Creating An Inner Heart Bridge Between The Emotional Body And Your Access To Star Consciousness

By Jelelle Awen
Galaxy in your heart, the stars in your soul….creating a bridge through transversing the waters of the emotional body that hold the pains of undigested experiences from this life, from other lifetimes, from the sense of ‘abductions’. The bridge has been purposely blocked by your higher self as an aspect of the growth journey. Clearing the blocks is about negotiation with the blocks themselves, offering them love, over and over, until the energy shifts and moves and integrates.
Connecting to ALL THAT IS, following your higher heart consciousness, going beyond your mind, to navigate the multidimensional life, to open beyond what you’ve been conditioned to believe is real. 3D conditioning, our ‘education’, what we’ve learned from our birth families, is SO pervasive, often we can’t even consciously know how deep it goes.
All this 3D conditioning creates a filter, an inner matrix, over us and IN us that filters out magic, filters out infinite possibilities, filters out shifting timelines, filters out abundance. We choose this filter as we needed it to really GO ALL IN to the experiment of this density. Our 3D self is created to handle this density and it does this filtering to form a protection layer UNTIL we are ready to see and feel and BE without the filter. Until we are ready to remember and arise into our 4D and beyond self more and more. Awakening removes the filter more and more and LOVING negotiation with the 3D self to let go and drop away and eventually integrate.
Accessing the inner child, connecting and feeling…healing them INside to move from wounded and sad to magical 4D to the inner star child who holds such curiosity and capacity to BE the bridge to the stars. The crystalline child energy is in our higher heart. It sits in the sit of our higher heart. It is the ‘key’ to unlock the star BEing frequencies, connection with our star family, merging with our star BEing aspects, hearing the messages, speaking the language. This can trickle in, yet the flood of it comes as the inner child feels YOU as a loving energy holding the space more and more so it can let go of the wounded frequencies and vibrate higher.
The Universal grids going crystalline to match the inner grids that are awakening and ascending….tending to the inner grids is what accesses the outer connection. Light waves from the Universe wash in, come in as the heart and soul blocks are healed and ‘let down’ and ‘let go’. Without this negotiation with the blocks this can be painful and hard on the body, symptoms showing up in ringing sounds, heavy bones, hurting heads and necks, sleepy and drifty. All the bodies are connected (emotional, physical, mental, social, chakral, astral) and all impact each other.
Galaxy in your heart, the stars in your soul…..the TRUTH of this becomes revealed as you go within to bridge your emotional body WITH your soul awakenings, your inner space program to connect the inner galaxies with each other, mission to Infinite Love and beyond…YOU are the rocket, YOU are the fuel, YOU are the destination, You are the emotonaut/astronaut. Feeling, healing, INvestigating who YOU are and being willing to not kNOw the answers opens up the vistas of ALL possibilities and experiences BEYOND the self of Infinite Love. ❤ ❤
This is the journey we navigate with you in SoulFullHeart through sessions space holding with facilitators…..
Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Offering Possibilities Beyond The 3D Matrix, Reincarnation, Shadow Projection

