Arising Into Our Authentic Spirituality Through Our Emotional Body

by Kalayna Colibri



There’s a way that I couldn’t find my sense of authentic spirituality and Divine connection until I started working with my emotional body, and allowed myself to be in process around everything I needed to feel.

Since beginning to ‘seek’ for something beyond the Catholicism I grew up in, at around age 14 (maybe a bit younger), I had a sense of what was beyond me and also within me. I could feel soul gifts coming forward and wanted them, ached for them, to be expressed in the world. I got some sense of ‘purpose’ then, though it was cloudy and a muddy most of the time without really having a specific teacher to lean into. I found different spiritual leaders and teachers to follow over time. I thought that my path was to become a psychic medium and be on stages throughout the world, writing books, speaking to crowds of adoring fans, soaking up love from my Divine connection and also with a Sacred Union mate. It was a grandiose, glamorous picture.

Though ‘my’ (more like part of me’s) dreams at the time were of fancy worldwide gatherings and beautiful clothing bought by book and ticket sales, it turned out that my emotional body was not dressed in sparkles. It was more like the beggar lady in a fairy tale, who often turns out to be a powerful soothsayer – a voice of truth and wisdom that helps to humble the prince or princess. It started to show me the mirror I most needed to look into. I was not yet compassionate nor was I coming from love or letting in that what I really needed was some kind of purification process for my heart and soul. At the time, parts of me were convinced that all I needed to do was keep learning and the being and becoming would come later. Well, there’s some truth in that, because our spiritual learnings and leanings do lead us somewhere, inevitably. Yet to be spiritual in the deepest sense, seems to mean embodiment and experience are more important than learning itself and the desire to perform often is just a desire for love. At least this was definitely the case for me.

Working with my emotional body has led me to more spiritual openings, realizations and LOVE exchange with the Divine than I can express through words. Words aren’t quite enough here! The toughest, darkest processes that make you feel as if you are going to die or want to die, are actually the ones that put you back in the arms of the Divine and really help you and your parts let in the support that is always, ALWAYS with you and within you. I’m not exaggerating here either, because this feeling of ‘wanting to die’ DOES poignantly come from parts of us who are nearing their collapse. They are at a tipping point of falling into love and letting the arising authentic YOU fill the space and lead in life more. In my experience and what I’ve witnessed in others, THIS is the most powerful ground to find and feel our Divine connection and access and letting ourselves in this way is an experience we can never forget but can always learn from and it is a space we can always return to.

Working with the emotional body is sometimes grizzly and also completely WONDERful. You are such an incredible mystery to yourself and as humbling as it is to step into, the process of rediscovering your own sense of connection to the Divine that hasn’t come to you from a priest, guru or book is your birthright and something you can powerfully claim that WILL forever change you and your life whenever, if ever, you are ready to say ‘yes’ to each step as it arises before you.


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


For the Seeker


By Leena Colibri

I taste the someday
and play the tune on my heartstrings.
The candle inside glows wider and fuller
as the breezes of sacred nighttime give way to brightest day.
There is no more waiting
there was never anything to wait for.
Why start now?


It’s not your springtime next season
it’s your summer now.
Claim the void, trim the edges,
fill the feeling filings of grey and dawn and exquisite windstorms
sure to bring your seeds your way
and dance that jig of memory
and ceaseless, creaseless time
lasting for and outlasting
all you came to move through that heart of yours.

It doesn’t stop there.

Don’t you dare try. Don’t attempt it.
The waves of pearls to gift yourself are only beckoning at your door.
It is not a siren call. Oh no.
It’s better.

It gets better.

You get better as the contents of your pockets jingle and ring out, calling,
“I am you and you are me and yet I am anything but what you are choosing!
I am not you and you are not me and yet here we are in a lockstep of choice and a dance of regions in body and voice, crying as one and yet dying separately!”
The time of your life that you seek is out seeking an in to you.
Will you let it through the door?


 Leena Colibri is an apprentice facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information.

Embracing Being A Spiritual Student: Humility, Surrender, And Growth


By Kathleen Calder

I was very spiritually-focused, seeking big answers and asking big questions as of age 14, and have been on this trajectory ever since. Yet being spiritually open does not entitle me to “skip a grade” in life. My desire at the moment is to keep allowing life to bring me what it needs to, in order to bring me to a place where I can offer what I’ve healed to others like me, so they can work to heal it in themselves.

