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About Our SoulFullHeart Programs:

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About the SoulFullHeart Process:


The SoulFullHeart Process is offered through two program paths: PREP and DEEP (as explained both). Both programs provide you with the SoulFullHeart Process Assignments that are described below. PREP is self-led with group experience as the primary means of facilitation of the process. DEEP is facilitated through weekly sessions with your SoulFullHeart Facilitator, along with group experience. You can read more about these programs here.

The journey of awakening and Ascension, moving from 3D consciousness to 4D and into 5D, of integrating the emotional body with your spirituality, is non-linear, spiraling, and ever-deepening. In offering a process path through SoulFullHeart, we honor that each soul’s experience is unique while providing a means to navigate the murky grounds of awakening with some ‘heart rails’ offered by our standardized process. The process is not meant to create a ‘cookie cutter’ experience as each person (along with their Higher Self coming into their bodies and their guides/aspects merging into their consciousness) is leading their own process. Yet, the SoulFullHeart process is something that you can ‘lean into’ temporarily as you go into the deep-dive healing and awakening exploration of your inner worlds.

The SoulFullHeart Facilitators are guides in this journey. We live this process as our way of life, are deeply engaged with it, and personally feel the 3D/4D/5D aspects in ourselves that we will be helping you identify and feel too. We are intimately familiar with the SFH process and how and when to offer you the many resources that we have in our extensive library of writings and videos. As Facilitators, we cannot do the work for you, yet instead provide guidance, support, and reflections as you go. Your relationship with us as Facilitators provides a template for relating with another person where you are leaning into their guidance in moments while also claiming your own sovereignty. The true teacher in your life is YOU and SoulFullHeart facilitates and supports your remembering of this. Read more about Facilitators here. 

The SoulFullHeart Process is the result of fifteen years of personal process work with parts of ourselves, serving others in session space, and witnessing hundreds of souls engage in an emoto-spiritual parts process. Along the way, we’ve been inspired by and engaged deeply with some other modalities, yet the SoulFullHeart Process is completely unique in its design and implementation.Raphael and Jelelle Awen have been offering some form of this process through individual, couples’, and group sessions since 2010. In designing and creating the current SFH Process Assignments, we wanted to offer a specific ‘how’; a definitive way and means to connect with, integrate, and heal the 3D conditioning that we have all received, navigate the often very challenging transitional 4D consciousness states, and embody more 5D consciousness/Higher Self. This process is based on what we have heard and felt most frequently as the needs, desires, frustrations and interests for those on the Ascension path.

One of the truly unique aspects of this process is how it bridges your ‘this life’ experience with your metaphysical, spiritual, soul legacy, altered-consciousness states, and other lifetime experiences. The SoulFullHeart process is the lived-in and loved-in result of feeling our deepest tears, fears, joys, blisses, AND messes that live inside of our emotional bodies and our Metasoul fields….. that we now lovingly share with YOU to experience for yourself.

The SoulFullHeart Process has been designed to be offered in a general way to those who resonate with the ground it covers. Both programs share these processes with you for as long as you remain in them and they are yours to keep and use for the rest of your life as tools of transformation. Personal application happens as you engage with either the PREP or DEEP program. DEEP offers a more personalized experience as your Facilitator collaborates with you on pace and timing, implementation, and digestion. PREP provides you with three processes every month through email, which you can then take in at your own rate and pace and by sharing during group sessions, on the SoulFullHeart Circle, and if you purchase an individual session with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator.

Each SoulFullHeart Process Assignment includes teachings and instructions, a video sharing a guided meditation or teachings, SoulFullHeart writings and/or samples, and journal questions for you to respond to. The processes build on and support each other. For example, once you meet your Inner Protector in the fourth process, this will be the part that you engage with in the processes that follow. The processes are distributed to you in this linear way, yet your actual digestion and inhabitation of them will probably be a more organic and arising experience.

Please read the rest of this article and see the outline of the Processes here: http://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/aboutsfhprocess.com


Please contact us at soulfullhearts@gmail.com and visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about our programs.