By Jelelle Awen



Here is my response to questions asked to me in response to my writing about being on the ‘frontlines’ offering love and forgiveness to representations of shadow and fear projections in our culture (Donald Trump and The Reptilians/Archons) and the sense that we collaborate in situations on a soul level and agree to what happens, whether personally or as a collective. The questions were: “I’ve read about the Reptilians and the 3d matrix and was always confused on how they could do this to us when we have free will. And wondered if it was even true to be honest. Does ascension break your soul free of the trap? Is the trap reincarnation? Does this mean you won’t reincarnate anymore once freed?”
As I feel into a response to these questions, I want to say that I am offering just ONE possible timeline of reality. The one that I resonate with and feels like is tuned to a higher frequency, Golden New Earth, love-based vibration, although it is not THE absolute truth or the ONLY truth as there are unlimited possibilities of timelines playing out in every moment. You’ll choose the one that most resonates with you in the moment…might be the one I am offering, might be another one.
In my experience, the things perceived by people as evil and dark are ultimately disowned aspects of their OWN shadow (or aspects from other lifetimes) that they have not embraced, so they are afraid of them and there is an emotional ‘charge’ about them. Even though there certainly ARE BEings (Ethereal, human, Star BEings) that are more polarized to fear rather than love. It is REALLY about your relationship WITH these fear-based beings as it represents your relationship with our own shadow aspects. Do you give them a lot of energy in your life of push away and resistance? Do you spend a lot of energy trying to ‘wake up others’ to their existence and feel rage and hurt if they don’t ‘get it’? Do you hold your relationship with them with a victim energy, feeling they have done things to you ‘against your will’? Are you resistant to feeling how YOU have an aspect that they represent within you or as an emotional body/psyche or soul aspect?
Feeling into the answers to these questions can open up whole new areas of inner exploration for you if feel drawn to go there. This outward projection of charged resistance to shadow aspects can be a sacred phase in someone’s journey and a very necessary timeline for them to walk out until they no longer need or want to.
On one particular timeline, for the souls who need to experience it as part of their awakening process, the 3D matrix created by an ‘evil’ race of Reptilians they call Archons (and other names) is VERY REAL. I believe this ‘outer’ matrix is the representation of an inner matrix made up of undigested emotional and soul woundings creating the sense of limited or capped perception, self deception and manipulation of others, disempowerment, being a slave to something….all of these are ‘chosen’ by the soul as an aspect of the awakening journey although often this is not conscious to the person fused to the parts of them that don’t remember this choice. For those who may not see or feel the inner origins of this matrix, they project out that it is coming from ‘evil forces’ of all sorts and kinds and being ‘done to them’. Parts of them are afraid of these evil forces and this fear draws MORE of this experience to them. It is a continual loop for them until it is no longer needed for growth. This loop is again, VERY REAL, to the person experiencing it.
I feel an aspect of this loop is also related to the timeline that ‘believes’ in reincarnation, however it is related to either as a necessary aspect of growth or as a trap. Because time in 3D reality FEELS REAL then so do past lives and, therefore, the idea of reincarnation. From a 5D and higher perspective, linear time does not exist and neither do ‘past’ lives in the sense offered by reincarnation. Beyond linear time, there is no ‘coming back’ lifetime after lifetime as the soul exists in the NOW spectrum.
Offering a different timeline around this that I have experienced myself more and more is the sense I have that we have ‘other’ aspects of us, fractals off of a main soul source which I call a Metasoul (Metatron offered that word, of course.) These Metasoul aspects of ours exist in different ‘eras’ and dimensions and their energy can be VERY influential in what we experience in the NOW. Connecting with them, healing with them, and eventually integrating them (the timeline they are on just seems to collapse and ‘go away’ eventually) allows for the you in the now to embody more of your soul gifts and soul accesses.
Your consciousness sort of absorbs theirs over time and all their experiences. I have experienced this merged consciousness exchange many times on many levels….from parts from this life such as the inner child and the inner protector to aspects from other lifetimes such as a high priestess from Avalon or a medicine woman to aspects from other planets such as an Arcturian, Pleiadian, and other aspects. This seems to be a very effective way to heal karma (which I hesitate to use that word for all the fear projection onto it). I write more articles about the Metasoul, karmic healing, other lifetimes, etc. here:
The way to ‘get free’ of this loop of outward charged projection of shadow, reincarnation limited ideas, and the inner matrix is by going within to awaken your soul and heal your heart. Being open and willing to feel ALL that is within you in the shadow of your emotional body and your soul legacy and your energetic/chakral body. We offer a process for that in SoulFullHeart and a supportive community to walk it out through sessions, which you can read more about here:
Ascension into higher frequencies (while also focusing on healing the emotional body which can act like an anchor lowering your vibration otherwise) DOES shift you into another possible timeline where you have access to your soul in a very fluid and connected way where you no longer see or experience ‘chapters’ of your lives playing out in the way as offered by reincarnation. Soul contracts, reincarnation, and past lives all become ‘ideas’ that can feel binding, ultimately fear-based, and limiting compared to the dynamic, fluid, multidimensional frequencies of your SOUL ESSENCE as it expresses in the NOW. And, you also feel and hold more and more, that it ALL comes from love, is sacred, and is your soul’s journey of remembering its essence AS Infinite Love.

Here is the article I mention above: Donald Trump’s Higher Self and the Reptilian King/Archon King offering love and forgiveness on the ‘frontlines’:

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Following The Clues That Your Soul Is Offering You

By Jelelle Awen


“Everything is data”….this I like to offer about the awakening and ascending and growing process. Everything that we are drawn to, every movie, every piece of music, every relationship, etc. Everything that we resist. Everything that we resonate with. Everything that we let go of. Everything that we experience in our emotional, spiritual, mental, social, and physical bodies. ALL of it offers us data and information about ourselves, our souls, our emotional bodies, our physical bodies, our healing process, our growth…… if we are willing to LOOK at it and FEEL it from this perspective with curiosity and self love.

There are so many clues and hints and signs that we are given by our higher self and guides/soul aspects. These are like breadcrumbs for us to notice, to pick up, and to follow on our journey to remembering who we ARE as SOULS here. These are like pieces to put together of our puzzle for remembering our essence as multidimensional BEings. None of what we experience is ‘just coincidence’ as we have been conditioned to believe in 3D reality. ALL of it is part of the BIG picture of the WHO, and the WHY, and the WHAT, and the HOW of our essence expressing here.

Because we chose amnesia and soul forgetting in order to really lean into and inhabit the 3D experiment, we have to become a love detective of sorts for ourselves in order to put the pieces of our soul picture back together again, in order to facilitate our own remembering process again. The love detective energy inside of us is curious……SO CURIOUS about it all and is also WILLING to question everything that we have in our lives from a soul perspective with an openness to let it go if it doesn’t serve our expression AS LOVE.

This love detective energy helps us move out of victimhood because it accepts that we have CHOSEN what we experience as a soul and it ALL serves our growth (no matter how hard or painful it is.) This love detective is building a case for our expression of our soul and is tracking down the clues that SHOW how our souls are peeking out at us ALL THE TIME (sometimes SHOUTING at us actually)….we just need to listen, to feel, and to take in.

Let me offer an example of this that has come up a few times lately in sessions with women. You may feel that your current job or career or business is not really a reflection of your soul. You may consciously feel that it is ‘dense’ or more ‘3D’ and very much feel a desire to leave it. However, I invite you to take a moment to feel what your choice of livelihood is reflecting about your expression of soul gifts as it always seems to be, in one way or another, to one degree or another. For example, let’s say you are a salesperson and you have come up with a new way to offer sales….really feeling what the deeper needs of the customers are and they even acknowledge and thank you for this. Your co-workers notice how your approach is different and maybe you are even being invited to become a manager to train others.

