The Wealth Of Your Woundedness

By Jelelle Awen


The preciousness of your vulnerability…that which is often hidden away, like a buried treasure within your emotional body. Buried to keep it safe by the part of you that protects and guards and has ALWAYS needed to since you came here to 3D life and confronted the harshness of separation and duality.

The tenderness of your pain…that which expresses in tears that you may hide behind your hands or save for private and alone times to express and still do. Learning to cry without sound as a child or teenager, preferring to let it out in the sanctuary of your bedroom or other private space.

The wealth of your woundedness…that which can feel like a curse or a burden to parts of you, yet actually contains gifts, these textures of previously undigested traumas opening up rich landscapes of feeling, inspiration, compassion for yourself and others.

All these previously hidden things are looking for the light of your day to shine on them. Inviting them out of the shadows, to be embraced, cared for, and SEEN. Your beloved and loyal protector showing you where they have been buried, so you can feel and heal together. Divine energies, Divine mama and Divine papa when needed, create the safety, offering the right timings and phases, the supportive container within to hold the emotive explorations.

Your higher self and soul coming into your body…coming in to infuse you with courage for the journey into the deeper depths of densities and suppressed feelings in your emotional body and in your Metasoul/other lifetimes. The bliss of this soul reunion allows for the downward digging that grounds in the higher frequencies into your heart.

The wealth of your woundedness…..the repeated beacon of your pain that is triggered by crashing romances, clashing relationships, conflicts and tensions, changes and transitions. Life continually bringing you ALL that you need to heal if you will just accept it as such and turn inward to see what it is offering you about you. The beacon of your pain calls you to go within; it calls you to discover the inner treasures; it calls you to return home to yourself over and over again.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.


From Heaven to Hell: The Sacred Ground Of Being Popped Into And Out Of 5D


There has been an interesting dynamic occurring lately, where a few souls have been asking for assistance with a particular spiritual situation.  The scenario generally goes like this: A person has a huge awakening experience that comes to them seemingly out of the blue.  They have been “popped” into a conscious 5D awareness.  The visceral experiences vary, but the feeling is one of elation and bliss.  A whole new way of being in life.  And then, something happens to clunk them back into a denser frequency that feels like a hell in comparison to where they were at.  Intense reactions and thoughts get pushed up that make life almost unbearable to live after that.  I feel like this may be happening more and more, and those that are dealing with it feeling like they are alone in this “nightmare” that a part of them is experiencing. Perhaps you can relate with this too.

What is happening here? How could you be so high one minute and be so low the next without a sense of how or why? There could be a multitude of different individual reasons, but one general one that feels true is that there are woundings that are needing to be addressed that have not been resolved/healed in your emotional body.  The stay in 5D has a shelf life equivalent to what has been repressed and unfelt as traumas in your shadow.  There is a big soul drama being played out in the court of your human heart and it is asking for attention.

Now, how it got to be this way can be easily, and understandably, taken as it being done to you by someone else. You could ‘blame’ a negative entity or a teacher/healer’s etheric malpractice happening to you.  Once you have rescinded to the status of victim, you have lost your power.  So, first thing, you must take power back.  Realize that this is all being conducted by the Higher Self, not as a punishment, for love doesn’t punish, but as an opportunity to reclaim the buried and lost parts of yourself before taking off into deeper conscious territories of experience.  This is a big one to let in and be with for it grants the courage and conditions to make the next steps.

The next step is to feel how this feeling of hell is being held by a PART of you and not all of you.  It is a very scared 3D protector part that so much needs to feel someone bigger than the hell itself.  In fact, this part created the hell in order to be felt in all the traumas that still exist.  It says, “Hey, yo! You can’t just leave me here all alone! I have some things to say!” It is banking on the fact that you will give up the awakening path because it is too much for it to bear.  By feeling it as a separate part, a dialogue and relationship can form that can offer some relief.  There could be many “this life” 3D traumas that are also triggering Metasoul woundings at the same time.  It can be a spaghetti pretzel of a mess emotionally without the help of a mirror to help assist someone in untangling the knots, such as what we offer in the SoulFullHeart process.

