Letting In Arising Feminine Leadership, Letting Go Into The Unknown

by Kalayna Colibri


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Didn’t take in many light codes today, at least not deliberately, yet the brief visit I had with the sun late this afternoon DID offer me much for what’s moving through me now… powerful frequencies of Divine Father, sacred masculinity penetrating and offering support for my ongoing birth into whatever arising leadership is now unfolding in my life, coming straight up and out from inside me as I continue to heal and serve love too, without construction of a self image around it and just allowing it to arise and arise. I feel how the sun offers this to so many of us right now, whenever we are ready to let it in and bake in it. 

As tears briefly surfaced and fell as I let in this love and support, I felt love and appreciation for where I’ve been and where I have yet to go. Many humbling moments of realization today, especially as I soon reach my ’30th’ ‘birthday’. What life phases will I be heading into? Will they look or feel or BE anything like what others have passed through? It doesn’t feel likely… and in fact, there is something SO different being offered to every single one of us, if we can begin to let that in. Ascension with Gaia may only be one part of that picture of why things will be different and actually ARE different already…

At the end of the ‘day’… I don’t know what’s next, I can’t know what’s next, and I don’t really want to know either. Do any of us, really, except maybe for those parts of us that are yet still afraid to let go and surrender to so much unknown? Life continues to humble us and offer us Infinite Possibilities and it so feels like our power-filled choice whether or not we choose to be with that or swim upstream in spite of it…



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, writer, and poetess. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.

Becoming Childlike, Angelic, Sacred Human

By Jelelle Awen


Becoming childlike, you remember the innocence and purity of your humanity. Embracing your inner child within, your inner teenager, your 3D adult too……the joys and the hurts, the magic and the pain, both held in your heart with tender love and curiosity. The vulnerability emerges through this holding….the magical access emerges through this loving….the reverence emerges through your reverence for self…..the authenticity emerges through this genuine holding.

Becoming angelic, you remember the expansiveness and sacredness of your divinity. Embracing your inner angel within, your galactic and higher self, connecting from the ‘outside’ with guides in order to remember and become the angel that you ARE more and more. The soul bigness arises through this holding…..the soul purpose expression arises through this communion….the soul gifts sharing arises through this exchange of self to self soul gift love.

Becoming sacred human, you remember the BEST of what makes you human and the BEST of your sacred, soul nature. You remember and, also, BECOME something NEW in this embracement of roots to wing, integrating the human consciousness experiment into NEW frequencies of Divine expression. All is held with love, all the capacity, the FULL range of your BEing in its Creator God and Goddess expression.

Photo taken by me of childlike soulfulness (sacred human!) taking in with mutual reverence the beautiful sunset here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc

The Conscious Now


This moment is alive.  It breathes in the unmistakable fragrance of our desires.  Moves them into the cauldron of alchemy to be witnessed, felt, stored, and baked.  It exhales not answers but experience, lessons to be learned, love to be let in rarely in the forms our limited consciousness can fully grasp and make sense of.  So we must trust.  We must trust that if All Things are God, God is Us, and God is Love, what we receive is meant for our deepest healing and growth.  It is what we signed up for, while having forgotten that chose it before forgetting.  The moments of bliss, of peace, of terror, and of trauma.   

This  moment sends the blood of our pain and suffering to the depths of the Cosmic Heart.  To be held in our Highest Being with the tender hands of our Divine Unity.  In the arms of our Angel brethren, whose dream it is to feel our humanity merged with their divinity.  To offer the love needed to move one more block between us and them sending this love-filled blood back to our long forgotten light body limbs.   

This moment reflects the magic of our interwoven destinies in number, form, and synchronicity.  It sends messages via pattern, music, and intuition.  It asks us to open our soul eyes to truly see all that is being offered and provided.  It is the cinematic screen of our essence projected.  

This moment is time stood still.  A portal into the Galactic One.  Our Star Being selves that await our transmission of goodwill and partnership.  Of cooperation and co-creative emergence.  The .expansion of what we all thought was possible and probable.  The truth lies lies beyond the limited one we chose to agree  to.  

