My Heart Ache For the V Injured

By  Raphael Awen

My heart has been holding so much for the V injured these past year as well as the increasing loss of life that we are seeing, that may actually be only a small precursor to what is coming this year and next.

I wanted to share with you a couple resources that show what I believe this virus and it’s antidote, the jab, really is.

If you go down this path, I believe you’ll find everything you need to not only reverse the alterations that you’ve subjected your body to, if you’ve taken the needles (including changes at the DNA level), but also protect yourself from the transmissions of close proximity to those who are, as well as be prepared for the next stages of this rollout.

More on these resources in a moment, but first allow me to speak to a bigger context to carry all of this in, a shopping bag for your trip to the market if you will, as we all know how clumsy shopping can be without a container.

This epic event that all of us are witnessing being played out these past 3 years, with each of us witnessing it from our different perspectives is I believe a culmination of the ‘good vs. evil’ polarity that our consciousness is presently learning and living through. There is a higher consciousness holding all of this which is love, as both good and evil are sourced in love, and proposed and purposed by love.

Many need to be actors on this ‘vs.’ stage in their battling energies, their warrior calling. Many are also called to act out the evildoer role. The drama takes us ‘eventually’ (and what greater ‘event’ can you think of beyond a mass loss of life and quality of life like we are now witnessing) to the reconciliation of the polarities in the birthing of a entirely new phases of consciousness. I do see and feel this as very much part of a heaven on earth manifestation, albeit a journey through many a hell on our way there.

The shopping trip into the market place now reveals many a truth, an undeniable truth, as to what these so called V’s actually are and in that revelation, one can see very potent means to reversing their effects.

I do see that in the shadows of so many is an unacknowledged desire to die, even as their inborn instinct survival is also at play creating quite a dissonance for them. I don’t say this in any finger pointing kind of way, but rather from my own inward journey of what’s been true about parts of me. Until you come to some degree of acknowledging that, no amount of help or information will be of any value to you. You’ll probably find yourself discrediting the very answers you pretend to be seeking to keep up playing the victim.

You’re not a victim. You choose this. We all did really! We chose to be alive and part of this drama at this time, sorting through the polarity.

So here’s the resource I’d like to share with you that I came across. Jonathan Otto, a documentarian has put together a host of interviews with some very interesting people and researchers, and is offering all of it for a price, but a free previewing is also available without providing payment info. I’ll share the link to connect below.

I personally found the free screening of the videos to be more than I needed and bordered on way too much information, but I can see others, maybe given their need, may well want and need to buy access to this material and take a deeper dive.

I really just wanted to send out this post to point to a resource that offers profound insight and practical steps to reclaim your health and sovereignty.

It will however take some deep desire to really want to not just live, but also to thrive and feel your deeper reasons for being here.

This is a huge soul turn for each of us personally and also collectively and also for the divine itself, is my sense of it.

A couple notes on the resources:

Jonothan Otto comes from a Christian background, and many of the voices in this movement are also quite Christian in their worldview. Yet, they are the ones that are quite instrumental in this movement that lacks a name. Which is interesting of course, because many Christian voices were and are also deeply embedded in the other side of this whole Plandemic. I was deep into Christianity earlier in my life so I find all of this very interesting, as it raises the even bigger questions around all of our big questions.

But again, I see the bigger ‘planner’ in this ‘Plandemic’ as the divine itself, (which includes both you and I) involving all the polarities of good and evil, now orchestrating love’s return trip into the reconciliation of both good and evil now returning home.

The great reset, faces off with the great awakening and what is beheld is the great reconciliation – that’s the bigger picture that we may be busy grokking for many a millennia to come.

Wow, I find it so hard to speak to the resources I want to share without getting contextual. I so feel we need a way to digest this more than we need new information.

Yet, there are those who desperately need some very practical answers, and information.

We’re going to need both going forward, new information as well as a new container to hold it all. The old information and the old containers are falling away more and more every day.

This is a mix of the old and the new and I trust you can sort your way through to find what you need.

You can spend a fortune (if you have it), or nothing at all in terms of money (if you don’t have it), either way, both ways will get you what you need, with this info.

Particularly striking to me has been the role of poisonous synthetic animal venoms, and then the role of free and what may be thee single most potent treatments in fasting as well as in the ancient practice of ‘urotherapy’, the use of your own urine. Sound crazy? It very much is AND is thee most solid insights you can find at the moment. There’s also a ton of good info on effective supplements, but personally, I like to find and help others find what’s the right fit for them, without getting overwhelmed and being with any and all fear reactions too.

