SoulFullHeart’s Monthly Money UPdate for December 2017


By Raphael Awen

So, wow, It’s not only month end, it’s year end too, and what a time to take in a big deep breath of satisfaction for an awesome year, and take in another big breath for all the desires for even greater things in 2018, including relocating to Europe!

A few months back, we began to share a monthly transparent financial update for SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. The intention was and is to welcome those who’d like to be a part of our financial unfolding. We would be mega-delighted to receive your donation over Paypal or monthly support over Patreon.

We had our largest money month ever (in our recent three year timeline, since leaving Canada)! And none of it was for outside on-line work gigs this month, other than Gabriel and Kalayna’s regular English teaching. We can so feel and sniff the arising timeline of where all of our revenue is SoulFullHeart Revenue, even phasing out the English teaching. Speaking of which, total SFH revenue this month tripled from 3 months ago, and made up almost half of our total revenue. These are all encouraging signs of change and shifting timelines for us.

In other good news this past month, we had a feeling of abundance to be generous in Christmas gift sharing, which was well beyond the previous three years. Jelelle and I also got new iPads as well. Things are looking up!

A BIG and exciting intention we have for this year is moving to Europe before May (or sooner if Jelelle has her way) – all five of us and 2 dogs, and whomever else might be joined with us when we do! We see the Glastonbury area of London as our first landing pad.

Here’s a look at our money flow for this month: December, 2017. This is for the 5 of us as well as SoulFullHeart expenses.

(all figures in US Dollars)

$4,609 – Total Revenue for December – a three year record!

Total Revenue breakdown as follows:

$2,407 – Gabriel and Kalayna’s English Teaching through VIPkid, up a bit, but mostly because of a favorable exchange rate.

$2,202 – Total SoulFullHeart Revenue broken down as below:

$1,877 – Payments for Sessions have tripled in the last three months.

$63 – Group Call Donations for our one Group Call this month.

$18 – Book Sales

$244 – General Donations – People just sending money! Double the amount from 3 months ago.

Thank you for taking this in and feeling us in this arising. We are so not ‘stuck for money’, as we see money as a love mirror of goodness reflecting back to us whatever we need to see and feel.

We feel waves of new goodness wanting to come our way in 2018, and if you’d like to be a part of that financially this year, in whatever amount feels right for you, we would so love to receive that love and send it back out into the universe, our hearts and our bellies.

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SoulFullHeart’s Monthly Money UPdate for November 2017


By Raphael Awen

The 5 of us lived comfortably this month on $740 USD per person!

This is a product of an ongoing deep reboot with our relationship to money and career.

I know how crazy $700 a person sounds for a comfortable enough living arrangement to Western ears, as we used to live in Canada on much more.

We are very much looking to increase our income to enter some new timelines, and even return soon to Canada, and that will take some new money flow for sure, but I can’t tell you how great it has been to pull the plug on an old relationship to money. Some years ago, Jelelle and I (2 of us as opposed to 5) used to live on 10 times that amount while longing to put our deeper sense of calling first in our lives.

We very much can feel this new money timeline arising, and we wanted to document it and share it as we go, on a monthly basis with these Patreon posts as a way of transparentizing our own ongoing shifts in our relationship to money out to those we serve to help foster people’s own similar shifts.

Here’s a look at our money flow for this month: November, 2017.

(all figures in US Dollars)

$3,701 – Total Revenue for November (which was just over the recent 7 month average of 3,543).

Revenue breakdown as follows:

$2,271 – Gabriel and Kalayna’s English Teaching through VIPkid.

$202 – This month there was a bit of money from some online work gigs through UPwork that Kalayna and Raianna did with a little help from Gabriel and I.

$1,032 – Sessions Donations are back on the way up as a new wave of people are responding. We ask for a minimum donation of 55 USD per weekly session.

$140 – Group Call Donations for our one Group Call this month. Minimum donation is 11 usd to participate.

$42 – General Donations through Patreon and Paypal. We received one new monthly supporter this month for $25 usd.

$14 – Book Sales of Jelelle’s Books

On the Expenses side of things, we have:

$685 – Total Rent for 3 living spaces

$30 – 2 Zoom accounts for Sessions and Group Calls

$91 – Bank Service Fees and Payment transfer fees

$8 – Netflix

$75 – Internet – Total for 5 modems (where else can you get internet for $15.00?)

