SoulFullHeart Awakening/Ascension Process

About the SoulFullHeart Process: Feeling, Healing, Awakening, Ascending

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You are here to remember that which you really ARE. Your essence is Infinite Awareness and Infinite Possibilities and Infinite Love. Your form is that of a sacred human within a vital, crystalline, light-based human body. You are a multi-dimensional BE-ing. Much of what you have experienced in life has caused you to forget that this is what you ARE. You identify instead with many other things and roles as who you ARE, even as somewhere deep inside of your heart and soul, you have a spark of your higher self that remembers and is awakening to that this is what you ARE. The process of awakening and remembering, the lifting of the reincarnational veil, becoming the embodiment of Divine Source, is why you are here. It is why we are ALL here and we’ve each chosen unique ways and means to both forget and to eventually remember the Infinite Love that we ARE.

This life, you were born into the third dimensional (3D) consciousness on Earth or the planetary consciousness known as Gaia. Third dimensional consciousness teaches you about separation. It operates on the principal of duality or THIS in comparison to THAT. Good versus evil; light versus dark; love versus fear. It is a dimensional consciousness where the five ‘physical’ senses of touch, smell, sound, sight, and hearing are the primary means for experiencing reality. The mental concepts of time, money, and space filter the perceptions of reality. Rigid belief systems stem from a rational mind that has been overeducated and overly supported. Outer authority is more important than inner authority and ‘following the rules’ is more important than finding your own way and inner truth. The ‘prevailing worldview’ or ‘mainstream’ consciousness provides a safe stream within which to swim, even if it is ultimately limiting to the soul Being that you actually are. You identify AS your body and your mind even though your essence is pure energy beyond what the mind can comprehend.

You spend as many years as needed in third dimensional consciousness as an aspect of what your soul signed up to experience in this lifetime. You may have and raised children, experience marriage or many relationships, embraced and left religions and spiritual practices, settled into and then left careers and jobs……all within 3D reality. Throughout your experience in 3D consciousness, you develop aspects of yourself that can relate to and exist in this denser expression of consciousness. What we call in SoulFullHeart your ‘3D self’ is formed in response to your family, society, and cultural conditioning. It absorbs the frequencies that you are around and it ‘mimics’ them back. Primarily, your 3D self is templating off of your birth parents and most influential friends and family.

Awakening happens as you move from 3D consciousness into 4D consciousness or what is felt be a transitional consciousness state. 4D offers an alchemical purgatory where you are sorting through what is authentically you and what has been formed to fit others as your 3D self. It often is entered into due to a life crisis, near death experience, dark night of the soul experience, or just organically due to your soul’s trajectory along its path. This sense of sorting and awakening within 4D consciousness moves through all areas of your life and what we feel are the seven keys ones of emotional, spiritual, mental, social, financial, environmental, and physical. You are consciously letting go of much of the 3D conditioning that your 3D self received. You are setting new boundaries with friends and family (more about relationships below). You are in the process of awakening and asking soul searching questions such as, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What is the Divine?” Rather than just blindly accepting what you have been told, you are seeking for resonate resources outside of yourself so that you can REMEMBER what you used to know and what your higher self still knows about your essence as Infinite Love. It is usually your emerging 4D self that would be drawn to a process and community such as SoulFullHeart.

Moving into 5D consciousness (or Golden Earth) is a realm of Oneness, of telepathic communication, of experience beyond the limits of the five senses where there is no time, no space, and no such thing as money. 5D consciousness has also been described as Christ consciousness and moving into this consciousness is called, ‘ascension’, which is what many feel is the more esoteric meaning of Christ’s ascension.

Identifying and Integrating 3D self Aspects ~

Your 3D self has many masks and personas to fit into different situations and in different environments, adjusting to the different personalities around you. Some of these masks are roles such as wife, mother, matriarch, father, husband, patriarch, provider, sister, brother, etc. Some of these are energies or frequencies that you commonly or regularly inhabit such as controller, pusher, pleaser, performer, punisher or inner critic, etc. One of the strongest energies of the 3D self is that of the protector. We usually start the SoulFullHeart process with the protector as it typically needs to be negotiated with in order for deeper access, healing, and awakening to happen. 3D consciousness requires a strong protective energy around our hearts and souls which is why this aspect develops inside of us. It is usually masculine in energy to match the dominance of the wounded masculine frequencies within 3D reality.

These frequencies of the 3D self are called ‘parts’ or ‘aspects’ in SoulFullHeart that live within the emotional body of your 3D self. Parts of you can also express as emotional frequencies that are common for you to feel as triggers or as long-lasting emotional states such as depression, anxiety, hurt, mania, etc. Or they can be parts of you that are more suppressed or have remained in shadow or less expressed because they are judged as not ‘socially acceptable’, usually tones such as shame, unworthiness, and rage. These frequencies heal through the SoulFullHeart process from their wounded expression to their healthy one. For example, rage heals to truth telling, depression to risk tasking, unworthiness to innate sense of goodness, control to healthy management, anxiety to trust. Underneath and hidden as the underbelly of the 3D self persona is often the inner child frequencies of magic, vulnerability, innocence, joy, and wonder. These frequencies may be buried or ‘used’ strategically by your 3D self to navigate through life. These aspects formed when woundings and traumas occurred that weren’t felt and therefore healed in the moment. These traumas build up like clogs in the emotional body of the 3D self and are usually subconscious to you until you begin waking up to them as your 4D self.