There undoubtedly is a way through.

Here’s that link to the free info:

Much love,



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The Quest Into The Dark

A part of us has created a safe space, a known space, even if what is known is suffering. The light and warmth of this space keeps him there. Anchored to the perimeter of its glow. Yet, from time to time, or maybe all the time, a voice calls out from the darkness, from the Shadow. 

It may start off small but then grows in intensity. How that shows up for each of us is different. It may be a physical message, a mental chatter, or an emotional surge. Whatever the case, it is calling to us to enter the forgotten, the repressed, and the hidden. 

The Quest into our shadowlands is our quest for the Holy Grail of our Truth, Authenticity, and Vulnerability. It is a different kind of lightless fire that forges something long cast aside. Something we had only dreamed of or desired while staring into the fire of our comfort or suffering. 

There is a whole world in that darkness. A world we are being called to light the flames of once again. A world that holds us responsible for its tending and expansion. A new order that is created by facing our fears, our needs, our pain, and our passion. 

Along the way, we confront and meet the parts and aspects of us that have been living in these hinterlands, not so far from the edge of our campfire. As we meet and hold space for their healing and integration, we are ready for whatever comes next in the time and pace it is meant to. We are not hunting in the shadow, we are calling out to it with care and curiosity. If we are on the offense, they will be on the defense. 

With each new connection and healing a bond is formed inside that had been severed. An extension of the old fire is created and the expansion of the inner kingdom is claimed. We become ambassadors to our Shadow and the Darkness within, then the benevolent king of their new world that is encased in the SoulFire. 

The journey begins by our desire, need, and call to be the most authentic and divinely aligned version of ourselves. Only then will we experience true sovereignty of this human incarnation. We chose this, so let’s claim it. Shadow and All.


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Owning The Dark And The Light Within

By  Raphael Awen

Men Of The Soulfire.

We’re being asked to take a formidable journey.

This journey is one that most wouldn’t even come near considering.

This journey is to go within and uncover every part or aspect of us that is suppressed or hidden in some way, having been forced to take up residence in the back alleys and dark side streets of our consciousness.

It’s much more appealing to take a journey of some kind that is external to us and that will give awards for the service and care of others.

These aspects of our soul and suppressed parts of the self are not difficult to find. They are becoming more and more outed and visible every day. The difficult part is finding the courage to own that THIS IS YOU.

Giving a homeless person some spare change feels good and acknowledges that ‘were it not for the grace of God, there go I’, but what we’re being invited to feel is something quite different from that.

This homeless person before you is you.

The homeless consciousness that bulges in our cities also lives within each of us. It is the entire declaration of literally one half of our being to be evil, wrong or unwanted in some way.

You don’t go on for too long before that disowned reality takes the life of the host.

Which brings us back to the majority who are not yet capable of taking this inward journey of reclamation, reconciliation, and restoration.

When you are unwilling to bridge your light and your darkness, you go against the grain of your soul. The soul is here to awaken to the duality of light and dark that it finds itself in. When that purpose is thwarted or postponed in this dimension, the soul wants to go back to the light to regroup, and the soul by necessity must take the body with it, as they are the same thing in different expressions.

We see this on maybe the grandest scale yet with the very understandable denial of those that signed up to be a part of the experimental medical trials of the past two years. I feel that this is all a very telling manifestation of the disowned parts of us, collectively and personally that wanted to leave the planet and the human experience sooner than later.

The awakening masses want to out the blame onto the dark evil drug companies who are controlled by dark evil agendas and elites bent on unspeakable evil, again understandably so…

But a deeper understanding is that all of both light and dark, what we went on to be sure and label as good and evil, ALL was birthed out of oneness source.

Love picks up the tab for it all.

Now we see not only WHY but WHO is asking us to take this journey within. It is your soul as divine expression that wants to know itself and be reconciled to itself in the deepest dualities that it created.

The darkness is you, and therein you will find your deepest reconciliation to life and love itself.

There is no other real path for relief. There is no other awakening from the nightmare. The glorious light that you are can only be found and known as you equally embrace the darkness within.

Jelelle Awen and I want to speak to, feel and transmit some more of this reconciliation in today’s livestream. Would you join us if you can? I’ll put the details in the comments below. 💚🌹🏄🏻‍♂️🙏🏻

Much love to you and your courageous journey,

~ R ~


(This pic was taken at a park on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, BC – showing off it’s Lemurian heritage and New Lemurian aspirations)

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Sovereignty Within

By  Raphael Awen

Men Of The SoulFire.