$97 – Monthly payments on 2 new laptops

$10 – Website Hosting

$996 – Total fixed expenses!

The rest ($541 per person) goes to food, clothes, a tiny bit on fuel, a bit at Starbucks and our wish list for home and recreation, etc..

We would be so delighted to receive your monthly support on Patreon at:

or you can make a one time donation (as often as you’d like) through our Paypal here:

Thank you for feeling this with us and thank you for your support!


Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about Weekly Sessions, Live Streams, Videos, and Community.

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Work As Play

301Photo by Mike Giles

By Raphael Awen

‘Sorry, but we’re all out of jobs now. There’s lots of play to choose from, but the jobs are all gone…’

If you are still seeking ‘work’ that can be exchanged for money, that isn’t coming from your deepest heart in the world, you are busy trying to fill a bathtub with a big ol’ drain and no stopper.

This used to work to some semblance of functionality, but the wheels are falling off this cart now. Where did we ever get the idea that doing something you didn’t love, that wasn’t coming from your heart, that you had to be in a big pretentious lie to endure, but that you could exchange money for, would actually contain any real value long term?

Money is only what we make it to be. It isn’t ‘real’, according to any laws of nature, other than it is what we energize it to be. When you make money doing something you don’t love, you are devaluing the value of the money you earn, and anything you buy with that money, is in turn filled with that energy, snowballing into deeper and deeper dissatisfaction.

We’ve collectively gone on to monetize everything and anything we could get our hands on, but that is changing fast. What I see happening now is a big demonetization scheme that the universe is supporting big time. The way personally into this energy is to feel more and more about who you are and what you are at a deeper level and begin to make choices deeper and deeper in alignment with this more authentic you. It won’t change overnight because it’s not meant to. You actually need to feel every step along the way, even if it feels like 1 step forward and 2 back at times.

Consider how the digital world collapsed the monetization of the music and publication industries. Huge mammoths that most took as a given would be with us till the end of time, are now considered dinosaurs. What we are on the verge now of having similarly dawn on our consciousness is the uselessness and the anxiety of the entire idea of ‘private’ ‘property’. Something very different, from different core assumptions of what the universe IS, as well as new technologies, will be at both the roots as well as the tallest branches of this new expression. You can feel this reality here now coming from higher dimensions filtering down into the more familiar 3D.

Want to start a revolution, with some web skills? Start a website called or something similar that resembles Craig’s List, but conditions everything on being free. Maybe it’s already out there. Sounds crazy to our current conditioning, I know, but watch how many people need and want to clear their souls of the monetization trap they find themselves in?

It feels like we are about to do away with money completely as we know it. This opens out a whole lot of questions of what exchange will look and feel like and how things like motive and security will play out, but these are the very things that are changing under our feet.

If you are still sailing on the ship built squarely in old paradigm values, and you are wondering about how secure your future is, that’s because your future isn’t very secure in the old paradigm, and the holes in your ship are getting larger. Your anxiety, along with your waning energy for it is proof of the crumbling foundation. Time now to ask new QUESTions as you self lovingly, one step at a time embrace a new quest.

I can tell you what your future will look and feel like whether you chose this path or not, as we eventually will ALL get this…. Your future will be about having the fullest of security and enjoyment and pleasure from doing what you love, that comes from your heart. We are heading into a world where in the not too distant future, it will be openly frowned upon and be very self evident when anyone is pretending a role play in a ‘job’ for money alone. It will be seen as harm to self and others, not from a moral place, but from a place of being counter to love, counter to joy, and counter to freedom. How could anything outside of love possibly create and hold any true value?

Talk about a climate where most business models go south! ‘Business owners’ are going to have to come up with carrots a whole lot grander than money, and fast, if they wish to survive and transition.

What’s your deeper play, that your heart is on board with?

If you don’t know, what steps could you take to find out?

What adjustments could you make, or get ready to make, to your current trajectory and circumstances that would support this unfolding?

What stresses on your physical body and relationships do you need bring into your honest awareness as part of the funding of this shift of consciousness?

These are some of the beginning questions that we are being invited into. The universe has an unlimited infinite journey ahead for all of us, and life as we currently know it, that seems unchanging at times, is only one tiny chapter in a much grander story. This present chapter of lack and control, and ‘take it or leave it’ bosses, was just needed to set up the next chapter!