This moment is a toggle of yes and no.  Of action and inaction.  Of creation and destruction.  A glorious conscious NOW that is all tied together with the magic and science of our fullest power of choice and opportunity.  Each one a snapshot of what was, is, and always was.  Take It into your heart, let it be seen and felt in your soul and have it come back to you with all you have remembered It to BE.  Love in Action. 

Gabriel Heartman is a facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com

We Are Movers Of Love

by Kalayna Colibri



We are beloved movers of legacies and conditioning, called upon to go into our own as souls and human hearts, but also to serve others in doing the same. We are ultimately movers of LOVE.
We are many generations of soul-light broadcasters and love-light healers. Each phase has offered another layer of exposure of what needs to be healed and even another layer of healing in the same sacred breath. We are all healers with LOVE.
Today I feel invited to let in that so much of what we move through as we heal is not just what belongs to us, but what belongs to All, for we cannot be separate though we also individuate for what can feel like long, necessary phases before reuniting with this All-ness consciousness in heart, body and soul. The hardest part, in my experience so far, is learning to love this…
We are bridge builders from ourselves to ourselves and ourselves to each other. We are connected, sometimes by chasms, but the more bridges we can build with love and care, the more supple the skin beneath the rashes of reaction becomes. This is what it means to be in relationship and to be a healing balm to ourselves and one another. This is what it means to be in conscious commUNITY.
Claiming our roles in the creation of the worlds that we live in, both inner and outer, is the opportunity at the doorstep of our hearts. We have the capacity to feel it, heal it and transmute it ALL in the way that love wants to partner with us in doing so!
May this next moment of life be one filled with and focused on love for every single reaction, desire, disappointment, joy, and angst, for even if it isn’t always from ourselves, it is from somewhere, and pushing away is what has perpetuated the more negative, lower frequencies in the first place and also what has not let the joyful moments in to do the work and transformation they have wanted to do. We do not have to become anything we don’t want to, but we CAN feel it through to its roots and love the soil it was planted in, for the ultimate source and co-creator has really been LOVE all along…


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com

What you resist, persists…What you embrace, arises….

By Jelelle Awen with Archangel Metatron


What you resist persists, what you embrace, arises…..

When you react with resistance to something that comes up inside of you or outside of you, then it will persist. When you resist to feel and go inside to feel and resist holding space to feel, then it will persist. The oppositional energy, the resistant energy itself creates a polarizing effect on whatever it is that you are resisting. The edges rub against each other creating more tension and more friction.

When you respond with embracement to something that comes up inside of you or outside of you that is difficult or hard, then it is able to arise. When you embrace feeling and going inside to be and feel and understand, the loving energy creates a loving effect on whatever it is that is needing your attention. The edges of separation dissolve, opening up the possibilities. The difficult or painful or hard energy can then arise into something ELSE, something that comes up in response to love.

This applies to your inner world and then, what you experience of your outer world too. If you resist a person or the mirror they are offering you of YOU, then that negative energy persists between you and usually creates a loop of entanglement and suffering in the relationship. If you embrace the person and the mirror they are offering you, then the energy between you can arise into something else, something new, something made and coming from love. Even if you feel to take space from that person, YOU are different and what you experience of the situation is different because you ARE love even if they have not changed.

Feel the energy you are responding with….is it resistant? Is it embracing? Is it pushing away? Is it bringing closer? Is it open? Is it closed? Is it edgy? Is it soft? ALL reactions are sacred and embraced even as they are invited to move and to heal.

And with ascension, if you resist the transformational and alchemy energies that are flooding Gaia, they will still persist yet you will be in opposition to them or even in denial of them rather than in flow and surrender WITH them. Embracing these energies that want you to grow and that will support you to transform allows YOU to arise WITH them into infinite possibilities in every moment.

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Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

You As Your Essence

By Jelelle Awen


Beyond personality, beyond ego, beyond conditioning, beyond what you have learned and been taught is the YOU that just IS. Your essence is this arising you have within. This YOU is your soul essence in expression through your human body, your sacred human we can call it. Your higher self consciousness in embodied form. This YOU is without filters or barriers or limitations. Beyond reactivity of emotional woundings, this YOU is free form energy blending and merging and responding and serving. Beyond the mind’s ideas and boxes and concepts, this YOU is beyond the mind yet in dance with the mental gifts you have and can offer to others. Using the mind rather than the mind using you.