It is important to understand that the “hell” you find yourself in is a sacred birthing ground.  It is not to be saved from or given temporary relief.  It is for a very important process.  It may even need to continue if your soul has signed up to experience something that it needs and wants to experience. In SoulFullHeart, there are no promises or guarantees that you can, or should, exit this very difficult place.  It is all an unfolding that takes much dedication and yet may still not yield the desired results if that is not what is meant to occur.

BUT, there is a process that can be had that can help to create the space from it so you can take the next steps.  I have had many “hell” experiences myself and can understand the intense emotions that are swirling inside.  However, there has to be just enough of a solid self and self-love there to create the space necessary to feel the parts inside you that are needing attention.  This is where the SoulFullHeart Process can be of service.  My heart goes out to those that are living in this intensity and hold it as a very sacred time, even though it feels scary as hell.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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What Are Your Responses To ‘Outside’ Weather Events Trying To Show You?

By Jelelle Awen


9/9…it is such a swirl and twirl ‘out there’ it feels like. Much to get caught up in and triggered by if you allow it OR if you need to be. Heightened anxiety, lack of trust in the ‘bigger picture’ that is holding ALL of this with much love, gets pushed up from these outer storms moving through. 9/9 feels like old giving way for the new…the completion of cycles that no longer serve love to the highest.

It is an opportUNITY to go within, to notice and feel your emotional body reactions to these outer circumstances such as the hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, etc. What comes up for you in response to what seems and looks like devastation from ‘outside’ toward yourself or others? How do you react when it feels like something ‘threatening’ is coming ‘at you’ from the outside? What gets pushed up for you to feel about this from inside of your OWN emotional body?

The response of “Be Safe” is everywhere and “I am sending you love and prayers”. Also, there are many efforts to disperse and delay and divert the Hurricane named Irma. Yet, where is this energy and offer to others actually coming from INSIDE of you? Is it from a part of you that is afraid and distrustful (which is understandable) of life and that ALL of this is in collaboration with every soul engaged with it? Is it from a Metasoul aspect that is experiencing life changing events (such as Altantis falling or Lemuria being flooded) and wants to ‘save’ others from the same timelines?

Is it TRULY compassion for others or is it actually about a discomfort inside of you that comes up when life offers necessary death and rebirth processes for those souls who choose them? Are you projecting a victim onto those souls who choose to experience whatever they did through these Gaia events and WHY is that projection there? It could be parts of you that want YOUR attention, your care, your feeling of them in their losses and pains and traumas. I can’t answer what this is for you, yet it can be a very illuminating and interesting process to feel where you are coming from here and we hold session space in our SoulFullHeart process for these kinds of inquiries that always seem to go in surprising and meaningful directions:

Feeling LOVE as YOU is different from sending love, from offering prayers, from admonishing others who decide to stay in their homes because they have been guided to. Feeling LOVE as YOU offers a trust that what happens to others is an aspect of what they have signed up for…feeling the love that they are TOO. You may choose not to be in relationship with them in this life if it can’t transact in a nourishing way…yet, still, on the soul level there is a sense of connection that runs so deep, ultimately manifesting in the sense of NO separation at all.

Pulling back INside to gauge what is going on in response to the outer world is what I believe we are being offered during this time. A powerful mirror to SEE and FEEL what each of us need to on an individual level connects and impacts exponentially what is experienced and moves on the collective level. This message is rumbling through me the last week as I’ve shared in other writings here on FB and on my SoulFullHeart blog, so I am offering it as it comes up for you to resonate with or not.

Even AS all this lower frequency rumbling and pushing up of shadow energies is going on, the activation of our highest timelines invites us to continue to move toward our highest service of love here AS love. All this rumbling up reveals and clears and heals in prep for this IF we let it in as such and look withIN.

AS love, I feel love with you during this time of intense death and rebirth and honor whatever ways and means your soul AS love too is choosing to experience this SACRED process in this now.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.