If you personally are done with that chapter, then you get to go on ahead as an early adopter to assist these pieces into the larger collective.

It’s the funnest fun! And it’s all play.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about Weekly Sessions, Live Streams, Videos, and Community.

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The Law Of Attraction: Being, Healing, Receiving

by Kalayna Colibri


Yesterday, I was sweetly asked by someone to share my thoughts on the Law of Attraction, based on a Facebook post I reshared from last year. The original post was a very short letter to the Universe, declaring only a couple of things I really, really wanted… one of them was a new laptop, the other a new cellphone and the third was a sacred union romance. I haven’t typically been someone to create vision boards or set goals or even write letters such as this one. I remember that when I wrote it, I was riding high on an influx of energy from having spent quality time with beloveds the day before. We in SoulFullHeart love to feel and talk about our desires and to feel the possibilities alive in them, though of course we also feel the trailing edge reality around this for parts of us who are fearful or anxious about ‘not getting what they want’.

When I reshared this year-old post, I did so to celebrate that these three desires actually DID come true. It was very sweet to feel this for several reasons, one being that for most people who earn much money, buying something like a new laptop or phone wouldn’t take them a whole year to manifest. In fact, the way so many still live is for instant gratification, trying to satisfy needs, wants and desires as soon as possible, so that the journey to actually living these desires out is as short as possible. It becomes a medication for the parts who actually feel that nothing will ever be enough for them, especially when what they really want underneath the desire for ‘things’ is love… the second reason is what this post proved to a part of me that doesn’t always trust in the Universe or the Divine or even me as the one who is holding and feeling her. Yes, it may have taken about a year to see these desires to fruition in my life, yet they did arrive and the work to bring them in happened both intentionally and unintentionally, meaning that without being directly dedicated to ‘finding’ or ‘accomplishing’, I focused my work within, as I always do. There isn’t anything we can truly control when it comes to getting what we most deeply want. Money, it feels like, can offer the 3D self a false sense of control, as do books and practices like ‘The Secret’. It really isn’t up to you to manifest what you feel you want most in your life. And it isn’t the fault of parts of you if it hasn’t manifested yet, either. So much of this is simply not up to us, and that is VERY humbling to let in…

When I went into meditation with Kuan Yin this morning, I asked her to feel the Law of Attraction with me. She had me feel my mind and my heart, both. I realized that my mind focuses on logistics and doesn’t FEEL the desire so much as thinks long and hard about how to ‘make’ it happen and all of the obstacles or problems that may ‘get in the way’, including money, of course. My heart, however, feels the desires, feels the possibilities, and gets lit up by them or doesn’t. I feel it’s the ‘lit up’ feeling within, that sends out beacons of possibility and draw and also gives the sense of what is most deeply desired, versus what is only a whim or vague possibility. The energy we hold around all possibility is a big part of drawing it to us… do parts of us or Metasoul aspects feel despair about wanting a sacred union romance? Do they feel as if they will never get what they want in a material or emotional way? Are they trying to transcend these trailing edge feelings and wanting to only feel that it’s possible? We draw mixed experiences to us as needed, to help us see and feel these parts more and more.

Perhaps it’s a matter of ‘gestation’ rather than ‘manifestation’, as Kuan Yin offered to me that ‘being’ your way and feeling your way to your desires is really the only path to bringing them in, at least when it comes to the deeper ones. Drawing in a sacred union romance is about BEing, giving space to parts of you, healing your way to it. Finding yourself a new cellphone or laptop can feel just as magical as letting in a romance if the time is taken to be and feel your way there and not necessarily ‘take action’ or ‘set goals’. The same could be set for weight loss or money-earning. There is so much to be and be with as we become… as we continue to shift inside of ourselves through the inner excavation process of deep feeling that we offer in SoulFullHeart.  As we do so, the steps unfold and alignment happens in an organic, flowing, flowering way, especially in these days of ramped-up Ascension energies, where this is becoming the reality more and more easily as our energies continue to move upward.

Attracting or drawing what we most want, begins with feeling the wants, working our way to feeling what’s real about them and what deeper desires could be underneath them, helping us detach from the outcome in humble surrender. We are brilliant co-creators as arising sacred humans, work consciously and unconsciously in tandem with energies in the multi-verse inside and outside of us, and those around us who fill us up with love while we offer and BE the same to and with them. If it’s really about love underneath it all, then love is what needs to be present in our hearts, in an ever-deepening way through our healing, in order to truly reach those heights of BEing that we feel called to bring in, in whatever form or fabric that takes in our unfolding 3D-5D reality consciousness. ❤

If you wish to learn more about the SoulFullHeart process, visit for more information.