This example shows how your soul gifts of being a healer, being empathetic and feeling other people’s feelings, being a teacher and trainer of souls, is all expressing in this job. Is this job the long-term one for you in terms of serving love from a 5D energy? Probably not, but being curious about it from a love detective place offers you clues about WHAT your soul purpose is here and how you might express it. And it gives you a new way to hold it and think about as you transition to more of that soul purpose expression.

Another example comes up around the body symptoms that so many are experiencing related to ascension. There seems to be a collective and universal experience of these body symptoms as our carbon-based bodies transmute to crystalline, 5D light bodies. Many people express and comment and share about these symptoms. Yet, rarely, do they ASK their bodies what the specific symptoms MEAN for them. They often just write it off as ‘part of the ascension process.’ Yet, the deeper (and more interesting) ground comes up when you ask: What are these symptoms trying to tell you and have you FEEL about your body and also your emotional body and perhaps your chakras too?

Rather than just ‘asking for guidance’ to your Ethereal guides (which you may relate to as being ‘outside’ of you), try asking your BODY itself about what is going on. This can be done during meditation through visualization or through written journaling or both. Rather than looking outside for a read out on what is going on with your body or just commiserating about it, feel it for yourself and let some of the clues of your own process come to life for you. Also, listening to and taking in what your body is trying to tell you often greatly relieves, reduces, or cures the symptoms that are occurring.

Most of what I offer is a reflection of self permission for people to become their own love detectives by modeling and templating that for them during sessions, group calls, writings, videos. I am immensely and authentically curious about them and come from this place, often asking more questions than giving reflections (although sometimes that comes through if it is needed.) I offer an example of this because I LIVE this.

Everything is data for me about me in my life…offering a next piece of illumination or possibility for me in my process. A recent example is how I related to sinus congestion and allergy reactions that come and go for me, leaving me feeling ‘flu-like’. Rather than just saying, “I have allergies” (which is the mainstream 3D way to look at the body), I ask myself, “What are these allergies and nasal congestion connected to? What are they trying to tell me?” And then I go into ALL of my bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, chakral) to feel the answers. Sometimes I get more questions (new places to go) then answers, but always I can connect what is manifesting with something related to my process.

Rather than just fusing to the reality as it presents itself, you feel through the deeper meanings to it. This offers so much more magic, healing and love possibilities to your life. And, your love detective gets to respond and discover MORE and MORE, contributing to your arising embodiment of your sacred humanity here with Gaia at this time of great change and transformation.


I created a guided meditation to offer soothing energies for the physical body symptoms during ascension and connection with Mother Mary’s (and ultimately YOUR) energy of healing and purification:

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, love ambassador, way-shower, and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Embodying Sacred Feminine Frequencies

By Jelelle Awen



The sacred feminine, the divine feminine embodied, the woman living more and more from the place of fifth dimensional (and higher) consciousness….She can be a mystery, an arising question to live into more than about clear definitions or set answers. There is a sense that her energy invites and draws others as she serves love WITH in all areas of her life and in most moments. She lives from a sense of personal integrity and authenticity, having embraced her inner shadow with love and courage, and inspires others to BE the same. She leads with vulnerability, her strength coming from bringing what is real in her heart and soul. She invites others into a possible resonant ground that reflects a mutual truth possibility rather than contending or trying to prove that she is right. She is able to take action on what is necessary to be done in order to serve love as an expression of her soul purpose and connection to Divine Source.

The sense of what it IS to be an ascending and awakening human in female form seems to be a deepening, spiraling, non-linear process. There are curves and turns, offering the next layer of discovery or another ‘round’ of experiencing a pattern or loop repeating itself and offering another piece of our puzzle. As we awaken, and especially in the 4D transition phase, we may become less polarized in our gender expression as we burn away and let go of what is not who we really ARE in feminine expression but rather what we have been conditioned to be. We are invited to feel what is NOT actually authentic femininity, what seems to come instead from a wounded masculine expression or place of BEing or aspect inside of us.

Holding space for women and my own process around embodying my sacred femininity, healing the emotional body, awakening the soul, integrating karmic aspects from other lifetimes has offered me a higher perspective on the patterns and themes that often play out in this process. The word ‘sacred’ is important as a key marker of movement in this process is from being SCARED of the inner feminine to being SACRED with it….. holding it with an increasing sense of reverence and curiosity.

A key differentiation place in this process is to become conscious about the template we received from our birth mothers, other significant female caregivers, and birth sister(s) relationships. It can be very illuminating to ask the questions: What was the templating I received from my mother around what it means to be a woman? What templating did I receive from other female caregivers and from my sister(s) around what it means to be a woman? How does the energy and messages of this templating impact me now in all areas of my life? How does this energy express in my relationships?

Connecting with your ‘inner birth mother’ can lead to great healing and separation. A simple way to do this is to write a letter (and outloud during meditation too if you want) to your inner mother telling her how you experience her energy in her life and invite her to write back. You then begin a written dialogue together with you asking her questions about herself and discovering more about this energy that lives inside of you as you ‘took it in’ like a sponge your whole life. As you connect with your inner mother, you will begin to ‘defuse’ or separate from this energy, allowing for more objectivity about it and with more arising of your authentic essence. It may not be possible for you to embody your authentic or genuine frequency of femininity while in relationship with your mother and a phase of taking space from the relationship may be necessary to experience more clarity, perspective, and growth.