SoulFullHeart Experience Q & A Livestream Recording: 3D, 4D, 5D selves, Metasoul, Sacred Union (video)


In this recording of a livestream offered on the SoulFullHeart facebook feed on September 3rd, Raphael and Jelelle Awen answer questions and respond to comments submitted by viewers during the broadcast. They talk about the SoulFullHeart perspective on the 3D, 4D, 5D self (and offer definitions of each), the seven areas of life, the Metasoul aspects and connecting with them, sacred union relationships, repeating number sequences and synchs, and much more.

Note: This is best listened to on headphones.

To read the 3D/4D/5D selves article mentioned in the recording:

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The next livestream will be broadcast on the SFH Experience You Tube Channel and you can submit your questions to be answered during it, as well as on the SoulFullHeart FB page on Sunday, September 17th at 11:11am CST:

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Claiming The Sacred Union Within And With Other That Is Waiting For You

By Jelelle Awen
“Heaven is this…moments with you in the now. In our now, just as it is and yet, too, what we can imagine will BE and is coming. As we align our hearts together, our visions, our bodies, and our minds…the now comes alive and gives us tastes of what we already taste AS heaven and will someday just have MORE.”
This I feel toward and with my BEloved Raphael in this moment, yet, also I want to share HOW this relationship arises the way that it does, in the textures of authenticity, companionship, and realness that it does. I want to share this HOW with you as you CAN have and be this kind of mateship too AND I do feel that you are meant to be in this kind of sacred union. Not just some very special souls who incarnated here and signed up rejoin with their ‘twin flame’. Not just those who ‘fit a certain picture’ from a soul perspective. Yet, ALL souls, I feel, can BE in this kind of sacred union with another……if and as they are IN this kind of sacred union within, which is the ground we offer through our SoulFullHeart process.
The sacred union within is the knowing, connecting, and BEing with the feminine inside and all her expressions and tones from the wounded matriarch who rages and controls to the inner princess with her innocent dreams of her grand romance. It is searching out the masculine inside and letting him roar, letting him edge, letting him drop his weapons eventually and break down into sobs that crack open his heart and FINALLY expose his vulnerability. It is being with these aspects within at their consciousness level of 3D and transitional 4D….feeling what they are anchored to in 3D life, what their conditioning has been….really, what YOU took in as 3D reality that fractures, fragments, and creates different energies and masks.
The sacred union within brings you more and more into wholeness as you integrate these fragmented aspects with SO MUCH love…you court and date and woo these aspects of yourself with true curiosity and genuine charm. What you would have given a mate, you give instead to yourself and all the parts of you that SO need that loving. As you come into more wholeness from within and so much more sense of self, then can the mate come that is also in their own personal exploration of self. Parts of you will not be looking to other to complete or fill you up as YOU will fill yourself up and in THAT self love overflow then desire to share with another.
These two emerging authentic selves come together in a healthy dance of exploration in all areas of body, mind, soul, and heart and that is what we feel in SoulFullHeart is sacred union. This dance is galactic, cosmic, earthbound, and yet grounded in the physical body. It is of the stars and of Gaia too. It brings in Metasoul frequencies from other lifetimes, civilizations, timelines, species, galaxies…this sacred union draws these energies to infuse the two mating souls with MORE of themselves so that this infused union can then serve love….exponentially and on a galactic level.
I am not offering this as theory, fantasy, or something I have downloaded from etheric guides. THIS reality I live everyday and have for nine years. THIS reality I have fought hard for…not with weapons and not for the goal of winning, yet with love I have faced that which comes from fear over and over within myself and within my relationship with Raphael. I have stayed in the room with him even when it was uncomfortable and showed me aspects of myself that were hard to see and be with. This is NOT easy to decondition from ALL that we receive about 3D romance and it’s toxic, codependent and just plain LACKING pictures of what is possible between two souls and within ourselves. Yet, I do believe it is ingrained in our higher frequency aspects and counterpart pairings and we can start to download that as we open up to them.
If you ache for this kind of sacred union inside yourself…..starting there, you SO can experience it and we offer in SoulFullHeart a process for navigating that ground which DOES bring this magic into your life if you are ready for it. And, going on this path FOR yourself, so then, do you draw the mate that is walking on it themselves. You join heart and soul hands together and love lights your every way inward and forward.
Jelelle Awen
We offer a 30 minute free intro with a SFH Facilitator to feel into where the SFH process could go with you. Is it time to claim the sacred union that you can feel is waiting for you?
Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc. 