Also, THIS coming Sunday, Raphael and Jelelle Awen will be hosting a live stream on Facebook and Youtube! Check it out, starting at 11:11am CST (Mexico City).


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


‘Business As Usual’ Is Not So Usual: Letting Go Of 3D Anchors In Money/Livelihood And Relationships

By Jelelle Awen



‘Business as usual’ is not so usual anymore. The routines and patterns that bring a sense of safety and comfort are being interrupted and shifted by all these waves of high frequency light. And, if your life IS continuing to remain exactly the same, it could be that part of your 3D self is holding onto the patterns, routines, safeties, and the knowns for dear life, not wanting to let go, wanting to remain anchored to some degree still to 3D life. It could be a part of you that is understandably afraid to be untethered, free to fly and, therefore, also susceptible to crashing and burning.

Oh, those anchors and those hooks to 3D life can be so deep and invasive! They are what you can feel as ‘business as usual’…sometimes literally a business or a job or a career, especially if it is 3D-based, a long-term source of livelihood, and not serving your passion purpose expression of love here as felt and seen by you. The security and safety of these ‘means of income’ wants to be threatened and sorted out, so that you will start to let go and step out into a more trust-based relationship, 4D and higher frequency relationship to drawing your means of supportive energy in the form of money for yourself. Or, so that you will lean into a community of other resonant souls in a sharing money picture (as we do in our closest circle in SoulFullHeart)….or, with a sacred union mate for which you can collaborate and create your livelihood together.

Sometimes, the anchor to 3D ‘business as usual’ money earning has already been let go off and severed in many ways. But, maybe it was with harshness or suddenness. Maybe it was the rejection of a steady livelihood or 3D career or business in favor of living without true means of supporting yourself in a sovereign and consistent way. This can lead to ultimately compromising situations, such as moving in with birth family to support you as you ‘find yourself’ or to receiving money from the government because you are ‘disabled’ or ‘mentally ill.’ You have let go of 3D life in one way yet, actually, are now anchoring into a birth family safety (in the form of government aid in some cases) that provides another kind of anchoring.

This can be OK and even necessary for a phase, yet, the question becomes: is this way of receiving livelihood (love in the form of money) ultimately serving your higher expression of love here or is it settling, limiting, and/or confining you? Is it based on a picture of you being broken or needing fixing or not being able to manage in life? In some cases, the best service of loving yourself could actually be to get a ‘regular job’ in order to be able to fund the things that most feed your soul, allow you to be independent from family again, and move you closer toward your soul expression being the source of your livelihood here.

‘Business as usual’ also relates hugely to relationships in your life, which can very much have this normalized and flatlined sense about them if based in 3D frequencies of duty, obligation, routine, comfort, and familiarity. This can especially be true in long-term friendships, birth family, and romantic relationships where you are awakening and others are choosing not to. Relationships can and do provide a huge anchoring to 3D reality, which is needed for survival for your childhood and yet can then become have a hampering effect, a dampening on your awakening and growth. Shrinking to fit these long-term relationships can look like pretending to be the same around them ‘on the outside’ even as you are hugely changing on the ‘inside’ and ‘in private.’ Parts of your 3D self, especially the Inner Protector, can wear this mask very well and energize suitable and conforming energies to fit in with these relationships even when you are consciously unhappy in them as a soul/5D and higher self.

It IS possible to experience life as an arising wonder. Every moment open to the surprises and mysteries that could unfold if you can let your relationship to others AND to life and to love arise anew for you. The usual and normal give way to what Infinite Possibilities might bring to each circumstance and how they might be changed into the unexpected and even magical. In this arising wonder relationship to life, you no longer experience boredom and, when you do, you can feel the part of you that is still wanting to anchor to 3D life in some way and WHY they are. These textures of arising wonder happen when your higher self consciousness can come into your body, expanding your heart and opening your mind beyond ‘business as usual’ and into the sublime magic of All That Is.