Beyond the roles, beyond the duties, beyond the obligations, beyond the routines, beyond the usual, beyond the ordinary, beyond the boredom…there lives a YOU that is unknown to boredom and lives instead in the magical possibilities of every moment.

SO MUCH can quell or dampen or squash or limit this magical expression, this magical experience, this magical relationship to life. What is quelling this YOU? What have you created on your outside from your inside that is creating a shrink in this YOU? To move beyond the shrinking and quelling is to feel and identify what is causing it and what needs to be felt inside to create a new reality outside. Going inside out rather than outside in.

Beyond what you are experiencing as ‘outside’ of you is what is actually inside of you and starts THERE. Everything starts from THERE, inside first. Beyond the conditioning that outside is what matters (this is 3D conditioning) is the actual experience that ONLY inside matters because only from the inside can anything actually change on the outside. Inside is where your essence IS and the rest is formed on the outside of you.

Beyond the outside version of you is the inside, the essence, the core of who you ARE which is NOT a you at all but energy in different frequencies responding to other frequencies. Beyond the you version of fitting in is the YOU that cannot fit in because you only just fit inside of you and you ARE limitless without boxes or barriers….

This YOU is eager to be born, is ‘spring-loaded’ to express as it IS expression and yet beyond expression to you. This YOU just IS and as it is embodied more and more, it is SO much more natural than the conditioned you. It is SO much more natural to be this rather than what you have form fitted to be. This YOU arises rather can conforms. This YOU responds rather than reacts. This YOU connects rather than is triggered.

Welcome this YOU into your world, let this YOU create a new world for you made for love by love and with love.

Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Portals Opening In Your Living Room: Inviting The Experience Of Multidimensional Realities

By Jelelle Awen


Multidimensional realities are opening up in more and more ‘merged’ moments where you may not be sure where you are but not all HERE and not all THERE. Not inside and not outside. Outside is becoming inside. Inside is projecting outward. Life seems sometimes like you are watching a TV screen or a computer screen. Watching and yet ARE it too. ALL of it somehow.

Words are forgotten in mid-sentence and names slip too. Naming things is a strange 3D practice anyway when really every THING is a WOW thing arising in the moment. Once it is a ‘spoon’ or a ‘clock’ or a ‘sunset’ or a ‘person’ then the wowness of the magical nature gets put in a box, tagged somehow, limited somehow. Losing names allows wonder to arise.

Time goes from segments, one tick at a time, seconds counting down into minutes….to more fluid sweeps of experience that are sped and then slowed down. Condensed tighter and then spread out like a deck of cards, seeming to last forever. The past is fuzzy, more blurry, like it happened to someone else and yet is STILL happening. The future is unknown and yet already happened and happening NOW.

The light waves coming in, washing in, rinsing and ringing you out are inviting you UP to slurs and blurs of time and realities. Inviting you to allow more merging of multidimensional selves. To see the spaceship interior where your star being self walks around as clearly as you see your living room. What is imagined and what is real? This question will become more and more difficult to answer even as you care less and less to define what you are experiencing in these terms at all.

Surrendering to these shifts, discovering your role in it all, riding the waves, checking in and tuning in become the priorities.

Surrendering to these shifts looks like a trust in where it is all headed in goodness and that it is being held with love.

Discovering your role in it all looks like claiming your soul gifts and serving love, serving the movements in whatever ways you feel called to do so, ways that your heart sings to you and life draws the means and hows.

Riding the waves looks like being open to being in the unknown pretty much ALL of the time and in every moment as life is ‘usual’ and yet it is very much not.

Checking in and tuning in looks like holding the space for the inner journeys that bring guidance, awakening, inner support, Ethereal help, visions, and clarities.

The portals want to open up in your living room. Invite them in by blurring your inner multidimensional experiences with your lived in reality. And when they open in whatever forms they do, dive in and trust it will be held with love!


Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

The Power Of The Light Of Love

By Jelelle Awen
Light wants to illuminate, shining on places in the shadows, bringing in illumination to the far reaches and deepest corners.
Love wants to sooth the edges, bring balm to the places that bristle and burn and churn and yearn.
Light wants to unify, exposing that all comes from the same source, divided temporarily until gathered together again.
Love wants to initiate, inviting you into trust in yourself, in love with yourself, in connection with yourself, in discovery of yourself.
Light wants to embrace darkness, making it safe to go there even with quaking knees and shaky heart.
Love wants to transmute darkness, turning the gifts and gems that are lying in dusk and bring them into the shine of the heart’s sun.
The light of love has the power to move anything from feared into loved, from distrusted into surrendered into, from wounded into healed, from resisted into accepted, from separated to unified, from pushed away to embraced.
The light of love invites you to feel it ALL, not transcend or avoid what is difficult, yet shine the light on it ALL with your heart and it becomes not foreign but then familiar. You remember then that you ARE this light, that you ARE this love, that you have chosen to be in different frequencies for growth yet you can return and embody these higher frequencies whenever you want and more and more as you want to. 
Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Choosing From Love, To Fall In Love

By Leena Colibri



This mysterious thing we call “falling in love”… what is it but a letting go into the shiny bright light ahead that seems to call, seems to light up a pathway through unknown territory, seems to warm something in the far reaches of your heart that you’d forgotten were ever there?

What else can we call the following of a heart stream that starts in a moment then trickles inward and suddenly pours over every part of us before we even know what we’ve said “yes” to?

Beyond an idea of romance that has us on our knees in ecstatic joy and wonder, this is a bigger embrace of a call that beckons us onward at an as yet un-lived-in pace for in the foreground of our lives we have only settled for the crumbs of what I can only call “the real thing”. Once we have tasted that tender morsel of what truly makes our hearts beam with wonder, awe and reverence, we cannot turn away, we cannot opt out, we cannot fully return to that cave from whence we came.

It is an impossibility to behold the full intrusion of love’s infusion if we do not fall in love all at once and with a perseverance that we can only truly know from our own love lights answering to those of others up ahead of us.

This is what it means to really love and be loved. This is what it feels like to be held in and led by love. This is what it feels like to say “yes” to ourselves and our transformation. This…is where all our choices should come from, and where our choosing will always be challenged to come from. This is what it feels like to truly live – to know that love is always at your side, bellowing from the other side, and beckoning you homeward.

If you can feel all of this… welcome home, for this is where your truest heart rests even in its insatiable restlessness of always wanting more and more. If you cannot in this moment feel any of this… perhaps your heart is asking for more of you to reside inside it, to know it, revere it, honour it, remember it… once again and maybe, this time, for always.


Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com


Love IS, As We ARE

By Leena Colibri



There are so many ways we are conditioned to feel what love is. Life becomes an endless quest to know real love and to feel it lighting up the unknowable, puzzling hallways of our sacred human hearts. I feel like anytime we try to encapsulate it, or say we’ve finally earned the Phd that tells us we are experts at knowing it, we still miss the mark to some degree. To try and know it, would be like trying to tame it…and how does one throw a rope around the wind? Perhaps the truth is that to find a deep and conscious experience of love we have to first discern what love is not…

And yet…

What is love “not”?

I cannot tell you that it is one thing and isn’t another.

But I can share with you, that from where I’m sitting right now, I feel my heart brimming over and can also feel what it is trying to put it all back in the glass for another day.

That, it feels like, is where the work is for me. It is an arrow pointing to what feels like nowhere specific but it is a piece of a treasure map. That treasure map is what makes me, me. The me that I am right now, and the me I still feel present even when I feel that I am also you…

Love wants to be the magnet powering our compasses. It wants us to more and more often choose it over anything else, especially for ourselves first. If we can’t feel when and where our choices are leading us to less and not more love in our own lives, then how can we help others find their pilot light of love in their lives?

Love is what bonds us, not what binds us, though the binds come from love too. Love is our truest roots and our widest wingspans. It is that which we can likely never fully understand, but it IS what drives us onward, upward, homeward. It IS, as we ARE… in all our pains and joys.

I can feel my fences and defenses. And I know that love loves me anyways. And that no matter what, it will find its way in…and often in ways I would never have expected.



Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com