Sacred Femininity Video With Jelelle Awen And Kalayna Colibri

By Jelelle Awen

I AM excited to be sharing a NEW video with me and Kalayna Colibri discussing the sacred feminine, healing the inner feminine and the wounded masculine INside, separating from feminine birth family templating, connecting with the protector part, healing the archetypal sisterhood frequencies, working with Divine feminine energies/guides and MUCH more. Most of this I have not heard offered anywhere else or quite in THIS way, which comes through our personally embodied processes for many years that we share about too.

This video gives you a good sense of what our group call for women will be like on saturday April 15th at 11:11am, which will also include a guided meditation with me to connect with your inner feminine, identify your protector who ‘guards’ your inner feminine (which allows WAY more access), and some Divine Feminine guide frequency connection too with Mother Mary (and maybe others). This call will also offer an opportunity to connect with other resonant women with regular calls scheduled monthly in the future (the next one is scheduled for May 20th.)

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Jelelle Awen

Guided Meditation Video To Soothe Ascension Body Symptoms, Connect With Mother Mary And Metatron, Comfort The Inner Child

By Jelelle Awen

The process of ascension, of moving from 3D frequencies and consciousness states into 4D and beyond can be challenging and intense for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The body symptoms that arise as we move from carbon based to crystalline can bring up overwhelm, disruption to our usual routines, and even emotional trauma. I have been feeling the intensities off and on in my body (increasing in the last few weeks) as there is a sense of fast tracking going on for those of us called to be wayshowers and love ambassadors during this time of change and transition. I write more here about the physical body changes and needs:

With the great sorting through and personal choice point that is going on at a galactic level (as I write about here:, those of us choosing love through the ascension process are being offered support to hold space for ourselves with self love and care. Coming out of an intense head and neck pain experience, I was led during meditation to a pool of soothing water with Mother Mary. Mary offered loving comfort as I submerged in the waters and felt them enter into all of my chakras. I could also feel a residue in my inner child who is in transition from 4D to 5D crystalline (after many years of emotional process work with this energy), who needed Mary’s love and comfort and reassurance that all was going to not only be OK but MAGICAL and wonderFULL too.

This was such a soothing experience for me that not soon after, I felt a desire and encouragement to create this guided meditation to share with others. I created a brief outline for it before recording but most of it is ‘in the moment’ as I connected with the collective experience of those souls choosing love through the ascension process. I have been leading guided meditations during several group calls and this one puts together MANY elements that have come through during those calls that people have found helpful, comforting, powerful, and moving (and me too!).

Both Mother Mary and Archangel Metatron ‘show up’ in this meditation to provide a balance of feminine and masculine frequencies. The feminine frequencies of Mary help to balance out the intense more masculine activation tones that are coming through from photonic light rays. More about that here:

It is experiencing and tapping into this balance inside that helps to sooth and ease the ascension symptoms. During this meditation, we also activate, clean, and purify the ascension chakras – including others beyond the main seven ones, bringing their frequencies of galactic connection through the stellar gateway, soul memory and other lifetime connection (plus connection to your Metasoul line or soul group) through the soul star chakra, causal chakra (back of the head, helps with dissolving the reptilian brain stem and activating the pineal gland) and others. As this energy moves through all of the ascension chakras, it is grounded into Gaia and purified by the loving waters. We also activate your violet flame/sacred human/5D human column or ‘violetprint’.

Offered here too, in this meditation, is space for the inner child, its healing and reactions, and connection with your emotional body. Mary especially holds space for this healing which is an important aspect of the ascension process….to not leave the inner child or other emotional body aspects behind yet to invite them into healing and integration as you rise. The invitation is about BEing open to feeling your feelings and reactions and not bypassing them or using higher vibrational frequencies to cover them over, yet to FEEL what is REAL in your emotional body.

Hope you enjoy this meditation and it brings a sense of Divine support from within and in connection with other too!

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Music is from the Soothing Relaxation You Tube Channel:

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Holding Space For The Arising Of Our 5D Sacred Human


I keep getting this picture of a column, like a tree’s trunk, that feels like the framing of the 5D sacred human. With roots extending down deep into Mother Gaia….a primordial connection, a grounded foundation, an anchoring of comforting solidity. And then with branches extending, reaching out, into the stars, into the cosmos, into the Infinite possibilities of galaxies, wormholes, stargates, so many star BEings, angelic realms. In this column, we feel the VASTness of our BEing AND how we are part of this vast network of liveforms in so many interesting forms.