Another key aspect to the sacred feminine embodiment process can be connecting with wounded masculine energies that you have taken in and embodied. This can especially present itself in an inner protector aspect, a usually masculine feeling and looking energy that expresses as a guardedness and uses weapons of protection such as energetic shields, swords to jab and pierce (internally and toward others), etc. Negotiation with the inner protector allows for more authentic gender expression of femininity as this aspect often guards the inner feminine and conscious negotiation with it can lead to deeper embodiment and access.

Connecting with energies of the Divine Feminine in different frequencies as Ethereal guides provides a new templating to replace the ones you are letting go of. I have mainly experienced connection with Divine Feminine guides showing up in the energies and forms of Mother Mary, Magdalene, Kuan Yin, and Kali/Dark Mother. Experiencing these guides (and however She shows up for you) during meditation allows for an infusion of multidimensional yin frequencies of comfort, nurturing, creative alchemy, sisterhood, stillness, healthy sexuality, passion, desire, and much more. These frequencies serve as healing balm to the places inside that experienced the wounded feminine and still suffer around it.

Another aspect of embodying the inner feminine is connecting with and healing karmic and archetypal wounded feminine soul themes such as non-vulnerable priestess, pious nun, matriarch/queen, warrior, medicine woman, witch, and more. Karmic playouts can express in persecution wounding experiences (both as the persecuted and the persecutor) that greatly suppress or impact your ability to express your soul gifts as a woman teacher, way-shower, and healer, for example. Or another examples is feeling how sisterhood wounding or traumatic experiences from other lifetimes may influence your relationships with women now. The push away from or the surrender to patriarchy is a big one for most of us with ways that it energizes and plays out in the now and impacts our gender expression.

Embodying the sacred feminine is holding space for the emotional reactions and previously undigested emotional frequencies that come up from the emotional body during the awakening and ascending process. It is also making space for and surrendering to the ‘rumble’ of death and rebirth of the feminine that wants to move through your life and clear out what no longer serves you or serves love. Rebirth can only happen with death or with letting go. Letting go of frequencies that don’t match you anymore in all areas of your life, making changes at a rate and pace that is self loving WITH negotiation with parts of you if possible allows for the blooming of your inner feminine from a small seed to full, ever arising expression of your BEing in female form.

This is the ground that I cover with women in SoulFullHeart Group Calls (there is one on April 15th and one on May 20th) and through SoulFullHeart facilitation sessions (and for women around 30 with Kalayna Colibri):

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

No More Waiting To Live


When I awoke today, suddenly nothing happened

But in my dreams, I slew the dragon

And down this beaten path, and up this cobbled lane

I’m walking in my old footsteps, once again

And you say, just be here now

Forget about the past, your mask is wearing thin

Let me throw one more dice

I know that I can win

I’m waiting for my real life to begin

from Waiting For My Real Life To Begin by Colin Hay


These words found there way to me through an interesting route that is so feminine in its nature.  Seemingly random thoughts and exchanges that landed a song into my dock.  I was feeling into what I wanted to write about today and this song hit a chord and I felt to play it and see what tune it sings.  

For those that are in more 4D consciousness, whether just entered or are seasoned veterans (interesting choice of words), there can be this sense that something hasn´t quite shifted on the outside to reflect the growing awareness of what feels true on the inside.  There can be this feeling of looking toward the horizon waiting for something to happen.  In the song, he also uses the words `I have a plan` and `times are just lean`.  There is an externalization, a projection onto life, that it is not on our side or we need to take control in someway to create a desired outcome that hasn`t arrived yet.  That the passion and desire inside are conditional to some set of external circumstances that have to occur in order to be set free.  

I remember this well in my own journey, feeling stuck in a `good career`. Trying to seek many different ways to make it all okay even as I was still `walking down the same ol` cobblestone streets`.  What was needing to happen was what the song suggested and that was to be in the moment and go into your heart. Feel what was really trying to be felt and expressed.  Nothing on the outside could make that any better.  It was I that had to make the journey in and listen to my soul.

The waiting was just a suffering.  A denial to really feel what was evidently true but a part of me was afraid to admit.  A more wounded masculine need to control something in order to resist what was true.  By going more still and surrendering to the feelings, I could allow these feelings to arise and be held in space created by a more solid me and the much needed support of another to hold that truth until I could do it on my own more regularly.  Feeling the fears and resistances to claiming my own power from with.  True empowerment.  Not control.  

Being in a more Yin space helps to feel how parts of us are so afraid of actually letting go of a conditioning or a relationship that is keeping us stuck and in state of suffering.  There many that have done that for themselves and there are those, like myself, who needed support. It is not a sign of weakness but of strength.  Leaning IN order to raise UP.  Support and guidance comes in all forms.  The key is to seek it so that you may help heal it.  I can feel how this can be more difficult for men than for woman but that may be shifting as more men continue to find the value of going in and feeling all there is to feel to stop the waiting and start the living.  
That is what I wanted.  Tired of the mask.  Tired of pretending. Tired of the waiting.  Because there is no time than NOW.  But I hold so much gratitude for that suffering because it brought me to a more authentic place of BEing and living.  It made the alleged comfortable very uncomfortable, so that there were only two choices…and then really only one.  Let go and Go IN.

Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at

Digesting Post Traumatic Reactions Stored In The Emotional Body

By Jelelle Awen
Yesterday, while Raphael and I were out sitting at a cafe, I thought I saw a woman from my past. In the immediate sense that this MIGHT be her, I felt a knot of anxiety and tension in my third chakra or solar plexus area flare up. After confirming with Raphael that it wasn’t this woman, who I will call “Jane”, I felt the tension move out my field replaced by a sense of calm and love.
In digesting my response to seeing who I thought was Jane, I gave my solar plexus some loving energy as I felt into what the reaction had been. Jane was once a very close friend of mine, true soul family and sister. Almost ten years ago, we were both part of a spiritual and emotional healing group for close to five years together. The same group for which Raphael and I met and eventually left together. I left the group in a highly intense way, after receiving a choice from Daniel – the leader of the group and a man who was like my surrogate father – to either break up with Raphael for a year or leave the group as we were deemed too codependent to be together in a healthy way. This choice was given to me after only three weeks of dating and years of me being in the group within the inner circle and serving as a facilitator of the work for a few years too.
It was a very difficult decision on one end yet, also, my soul was guiding me that it was time to leave this setting which had brought so much love and healing to my life but for which much of it I had outgrown. I heard a strong “No more” in my head which I feel now was my higher self and my guides. I said ‘no’ to the frequencies of control, power OVER those in the group, the gossiping and competition amongst those in the facilitator circle. I said ‘yes’ to my own sovereignty and my choice to explore relationship with Raphael, a man who felt like the deepest mate of heart, soul, and body that I had been desiring for many years. When I left the group, none of the people who I felt to be soul family would or could talk with me any longer.
Jane and I were living together at the time of this dissolution with the group and it was very awkward. We tried to have a friendship ‘outside’ of the group, but she was still very much involved and wouldn’t listen to my growing clarities about the shadow frequencies within it. The separation with her and her disapproval of me was so challenging for me to digest when we had experienced so much love together. Eventually, we went our separate ways, with love, and with her choice to continue in the group. We haven’t spoken in over nine years even as the group fell apart two years ago with Daniel finally being called out for his behaviors by all those in the group.
I am sharing this story, I believe, because it was interesting to feel how even though consciously I have reconciled this experience, my emotional and energy body still held trauma from it. I connected with this energy in my solar plexus last night (and the nasal congestion that came up too) and also cut any karmic bind cords with Jane and yet sent her love too in case it was the Universe telling me that she was thinking of me. In my experience serving others, this is how our emotional and energy bodies work…they store undigested pain in this way, as pockets that release when they are triggered to release (what Carl Jung called ‘being constellated’). We can trigger them to release through consciously connecting with the part of us that holds this energy as we offer and hold space for in SouLFullHeart.
Ultimately, I feel gratitude for my experience in this group and my experience with Jane especially as I trust that our souls signed up for it and it brought me so many gifts of realization around heart-based leadership that invites others into and respects their sovereignty, which is the place I come from related to SoulFullHeart. This group also introduced me to the emotional body, parts work, and the importance of healing at this deep emotional level. Because of the dark night I experienced in leaving the group and ‘losing’ all of my soul family connections that I had at the time, I appreciate the connections that I have with others now in a much deeper way. And, my bond with Raphael was instantly solidified and strengthened by our moving through the trauma of leaving together and we really had no ‘choice’ but to be completely vulnerable with other. This experience also helped me work and heal karmic patterns around rejection, being dominated, dominating others (I connected with my inner Daniel part at some point), shadow side of spirituality, authority, etc.
If you find yourself in or are digesting having been in a relationship with some of these frequencies (and this can happen in romantic and family relationships too, usually what is called the empath and narcissist relationship), it takes time to heal and recover from them for sure and much inner strength and soul resolve to complete them. In fact, ‘time’ doesn’t really exist to these places of trauma as it is stored in the emotional body which doesn’t relate to time. The feeling and connecting with these places through negotiation with the protector part that is protecting them can lead to much movement, growth, and healing with lots of self love and care. Held in a container of love, the lessons are integrated and the tensions are moved with much transformation and deeper embodiment of the higher self.
We can offer support to those of you going through this kind of situation in personal relationship or in recovery from a group through SoulFullHeart space holding sessions. More about that here:
Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.

What IS Ascension?

By Jelelle Awen


Ascension invites the stretching upward, the blooming and growing, the awakening and expanding. It is the remembering of what has been forgotten. It is the reclaiming of what has been disowned. It is the loving of what has been judged, both inside and toward others. It is the wanting of MORE from your soul and higher self, shifting away from the desire center of your 3D self who wants comfort and safety and to keep life small and to fit in with others. It is the letting go and mourning and releasing what no longer serves love and the expression of your higher self. It is holding space for all of the reactions that come up in the emotional body in response to this process of letting go.

Ascension invites the rising UP of your consciousness, your awareness, your perception of reality as it shifts from inside you. It is the “Ds” of both dimensions and density with the levels of third to fourth to fifth (and beyond) offering shifts and expansions in your experience of your inner world. Each dimensional shift in consciousness offers a new level of claim. It invites in change and transformation at both the practical and the transcendent levels, as what shifts inside starts to shift what you experience on the outside.