There’s a vulnerability in humbling yourself to be a student. I don’t mean paying thousands of dollars for your education, exactly. I mean allowing yourself to be a student in life, not just in a classroom. Negotiating with the parts of you that feel entitled to skipping ahead to being a teacher feels essential. There are some people I have met who have parts that openly embrace being a student, yet this over-humility doesn’t feel quite right either. There is a way to be a student that allows yourself to be humbled and yet be in your power too. You don’t get to choose the lesson, but you get to choose how to take it in. You don’t always get to choose your teachers either, but you get to choose how to take them in and for how long.

I remember that almost my whole life, I’ve wanted to “skip a grade”. As a child in elementary school, I ached for the recognition of being really smart and basically superior in some ways to everyone else my age, that would come with skipping a grade. I wanted to prove that I needed the challenge. Feels like it was partly the social pain that part of me endured that brought this on. It could also have been the pain of being the “baby of the family”. I had a lot of worth to prove – to “everyone else”, but ultimately to me. I don’t remember ever feeling happy to be the age I was. Part of me always had their eye on being “in” with the older kids. This carried over into my teen years. Yet there were terms I couldn’t compromise on. There were things I just refused to do, like going to parties or drinking or doing drugs. I didn’t really get drunk until my late teens, didn’t try pot until university, and I didn’t really go to many parties until my second year of university. I also didn’t choose to become sexually active until I was 21.

Now I’m 26 years old, going to be 27 very soon (less than a month), and there are life experiences and rites of passage I still haven’t inhabited, like getting my driver’s licence. There are many reasons why this was delayed, but the symbolism of it feels worth exploring – I wasn’t ready to surrender to not knowing how to be in the “driver’s seat” in my own life, at my age, at my stage of spiritual, emotional, worldly knowledge and experience. I try to frame it for my parts, not so much as “immaturity” but as “arrested development”. This makes it feel less critical and easier to own. Makes it easier to admit that I need to be a student of life for a while, to essentially catch up to myself in a way.

Now I’m faced with the challenge of being in life as a 26 year old, trying to catch up on things like inhabiting a job in a much fuller way than I have before, being fully independent in providing for myself (including getting my licence and a car), etc. Gaps of life experience have brought the need to create some social distance from others engaged in the SoulFullHeart way of life. This has been a very hard reality to let in for parts of me. Right now in my process, I am working to let this humble me. It is crazy-making at times to feel how much ground I need to cover within myself and in life, and yet I can hold at the same time that my desire to serve others can only come to fruition if I can surrender to this and the coming life phases. I am working daily towards that deeper surrender by challenging myself to be in my power and spine, while also feeling my parts through all life changes and decisions. I need to keep reminding my parts that we are not entitled to be older than we are, in any other sacred life phase than we are right now.

I know and can feel that there are others around my age who have had a similar experience of themselves in this life. I was very spiritually-focused, seeking big answers and asking big questions as of age 14, and have been on this trajectory ever since. Yet being spiritually open does not entitle me to “skip a grade” in life. It also does not entitle me to the role of “teacher” when I have yet to fully embrace being a student. My desire at the moment is to keep allowing life to bring me what it needs to, in order to bring me to a place where I can offer what I’ve healed to others like me, so they can work to heal it in themselves. I feel that if those in my generation and younger can do this, we can really be the start of a new wave of human being that is much more authentically compassionate and embodied, not only for our sake but for the sake of our world as a whole.

Kathleen Calder has been embracing the SoulFullHeart Way of Life since January, 2012. Go here to read more of her writing and visit for more information about SoulFullHeart.

Are You A Spiritual Student Or A Seeker?



The problem with modern spirituality is there are too few people open to truly being students and too few teachers self qualified to authentically serve them.

I spent many years as a student, dedicated and fully committed to one teacher and teaching. I didn’t realize at the time how unusual this was. They were aspects of my teacher and that relationship that ended up being off and based in shadow, just like any committed relationship has healthy and unhealthy aspects. But if I hadn’t committed myself to that teacher, I simply would not be who I am now, in the nourishing relationship that I am, and serving others through SoulFullHeart.