The torso or main ‘trunk’ of our sacred human tree is the bridge between these two and where we are living out day to day life, moving through this invitation to expand and stretch from roots to wings in every moment, moment by moment. The torso is our chakras vibrating higher and higher, merging together eventually into vortexes that can’t be differentiated from each other. The root, the sacral, the naval, the heart, the throat, and the crown blending together in a swirl of crystalline frequencies of love and light. Anchoring it ALL is the cosmic heart, the Christ Consciousness heart, the beating pulse of connection to ONE and ALL with pulsing compassion for self and others.

In our group call yesterday, as I was leading the guided meditation, I could feel this circle forming between all of us….linking us within the circle was the activation of our sacred human column in which we all ‘looked’ like pure white shining, glistening trees with our cosmic hearts pulsing pink and green energies. Rays of light were coming from this pulsing energy and they joined together between us, creating a ring moving in a clockwise direction. It was beautiful!! Each of us an individual soul spark of consciousness while connecting in a ring of Oneness through the higher heart center……a sense experience of sacred humanity!

This opportunity to experience sacred humanity, this becoming of this column, is an inner process foremost, yes. A going within process to feel the aspects created and formed in the pain body, 3D aspects, conditioning and programming and templating that we have outgrown. A going within process to connect with soul aspects, playing out in ‘eras’ of time, playing out in other dimensions and on other planets, playing out in angelic realms.

This opportunity to experience sacred humanity is ALSO an experience that arises within sacred human community. It is not enough just to be conscious within community…it is also about the inner work too that allows for leading with integrity, authenticity, humility, gratitude as an arising 4D and 5D self. The sacred human community allows for connection, for reflection of higher self embodiment, for the beautiful GOOD edges of conscious duality to express and play out. We offer a bridge, process, and way of life within community through SoulFullHeart.

Embracing it ALL feels so important. It doesn’t feel like it is about discarding our human or making our humanity ‘the issue’ with our ascension. The grand experiment feels like it is about arising into the SACRED HUMAN – the merging of the frequencies of our humanness WITH our galactic aspects to create something brand NEW. Something that it doesn’t feel like anyone can really KNOW about. I don’t get that Archangel Metatron KNOWS what will be created out of this experiment of sacred humanity. It doesn’t feel like Divine Source knows either….and why would It want to know? It is the curiosity and the unknown the arising that is SO interesting.

In the process of becoming this sacred human, there is sorting this from that, feeling what is from lower dimensional conditioning of 3D life and what is from and of your most authentic, higher self and SOUL. Sorting out relationships that reflect your soul and those that do NOT. Sorting out, feeling the aspects that have very tender and REAL feelings in reaction to this, and holding space for the whole process. The galactic frequencies and higher frequencies can hold space for this process yet can’t help you bypass it as it IS an important aspect of the arising into sacred humanity experience.

Holding space for it ALL with influxes and infusions of higher frequencies to create the container….this process provides a bridge for the roots and the wings and the opening of the cosmic heart and the healing of the heart pains and soul wounds. Divine Source is holding space for this arisement of the sacred human and as we feel this vibration of support in so many forms available to us, so do we then arise into our Newness of Infinite Love in human form…..

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc

Message From Mother Gaia About Mutual Reverence And The Beauty Of Nature That Lives Within