Ascension is an invitation from the Universe and Divine Source to claim and embody what is your birthright as a sacred human expression in bodily form. It is to feel this birthright without expectation or entitlement, yet to understand that it is a GIFT from Divine Source offered to be experienced WITH you. It is the crystallizing of the physical body to vibrate higher and higher to become more and more your merkaba, your vehicle of light and multidimensional travel. Holding space for this transition of the physical body is to trust the symptoms that move through are for the reason of this embodiment of your merkaba.

Ascension invites you to feel what your heart most wants and cries for. What your MORE is that is flushed up and out through desires that come in through your soul. This invitation can press on you, yes, but it never forces. The press comes from your awakening soul and your healing heart. The press comes from your increasing desires for MORE….more intimacy, more connection, more joy, more bliss, more goodness, more service, more empowerment, more inner explorations, more LOVE.

Ascension invites you to feel how the MORE-ness arising inside you can be tamped down and dampened by aspects of you that are afraid for you to desire, want you to remain safe, try to keep you comfortable. These aspects of you, led by your most loyal protector, are in vigilance to keep the MORE at bay in whatever ways and means they can. They are like dams trying to block the flood of love that wants to surge through your life. These aspects of you can release their efforts at blocking through connection with the arising soul infused and authentic YOU.

Ascension is the more and more visceral and lived in expression of New Earth AS your reality in the NOW, not as a future goal, but as a true processing ground of your life. It is baking from within this New and Golden Earth reality, journeying within and visiting this New Earth, and BECOMING this New Earth. So then you ARE this New Earth, inviting others to join you here in the now to experience it with you. It is drawing others to collaborate in the creation of this New Earth in the now as you form a community together.

Ascension invites your service of love with others, in mutual respect and reverence with others. It is the expression of your soul gifts, energizing from and cultivated during other lifetimes. It is the knowledge of your soul coming through to serve and to guide and to share with others. It is moving beyond fear and into the claim WITH humility of what your soul knows and remembers of service with others. It is stepping out of the previous comfortable zones into frequencies of possible resistance and rejection to serve as a beacon of possibility and way showing for those who want it.

Ascension invites your soul to awaken through the warmth of the light of love that increasingly shines as you feel what is YOU in your soul essence expression and what is NOT. It waters the seed of your sacred humanity, watering and fertilizing the bud of your sacred human with love. This bud blooms and grows inside through a process that is just been spring loaded to happen. It wants to expand into your whole BEing with the reunion to Divine Source frequencies so that you experience more and more New Earth AS your reality and yourself as a SACRED human embodying and experiencing life here in the now.

Ascension invites all this and MORE as it cannot really be defined in another way……as it IS beyond the mind where pure experience and essence live and are born in every moment, moment by moment, as the arising expression of love returning to love.

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Practical Ascension And Parts Work: HOW To Make Changes In Your Life That Reflect Your Soul

By Jelelle Awen


Practical ascension….this has been floating around in my head for awhile. What IS practical ascension? I was a small business/life coach for five years and we focused with clients on the ‘what’ AND the ‘how’. The ‘what’ was the greater context and vision for their lives and business and the ‘how’ was how to get there. I’ve been asked a few times lately during SoulFullHeart sessions about the ‘how’ of making changes in life that reflect the soul’s awakening desires and pictures about reality.

Going back to practical ascension for a moment… feels like where life intersects with concepts, where the spiritual IDEAS that you’ve been learning, reading, and taking in actually implement IN your life and CHANGE your life. Another phase beyond the initial awakening of realizing the inner matrixes that block you and that you no longer resonate with the 3D conditioning you’ve received, and that MOST of what you’ve been taught about reality in school and in life is limited and based in fear.

The soul wakes up through this learning and taking in of ideas, this looking outward for inspiration and sources of guidance and advice. The mind is shifting in this phase, paradigms and entire schools of thought (taught through our schools mostly) are being dismantled. There is a whole bunch of rubble and ash during this phase, which I have connected with transitional fourth dimensional or 4D consciousness (which I write more about here: This can mostly be happening INTERNALLY, however, as that is where it needs to start, where the seeds of change are watered.

And then, with this watering and baking and dismantling of ideas and shifting through emotional reactions does the soul energy begin to rumble to make ACTUAL changes in your life, to have the outside reflect MORE of your inner transformation. Some of these changes happen TO you as life moves you through the necessary death and rebirth (although nothing happens to you without your participation and choice on a SOUL level). More and more changes though can happen WITH you as you move into the phase of what we could call practical ascension and a more empowered sense of activation in your life fueled by your soul’s momentum and out of the safety and comfort of your 3D self.

This is when ALL areas of your life want to move into a higher vibrational frequency of expression as more and more YOU in your soul essence wants to express and grow. In SoulFullHeart, we look at with you through sessions the seven key areas of life related to this: emotional, spiritual, physical, social, financial, and environmental. Then, we feel into with you how your 3D, 4D, and 5D self may be predominately in expression in each of these areas. There is more about this delineation in this article with some journaling questions you can ask yourself here:

This is where the HOW comes in….as you then connect with aspects and parts of yourself to feel and negotiate with them around making practical changes to your life, especially within the areas which are causing you conscious suffering and capping your growth. It is the parts of us that hold the emotional body in confusion/blocked/suffering and are basically blocked or clogged frequencies, serving like boulders to block the flow of the emotional body river. NEGOTIATION really is the key word here as it allows the movements forward at a rate and pace that the parts of you that are attached to the old way can digest WITH you (‘You’ being the growing authentic and higher self embodied version of you.)