The Beauty and Power Of Feeling And Healing Our Parts


Painting by Art of Jaswant

“I fear the hurt.  The rejection. The persecution…if I say what I really want to say. Expose what it is I really feel,” says the wounded inner sensitive parts of us.

“I fear I will harm, destroy, or wound another if I let out this energy that has all been bottled up,” says the guardian of the rage within.

“What if I am wrong, attacked, and made bad for what felt so real to me in this moment?,” says the voice of the perfection, punishment, and shame that lie inside.

“What if all that I genuinely feel inside is not acceptable or desirable to anyone and I am left all alone to live a solitary existence in the void of my heart?” says the deeper pain of our souls experience.

Even as we are held in the solace of Divine Grace and magic, we are human after all. We are more than spirit. We are skin desiring touch, we are mind searching curiosity, we are hearts aching for love. This is the 3D and 4D experience we ultimately chose to sign up for.  The one that created this separation that lead us to the fear place.  The fear is what we are here to feel in order to remember that we are more that it. The fear comes in many different shapes and sizes. Even the those that “Fear Nothing”, fear the Nothing. The fear of not feeling anything at all.

We are made up of fractalized energy fields that are of an unknown quantity and substance.  These energy fields are our emotions, our feelings. They pack intense creative power that when left unchecked and unfelt, are creating circumstances beyond our conscious awareness.  But to reduce them to energy fields, is to diminish their beauty for they are works of art when you get to know them and relate to them.  I had a beautiful moment of feeling all the parts of me I have experienced over the last 5 years and it felt like a reunion.  A homecoming to myself. I felt the tender textures of their wounds and vulnerabilities, and their desire to love and be loved.  It was a heart opening moment to the love that exists in all of us.

If this idea of parts feels weird or you think you have no parts, I would feel that as a part of you that is protecting the going in.  The actual feeling of what it is that lies in the depths of your pain body.  And that is completely understandable. To feel that part helps to open the door to the expanded universe that lies inside you, that was created by you to discover and feel with the largess of heart you really forgot you had. To go into worlds you never really knew you had access too because of the conditioning and fear.

Feeling and healing that which blocks real love from entering our hearts is the root of part work. To identify and begin a relationship with the energetic pain and fear inside.  To go into intimacy with it, and thus yourself. This is where it can get scary because intuitively we know what lies inside.  But when held in the deepest compassion and self-love with another, the healing experience is profound and life-changing. It is one that can’t quite be expressed in words though it has been done beautifully by us as much as possible.  It extends itself to our Metasoul aspects which opens up greater doors of love and consciousness.

The love that is stored within is immense in its scope and depth. We have only a faint clue of what we truly are capable of feeling and expressing.  The unlocking and uncovering of that lies in the healing and feeling of the parts within. If you feel a curiosity or a resonance within you about parts, visit this page for more:

There will also be Live Stream events on Facebook and YouTube as well as group calls to dive deeper into this magical world.  We offer a free Intro session to those that are wanting to take the next peek around the corner of their Highest Self.  It is a courageous and powerful journey into a more authentic you.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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3D/4D/5D Selves In Sacred Union Within And With Other – Video And Guided Meditation


Sacred union from within and with other invites you into deepening frequencies of transaction in all grounds of heart, body, soul, and mind. In this video and audio, SoulFullHeart co-creators, teachers, facilitators, and sacred union mates Raphael and Jelelle Awen lead a group call teaching about how the 3D/4D/5D self expresses within sacred union and also in the seven areas of life: emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, social, financial, and environmental.