It is your birthright as an individual, as a fractal/template of the Divine to be your own SOVEREIGN FREE WILL BEING that lives by your free will, meaning you do what you want, when you want and how you want, for the highest expression and benefit of everyone and everything in your life.

Essentially, whether we realize it or not, all of us are already expressing as this NOW, and always have been, even if we don’t know it yet, even if we learned to play small and victim to the powers that we perceive and that we authorized to be over us! This is one form/expression of our free will and sovereignty configuration, albeit at a low frequency.

Giving away our power, to others that we allow to dominate over us, whether consciously or unconsciously, is the only way an other can have any power over us. All authority only and ever arises from the individual, and is limited to that individual’s domain of influence. There is no other source from which power can arise, nor is there any such thing as true authority OVER an other. Presumed authority over an other is illegitimate and has no grounding in the higher heart of the universe. This bully kind of false expression of power uses a kind of dark magic manipulation of illusion, presumption and dominance of the free will of both the perpetrator and the victim.

In the higher heart way of the universe, the way of pure love, the sovereign individual expresses in a similar way as source consciousness itself, where all things arise from the free will power and essence of that mystery source energy that underlies, templates and fills all things, and is directed to the well being and thriving of all involved.

All of this means many different things, but the key one we are invited to focus on is that YOUR LIFE AS IT EXISTS/EXPRESSES TODAY IS YOUR CREATION.

That’s a lot to take responsibility for and can make for a lot of shame triggers if there are things in our lives that we regret or lament, as we all do at different times and situations. But this power and responsibility is a double edged sword, for it can also be (AND IS) your hope of deep and profound change at the core of your being.

This awakening to and responsibility for your true power is a deep remembrance of your divine essence, one that took many lifetimes to remember, piece by piece, experience by experience. We are learning to cease from the dynamics where we forfeit our power to any other that we’ve projected onto as having power over us, including governments, pharmaceutical ‘experts’, friends and family, spiritual teachers, and even to false Gods.

We find that we don’t need to ‘take back our power’ as much as we realize our power simply by no longer giving it away. Our power becomes ‘re-homed’ in us.

Learning how to express as a sovereign being is something that only occurs in relationships and circumstances involving others, be it a friendship, a family, or a member of a community of any kind. Sovereignty implies community (a relationship to others) as it’s impossible to be an individual without existing in some form of community as they are part and parcel of the same thing.

Sovereignty operates where one accepts the full authority and responsibility for their lives in relationship to all others in their lives as their birthright and divine blueprint as an individual.

So then, a sovereign being is one who possesses the power to act as their own supreme or ultimate power in any and all relationships.

Even if you choose to comply with a governmental law or edict, fearing reprisal for non-compliance, you come to realize that that is only and ever and always your choice that is at play, your power in action. You’re the one doing the choosing for your own reasons. This realization alone makes for a deep beginning of life changes and choice points that transmutes the fears underlying your relationships with others.

Doesn’t that sound juicy? It does to me! Sign me up for some more of THAT please!

So HOW then does one go about practically realizing and embodying this personal sovereignty more and more?

This change of your relationship to your true sovereignty is a core shift that begins an inner transformation of the power dynamics that have been occurring INSIDE OF YOU, FROM ONE PART OF YOU TO ANOTHER. From there, it naturally flows to your outward relationships with all of life.

No other will own your new found freedom or be able to dictate your relationship to it! This is a pearl of great price that you can never lose.

Gabriel Amara and myself are hosting a men’s group call on this subject on Sunday, November 27th that will lead you through the discovery of an inner reality, a ‘you to you’ reality where different parts of you are playing both ruler and subject separately. This can make for a polarized tyrant and victim dynamics held on the inside between parts of you that have not known anything else. We will introduce you to the process and experience of showing up for these parts of you, how to begin bridging to them, their realities. From that, you can discover how with deepening relationship to these parts of you, you literally transform the ground you walk on. And again, all of this FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

(The Men’s Group Call event listing details will be updated in the comments below soon – Gabriel and I welcome you to attend!)

Much love and sacred transformation within and without, Raphael.

The pic above, Gabriel and I, was at The Abbey in Glastonbury, UK, at the burial site of King Arthur’s Tomb, on All-Hallows eve, 2020.

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Recollecting And Reconciling Our Forgotten Sacred Brotherhood

In this clarion SoulFire call to serve and gather men together in sacred brotherhood, I have had to feel my own resistance to my relationship with men both in this life and in my Metasoul.

