experience of divinity out journeying and journaling its way through its own capacity and its own polarity for bliss and reverence.

Possibly this is what makes God, God, this incredible capacity for reverence. All that it knows, it knows in and through you. You need no other, for all other is you. Your mind struggles to comprehend, but this in no way excludes you from the knowing. This knowing lives in you as fully as it ever will already, now, present tense. The only thing, and this is the point of the whole game, the whole journey we are on, is your and my awakening to this that already is, and all of that, simply for the fun and the community it.

So what are we left with now? In light of all this that is (which is way more than you and I can begin to digest it seems), how then shall we enter the next moment? What will take us from our present consciousness of perceived lack, exclusion, separation, and return us to the fact of this bliss?

Those questions are the quest! Just asking them and feeling them creates longing. This longing is the propulsion that is necessary to authorize movement and rememberance. This heart open quest is what opens you to all of the guidance, strength, and healing you need.

All that is ever in front of you, regardless of the content, regardless of the time needed, can never be outside of your journey back to source, awakening to the source you already are.


Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.

Feeling The Cries Of The World Without Suffering Over Them To Open Your Cosmic or 5D Heart Chakra

By Jelelle Awen



Painting by Willow Arleana


Opening up your cosmic heart, your Christ Consciousness heart, is to open your heart to feel the cries of the world. The cries of the world are easy to pick up as the pitch is so high and so pressing right now…… yet they can be difficult to digest. Feeling the cries of the world can lead you through necessary phases of activism and advocacy. In this phase, you are compelled to fight for justice and to shift the exterior realities of the world.

And, you may move through this phase into a place of acceptance and seeing that every soul chooses their own journey. Every one. You may feel how the injustice actually begins from within and that the real protest originates from within. Every person and situation that you have advocated against lives inside of you (most likely in shadow) somewhere. As you shine the light of self love on the shadow within that comes from your undigested pain body, unhealed karmic binds, and within the collective unconsciousness, the frequency of protest shifts to forgiveness. The frequency of outrage shifts to compassion. The frequency of separation shifts to connection.

As you shift your sense of authority over your life to within AND to a surrendered sense of the Divine and your higher self, you no longer feel that any outside authority is doing anything to you that can cause you suffering. You cause your own suffering by drawing these frequencies to yourself…..until you no longer need them. Until the frequency of love has replaced the suffering.

All of these phases are sacred and necessary and every soul is different. We are receiving so much support from Archangels, angels, spirit guides, and star beings to move into a higher vibrational frequency of heart, to open the cosmic heart chakra of Gaia (centrally located in Glastonbury, England), and this energy cosmic heart frequency is available to all sentient beings on Gaia to choose or to reject.

Your compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness are higher frequency vibrations templated by the cosmic christ heart. Feeling them firstly and most deeply for yourself opens out their access for you to feel them toward others. This allows you to feel the cries of the world, to serve love, yet not become the cries of the world, tied into suffering over suffering.


Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.


Money As An Exchange Of Love Energy: Conversations With Archangel Metatron

By Jelelle Awen


“Money is energy. It is an exchange of energy and, in another way, it does not exist and is only as real as the perception that you project upon it and the way that you relate with it. It is not the root of all evil as fear of love is what roots in evil or darker frequencies ,” says Archangel Metatron in response to a question I asked him about the higher consciousness definition of money. I am letting into my field higher guidance and reflection from him about money as we are hosting a group call and guided meditation about it this Saturday, February 4th at 4:44pm CST.