Differentiating an energy of attachment or resistance or fear as coming from a part of you immediately creates objectivity inside of you (what we call ‘defusion’) as you can now address and feel these reactions. It creates instant metaspace to say, “Part of me feels afraid” and to then BE with and feel this part of you rather than BECOMING this part of you. We often start the process with your protector part as it is negotiation with this aspect that allows for deeper access to the emotional body.

I have discovered no better HOW when it comes to moving life into a place of reflecting our deepest desires and soul expression then through the parts work process.There IS a way to actualize what you most deeply desire to BE in your life that I am inviting you into feeling if you resonate with or at least are open to exploring. Parts work is certainly not the ONLY way, yet I am pressed to offer another that is as catalytic and effective as this one is (and I have searched and researched for many years and yet always come back to parts work as my personal ground of healing and transformation along with what I feel called to offer others for close to 15 years now).There is more about parts work here: and I’ll be writing more and more about it as I (and the other facilitators in SoulFullHeart) engage in sessions with more people and they help us co-create it.

Navigating and embracing this parts work reality within myself and with the help of facilitators in the past is HOW I have been able to BE in a sacred union bond for nine years with Raphael Awen and have it deepen, grow, and expand into magical terrains of goodness and MEGA love. Parts work is HOW I have been able to shift a highly self conscious and unworthiness-based relationship to EVERYTHING in my life to one of unselfconsciousness, comfort in self, and self worth. It is HOW I have healed lifetimes worth of karmic playouts and binds within a relatively short period of time (more in the article I shared above about karmic healing and healing your metasoul line.) It is HOW I have been able to heal so much unconscious wounding in my emotional body and to experience life with little to NO emotional triggering or charged reactions now. It is HOW I have been able to inhabit and claim and express my soul gifts and serve love with others as my means of livelihood without compromising.

It is important to offer a HOW to you and not just a WHAT picture (although I love doing that too.) There are more and more spiritual teachers offering parts work as a key aspect of healing the emotional body wounding and more common language of inner child, inner critic, etc. And of course Carl Jung blazed the trail here before us…the emotional body has been left out in spirituality for many years yet the continual ‘proof’ of its need for healing expresses out in abuse patterns, unworthiness-based and unaware ego (another word for the 3D self) based frequencies, inability to make practical changes and navigate IN life and to integrate soul awakenings into every day life, suffering loops inside and in relationships of all kinds. The emotional body is screaming to be included in the picture and parts work dives into the waters of the emotional body immediately with immediate access.

The love that you ARE wants to come in and move through your life…to change your EVERY moment experience of experience. Of course parts of you hold fear about these changes, especially when and if they relate to other people and relationships that are entangled yet still transact love. Being with and connecting with these parts and their fear leads to more integrated self as they relax and integrate their energies over time and the stuck or wounded frequencies vibrate higher and higher. More and more then do you relate with life as a singular “I” that truly IS an I AM energy of embodied higher self frequencies pulsated with innate self worth AND visceral connection to ALL THAT IS.


Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.


To The Part Of You That Protects Your Heart

By Jelelle Awen


To the part that protects our hearts….This is written to the part of us that I believe we all have who is our guardian and protector. They do their jobs so well and we would not make it through life without them….AND this is an invitation for them to begin to rest and so that we can let in MORE love:

To the part of us that protects our hearts,

Will you let me thank you? Will you let in my gratitude? Will you lower your shield a moment so that you can let in my appreciation?

I want to thank you for existing. I want to thank you for coming in during the moments when life was the hardest, when there was the most pain, and when there was the most struggle.

I want to thank you for creating a bubble to ward off energies that would have harmed even more and for transmuting the harsh things so they landed softer. I want to even thank you for the numbness that descended at times so that life could be navigated.

I want to thank you for stepping in when there were no others to protect me. No one else could have cared as much as you have nor been so dedicated to your duty.

I want to thank you for every moment that you have spent in vigilance, watching over, not letting down your guard, not falling asleep on the job. I want to thank you for soaring the skies and the multiple dimensions and for being at the side of my childhood bed.

I want to thank you for all of this, and……..I want to invite you too into something new.

This something new is a relationship where you get to rest more. Where you get to trust more. Where you get to experience love for yourself. Where you get to help open the heart and not just guard it.

This something new is a relationship where I show up to hold my life as an authentic self and you get to help me. You are on my team, yet I am the leader now. I wasn’t there before and I am sorry, but now, I am arising and I have desires.

I want to open my heart to let in others. I want to flow with love and surrender to that flow and wherever it takes me. I want to dance with the currents of change and allow them to sweep me somewhere new.

I want to dance to the music of love without self consciousness or worry about what will happen next or your worry about if I will get hurt.

I am asking you to start resting even as I acknowledge how much you have done for me and that I need you on my team. Always. To help me set healthy boundaries, to help me defend myself if needed for my own safety or self love, to negotiate the rate and pace as I delve into heart and soul terrains.

I need you for these things and you need me to love you. This is new for you, but I feel your needs for love and rest. I am extending my open arms and heart out to you and I am inviting you to collapse into them when you are ready. For the first time, I am here and I can hold you now.

To the part of us that has protected our hearts….thank you and….it’s time to start letting go.


