About SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

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About SoulFullHeart

 SoulFullHeart Facilitators (L to R) Gabriel Heartman, Jelelle Awen, Raphael Awen, and Kalayna Colibri

The universe of You resides within
Within the words that make their way
Like swallows in springtime warmth
Searching for a soft and gentle nest
For a long awaited rest
Within the sweet and bitter tear
That leaves our crystal eyes
From the ache of what we thought we held so dear
Within the beating heart of our pulsing passion
Racing toward ecstasy
While we heal the wounds that kept us hiding
So we could rise again in greater fashion
Within the infinite possibilities of our minds imagination
Of worlds marked by beauty and of epic mystery
To ones that saw us soaring in the play of our own doing
There is no greater power than the one we have forgotten to see
That You are the most stunning reflection
Of the Love you chose to Be

~ Gabriel Heartman

 If you are reading these words and drawn to this blog, you probably already experience most of your reality from a fourth dimensional or higher consciousness state or are in transition to being this or awakening to this reality. Dimensions are a vibrational frequency and what we have known as earth life has been mostly in the third dimension, denser frequency for a long time now as a species. In very brief summary, third dimensional frequencies are of separation, isolation, competition, sense of survival and lack (scarcity), five sense reality processing (only what the body and mind can see is ‘real’), logic dominating, attachment to religious and other belief systems, focus on differences, etc. Fourth dimensional consciousness offers more sense of Oneness, community, communion, beyond five sense reality experiences, soul remembrances, heart-based relationships, sense of abundance and gratitude, intuition leading, and openness to all while awakening your inner soul and heart wisdom. Fifth dimensional consciousness is an experience of telepathic communication, inhabitation of our light bodies rather than our carbon-based bodies, multi-dimensional overlapping, no linear time or space, Oneness sense of ‘one mind’ yet individual soul sparks too transacting in conscious relationship, etc.

It feels to us like Gaia (as a consciousness in planetary form) is moving out of the third and into the lower fourth, which is shaking out many of the shadow playouts, government and financial corruption, mass protests, etc. This seems to be the ‘event’ of December, 2012 in which it was the end of the world in the sense of the 3D consciousness that had held such dominance over Gaia began to shift. Many Star BEings and Ethereal beings are supporting this shift as they have long yearned for Gaia and her human inhabitants to shake off the suppressive and limiting consciousness of 3D to remember our essence as sacred humanity through more inhabitation of our 5D and beyond consciousness as Divine selves or light beings.

We felt this shift as a community and moved from the Vancouver, Canada area to live on a remote, off-grid ranch in rural Mexico in November, 2014. Our main motivation for doing this was a feeling of industrial collapse coming, which in the 3D realm is a real possibility. Eventually, in June 2016, we moved about three hours south to the resort town of Puerto Vallarta as we felt it was important to be around people, be able to connect and serve online, and our money earning is tied to online work as well. We still own a piece of land at the ranch and if needed can move there as a sustainable sanctuary. An aspect of our vision for SoulFullHeart is still about living  near each other, with every member of the community having their own independent living space with communal money sharing (which we do now) with SoulFullHeart processes and healing as the main way of relating to life,

Raphael and Jelelle Awen have been married since March, 2009 and met in an emotional and spiritual enlightenment group based in Ashland, Oregon. They have been offering space holding, facilitation, and teaching since 2010. They have both been on spiritual and emotional consciousness awakening, healing, and ascension journeys for over ten years. They co-created and began offering SoulFullHeart sessions to individuals, couples, and groups in February, 2012. Gabriel Heartman, who is the ex-husband of Jelelle and father of their grown adult daughter, was one of their first facilitants and eventually moved to Mexico with them, becoming a facilitator of the process. Kalayna Colibri was also one of the first facilitants, made the journey to Mexico, and is also a SoulFullheart facilitator offering session space.

SoulFullHeart is a consciousness, an energy, that allows for a higher dimensional experience of life in which tones of Infinite Love become more and more your daily experience as you heal your emotional body through parts work and your soul legacy through connection with Metasoul aspects. Beyond the elements that are unique to the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life, some of the influences that inspired the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life include the following: Subpersonality (parts) work and the Voice Dialogue method; the paradigm of Theohumanity and Emotional Body Enlightenment (EBE); Jungian Depth and Transpersonal Psychology; the religions of Celtic-Pagan, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism; Reiki and Avraprana energy healing methods; Shamanism and Native spiritualities; the teachings of Avalon, Atlantis, and Lemuria; the ascension paradigm, along with writings and teachings of various present day spiritual teachers.

