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SoulFullHeart Space Holding Sessions:


Awakening, growing, transitioning, healing, letting go to let in love, remembering the love that you ARE…this process of ascension and embodiment of the higher self is a beautiful one, yet also very challenging. For over a decade, we have been devoted to the process of healing the emotional pain 3D body through a parts work process to awaken into 4D/karmic soul healing and opening up access to 5D consciousness. We have created and been offering a process and path based on our personal experience and those souls who we have served over the years.

Space holding sessions provide a transmission and experience of this process that allows for support, triggering of your soul’s remembrance, and template of the sacred human healing heart and soul. These sessions are the doorway into SoulFullHeart community as they form the resonance ground between us and calibrate us all to a soul frequency together of PURE love. Space holding sessions are a minimum donation of $50 U.S. or $1000 MXN pesos per 90 minute session with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator over zoom virtual meeting service (with a recording of the session provided to you) or in person in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Typically, Raphael and Gabriel serve women and men, new facilitants; Jelelle is not working with new people to focus on other projects for SoulFullHeart; and Kalayna serves women around the age of 30. Read more here:

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SoulFullHeart Group Calls ~


To create a sacred space for conscious community experience, to receive transmissions of PURE love energies and higher vibrational frequencies, to be connect to your higher self within a group space……SoulFullHeart Group Calls offer a ‘taste’ of SoulFullHeart community with Raphael and Jelelle Awen holding the space for teachings and explorations into ascension, the SoulFullHeart process, sacred union, conscious community (what does it mean, how does it feel to live in it), awakening and healing, sacred union, etc. Jelelle offers a guided meditation in the moment to connect you with your chakras, your higher self, your guides, and higher vibrational frequencies of love and warmth. Individual check-in time allows for those who want to share to digest their experiences, receive guidance related to specific questions, and connect with Raphael and Jelelle. SoulFullHeart Facilitators Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri join is as well to add their energies, wisdoms, and experiences to the mix. Group calls are a wonderful bridge if you are considering beginning the SoulFullHeart process with a facilitator.

The minimum donation for a group call is $11 U.S. as some exchange is necessary for desire, love, and intention to align. Read more here:

Listen to previous group call recordings here.

SoulFullHeart Individual and Couples Immersion Experiences ~



SoulFullHeart Five Day Retreats ~


November 9-13, 2017

February 15-19, 2018

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

To come for a retreat experience is to experience the conscious community that we call SoulFullHeart. Similar to the Immersion experiences for individuals and couples, SoulFullHeart Teachers and facilitators provide a container of spaceholding and community experience to be in our beautiful and magical town of Puerto Vallarta Mexico: a town of warmth, joy, good energy lines, and intimate connection to the ocean and mountains.

During this five day retreat, Spiritual teachers and SoulFullHeart co-creators/facilitatorsRaphael and Jelelle Awen will offer ascension and SoulFullHeart teachings about the SoulFullHeart Way Of life awakening process, the seven areas of life, ascension into 5D consciousnessparts work, sacred union, conscious community, and much more. There will also be group process space for individual sharings, energy healings, and guided meditations to begin and close the days. SoulFullHeart facilitators Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibriwill also be there to offer spaceholding support and teaching contributions.

You will experience:

*A MAJOR boost to your ascension and awakening process
* Connect within conscious, sacred commUNITY, unifed by the desire for healing, awakening, ascension, and the experience of authentic and nourishing relationships
* Experience Golden Earth NOW- 5D reality in THIS moment to provide a bridge for more of these frequencies to express in YOUR life
* Gain intuitions and guidance around next steps for you related to your involvement with the SoulFullHeart community
* Receive personal and deep reflections and facilitation (to include energy healing if it arises) providing emotional healing clearings and spiritual awakenings
* Experience of high-level group space holding and facilitaton, which may align with your desires to hold group space and be a SoulFullHeart facilitator in the future (this is a required retreat for those who wish to be facilitators)

Note: You will need to be involved in the SoulFullHeart ascension and awakening process through sessions with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator prior to attending the retreat as it will calibrate you to what we are offering.

Cost: $333 (minimum donation) per person to attend the retreat.

 You would need to provide your own transportation to get here, lodging, and food. There is an international airport here in PV with many flights coming in daily. We can connect you with very affordable housing to stay in near us, plus there are many, many lodging options here in PV as it is an international resort-tourist attraction city. Also, food costs are less here in Mexico with many options to purchase food cheaply and affordable restaurants. We’d love to help you with these things, so contact us if you want more information.

Location: The November retreat will be held at PV Sunset Inn, which offers very affordable daily, weekly, and monthly full apartment suites from studios to one, two, or three bedrooms. This building is right across from where we live.


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