In the SoulFullHeart Process experienced through affordable weekly sessions with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, you get to know aspects of your 3D self and how they operate and are still anchored in all areas of your life, including financial and social. You receive support to negotiate with them as your 5D self and navigate choice points toward manifestation of your highest purpose. Read more here about our free intro session with a facilitator: This article identifies the 3D, 4D, and 5D self as it relates to seven areas of life: emotional, spiritual, mental, social, physical, financial, and environmental:
Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.


Journaling With My Debt

By Raianna Shai


You’re not so scary…right? I mean, you certainly have this power to make me quake in my boots but there’s nothing you can aaactually do…right?

For parts of me that’s not true at all. For a part of me debt represents failure. Especially when other people know about it, especially when it affects them.

So I wonder, what is the worst possible scenario that can happen with debt? Well, I could go to jail. Assuming by law it would even be worth it to them to send a young girl to jail for a $5000 loan… That doesn’t feel possible at all though and the thought of that just makes me laugh! Me? In jail? Yeah right… So what are the other consequences that are really hitting home right now? There are the complications of moving back to Canada and trying to get a bank account and ruining my credit. But that still feels so 3D and doesn’t even bother my parts all that much.

Then there’s the emotional response of what other people think of me. Ahhh, there’s the ticket. Other people, always other people. So what do these “other people” represent that make me feel so self conscious to admit that I can’t pay back my loan. Society, perfection, blending in, failure. Everything that takes me off the conveyor belt of conforming to standards and onto an unknown path. A path where you…lead yourself? Where you can…love yourself? That feels so foreign and wonderful and terrifying… So I ask this part of myself, what is it that’s so damn scary about being different and having people see me being different?

“Well, Raianna, it means that they can see me, which means that they can judge me. If I do everything right according to them then I’m inherently invisible. I can’t make anyone uncomfortable, I don’t have to think outside the box, there are rules and regulations that I can follow so I don’t have to think or feel on my own… okay I can see how that might get boring. But it’s so much EASIER!”

I take this in and address my angel cards (a gift I’ve been given to help parts of me bridge to connections with higher frequencies, guides, and the Divine). Interestingly, two out of three cards mention letting go of fear and negative emotions of victimization (the other tells me I should be doing workshops so I guess I’m good at writing about this stuff?). That helped me regain the perspective that I’m not a victim to my circumstance. I can feel the pain behind what debt means to a part of me but it’s also already something I’m working through. I’ve kept myself in a suffering loop over money for so long and even this part of me feels ready to be done with that.

So, as an action to go along with this new perspective and more 5D feeling around debt, I’m going to delete the emails that I’ve been getting about the actions that the loan office will take against me and let go of this debt that keeps me chained to the 3D world. It will no longer be an anchor for me as I heal the pain that lies in being seen and being different. I haven’t chosen an easy path, but I’ve chosen one that calls my very heart and soul, and that, to me, feels so much more fulfilling.


Raianna Shai is a SoulFullHeart facilitant and social media maven for SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, retreats, etc. Return LOVE in money form: or visit our Patreon page to become a monthly supporter:

What Lies Under Our Limitations Sets Us Free


“Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours.” – Richard Bach, Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah

These word are fairly well known and have had such an impact on me my entire life. I could feel how in my awakening days in college, this was a guide for me to feel all the ways I was not being totally free. As I went back deeper into 3D after my daughter was born, they came back to me as her dependence on my 3D self lessened and she moved to Canada to be with her mother. I could feel all the ways in which I had created a life that had kept me safe, comfortable, and predictable. Neither of which made me joyful, alive, or passionate.

To my 3D self all was fine and was willing to compromise, yet with further inquiry, he really wanted to blow it all up. This was the edge of my more 4D self who could see the prison of it all and yet projected the responsibility to the “system” and felt to rage against it and help expose and tear it down. This gave him meaning and purpose without actually doing much of anything truly life-altering. The fire was good to feel but it really needed to be turned inward. Not in a judging fashion, but in a way that needed to see that my parts were still creating the prison they were raging against.

This is where parts of us can use nearly any excuse, the most popular being time, money, and relationship, to not actually let in the power of creation that we are. We chose to limit ourselves so that we could learn to love ourselves all over again. Our 5D self sees no limits other than the ones we are currently choosing to place upon ourselves. It is an epic game of cat and mouse until we decide we are done running from each other and realize we are the same.