The 3D self is the fragmented self that becomes this way from needing to adjust to 3D density of separation, duality, etc. 4D self is the transitional, awakening self whose soul consciousness is beginning to come into BEing and often clashing with the 3D self and the congested emotional body AND metasoul. 5D self is beyond personality, essence to serve love, higher self IN the body with healthy emotional body and healthy heart.

3D relationship is based on codependence, shrinking, fitting, ‘hookups’ between aspects of the 3D selves of each partner. Many relationships fit into this. 4D relationships are between growing and awakening 4D selves who are changing, growing, awakening. Sometimes one partner is more 4D and other is still 3D, which will eventually lead to completion as the frequencies don’t match and the ground runs out. 5D relationships are bringing in more soul frequencies, metasoul and counterpart soul, multiple timelines and expressions, fluid, committed yet not grabbing, united in service of love purpose together.

Raphael and Jelelle also guide you on a meditation journey to connect with Christiel (who offers you frequencies of healthy king, sacred masculine) and Magdalena (who offers frequencies of queen, sacred femininity). They infuse you with sacred union codes for the joining of sacred and masculine frequencies inside and with a mate, plus you connect with your 3D, 4D, and 5D self. SoulFullHeart Facilitators Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri also share their experience with their 3D/4D/5D selves connected to sacred union.

This call was originally recorded on August 27, 2017 via zoom. Visit for more information about future group calls that you can join live, sessions with SoulFullHeart facilitators, writings, community, retreats, more videos, and more! The personal sharings that happened during the call have been edited out for privacy reasons.

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I Want To Shake Men


By Raphael Awen

I want to shake men.

I want to yell in their face ‘Why are you here!?’ and ‘What in the hell is it that you want!?’… even if I piss a few men off in the process.

I want to yet again shake and awaken myself.

I don’t want your or my settled niceness. I don’t want your or my spiritual adeptness at the cost of our passion. I don’t want your adaptation. I want to see and feel your rawness….because I so want to see and feel more of my own.

As a man, there is a way that you represent all men, and even ARE all men. When you settle, we all settle. When you choose not to feel, you set a far reaching agenda for all men.

There is a also a way that you are surrounded with every ounce of love and resource that exists…. And to significant degree, you are immune to all of it, because you are afraid.

You are afraid of your own truth. You are afraid of what you really want. You are afraid of your own passion. You are afraid of none other than yourself and the journey called your life.

It’s not necessarily true for all of you, but it is true for a part of you. And until you get in touch with this afraid part of you, you have not even entered your own kingdom, let alone made any claim over it. Until you enter your own sovereign kingdom in this way, you are on the edge of amounting to little more than a bad example, which in the universe’s economy is still considered a lot, but is it enough for you?

Everything in your power, but yet nothing in your realization…that is, to write home about, the home that you came from.

I’m surprised a bit at the edge in my words today. They are directed at myself as much as they are shared with others. I want to advocate for my truth, in my own kingdom, the land of my own sovereignty, and be matched by other kings of heart. This is finding a new agenda for manhood. This is finding out why and what our gender polarity is all about and our relationship to the opposite gender.

It begins with owning all that’s going on inside for you, as best you can feel it and describe it, and then to find the boy inside and relieve this boy who yet only knows hiding all he feels. There is very serious work to do. There is getting real with why you are here and what you really want. To not see the cost side of this ledger only means you are not here yet. If life as you currently know it is structured around disconnect and hiding, then any forward movement inward will have a one to one correlation with a necessary deconstructive movement outward, that you are going to have to begin self-lovingly negotiating, as soon as you are ready.

This is the heart passion that lives in painted moving swirls on the walls inside of my truth, and the fire colours that colour the underside of the clouds that float through my skies. This is my own parallel dimension where I must be while we as men sort out our next going on place together. BUT, if you don’t want your shit, I don’t want you. I can’t really want you until you want you. Not anymore.

