2023 Energies Timeline Jumps and Bumps (Video) | Raphael & Jelelle Awen

In this video recorded live on January 5th, SoulFullHeart Teachers Raphael and Jelelle Awen shared about about the 2023 energies coming in already, the timeline jump into the New, and how you may be experiencing these energies, what they are preparing you for, the bumps that come with the jumps, etc. We share in this livestream what we are digesting individually, within our relationship and as a community as this ‘year’ begins and how our SoulFullHeart process can bridge to and expand these energies.

We offer navigation with Metasoul aspects from other lifetimes/timelines in a ‘hosted’ and conscious way that allows for soul gift exchange, karmic healing, and completion of soul patterns.

We recommend this guided meditation to access a Metasoul timeline/aspect with your Gatekeeper: https://youtu.be/DLGQEBNA0UI

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Raphael and Jelelle offer a weekly SoulFullHeart livestream on Facebook every Wednesday at 5:00pm Lisbon/London time/12pm EST, which will then be shared here on our SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube channel the next day. During the livestream, we will respond to your questions/comments, plus offer a teaching and personal sharings. We will explore different topics every week related to awakening and Ascension from the SoulFullHeart perspective. You can join us live on Jelelle’s feed to ask questions and leave comments.

You can read comments that happened during on the livestream on Jelelle’s facebook feed: https://www.facebook.com/jelelleawen

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