This is usually the first aspect that we work with and connect with in our SoulFullHeart Sessions with people as it is negotiation with this protector energy (also manifesting as a controlling energy) that allows for deeper access to the inner child and more suppressed aspects and energies. Through connection in sessions, journaling, dialogue, energy healing, the protective part differentiates from YOU as the arising authentic and embodying higher self.

This differentiation can lead to SIGNIFICANT changes in how you experience life, relationships, and love with much more openness, trust, and capacity to let in. The protector often presents itself as masculine and as a knight or warrior. They can have karmic ties and binds to other lifetimes and energize or appear as etheric guides or guardian angels. They have different ‘weapons’ too, sometimes swords, sometimes energy shields (or both). Identifying how your protector uses weapons and in what situations (and WHY) can be really helpful to understanding when, where, and why your heart feels ‘opened’ or ‘more closed’. It is amazing how universal this energy IS as we have so needed it to navigate 3D life here.

A way to connect with yours is to write a letter to it/him expressing similar to what I did above and anything else you feel about how protective energy shows up in your life. Then, wait for a response and write it down from your protector. You can then begin a dialogue back and forth on paper (and eventually outloud) to get to know each other. In SoulFullHeart, we provide dialogue questions for you and also help to differentiate and identify this energy, which can be challenging to separate or defuse from. It is also the feeling ground of space holding with an open hearted facilitator (who has differentiated from their protector and other 3D aspects) which helps to heal and transmute this energy.

More about sessions here:

More about the SoulFullHeart awakening and healing process here:…

The audio of this here:…/to-the-part-that-protects-our-hear…

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.




The Energy in motion of our E-motion-all Body

By Raphael Awen

Until we surrender to our feelings, we are stuck in a stasis.

It has been said that our emotions are our e-motions, or our ‘energy in motion’. If life is anything, on whatever level you wish to look at it, be it physical, spiritual, metaphysical, micro, macro,….all of it is energy in motion.

And what you are feeling right now is energy moving through the energy-in-motion that YOU are. You are reading this seeking something. That is desire, want, seeking, moving through you. E-motive-ly. This is your motive for being.

People have long advised and devised multitudinous ways to overcome our feelings, reprogram our feelings, numb our feelings, but what we have failed to see in every one of these proposed solutions to our feelings is that the solution is proposing another feeling overlay to the one deemed unwanted.

We’re left with a inner war of feelings where one part of us in our psyche seeks to maintain dominance and control over another part of ourselves. This controlling part is then essentially running our lives, living our life as us. And gratefully so, some ‘one’ needs to look after life, until a new arising authentic us can show up to the relief of all involved.

Why we’ve worked so hard collectively to suppress and demonize (in many cases literally) our feelings is up for ongoing discovery, but for me, what feels so apparent is that it has been a way and a strategy for us to regulate the pace of our growth to what for most is a snail’s pace, or even a reverse direction, born out of the very real fear of our own bigness. Our feelings are the portal to our own greatness and the doorway out of our stasis into the infinity of love that we actually are.

Am I saying that feelings of depression or anxiety or rage are this portal to more? What about something so debilitating as shame, or the related inner critic? Are these emotions moving through me somehow a portal to my deeper essence?

‘Why,’ you may say, ‘I’ve always perceived these dark emotions as the barrier to my arising, not any portal to my ongoing awakening.’

I so get that. I too lived in that domain most of my life. What I want to offer you and offer you deeply is a ‘what if?’ question to feel and see where it takes you.

Here goes:

‘What if what you’ve related to as your negative emotions are actually the portal to more and more of your authentic-self arising to lead and flow in life?’

This what-if question (and its quest) could go on and on, worded in so many ways, but you get and feel the tone of it. I know you do…I can feel you do, or these words wouldn’t be holding you right now.

Wow, if this question is pointing you where I think it is, then there is no such thing as a negative (negating) emotion. There is only invitation into what is, to more of the all that you are, that is awaiting you. Why would any one of us be okay with leaving a part of us behind!?

Of course, I so get and feel the resistance we’ve all worked so hard at to keep our emotional worlds from infecting our self image togetherness. We, men more so, but women too, have relegated the emotional body to the insubstantial, to the meaningless, to the powerless, when in actuality, it is the essence of what we are. And we don’t get to embrace our essence any other way, but by going inward to all that we are, getting to know and feel who stands at the door of our hearts that we previously feared, but now open out to in genuine curiosity and love.

Now we finally cease demanding that some one else takes care of us in the multitude of ways we can do just that bass in a medicative relationship to all of life, and we begin instead taking care of ourselves in an ever deepening way beyond what we’ve ever known or imagined.

In SoulFullHeart, we take seriously each arising part of us and get to know and feel them intimately without judgment toward their charge and strategies, but instead open out to feeling why they are the way they are, and why they feel what they do, with all the time and process needed, with tears of gratitude for all they held in our absence.

My truth is that only as this kind of rigorous self-differentiation process, recognizing the emotional body, grounded in our everyday life and relationships unfolds for us, can we genuinely trust that our draw to spiritual practices are not simply another drug of medication to numb and keep unfelt emotional pain at bay.

If we have not embraced the emotional body, our seeking of Ascension or ‘raising our frequency’ becomes very suspect as simply a way to transcend our essence as a human being.

That may work for a part of you, but is it enough for you?

How much richer and fuller could your Ascension awakening be if no part of you gets left behind, allowing all of your energy in motion to fully flow into the infinite magic and wonder of life?

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, retreats, writings, and more.