In SoulFullHeart, the aspects of your 3D self are connected with and felt through a self journaling process, meditation visualization journeys, and individual and group sessions with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator. As these aspects are felt, they begin to heal, transmute and change, eventually integrating into your higher self or Divine 5D self. You eventually experience more and more sense of wholeness with much less reactivity and triggering going on in your emotional body. You also have fewer ups and downs of emotional reactions with more experience of a balanced, grounded, and emotionally centered self. Your facilitator provides a template for your growing awakening 4D self as you navigate the challenging waters of relationships, deepening sense of self love, and exploration of your soul aspects (described below).

Your higher self is the future version of you until you begin to more and more inhabit 4D and 5D consciousness frequencies. SoulFullHeart offers that in order to move into 5D consciousness and embodiment of your higher self, it is necessary to feel and heal all aspects of your 3D self that ‘lower’ your vibrational frequency. To identify and let go of the conditioning that keeps you from claiming your own soul’s power and the embodiment of your higher self. Your higher self is waiting to come into your BE-ing, yet it cannot until your frequency is high enough for it to abide and embody there. As you heal these 3D aspects and their pain, you experience more and more connection with self and others, joy, magic, healthy risk taking, abundance, gratitude, trust, and healthy management of your life.

Integrating Soul Aspects Into Your 5D Self –

Aspects or fragments of your soul are spread out over vast eras and dimensions originating from a primary source which we call a ‘Metasoul’. Your Metasoul (or Oversoul it has also been called) exists in a very high dimensional frequency (11th Dimension) and projects these fragments of your soul into different ‘time periods’ so you will have, for example, a ‘fragment’ expressing itself in 1312 and one in 2300 and one in 30 A.D. and also ones that are expressing and alive on different planets and in different dimensions such as Avalon, Faerie, Orion, Arcturus, Pleiades, etc. All of these fragments are Metasoul sisters and brothers of yours even as they are also You. This is commonly what has been called, ‘past lives’ although we feel them to be actually ‘other lifetimes’ since they are still happening and energy is still being given to them through the Metasoul projection.

In the SoulFullHeart process, your 4D self will be connecting with these fragments of your soul that exist in other times, places, dimensions, and planets. You connect with them in a natural, self-directed and organic way as you engage in Ethereal, creative visualization journeys during a meditative state (called immrams by the Celts) which you will experience alone and with your facilitator. As you connect with these soul aspects, you will experience often intense feelings of reunion, love, bliss, and also pain as you process the woundings that these aspects hold.

You receive the gifts of this exchange as integration happens with these soul aspects. Some of them will be very important to you, claim a name you can call them by, and others will be fleeting and without names. With each soul fragment that you gather and integrate, you embody more of your 5D or higher self. You become imbued with the gifts of these aspects which is often a higher consciousness than 3D reality. These aspects often are archetypal and connected to the collective unconsciousness. Examples of these soul themes and archetypes are the hero or heroine, the warrior, the nun or monk, the queen or king, the shaman, the priest or priestess.

To assist you in this process of soul integration, your facilitator will guide you in chakra cleaning, activation, and protection meditations. Your 5D self and your current Ethereal guides will help you with this process and, along with your facilitator, you will identify and clear objects, block, cords, and binds from your aura and etheric body. As your chakras open up more, especially your upper three chakras, you will experience more and more expansive sense of your BEing as Infinite Awareness and Infinite Love. Your intuition will deepen as will your creative expression and development of ‘clair’ (clear) senses beyond the five sense physical  or 3D experience such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, and clairgustance,

You will also connect more and more deeply, personally, and viscerally with Ethereal BEings in the form of beloved guides such as angels, spirit guides/animals, ascended teachers such as Yeshua, Kuan Yin, Buddha, Magadelene – all who hold higher vibrational frequencies of the Divine feminine and masculine. In the transitional place of 4D, your 4D self is often looking to others for guidance and templating, including these Ethereal beings and the Divine…..most of which are experienced as being ‘outside of you.’  As your consciousness continues to awaken and expand, you eventually realize that all of these guides have been YOU or an expression of your higher self frequency. These frequencies naturally and organically integrate into you and your higher self expression.

~ Navigating Relationships During Awakening and Transition from 3D to 5D Consciousness

You are awakening and asking questions about yourself, your soul purpose, what you really want in and from relationships. You are looking around with an opening heart and curious soul, wondering if the people currently in your life can come along. You start testing the grounds of these relationships to see if they sustain or if they run out of room to move. You may find that others, even beloveds, are not awakening in the same way that you are. You begin to realize that their journey is different from yours.