With Jelelle Awen
This beauty is you. This beauty you see in this image is as beautiful as you are. I show you my beauty so that you may see your own. Always, I have been here to provide this for you. Always, I have wanted you to see that you ARE beautiful too.
You come to me, you take me in, you pause to let me in. You swim in my waves. You sit on my sand. You lay on my beaches. In this place, you find reverence. You feel reverence toward me. You pay much of your ‘money’ to live near this expression of me.
Yet, I want to tell you, as I am a mother to you as my embrace holds you and supports you. I want to tell you that the reverence you feel toward me is but a re-minder of the reverence that YOU are. And this I reflect back to you. I reflect reverence FOR you in my waves, in my trees, in my mountains, in my breezes, in my landscapes. I offer this beauty of me so that you might finally SEE and FEEL your own.
You who are reading this, taking in these words, you feel the exchange of beauty, the exchange of reverence between us. You pause, you reflect, you walk mindfully, you do not destroy. You are the keeper souls of my energy, my stewards. You are the hope and possibility that burns bright and shines and beacons to others.
It matters, your reverence for me and it matters even more your reverence for yourself. It matters, it makes a difference, it propels changes forward. It propels our ascension together forward as reverence is the stuff of grace, appreciation, acknowledgement of worth.
I offer you many gifts of rejuvenation, nourishment, connection to ALL, connection to cosmos, connection to No-Thing-Ness, connection to my animal children. I offer these with reverence for you and all I ask as you accept these gifts is to feel yours in response. I offer you these gifts so that you might see that you have access to all of these frequencies already, that they live inside of you, that they ARE you, that I AM YOU too.
I am raising myself UP because it is time for me to do and be so. It is my phase of UPness. I invite you to come along, those of you in reverence and appreciation and goodness. I invite you to come along with me into this exploration of your sacred humanity and the expression of the best of what your hearts and souls can express in those human bodies. I invite you to come along on the next phase of this journey together to experience the expression of New Earth Or Golden Earth Or Golden Gaia. I invite you to come along with the deepest feeling of appreciation and love, from the depths of my inner groundings to the heights of my orbit crowded with star being friends.
I invite you to come with reverence for the beauty expressed by me and that lives inside of you already, just waiting for the water of more love!
Much much love to you my beloveds,
Mother Gaia
Video of crashing waves on the coast here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico…..Mother Gaia is speaking….what do you hear of her message?

Group Calls, Conscious Community Video

Raphael and I, Jelelle Awen, were at a beautiful beach today and were inspired to film this short video talking about our SoulFullHeart group calls, community connection, etc. We mention the call that we have coming up this Saturday, where I will lead a guided meditation with some aspect of calling in the sun’s energy and warmth and light codes in with current teachings from Raphael and I too plus contributions from SoulFullHeart facilitators Gabriel Heartman and Leena Colibri. PLUS, community connection with resonant souls and individual check-ins if you desire to! I recommend listening to this video on headphones as the waves are loud!

Here is the link to the event on Saturday if you’d like to join us over zoom : or

SoulFullHeart Museletter Week Of February 20: Conscious Duality And Sacred Humanity

By Jelelle Awen

The ‘pool’ filled with wisdom, lived in experience, and love that we call the “SoulFullHeart Museletter’, from our hearts’ expression and soul creativity, is all ready to go for this week: February 20! Leena Colibri and Gabriel Heartman have gathered up the writings they have offered this week, plus mine andRaphael‘s in there too, offering a sweet immersion.

We also offer links to the video recordings of our writings, which we will be producing more and more feels like as the energy transmission offered in voice is a great catalyzer to go with the written words. Mentioned in this museletter are two group calls coming up in the next few weeks for you to join in with if you’d like to in exchange for a money/love donation. I def. recommend it as a bridge to experience us and our commUnity. The unveiling this week of conscious duality and the NEW sacred human was a big highlight and my writing about this is our featured article for the week…

If you’d like to receive these museletters in your email (or any thing else that we send out), please msg Leena Colibri. Thank you for diving in!

Read Museletter Here:


Meditation In Light Language For Activation, Ascension, And Awakening

By Jelelle Awen

Light language invites us to go beyond the mind, beyond what we have been conditioned to feel as language, what we have learned as language in school. Light language or star language (as I’ve been offered by my star being selves to also call it) is multi-dimensional, non-linear, based on wave form energy transmissions. It forms in the higher dimensional throat chakra and is downloaded and transmitted from openings in our 12th chakra or stellar gateway. We pick up these downloads as we tune into them from within, as we connect with our galactic self more and more, as we feel how we are roots are from the stars.

Star language is heard, yet it also comes through in hand and body gestures and movements, and sometimes in written symbols. The written symbols are non-linear, often presented in circular form, and sometimes just ‘appear’ to float in the air. The sounds may be present without the gestures or the symbols without the sounds or vice versa. It seems to come through in the ways that will best land in the heart and soul.

This meditation video that I recorded offers light language that came through in the moment as I was recording it. I feel its tones and messages are one of recognition for the cries of the world and the tough transition that humanity is in to awaken and ascend. It feels like a message of hope and possibility and welcome to those of us who are way showers and light leaders. I feel the language of the Pleiadians in here and also the Archturians, which I have both been connected with and integrating as aspects of my multidimensional self.