I still find myself in an ebb and flow of this limit game. It is all a part of my journey. However to be in a tennis match around it is just a suffering loop. One day it is time to not return the volley and see what the hell lies in the space outside the lines. What is the fear of the lack of limitation? If we have infinite unlimited power, what the hell does that even mean?

It is in this process of acquainting ourselves with our 3D, 4D, and 5D selves that we can begin to feel how we have used our conditioning and protections to limit our ability to truly be the most authentic version of ourselves. Yet these are not the bad guys. We are not to obliterate them or endrun around them. We are to honor them. To feel them. To let in the power of their creation to be able to accomplish said experiences until the point we are not wanting the limit anymore. Our divine credit card is limitless and that is really hard to let in. You are NOT a victim when you chose otherwise!

These selves are our most prized possessions that have yet to be owned and claimed by our biggest heart. They are the basis for the work and process in SoulFullHeart. They are the vehicles we ride in as we explore the realms of our inner world. If you are looking to become acquainted with yourself in a much deeper way that helps to unlock the limits of your circumstances then visit for more on our process and our free 30-minute intro session offering.

There are truly no limits to what can be discovered.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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You Can Have What You Want


By Raphael Awen

You CAN have what you want.

If there is any catch to this, it’s this: You CAN have what you want. Yes, you read that correctly. Actually having what you want is what scares the crap out of us, and subconsciously keeps us at bay from drawing what we most deeply want.

You and I both may say “Oh, I’d drop this dump in a heartbeat if I could afford a nicer place”. But thinking and feeling that we are limited because we can’t afford a nicer place is a perception coming deeply from the 3D conditioned self. From a 5D perspective, there is nothing that doesn’t belong to you. There is nothing that is off limits to your pleasure and enjoyment. If your and my 3D experience is going through some experience of lack, that is because we dialled that up.

Lack is a very rare and precious thing from a 5D perspective. You can’t find it just anywhere. You need to dial it up in a 3D world and reality and enter a weird thing called the time, space and material reality in order to experience and learn from what it feels like to taste and be in lack.

There are things you as a soul just can’t learn, being the infinite abundance that you are, without a forgetting and remembering experience. You are actually seeking to be born into what you already are and always were.

Which is kind of cool when you think of it. Becoming a millionaire or has got be way more fun than just being a millionaire. It’s the process we are seeking, because it is in experience that we have these ‘birthing into’ experiences that make us more than we were, and even more than we infinitely at present ARE, if your mind can grok a piece of that. You already are infinite love, but in a process of forgetting and remembering that you are infinite love, you become more than infinite love. Infinite love that doesn’t know and feel that it IS infinite love, is of no felt value. It is worth everything, but it has no identity, no healthy ego yet to go about and strut its stuff.

You are the hottest stuff the universe is made of, and the fact that you are able to dial up a shitty apartment is utterly astounding to the 5D consciousness that also lives in you. Holy f*ck. It’s all so holy in fact, that no polite or impolite language can take away from it or add to it.

You already are having from a 5D perspective exactly what you want. If a better apartment on a 3D level is what your 3D self is wanting, then you have some negotiating to do with your 5D self, because YOU are the only one pulling the levers here. You’ve got some lessons to finish up.

Where this gets really interesting is to systematically and methodically open the door to getting to know and feel your 3D selves, your 4D selves and your 5D self.

We set out to do just that through SoulFullHeart process and I’d like to give you a taste of a piece of our curriculum that we work through in early session space with facilitants. It’s an awesome blend of heart opening, intuition, the imaginarium ALONG WITH a system, a method, a discipline… The feminine and the masculine blend as a vehicle to take you somewhere. Get ready though, it’s a bit of a long article and video that will only secure your heart and soul attention if you are ready for it, meaning you may well have to negotiate with your 3D aspects just to be able to get into this. It will take time and heart and It will change you, as it has and continues to change us.

The article and video offers a self guided aspect that we wanted to share with people for free to let them feel into if committing the time and money to working more directly with a facilitator and regular committed SoulFullHeart process is something that calls to them.

Here is that article:

I am really curious to hear how it lands in you, and to digest it further with you when you are ready in a free ½ hour intro session that we offer as a bridge for people feeling into deepening process together.

Raphael Awen

…and if you’d like to connect with our energy tomorrow on our group call around Sacred Union that Jelelle Awen and I are leading, here are the details for you to do that here. It’s gonna be good…, they always are when deeply interested people like you show up with heart and desire.