This is led by your fourth dimensional (4D) awakening self and can be a very painful and challenging process for your 3D self as what was previously nourishing is no longer experienced in the same way. Your needs are changing as you are changing and awakening. You go through a push-pull with others, perhaps even tugging on them to come with you. Perhaps they tug on you to remain the same. Yet, at some point, you probably realize that you cannot change them, only invite them to come along. And if they don’t, you reach a place where you have to let go and trust the deeper love that exists at the core of all relationships. In the core is Oneness and none of us can truly be separate from each other, even if we choose not to be in relationship transaction together.

As your consciousness shifts to higher vibrational frequencies of love through the SoulFullHeart process, the type of relationships that you are drawn to and that you draw changes. Your 3D self sought comfort, while your awakening self (4D) seeks challenge and growth in relationships. Your 5D self or higher self, as it becomes more embodied within you, seeks for union while remaining an individual soul spark of consciousness.

Romantic relationships shift greatly too. Perhaps your heart is still hurting from past wounds and hurt experiences within relationships where your 3D self was most in ‘charge’. Your relationships were more about healing karmic binds from other lifetimes (that are still happening) then about transaction of love frequencies in the moment. You are still feeling the energetic binds and cords that run between you and your former partner(s). Feeling leads to healing, mourning what was and what couldn’t be and what isn’t enough, letting go of the possibilities in order to let in what your awakening self really wants and needs.

As you transition into 4D consciousness and awakening, it begins to become a priority to heal yourself, to love yourself, to mate with yourself first and foremost. You woo yourself, date yourself, give yourself what your previous partners couldn’t. You connect with the aspects of you that need parental love, your inner child, your inner teenager. You find and draw resources outside of yourself to help with this healing of self. You find and draw a soul family community to help with this healing and loving of self, such as what we offer in SoulFullHeart. You discover union within, the masculine and feminine inside, and heal the drifts and splits that exist there. SoulFullHeart offers a space for this self exploration while also providing a resonate community (both online and in person) for connection with others on the awakening and ascension journey.

On this self loving journey, you may then draw a new mateship as you prepare your nest for a new experience of romantic union. This mateship is based on heart, soul, and body connection. This mateship feels both familiar and also is stunning in the new avenues and vistas that it opens up in you. You are creating inner safety first and foremost, so it feels safer to be vulnerable in this new bond. You are able to express your sexuality more fully as you are opening up sexuality inside of yourself and feeling more and more your own desirability. You experience sacred sexuality as your bond deepens in the domains of heart, body, and soul. 

As you move into 5D consciousness, your relationships deepen and you feel at a fundamental level how everyone is YOU and YOU are them. Previous triggers and reactions, competitive feelings or comparisons are dropped. You are in the moment in your relationships and you are current with whatever reactions or feelings may still come up from parts of you. You feel moved by the beauty that is every sacred human, wherever their ‘level’ of consciousness is. You are discerning about who you want to be in relationship with and probably have fewer intimates than many acquaintances.

 You are discerning about the energies that you take in and are involved with, inviting others to be in your higher vibrational frequency with you rather than lower yours to make them comfortable. And your heart and soul are a beacon drawing others to you as you step into your soul bigness and your gift expression and the reason that you came here this life. As you embody your higher self (5D) more and more, you step into serving love as your highest purpose and are not attached to how it manifests and with whom, even as you love deeply and fully in every moment. You may even choose at this point to become a SoulFullHeart facilitator and hold space for others.

In SoulFullHeart, you experience a community in which all expressions from your 3D to emerging 4D to 5D are watered, loved, and supported as you shift and change. SoulFullHeart is a community of individuating and awakening souls who resonate with where your journey is taking you and are on that same path of experience themselves. This can help hugely with the adjustments and challenges that awakening and ascending bring to you. With the support of a soul family community, it is easier to decondition from 3D reality and the programming you have received about relationships with others and to experience ever deepening grounds of sacred intimacy with others. As you raise your vibrational frequency to 5D consciousness, you naturally draw other soul family members who have signed up to join you in the remembering process with less and less karmic binds to sort through as you heal your 3D self.

Your relationship with your facilitator provides a template for related with another person where you are leaning into their guidance in moments yet also claiming your own sovereignty and path. The true teacher in your life is YOU and SoulFullHeart facilitates and supports your remembering of this. The SoulFullHeart process is a very individual and personal one in which you are leading the way with your facilitator providing a supportive role to you. Your sovereignty and autonomy remain intact as you explore your own inner terrain with the assistance of the tools, methods, intuitions, and heart tones of your facilitator and the SoulFullHeart community to support you.

 In this process of awakening and ascension, you are meant to take the best of your humanity along with you, including your physical body. It is now possible to ‘bring the body with you’ into 5D consciousness as the physical body transmutes from carbon-based to crystalline-based or into the light body within the physical vessel. Just as your physical body needs to be in optimal health and wholeness, so does your emotional and spiritual body. Taking your humanity along with you means the capacity of your human heart and its ability to love, to feel compassion and gratitude and joy.

 Remembering your essence is a process of awakening beyond that which you have thought you were as your 3D version. As you remember this more and more and you raise your vibrational frequency, you become who were meant to be as an expression of your higher self as the essence and embodiment of Infinite Love in sacred human form.

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