I’ve been offering my way of life and myself as a teacher and healer for the last few years and I’ve met many people who claimed to be ‘seekers’ along the way, initially drawn to what I was offering. Whenever someone would claim to be a ‘seeker’, I wanted to ask them, “You are a seeker? So, when will you let yourself be found?” It seemed that these seekers were deeply afraid of committing to just one thing, just one teacher and teaching. They wanted to float around and sample off the buffet bar of spiritual offerings. They wanted to read books (especially ‘best selling’ ones) or attend yearly seminars and retreats. And they expected that this minimal activity would actually bring them the rewards of bliss, joy, serenity and deep love that they felt entitled to receive. Instead of trusting their intuition that brought me to them as a teacher, they wanted someone else to legitimatize a teacher for them (a publishing company, Oprah Winfrey, Louise Hay, etc.) Popularity does not qualify a teacher and might actually disqualify a teacher, but that’s for another blog entry.

Many modern seekers seem to have a short attention span and are looking for the next shiny object to latch onto. They are a product of a modern world where facebook “likes” mean more than meaningful relationships; where spiritual experiences are expected not revered; and where negative emotions have been villianized and positive emotions over idealized. They don’t want to actually work at transformation or to feel anything negative as a crucial aspect of their growth process, so part of them projects them into an idealized place where they can claim to feel bliss and love for everyone all of the time without actually doing the work that would awaken them to a state where this might be possible.

My truth is that this is not what we are meant to experience as sacred human children of the Divine. The Divine wants to experience Itself through us, both in male and female form, and why would it only want to experience the light and loving expressions of Itself? Pretty boring, wouldn’t you say? It is both the light and dark, the shadow and the love that interest the Divine. The textures, the depths, the struggles and the triumphs, the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs. A student of the Divine is a student of life in all its areas of expression and all its highs and lows. And as you become a true student of the Divine and of an authentic teacher of the Divine, then you arise into your sacred human nature which is an arising and unknown wonder that can respond to the ups and downs with an open heart. You experience deep connection with the Divine that is both challenging and comforting; catalytic and solid; full of contrasts and paradoxes and fundamentally conditional on you continuing to heal yourself.

I am a teacher because I have been a student and I continue to be a student of the Divine and will for the rest of my lifetimes. I am a teacher who deeply wants to draw true students, students who will wrap around what I have to teach and still retain their centers. Students who will surrender to learning and not knowing and, at the same time, hold that they are also meant to be teachers someday. Students who will accept the challenge, do the work, and commit to me, the Divine, and themselves. Students who will own if they feel resistance to being students and why.

Here are some more distinctions about a student versus a seeker for you to feel into:

A seeker thinks that a paradigm shift is all that is needed; a student recognizes that it is just the beginning.

A seeker is afraid of commitment; a student lets themselves be claimed.

A student wraps around a teacher while remaining in their own center; a seeker gives complete devotion to a teacher while remaining without a center.

A student allows ALL areas of their life to offer sacred experience; a seeker makes certain areas of their life more sacred than others.

A student wants to filter experience through what they don’t know; A seeker wants to filter experience through what they know.

A student admits they do not know and do know at the same time; a seeker attaches to what they know and what they think others know.

A student draws a teacher who reflects to them their own bigness, not just the teacher’s bigness.

A student accepts the light and the dark; a seeker seeks for the light while suppressing the dark.

A student feels the inner teacher inside of themselves; the seeker denies the inner teacher inside of themselves.

A student accepts that whatever they experience in the moment is the reward; the seeker justifies what they experience in the moment to receive a reward in the future.

A student is destined to become a teacher; a seeker is destined to become unfulfilled.

A student gets that being a student is the hardest but most natural thing. A seeker believes that being a seeker is easy and is supposed to be.

A student is open to their feelings as being an aspect of Divine expression; a seeker is open only to feelings that they feel as ‘positive’ or ‘serene’ as Divine expression.

A student is asking ‘who am I?’ and answering ‘I am that’ at the same time.

A student humbly understands that they are entitled to nothing but are worth having what most deeply serves them; A seeker feels entitled to manifest everything that they want yet don’t really believe they deserve it.

A student surrenders; a seeker submits.

A student is both investing and divesting; a seeker is investing looking for a return.

A student is patient, understanding it takes many lifetimes to arise and unfold and all experiences bring growth. A seeker is eager and impatient, feeling that everything they want should be given to them now and that only positive experiences are valuable.

When will you stop seeking and let yourself be found?

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Who is appearing as a teacher in your life that you are resisting leaning into? If you are reading these words right now, perhaps it’s SoulFullHeart.

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