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Post-Eclipse Transmission Of Transformation


It is 3:33. Guided to start typing and transmitting. Just feel what is in the space. Newness. The fresh scent of air after rainfall. The sense that something is on the horizon. On the dock for delivery. Tuning into its Here-ness when it feels Over There. What is here? Abundance in all its forms. Material, spatial, relational, spiritual, sexual, romatical, geographical…all of the ALLs.

Connective bonds of heart and soul that gather in vibratory unison at the meeting points of sacred location and reverence. Transforming and transmuting the body as that mobile sacred location. No need to travel for you are already there. You are all ready It. The portal is in you. INside that healing heart. That plugged in, juiced UP, love engine that propels you into dimensions that were only ever imagined, become realized by the turn of the dial.

Oh….but it is not that easy.

Oh…but is that what we have convinced ourselves to believe? Since we don’t have it, don’t see it, don’t feel it then it doesn’t exist. Shut down the wanter, the feeler, the giver and the dreamer. Keeps us safe, contained, comfortable, and in stasis.  What happened to alive? To riding the edge of the known along the chasm of the free fall surrender into Holy Shit? We forgot about that quasar pulse of excitement that rushes into your being when left replaces right, and up replaces down.  Poking the bear of our deepest fear to find our deepest love right underneath it.  

Who will recognize you on the other side? Do you want to be identifiable or unpredictable? The answer is a pinball of back and forth among the inner walls of your being.  What will this New Earth-New You-Not You bring to the table of this no holds buffet bar of powerfully creative love livers? The ones that can’t stop inviting the dark into the light.  The ones building bridges of inner guidance systems that direct them to the gates of the stellar bliss banquet of conscious unity. Inviting and integrating the multidimensional layers of expression into the cells of this uniquely human temple.

What a world we have chosen to create and hide from ourselves in this strangely pre-planned game of forget and remember?  Peek-a-boo moments and starry-eyed gleans. We have the power of choice to locate ourselves again. To clear the forest of the brambles of our deepest wounds that lead the way to our most treasured tunes.  The dusty scrolls of our soul’s ancient wonderings. Take the road less traveled on your way back to the heart of your heart.  The one that is not defined or maintained.  It can be uncomfortable and bumpy, but the most life lived is in the one lived IN and not through.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Life As Our Personal Creation


By Raphael Awen

Your life as you know it today, and even as you don’t know it, has been imagined into being.

Nothing comes into being that hasn’t first been seen and imagined by a consciousness that holds the desire and intention for the created thing.

It feels strange to our normal waking consciousness to see this as true when we feel our lives and our circumstances to be a mixture of fate, good or bad luck, missed opportunities, and ‘if only’s’, etc.

But when we take into account our very real subconscious reality, that parts of us, exist outside of our normal waking consciousness; everything changes! Here we come to see and know that aspects of our very selves, not god, not fate, not circumstance, are what has created our life as we know it. Here we come to discover that parts of ourselves had very good and understandable reasons for creating the dimensions of our lives that we, as a conscious self, didn’t like at all.

AND, on top of all this wild ride, is your life as you DON’T yet know it, that already exists in your soul template, in no-time reality, that wants and waits to manifest here in the time dimension more and more as it is allowed into being.

This dimension is also off of most people’s conscious reality and radar, and THIS forgetting, is also by design and creation of the powerful subconscious aspects of their being that prefer to hold the soul consciousness aspect of being for them. As above, so below.

In other words, all of us have one great big coping mechanism for being such big souls expressing in human form. These coping mechanisms, held by aspects of ourselves, can be negotiated with and even come to be known and loved in a magical process of curious self discovery as you expand out more and more into deeper and fuller aspects of the infinite love that you are.

This so raises the quest and questions that are aching to come onto our daily radar more and more.

The very intimate circumstances of your life, relationships, limitations, resources, are ALL aspects of your own creation…awaiting recreation into the domain of loving conscious imagination that is willing to feel all there is to feel.

If these words resonate for you, know then that they contain YOUR truth, and your truth and my truth are finding resonance together. How cool! You are onto your own soul path taking you to new places no matter how stuck you may feel in a present life-as-you-know-it-reality.

Simply admitting your own truth to yourself is that powerful of a transformational reality bridging separate universes of reality into new timelines.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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