I used to need men to validate my own subconscious need to hide. Then I got really curious to the point of being possessed about my own need to hide. I entered the domain of my own hiding and to this day, I still am. I’m reporting from my own cave, now transmuting into an infinite portal to so much more than I can’t even describe. Truth be told, if I hadn’t felt into my own fears heretofore, I simply wouldn’t have the balls to go any further in what is on the docket now.

But I really don’t want to do this and be this alone, because I don’t have to. I am called to lead and I feel more and more resolved around leading. The payoff for me in serving other men to awaken to their own true power is getting to be around other infinitely powerful men. Truth is, as I said, I’m going to need it and I’m going to need them if what I’m seeing in front of me concerning my own yet still to be inhabited power is real.

So my love of you is unconditional, but my want of you is very conditional. I’m asking for more of you because I’m looking for more of me. I can love you from a distance, and even weep a broken heart for you from a distance, but to enter sacred domain together, I need you and I to come together on mutually awakening terms, awakening and attuning to what it is that you really want.

Now, if you are ready for it, there is a bus leaving for the destination of more of what you really want. You may not like this bus, but you need to find one you do like, or drive your own, because all men, and even all species are waiting for you to choose the destination of your more.

No pressure, and all that! 🙂

I love you and I need you and I want you!

Raphael Awen

We are currently offering a free intro session (to men and women) for those considering entering regular session space with us. If you are interested, let us know and we’ll send you some things we’ll ask you to read and a few questions to respond to, to further help you see if this is or isn’t what is calling you. More details on that are here:

We also have another group call around Sacred Union that Jelelle Awen and I will be leading this coming Saturday and these always are amazing to be a part of. We ask for a minimum donation of 11 USD over paypal, and then we send you the link to join in over Zoom Web Meetings. The details are here: and we would so love to have you join us.

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Post-Eclipse Activations Of Our Highest Timelines Continuing To Integrate Into Our Emotional And Physical Bodies

By Jelelle Awen


Photo of the eclipse was taken by Ted Hesser Photography

So much collective attention being focused on the recent total solar eclipse INcreased the energies that were available during it. All souls were offered the codes/information/memories of their highest timelines, highest expression lives in their human body that are ALREADY happening. Your highest timeline is your service of love life for which you are aligned to your Divine self expressing as a human. For some, this highest timeline reality would just ‘bounce’ off their unawakened 3D self, yet WOULD go into their 4D transitional self and their higher self…..even if not consciously being connected to yet.

This ‘seed’ of higher dimensional consciousness experience is within all human BEings and is receiving a BIG flush of love light water (especially during this mega month of August energies) to help it sprout, grow, and bloom. This might have led to sudden upswells of emotional sensitivity or feelings of acute frustration or unhappiness in some 3D selves. AND rare joy and bliss as the eclipse ‘event’ penetrated their usual defensive filtering which normalizes and flatlines experience of experience. The 3D self might put these sensations into a five sense reality ‘box’ and file them away as connected somehow to the eclipse but not sure how.

The 4D self, however, would be staying up at night, reliving the event, searching on the internet for meaning and explanations beyond the obvious, beyond the 5 senses, beyond the mind. The 4D self would be continuing to move out of numbness, their emotional body coming to LIFE and their soul beginning to remember. The 4D astral self expression may be activating with more intense and meaningful dreams too. This could bring up feelings of depression at how life has been and more acute awareness of how the daily routine impacts you. It’s like you are looking around AT your life and can suddenly ‘see’ it much more clearly, more objectively, and also with an increasing sense of what you REALLY want more acutely. The 4D self is looking for resources to help support their choices of their highest timeline and trusting their intuitions and resonance that guides them to these resources.

The eclipse energies have also activated NEW surges of creative expression and passion connected to the bigger picture. As the new timeline comes into focus for us as individuals AND as a collective, opportunities to make choices (both small and BIG) toward manifestation are offered to us on an increasing basis. Moment by moment, you become more aware of what you are choosing and why. What are you putting your energy toward and why? What is your choice and what is it based on? Is it based in fear and clinging to the 3D, previous, ‘lower’ timeline? Is it connected to love, service of love and the 4D and higher timeline?