Rather than trying to interpret light language in a literal way, it invites you to FEEL it and in the feeling of it to REMEMBER who you are and where you come from. It helps to lift the veil of amnesia that we placed on ourselves to come into the denser frequencies of Earth at this time. During this time of transition to higher consciousness or ascension, light language is one of the things that we are remembering and needing to remember to facilitate our processes individually and collectively.

As you listen to this recording, I invite you to allow light language to come you in response to it. It may happen spontaneously in response to the tones here that are coming through me. It may feel strange at first or you may feel as if you are ‘just babbling.’ Yet, you will feel it in your heart if you are accessing it and moving it through. You may have deep tears of reunion and a deep sense of ‘returning home’ as the waveforms offered by me or yourself trigger the frequencies of your star origins.

Whatever happens is what is meant to. If you would like to deepen your access and connection to allow light language to come out more fluidly or to access it, regularly chakra cleaning and activation is important, especially of the upper chakras. I offer SoulFullHeart sessions for women in which activation of light language may arise too.

Here is a guided meditation that I recorded to clean, protect, and activate your seven main chakras:

It is also helpful to raise your vibrational frequency as often as possible so that you can tune into the higher frequencies of light language that are ‘floating around’ in the air. Here is a guided meditation that I recorded to connect with your unicorn and higher frequencies.

Your unicorn – a higher dimensional being that assists with ascension – can help you to activate your chakras at a higher frequency and especially your throat chakra. Also, unicorns communicate mostly in light language so you can ‘practice’ with them as you ride around the skies of your third eye and into higher realms. Angels and spirit guides also love using light language with you as it is closer in frequency to the way that they communicate with each other (which is usually beyond language all together and is more about one mind-one consciousness in which all shares each others thoughts and feelings.)

Light language opens the heart and expands the soul. Held with love and curiosity and play, it is expression of the Divine coming through you and serves your remembrance of the Infinite Love that you ARE.

Note: Music in the video is by the Spiritual Moment You Tube Channel...much beautiful, healing, and frequency raising music on this channel!

Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Guided Meditation Video To Connect With Your Unicorn/Higher Frequencies/Ascension

By Jelelle Awen

This is a video by me of a new guided meditation to connect with your unicorn and experience higher realms/frequencies. Unicorns are higher dimensional Beings who are available for connection to help us heal, serve love, and boost our ascension process. Yours is waiting for you and through this simple meditation, you can experience the reunion of your heart to theirs. I also offer energy transmissions (light codes) to initiate light language inside of you. I’ll be doing a separate guided meditation on this it feels like. The music in the background is of a high vibrational frequency and along with my energy infusions and your unicorn, you should experience the feeling of higher vibrational frequencies which you can then use as a baseline throughout your day to feel when you are dipping lower and why. ENJOY!

Go here to read the words to this meditation:



Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Going Within To Manifest Goodness 2017 New Year Message Video

Spiritual teacher, co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life, and writer Jelelle Awen offers a message for the new year, 2017, to go within with self love in order to discover what your heart and soul most what to experience more and less of for the future. She invites you to go within and feel all aspects of yourself in order to come a place of inner peace and clarity that then overflows in love to others. For more videos and information about sessions, community, group circles and more, visit

Noel as ReBirth and ReUnion into Christ Consciousness

By Sequoia Heartman

I just listened to the song O Holy Night and was struck by the feeling of our own journey to reclaim all of our scattered Selves throughout the dimensions. The “night” being the shadow places that we have hidden and packed away for fear of not being loved or even fear of our own majesty. We must enter into this night to reunite with these aspects of us so that we may be whole (Holy) again. In this reunion we remember what we were and always have been. This crystalline body of light that is the essence of our Oneness.

If we could rewrite the words and feel them as the birth of your Glory as Creation we can get visceral heart bath of our most ancient reflection of Infinite Love. I am feeling the edges of something truly beyond words. They can just lead us there.

The Latin roots of Noel are “birth”. So this is a time of the birthing of you from inside you. It is more of a Re-Birth as you have always been this. We All have. We are coming together in One Body yet still with our own expressions. The dawning of a new You and a united Us. May you find your Savior inside of you during these ascending times.

Sequoia Heartman is a writer and a SoulFullHeart facilitator. Please visit for more information and inspiration.