“Yes, that has been my sense of money for many years,” I answer, smiling at him.
He smiles back at me and continues, “Third dimensional reality – with its dualistic frequencies of separation and lack – has projected these feeling tones onto money. To the 3D self, the perceived lack or abundance of money directly relates to the often subconscious sense of this inside of themselves.”
“When we feel ‘tight’ or ‘lacking’ about money, it represents feelings of scarcity about love in our lives….”
“Yes, Jelelle. When there is an inner sense of abundant flow of love with yourself, with Divine Source, with others….then money is felt to be abundant, no matter how much of it there actually IS in the bank account.”
I digest this as a deeper truth in the moment even though this has been a process ground of expansion for me over the years and in serving others, including coaching small business clients on how to think about the financial area of their businesses.
“In my experience and experience guiding others, the 3D self especially uses the ‘earning of money’ to stay in suffering loops, especially around putting their energy and focus into jobs that aren’t connected to their passion purpose or soul purpose work,” I say. “This can be a transitional phase for people…to move out of doing a job just for the money to receiving their livelihood from the expression of their deepest soul passion. It has been a transition for my mate Raphael and I that has taken many years. Should I tell that story?”
“Yes, please, Jelelle, I feel it would be helpful,” says Metatron, sending a wave of golden love my way. I take his love into my heart, feeling it infuse my ‘story’ with new frequencies of relevance and gratitude.
“I worked an ‘office job’ for many years to support my daughter and myself. There was usually some connection to my passion purpose in these jobs: as a medical assistant in a cancer center, as an editor and reporter for a small business journal, as a coach and manager for small business clients. Each job seemed to bring me a step closer to the embracement of my soul gift expression. As I started really focusing on my emotional healing and spiritual awakening process, I eventually became a facilitator of others, holding space for their exploration, while earning money to do this. I left the office job and ‘steady paycheck’ environment ten years ago and have not returned to it.”
Raphael ran a painting contracting business in the Vancouver area for thirty years and we both lived off of the income from that until a few years ago when we left our client base there to move to Mexico. Raphael went through many transitions around the business, which he will tell in his own story, I’m sure, yet there was always an open and conscious question for us about if our deepest soul purpose work could provide the means of our livelihood rather than the painting business. We were serving others through SoulFullHeart, earning money through space holding and selling our books, yet, also we made sometimes difficult choices in our lifestyle to support this transition. We moved into an RV, sold almost everything we owned twice, declared bankruptcy, and left Canada for Mexico where the cost of living is much less and you can grow your own food year-round.”
Metatron nods at me to continue, knowing that I am not one prone to ‘telling my story’ as it often doesn’t feel real to me anymore and may not have the juice that the present moment does.
“We have lived very simply since being here in Mexico. We lived off of the last of the painting money savings (including using it to buy a piece of land on an off-grid ranch where we can retreat to if needed) until it ran out. Then, Sequoia Heartman and Leena Colibri began to earn money teaching English online. Their earnings, in addition to what we bring in through sessions, books, and donations into SoulFullHeart, is what currently provides the livelihood for all four of us.”
“One of the biggest shifts in how I related to money came from sharing money as a community, pooling all of it from what we earn as individuals to be shared together, for the last few years. The amazing thing about this is that because of our ground of transparency and the SoulFullHeart process itself which is our mutual way of relating, we have been able to bring reactions and triggers to each other around this without any conflicts arising because of it. There has been very little tension about sharing the money with each other and the sense of gratitude around it flows freely between us all.”
“This IS wonderful, Jelelle! This is more the way that money and alchemy flows in fifth dimensional consciousness. The energy exchanges with others are based in good will, gratitude, and a personal sense of inner abundance. Coming from this place of open abundant heart tones, sharing is natural and there is a deep trust that whatever you give will come back to you and the Universe will provide for you.”
“Yes, and somehow, from this place, all the needs of each individual person get met through this exchange, Metatron. The deeper phase for us in this transition to fifth dimensional consciousness around money is for ALL of our money and alchemy flow to be coming from SoulFullHeart and its offerings. And to experience a deeper abundance of goodness and beauty related to our living spaces. We also feel that gift exchange with others, including others coming to live with us here in Mexico and sharing in and contributing to the community pool of money, is a key aspect to the fulfillment of our vision and our desires. We are all visualizing this during meditation, connecting with our guides like you around it, and continuing to focus on inner healing and expanded heart and soul consciousness. It is a journey in process for sure.”
“Your story invites others to feel what their journey is related to this transition from 3D consciousness around money to 4D awakening to 5D,” Metatron says. “And I invite them, in this moment, to feel where they may be associating lack of love or abundance in their lives with how they are experiencing their money flow. I invite them to feel how the ways they earn their livelihood is connected to their soul purpose gift expression and ways that it is not. I invite them to feel their deepest desires related to money flow, abundance, and external (and internal) experience of it. I invite them to feel how much trust they feel that the Universe will provide all that they need.”
“This is a powerful invitation, Metatron. It is one that we offer as well in exploration of this ground from a higher consciousness perspective while holding the space inside to feel all the reactions that come up in response to it!”
“That is a magical thing indeed and I look forward to supporting others in this journey!”
“Me too, Metatron….me too!”


Note: Please join us for our live group call on Saturday, February 4th in which Raphael and I will explore the alchemical ground of money, abundance, and soul purpose. A monetary donation is required and much appreciated as it serves the unionifying of your intention and energy with ours.

Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.