Post eclipse integration of these higher timeline realities has been intense and can be felt on ALL the bodies: physical, emotional, social, astral, chakral/energetic, mental. The physical body is the vibrationally densest expression of our BEing and is often ‘catching up’ with the high frequency surges. Amplification of WHATEVER physical stuff you might have going on is happening now. Activation of hormones turned UP, increasing PMS and menstrual symptoms for some of us women. I’ve certainly been experiencing that myself since the eclipse and been just surrendering into it as I feel MORE feminine frequencies being offered to me in all areas of my life, including moving into more co-leadership of SoulFullHeart with Raphael and more balance of feminine and masculine expression related to it.

You may be feeling an increase in ‘ascension symptoms’ such as headaches, neck pain, ringing in the ears, dizziness, interrupted sleep patterns. I do recommend connecting with these ‘symptoms’ directly to ask them what they are trying to tell you about your ongoing ascension process as connected to your physical and emotional bodies, as I wrote about here:…/discovering-what-your-emot…/

Your emotional body may be engaging in an ongoing purging out process with what has been previously suppressed and put in shadow coming UP and out now to be felt. The collective shadow is being illuminated and seen by many more souls….and the inner shadow too. The 3D self may be grasping at anything it can to numb this purging process and you may find yourself engaging in ‘lower frequency’ activities that feel comforting for the moment. Urges to eat ‘comfort foods’ can accompany this too and in some cases you’ll want to follow these urges and other times to feel what emotional need is ‘underneath’ the craving.

There seem to be energetic shifts connected to the eclipse energies too, with the continual sense growing in me of activation of our personal sacred geometric gridlines, 5D violentprint chakral grid. This makes ‘energy work’ a much more fluid experience, more multidimensional and not so rigidly connected to the old systems of chakra healing, such as reiki and others. They have been and are effective at activation of the 4D self’s awareness of the chakras and their soul’s essence AS energy. To remain ‘parked’ in the reiki system, however, is to remain in a limiting comfort zone…rather than to see that our energy bodies are actually infinite, fluid, and complex. I don’t feel ‘answers’ around this, just a door opening of exploration into these new grounds that I am excited as an energy healer of many years to continue going through with those souls engaged in the SoulFullHeart process.

The eclipse energies activated Unity consciousness too, in a big way, as the event itself brought together so many in witness of it. Ongoing unity consciousness remembrance and activation/integration of our Metasoul/other lifetime aspects continues with stronger urges toward soul family connection and resonance. Relationships based on 3D frequencies of separation, lack, comfort are continuing to be strained, with some just running out of ground in sudden ways. The social body (as we could call it) is being activated to discover the ‘me within the we’, to go through a letting go phase of the old identity hookups, a lone wolf phase, and to move eventually into healthy We-ness of New Earth commUNITY. Sacred union codes continue to be supplied to water the heart, soul, and body ache for counterpart soul mateship, whose ultimate purpose of coming together is to serve LOVE.

ALL of our bodies are being infused with our highest timeline realities. It’s like our dreams have been switched on yet are feeling ever more REAL. Our visions are becoming clearer. Our journeys and the choice points along the way toward those visions becoming illuminated. Our worthiness to receive and BE these visions being watered with self love and love with the Divine. As we come into Divine alignment INside, so does our outside reality reflect this more and more as the Infinite Love that we ARE continues to find its ultimate highest expression in our lives.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc. 


You Are Being Lifted UP Out Of Inner Violent Frequencies Inside And With Others

By Jelelle Awen


“You are being lifted,” the familiar, wise voice inside said to me. This familiar voice could belong to any number of guides/Metasoul aspects that have been revealing themselves over the last years. It is becoming more of a conglomerate these days…less definable as a specific energy and more like a council or alliance or ‘board’ made up of frequencies of my Metasoul expressions that have come forward to support and help me during this intense transition time from 3D to NEW Earth.