This life has been more of a Beta version of my masculine that has led those relationships, resonating with other Beta versions in those I was closest to. Our Nice Guys would come together in solidarity rather than the Real Guy. Our repressed rage would come out in relation to sports, politics, or our significant others, but they would rarely, if ever, come out toward each other.

It was like we were tip-toeing around a volcano or walking on thin ice, being subconscious to this resistance to get more intimate or deeper with each other. We could feel the love and care for each other, but it was expressed in a muted fashion. A solid handshake with the other arm slapped around the back in a masculine embrace that was temporal and shallow, yet aching for something more underneath.

That ‘more’ feels like a reconciliation. A remembrance of what we have been through in other lifetimes that have been challenging, disturbing, and heart-breaking. We don’t just come together by chance. We come together to heal the ‘past’ and remember our connection. We find each other to remind ourselves that we are human and not fucking robots doing the bidding of our matrix masters anymore.

The Brotherhood is collective, but it is also closely intimate. There are bands of brothers that have been through the muck together time after time, life after life. This is the Soul Brotherhood rooted in the Heart. They fashion a sacred geometry together that holds the flame of the greater Soul Community/Tribe/Family that include the Sacred Sisterhood, their counterpart mates and kindred sisters.

This is what I feel I am here to remember and re-collect. To remember the pain of loss. The pain of death. The ache of the grief of our separation. The unity that we shared, that we held, that we honored and cherished so sacredly and have since packed away in our shadow for it is a lot to feel.

It is to shine that Light of remembrance as a beacon to draw back the Brotherhood. To heal the separation between us and remember our Glory once again. Our Divinely appointed gift as men to fashion a reality that is centered in the Heart and bonded with the Feminine. A reality that holds us each as sovereign and in union both. They cannot be separate.

But first, the Remembrance. The tucked away memory of what has happened to cause this diaspora. This closing of the heart between us. The battles, the war, the exploration, the conjuring, and the revolutions that never quite lived into Evolution. I will go into that for my own healing as well as for the healing of the Brotherhood itself. This is the promise of The SoulFire.


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Men Of The SoulFire: The Power In Your Choosing

By  Raphael Awen

Men Of The Soulfire.

You often begin a journey having more clarity about something that is no longer you, than you have of a knowing of what exactly IS you, of what it is that you actually want.

You’re outgrowing a container. It’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

Following this guidance of completing, letting go, admitting to yourself and in turn your world around you, what it is that you no longer wish to be a part of, you are eventually led to more understanding and participation of just what it is that you truly want and need.

The word ‘eventually’ is key here, because as you come to these negative realizations and admissions, both negating and validating the things that once served you, but are now completing, making real their completions, EVENTS synchronize with your choices and assist in the completion.

You activate the super intelligence that undergirds all things to engage with you to a higher interactive degree.

It’s very often a close relationship that’s ending, or a career, or a geography, or maybe a number of more subtle things cumulating and culminating inside of you.

Life awaits patiently your leadership of simple admission. The container shifting begins here.

Yet life also marches on even as it extends patience to you. Opportunity after opportunity can be refused, leaving you with backed up energy moving inside of you, creating dis-ease in the body, heart and soul.

Something has to give and something will give, again, ’eventually’.

Your power comes into play here as a key player in these events. Avoidance inevitably accumulates suffering, whereas embracement of change leads to empowerment.

Empowered Men are of a different heart and soul caliber because they intuitively know and feel that their lives are the ground of their true growth. They know their responses are like swordsmanship, cutting away what no longer serves, clearing away and making room for what wants to come, but doing no harm in the process.

One such grand culmination occurred for me in 2005. The height of the drama was a rather quiet, but utterly life changing admission to my world around me, at the age of 44 that I no longer held Jesus as my personal saviour, leaving behind a life spent in Christianity. This resulted in the dissolution of my total social world, including a 23 year marriage; relationship with daughters, and extended family.

Many other choice points have come and gone since and continue to come.

I’ve gone on to find my calling and joy in assisting other men in leading their sacred choices and lives, and then in turn providing a nexus point of community and shared experience with these men.

Men of the Soulfire.

I would like to offer myself and Gabriel Amara as a resource for engagement. Follow us here. Ask either of us for a free intro into 1:1 SoulFullHeart Soulfire Sessions for Men. More here:

Find out more about SoulFire on our brand new web page:

And there’s an upcoming Men’s Group Call over zoom on Sunday, November 27 at 5 pm London Time (a ways away, but I want to invite you early) about ‘Sovereignty In Community’. Details to come soon.

Thank you for being here.

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