Embracing the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life offers profound and life altering experience of your heart and soul consciousness through relationship with aspects of yourself, others within community, the Divine (in both dualistic and nondualistic forms), the nature of reality, the environment/nature/animals, and your physical body. Consciousness in each of these areas is awakened through radical paradigm shifts, catalytic space holding with SoulFullHeart Facilitators during sessions, and use of methodologies that can be used for the rest of your life and in serving others.

The SoulFullHeart definition of ‘awakening’ is to lift the veil of the primary persona self or 3D self beyond what the body and mind can comprehend and what the prevailing mainstream culture has conditioned us to feel in order to inhabit more and more our higher or Divine self. It is this ‘waking up’ and ascending to higher dimensions of consciousness by embracing, feeling, and integrating all aspects of ourselves that opens us up to our essence as Infinite Love in human expression. The process of waking up happens as we separate from our more defended and dense expressions to more heart-based and soul integrated expressions. As this happens, we experience both individuation and a growing sense of union with ourselves, others, and the Divine – an ever deepening state which we call soulfullheartenment.

SoulFullHeart uses a highly effective communication tool called ‘parts work’ to differentiate the 3D self (and other ‘masks’ or parts of its expression) from the higher self. Read more about this and our soul awakening processes here. Parts work is self-directed, visceral, and proves its value in distinguishing the ego-3D self from the higher self by leading to near immediate transformational results. This process creates an awakening of emotional consciousness and ego maturation (healthy ego formation) that allows for healthier decision making, a completion of self destructive behavior patterns, capacity to set healthy boundaries with others, and the ability to become self aware of previously subconscious wounding in order to heal it. Over time, our 3D self (which often takes the main form as our protector/controller) becomes a trusted ally and friend, eventually completely resting into our guidance and leadership of the Divine self.

SoulFullHeart offers a devotional-based path of awakening our spiritual consciousness through accessing and integration of our soul aspects or fragments. These aspects exist through multiple dimensions, ‘timelines’, galaxies, Universe, etc. We access through the parts work process; chakra energy activation and healing; daily meditation practice-etheric journeying; and direct communion with the Divine and ethereal Beings. The more that we get tastes of our true essence as Infinite Love, the more we can inhabit who we can remember who we really ARE as Infinite Love.

Everything that we offer through the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life is held with a ‘near as I can tell’ energy…..…meaning we are in the exploration and question rather than in any kind of ‘absolute truth’ stance. Some of the aspects of SoulFullHeart we have had much deeper experience with and feel quite passionate about while other areas are new for us in which we are leading with beginners’ minds. This makes for a collaborative learning environment where each person is invited to bring their unique personality and perspective to it. We are very open to this mutual alchemy and the ways it will change and improve what we offering through SoulFullHeart. Above all, SoulFullHeart Way Of Life is a consciousness-expanding community (both in person and online) where individual sovereignty is deeply respected, authentic communication is valued, and growth gained here can be utilized for the rest of your life.

SoulFullHeart invites you into the deepest terrain of your being…from your roots to your wings, from your childhood to past life incarnations, and offers transformational change at the most fundamental levels. Beyond a self improvement program, therapy, and most spiritual practices, SoulFullHeart offers negotiation with the parts of you who are in the most resistance and protection, which allows for deep layers of transformation, awakening., ascending, and remembering that which you really ARE as Infinite Love.

Much love and blessings,

Raphael and Jelelle Awen, Gabriel Heartman, and Kalayna Colibri

 Contact Us at soulfullhearts@gmail.com, soulfullheartwayoflife.com, or through facebook


6 thoughts on “About SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

      1. Hello, we offer private spaceholding sessions to be able to feel what is causing emotional pain in your life, what parts of you it is coming from, relate to our process….that really is the best way for us to serve your own healing. You can read more here about sessions and our process too: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions. We also have many articles about emotional healing on this blog through the parts work perspective, which really seems to pin point the emotional stuck energy VERY directly and effectively, you can read more here about parts: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts. And I have released a recent book which goes into bridging the emotional body with spirituality during ascension, parts work, emotional healing, etc…..here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071W6YXD9……thank you for your inquiry, love, Jelelle

  1. Hi I checked out your website and found it really inspiring. I watched the 32 minute video of you and Raphael and really connected with what you were talking about. I just wanted to tell you I really appreciate you sharing your journey and experiences. It’s good to see there are other people like me in the world 🙂 God Bless

    1. Thank you so much Joel for taking in our website and video! We always appreciate the resonance. You probably saw that Raphael offers a free intro session if you find that your interest grows to go deeper into the process with us: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions….blessings to you, Jelelle

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