“You are being lifted.” I heard this when I was woken up in the middle of the night by my beloved mate Raphael Awen suddenly gasping out loud and sitting upright in bed. He fell back down immediately and went back to sleep. I knew intuitively that he wasn’t fully conscious, yet in that ‘in between’ place of floating and drifting consciousness where the astral self likes to travel and much downloading is going on.
I was awake, lying in bed, then, feeling how something had activated for Raphael that was strong enough to jolt him out of deeper slumber and almost awake. We are deeply connected to each other, especially lately as more of our old timeline experience and past relationship moved out during the recent Lion’s Gate opening…….more of the old flushing out and we are inhabiting more of our NEW together as co-leaders and counter part sacred union mates. I didn’t feel a need to wake him up to digest as I felt trust that we already were connected in the higher realms where verbal communication isn’t really necessary.
Being lifted. Yes, that seems like a good way to describe what is happening to ALL of us on some level with these continual influxes and waves of HIGH frequency love light. We are experiencing all these life altering cosmic and celestial ‘events’ that are providing concentrated doses of the sensational stuff of which our sacred humanity is seeding and birthing from. How much we can consciously let in these love manifestation energies depends on what we signed up for here as souls; what our 3D conditioning has been and how deep our wounding goes and how deeply we have healed it; what our Metasoul is experiencing and what karmic patterns it is moving through for the collective.
“I want you to remember this,” said the voice again, which felt like Archangel Metatron, as he is the angelic aspect that is most invested in soul scribing communication and bridging to the ascension process. Plus, he can also be quite bossy….in a good way. “Lifting is important to communicate. It helps for more surrender, more trust, and less fear as this lifting process continues on.”
Fear can live in our bones, in our emotional bodies, in our DNA, in parts of us connected to our emotional bodies, in our Metasoul. And it comes out in ALL kinds of ways and expressions. It brings our frequencies lower. Parts of us shiver and quiver with it, sinking to a place where things seem untrustworthy, hurtful and harmful, non-vulnerable, dark and shadowy. We are ancient with it, beyond time ingrained and trained. We are gestating embryos in our mother’s womb swimming in fear fluids. The 3D matrix has been built and run on fear fuel, fed and maintained by violence – both within and outward – the lowest vibrational frequency of fear. Violence has become entertainment, so many souls on an IV drip of violence coming in, numbing them or eliciting outrage at the INjustice, which is just more violence in a shifted form.
Lifting UP beyond violence begins from withIN. It starts with becoming aware of the battles within, the harm done from one part of you to another, one punisher/critical energy beating up until shame floods your BEing with the suffering patterns and loops this creates. Loving the Inner Punisher energy and learning WHY it is like this….you weep, then, at how this punishing-shame frequency is just learned and necessary and NOT really who you ARE. You feel how it has served to make you small, to help you fit in, to keep you ‘capped’ and plugged in to 3D life. You are ready to be lifted out of it to transmute the punishment to discernment and intuition WITH love. To heal the shame into innocence again.
As this inner violence heals, you can come, more and more, from non-violent frequencies in response to others. You become less tolerant to violence in any form…..even sensitive to the subtle frequencies found in comparison, contention, judgement. You lift UP, then, as you stop eating, watching, BEing violence and become MORE love. You shift your focus from violence outside of you and discover, find, and feel where it lives inside. I am surprised where this message went today, yet, this is a repeating point that I’ve felt many times inside myself and in session space with others too.
BEcoming a beacon of peace is the openness to feel the violence, the battles, the clashes inside. Trusting that the lifting UP from the Divine will come in the process of this as more space clears in your emotional body to make room for your higher heart, Christ Consciousness heart….made of Infinite Kindness, Infinite Peace, and no fear.
Raphael and I will be offering lifting UP energies related to sacred union within and with a mate during a group call this Sunday, August 27th at 11:11amPST, for which we’d love for you to join us:
Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about space holding sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at